List of Departments at University of Michigan for 2020-21
H.O. Anesth Cardiothoracic Fel
H.O. Anesth Pain Fellow
H.O. Anesthesiology
H.O. Anesthesiology Critical C
H.O. Anesthesiology ObGyn Fell
H.O. Anesthesiology Peds Fello
H.O. Congenital Cardiac Surg F
H.O. Dentistry UM
H.O. Dermatology
H.O. Emergency Med Services
H.O. Emergency Medicine Core
H.O. Emergency Medicine Peds F
H.O. Family Medicine
H.O. Family Medicine Sport Fel
H.O. IM Adult Congenital Heart
H.O. IM Cardiology Advanced He
H.O. IM Cardiology EP Fellows
H.O. IM Cardiology Interventio
H.O. IM Hospice & Palliative F
H.O. IM Transplant Hepatology
H.O. Internal Medicine
H.O. Internal Medicine Allergy
H.O. Internal Medicine Cardiol
H.O. Internal Medicine Endo Fe
H.O. Internal Medicine Gastro
H.O. Internal Medicine Geriatr
H.O. Internal Medicine HemOnc
H.O. Internal Medicine ID Fell
H.O. Internal Medicine Nephrol
H.O. Internal Medicine Pulmona
H.O. Internal Medicine Rheumat
H.O. Med/Ped
H.O. Neurology
H.O. Neurology Child
H.O. Neurology Epilepsy Fellow
H.O. Neurology Neuromuscular F
H.O. Neurology Sleep Fellows
H.O. Neurosurgery
H.O. ObGyn Core
H.O. ObGyn FPMRS Fellows
H.O. ObGyn GynOnc Fellows
H.O. ObGyn MFM Fellows
H.O. ObGyn REI Fellows
H.O. OMFS Head & Neck Fellows
H.O. Ophthalmology Core
H.O. Orofacial Pain
H.O. Ortho Peds Fellows
H.O. Ortho Sports Fellows
H.O. Orthopaedics Core
H.O. Oto Neurotology Fellows
H.O. Oto Peds Fellows
H.O. Otolaryngology Core
H.O. Path Cytopathology Fellow
H.O. Path Dermatopathology Fel
H.O. Path Forensic Fellows
H.O. Path Hemato Fellows
H.O. Path Molecular Genetic Fe
H.O. Path Neuro Fellows
H.O. Path Pediatric Fellows
H.O. Pathology Core
H.O. Pediatrics Core
H.O. Peds - Adolescent Medicin
H.O. Peds - Cardiology
H.O. Peds - Critical Care
H.O. Peds - Develop Behav
H.O. Peds - Endocrinology
H.O. Peds - Gastroenterolo
H.O. Peds - Hem/Onc
H.O. Peds - Infectious Dis
H.O. Peds - Med Biochem Geneti
H.O. Peds - Med Genetics
H.O. Peds - Neonatal
H.O. Peds - Nephrology
H.O. Peds - Pulmonary
H.O. Plastic Surg Craniofacial
H.O. Plastic Surgery Core
H.O. Plastic Surgery Hand Fell
H.O. PM&R Core
H.O. PM&R Peds Fellows
H.O. PM&R SCI Fellows
H.O. Podiatry Fellows
H.O. Psych Addiction Fellows
H.O. Psych Child Fellows
H.O. Psych Consult Liaison Fel
H.O. Psych Forensic Fellows
H.O. Psychiatry Core
H.O. Radiation Oncology
H.O. Radiology DR Core
H.O. Radiology IR Core
H.O. Radiology IR Independent
H.O. Radiology Neurorad Fellow
H.O. Radiology NucMed Fellows
H.O. Surg Peds Fellows
H.O. Surgery Core
H.O. Surgery Critical Care
H.O. Thoracic Surg Core
H.O. Thoracic Surg Fellows
H.O. Urology Core
H.O. Urology FPMRS Fellows
H.O. Vascular Surg Core
Health Communications-CC
Health Management and Policy
Health Science Region
Health Service
Health Service Ancillary Svc
Health Service Education
Health Svc Clinic Operations
Health Svc General Operations
Healthcare Policy & Innov-IHPI
Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Rese
HFT NP/PA Inpatient Team
HITS AcadIT Acad Engagement
HITS AcadIT Appl Svcs Admin
HITS AcadIT Dev Ops
HITS AcadIT SW Deliv Admin
HITS AcadIT Tech Svcs/Engagemn
HITS AOM Administration
HITS AOM DeviceOps
HITS AOM InfraSvcs
HITS AOM InfraSvcs-Intrfc
HITS AOM InfraSvcs-MiChart
HITS BusIT Adm Applications
HITS BusIT Administration
HITS BusIT Customer Svc Admin
HITS BusIT eLearning
HITS BusIT Instructional Desig
HITS BusIT Service Analysis
HITS BusIT Service Desk
HITS BusIT Svc Ops Support
HITS BusIT Training
HITS COA Ambul & Portal Apps
HITS COA Ambulatory Apps
HITS COA Applications 1
HITS COA Applications 2
HITS COA Cadence & Clin Sec.
HITS COA Clin & Op Appl Admin
HITS COA Departmental Apps
HITS COA Grand Central/HIM
HITS COA Home Health/Transplnt
HITS COA Orders/Rad/OR/Cupid
HITS COA Radiation Oncology
HITS COA Rev Cycle & Bus Apps
HITS COA Revenue Cycle
HITS CRC Amb Applications
HITS CRC Applications 1
HITS CRC Applications 2
HITS CRC Cadence & Clin Sec.
HITS CRC Clin & RevCycle Admin
HITS CRC Dept Appl Admin
HITS CRC HIM/Grand Central
HITS CRC Home Health/Transplnt
HITS CRC Inpatient Appl Admin
HITS CRC Med Use Informatics
HITS CRC Orders/Rad/OR/Cupid
HITS CRC Radiation Oncology
HITS CRC Radiology Apps
HITS CRC Rev Cycle & Bus Apps
HITS CRC Virt & Amb Care Admin
HITS Documentation & Publishin
HITS DRA Administration
HITS DRA Data Foundations
HITS DRA Data Int & Deliv
HITS DRA Department Analytics
HITS DRA Enterprise Analytics
HITS DRA HIE and DataWorks
HITS EDIS Administration
HITS EDIS Analytics
HITS EDIS Data Foundations
HITS EDIS Data Int & Deliv
HITS EDIS Data Warehousing
HITS EDIS Dept Info Delivery
HITS EDIS Ent Info Delivery
HITS EDIS HIE and DataWorks
HITS EDIS Info Strategies & De
HITS EI Administration
HITS EI AudioVideo Services
HITS EI Complex Device Int Svc
HITS EI Cont & Data Svcs
HITS EI Cont & Database Svcs
HITS EI Hosting & Infra Svcs
HITS EI Identity & Access Mgmt
HITS EI Network & Comm Arch
HITS EI Network & Comm Support
HITS EI Network & Comm Svcs
HITS EI Storage Svcs
HITS EI Unix Hosting Svcs
HITS EI Windows Services
HITS ET Documentation
HITS ET eLearning
HITS ET Instructional Design
HITS ET Learn Design & Deliv
HITS ET Learning Tech Services
HITS ET Training
HITS ETS InfraSvcs
HITS ETS InfraSvcs-Intrfc
HITS ETS InfraSvcs-MiChart
HITS ETS SvcDeskOps-ACD&Paging
HITS FA Administration
HITS FA Business Management
HITS FA Finance
HITS IA CISO Administration
HITS IA Cybersecurity Ops
HITS IA Cybersecurity Risk Mgt
HITS IA Identity & Access Mgmt
HITS IA Program Office
HITS OCIO Administration
HITS RAAC Administration
HITS RAAC Research Apps & Pgms
HITS RAAC Research Tech Svcs
HITS SVM Administration
HITS SVM Advocacy & Engagement
HITS SVM PIM Administration
HITS SVM Service Ops Support
HITS SVM Software Delivery
HITS SVM SW Delivery Admin
HITS SVM SW Planning & Design
Hlth Behavior & Hlth Ed Dept
Homecare Service Admin
HomeMed Pharm Infsn Nurse Team
HomeMed Pharmacy Infusion
Hospital Maintenance
Housing-Conf Management Svcs
Housing-Desk Operations
Housing-Living Learning
Howell Health Center
HR Academic HR Services
HR Benefits Office
HR Comp & Classification
HR Records & Info Services
HR Recruiting & Emplymnt Srvcs
HR Strategy & Planning
Human Genetics Department

