Q: Will you remove my name from your website?

A: No.

Q: When will the new salaries be posted?

A: One, when I find the data. Two, when I find time to put it on the website. Hint: Subscribe to the announcement list.

Q: What does FTE, FTR ect. mean?

A: See here

Q: Are you afilated with the University of Michigan or any other organization?

A: No.

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(16:19)... and by the way the reduction of funding for our public universites like University of Michigan where you (Anand Giridharadas) when to school where I grew up around or Cal Berkely they've ceased to be vehicles of upward mobility and according to Raj Chetty study with a number of colleagues the University of Michigan now has more people from the top one percent from the bottom sixty combined as undergraduates and that's 40,000 students that's not some boutique College picking off trust fund kids that's how they got to sustain themselves out of the hole like you said the mask is like all occuding our vision of what's really happening.." - INET President Rob Johnson

Lists of recent University of Michigan searches of
Johnson, dawn Patient Care Tech Associate MRI HITSCOAApplications1
Danziger, Sheldon H Clinical subject assoc UMH Wheelchair Seating Service
cossman, emergency department registrator LSA Economics
Danziger, Sandra K summer initiatives BUS SCH Student Services
Kipp, CSP Assistant Director LSA Economics
oblak, Data Archi MSIS
Danziger, Phoebe Day Certified ortho/Prost technician UMH Saline Health Center
Danzig, Douglas Marc Clinical Research Coord Health School of Information
Deneau, Kelly Patient Services Intermediate infusion LSA Linguistics
schlissel, Therapy Technician Shared Services Center
crum, Corporations UMH Nursing 5C Surgery

Random Names from University of Michigan
Ward, Jamie Lynn
Howton, Suzette
Spaulding, Renee M
Polverini, Peter J
Bye, Rochelle Helen
Graves, Justin
Reeves, Asia
Mendoza, Sharon Haut
Hunt, Sarah
Adams, Jacqueline M

Random Titles from University of Michigan
Chemist Associate
ERP Business Analyst Senior
Arts Facilities & Booking Mgr
EEO/Diversity Rep Senior
Chief Patient Exp Officer
Communications Sergeant
Interior Designer Senior
Chief of Staff Regional Campus
Application Architect Senior

Random Departments from University of Michigan
HITS DRA Data Int & Deliv
HITS BusIT Instructional Desig
UMH OSA-Joint Reconst Pro
UMH Northville Child and Women
KEC Neuro/Plastics
UMH Turner Sr Wellness Program
UMH OT Hand Therapy - Ortho
UMH Ortho/Uro OR/Fl Coverage
Quality - CDI Admin
SPHDO-Office of Global Public