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Random Job Titles from City of Ann Arbor on January 25, 2018
Help Desk Support Spec
City Attorney
Police Staff Sgt Degreed
Detective - LN - Assoc
Water Utility Supv II
Accountant II- Retirement
Land Development Coordina
Civil Engineering Spec 4
Water Utility Main Sup IV
Water Utility Tech I

Name Search from City of Ann Arbor on January 25, 2018
Number of Results: 18
Bodnar, David J.Water Utility Tech IV $ 62,525.00
Bolgos, Adam L.Water Utility Tech II $ 50,669.00
Buza, Aaron P.Water Utility Tech I $ 46,509.00
Cerilli, Mark A.Water Utility Tech I $ 43,264.00
Farrell, Nicole M.Water Utility Tech I $ 43,264.00
Humpula, Seth M.Water Utility Tech I $ 44,366.00
Krueger, Mark F.Water Utility Tech IV $ 59,530.00
Nightwine, Nicholas A.Water Utility Tech III $ 56,742.00
Ondrajka, Amber L.Water Utility Tech I $ 44,366.00
Reeves, Derek L.Water Utility Tech III $ 52,853.00
Schmidt, Todd A.Water Utility Tech III $ 56,742.00
Shields, Steven W.Water Utility Tech IV $ 59,654.00
Skender, Geoffrey D.Water Utility Tech I $ 43,264.00
Stropich, Rikki A.Water Utility Tech II $ 48,776.00
Sturt, Patrick E.Water Utility Tech IV $ 61,027.00
Trabbic, Luke K.Water Utility Tech III $ 47,611.00
Willis, Alex O.Water Utility Tech III $ 56,742.00
Wright, Conuetta C.Water Utility Tech III $ 55,474.00

Random Job Titles from City of Ann Arbor on January 25, 2018
Applications Specialist
Public Works Supv II
Risk Spec/Asst to CFO
Fire Inspector - Assoc
Financial Analyst- Financ
Court Administrator
Police Officer - Bach
DDA Projects Manager
Water Utility Supv II
Budget Analyst

Random Names from City of Ann Arbor on January 25, 2018
Gosselin, Deborah L.
Soni, Rajeshkumar B.
Campbell, Karleen A.
Pettigrew, Michael J.
Gorney, Diana L.
Finch, Gregory L.
Tudor, Robert
Schmidt, Todd A.
Jamil, Nader F.
Menard, Randy

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