Lists of recent University of Michigan searches of
Val, System programmer HITS DRA Enterprise Analytics
Sdao, Olivia Facilities asssistant HITS SVM ITSM
hegarty, Athletict Center for Positive Organizations
Halick, Joseph App Sys Analysis / Programming Mgr operations and support services
Sierra, Jane M Admissions triage Law Club
Jennings, Jose quality and safety UMH Txp Organ Procure
Manning, Lindsey Meetings/SpecialEventsMgr UMH Derm Taub Facility
Dong, May Jean professional practice UMH Pod A Cardiology Pro
Creguer, Tina Wiley rice UMH Taubman Neurology
Pollard, Sean Manager radiology Merit Network
Brunetti, Donald Radiology manager HITS EDIS Dept Info Delivery

Random Names from University of Michigan
Ott, Mercedes
Florida, James
Marshall, Cari A
Ester, Candra
Pirochta, Terri A
Ellison, Nicole
Aldrich, Jennifer
Sardone, Jennifer Marie
Rust, Elizabeth McLaurine
Gibson, Cassandra

Random Titles from University of Michigan
Pharmacy Top Executive
Performance Arts Managing Dir
Housekeeping Supervisor
Technical Trades Manager
Grad NonCert Patient Care Tech
Desktop Publisher Senior
Admissions Representative
Information Systems Assoc Dir

Random Departments from University of Michigan
State Outreach
ITS Project Management Office
LSA Dean: TS Web&App Dev Svcs
UMH TC Oto - Hearing Aid Prof
Dbn CASL-Criminal Justice
ICPSR - Director's Office
Caswell Diabetes Institute
Psychiatry Child Services
H.O. Urology Core
UMH OLLI Programs