Number of people in CW Mott Resp Therapy Department: 105
Maximum Salary$ 164,194.26
Average Salary$ 58,170.09
Minimum Salary$ 38,942.05

Department Results for CW Mott Resp Therapy 2016-17
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Dechert, Ronald EdwinAdministrative Dir HealthcareCW Mott Resp Therapy$164,194.26$0.00
Gordon, Mark AllenRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$92,034.25$0.00
Galura, Catherine DRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$91,786.18$0.00
Shambaugh, Karen JRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$87,702.85$0.00
Rousell, Kathy SRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$83,590.52$0.00
Miller, MaryRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$80,435.42$0.00
Wellman, Nancy ARespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$80,417.22$0.00
Turner, Laurie AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthCW Mott Resp Therapy$79,344.16$0.00
Bielenda, Judith SRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$76,593.78$0.00
Purves, MicheleRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$75,668.30$0.00
Cain, Jeffrey ARespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$75,248.33$0.00
Pape, Michelle DianeRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$73,481.74$0.00
Patrick, Marcie MRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$73,454.19$0.00
Ketz, Christine MarieRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$71,640.80$0.00
Brown, Dana RuthRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$71,474.34$0.00
Rosenberg, Howard BRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$70,897.37$0.00
Uchtorff, Renee LRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$69,102.95$0.00
Wood, Paula JRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$68,985.92$0.00
Peters, Cynthia SRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$68,800.00$0.00
Leigh, Susan MRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$68,797.70$0.00
Talbot, LoriRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$68,796.62$0.00
Kemeny, Joseph GerardRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$68,794.79$0.00
Smith, Susan MRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$68,556.31$0.00
Jones, Linda JoyceRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$67,960.70$0.00
Eakes, Rebecca ERespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$67,333.89$0.00
Baxter, Renee SRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$66,899.41$0.00
Crossman, JenniferRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$65,650.14$0.00
Stadniczuk, David JRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$65,230.94$0.00
Taylor, Heidi LRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$62,821.25$0.00
Nievierowski, Rachel ARespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$62,805.52$0.00
Brailsford, Gwen ElinorRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$62,304.77$0.00
Jellison, CherylRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$61,322.82$0.00
Mitri, George EliasRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$61,103.32$0.00
Boucher, Heidi ARespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$60,266.84$0.00
Heimburg, Kimberly AnnRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$59,921.23$0.00
Osmun, JenniferRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$59,877.49$0.00
Iannetta, AnthonyRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$59,306.90$0.00
Frank, Lynne MRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$59,201.11$0.00
Hemry, Kelli LRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$57,638.09$0.00
Parker, Sarah GraceRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$57,121.64$0.00
Borock, LindseyRespiratory Therapy SupervisorCW Mott Resp Therapy$56,941.77$0.00
Curtis, AbigailRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$56,848.18$0.00
Litwin, Christopher JRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$55,915.83$0.00
Baran, RyanRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$55,481.57$0.00
Atari, LamaRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$55,128.32$0.00
Osmond, Nicole AnnRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$54,695.66$0.00
Gorgas, Lynn MRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$54,534.01$0.00
Benakovich, Margaret RoseRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$54,416.90$0.00
Fiorenzi, AnaRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$54,228.22$0.00
Thomas, Jessica AnneRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$54,137.61$0.00
Wurts, JamieRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$54,120.29$0.00
Charon, AshleyRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$54,120.00$0.00
Shaffer, MelissaRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$53,789.58$0.00
Feldkamp, KariRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$53,743.60$0.00
Matthews, MichelleRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$53,690.52$0.00
Rowles, GregoryRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$53,674.40$0.00
Cox, CharlesRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$53,637.70$0.00
Kolito, Melanie FaithRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$53,612.07$0.00
Romanowski, KimberlyRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$53,585.42$0.00
Williams, Catherine GRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$52,439.47$0.00
Darrell, SherikaRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$52,376.58$0.00
Wasielewski, JaymeRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$52,013.52$0.00
Coffell, Nora JranRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$51,990.69$0.00
Martin, TammyRespiratory Ther Clin SpecCW Mott Resp Therapy$51,773.49$0.00
Pettway, Vanessa WattsRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$51,765.76$0.00
Snyder, SusanRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$51,410.25$0.00
Blackmon, Dorothy RRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$50,979.44$0.00
Provencher, DeLaneyRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$50,946.54$0.00
Begley, BusakornRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$50,821.55$0.00
Root, Jennifer KRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$50,235.25$0.00
Mallord, ClintonRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$49,793.13$0.00
Porter, AllenRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$49,285.08$0.00
Nevins, Paula ReneeRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$48,816.28$0.00
Freker, LindsayRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$48,738.05$0.00
Jones, CindyRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$48,339.10$0.00
Nguyen, TonyRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$48,035.83$0.00
Liddell, StephanieRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$47,914.30$0.00
Kopka, EricaRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$47,369.58$0.00
Raymond, DanaRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$47,332.48$0.00
Serbantez, CrystalRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$47,117.20$0.00
Hickman, MichaelRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$47,071.10$0.00
Hawkins II, JohnRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,996.21$0.00
Godlewski, Jennifer MarieRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,878.95$0.00
Toporek, MariamRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,878.95$0.00
Przyborowski, AndrewRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,861.09$0.00
Edwards, LisaRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,824.85$0.00
Bandy, Michael RRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,575.94$0.00
Agruda, RyanRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,309.44$0.00
Jordan, RobertRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,309.44$0.00
McCain, ShelbyRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,309.44$0.00
Pierce, MelanieRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,309.44$0.00
Beck, RachelRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,309.38$0.00
Warniment, BlakeRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$46,309.38$0.00
Boulay, StephanieRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Davis, RebeccaGrad NonCert Patient Care TechCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Doyle, PaigeRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Fiscus, KimberlyRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Immen, MirandaRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Owen, KatieRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Sims, SheriGrad NonCert Patient Care TechCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Stump, AprilRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Zatroch, GinaRespiratory TherapistCW Mott Resp Therapy$45,179.94$0.00
Radziewicz, GaryRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$44,332.54$0.00
Wood, MichaelRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$39,662.40$0.00
Jaglowski, Mary ColleenRespiratory Therapy TechnicianCW Mott Resp Therapy$38,942.05$0.00

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