Number of people with the title of sr assoc librarian:72
Maximum Salary$ 98,800.00
Average Salary$ 75,273.64
Minimum Salary$ 61,771.45

Title Results for sr assoc librarian 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Sitar, Meghan ElizabethSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$98,800.00$98,800.00
Mueller, Ellen Kimbrough WilsonSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$95,097.27$87,964.97
Smith, CraigSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Deans Office$95,000.00$95,000.00
Perpich, Diana LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$88,582.48$88,582.48
Moss, Elizabeth A MSR ASSOC LIBRARIANICPSR-Admin$85,000.00$0.00
Pearce, Alexa LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$84,538.95$84,538.95
Schaffner, Paul FrederickSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$84,388.20$84,388.20
Knox, Linda KendallSR ASSOC LIBRARIANDuderstadt Ctr Admin$84,166.34$84,166.34
Tschirhart, Lori-AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$84,000.00$84,000.00
Knott, Martin LovellSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$83,988.55$83,988.55
Joque, Justin MatthewSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$83,023.23$83,023.23
Carter, David SSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$82,500.43$82,500.43
Runyon, Amanda MSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$82,254.00$82,254.00
Doyle, Michael DeanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANFlint Library$82,147.89$82,147.89
Colman, Jason EvanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANMich Publishing-Pub Services$80,000.00$74,400.00
Rodgers, Emily Petty PuckettSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryOperations-Environments$79,294.75$79,294.75
Cordell, Sigrid ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts -Humanit$79,073.76$52,722.43
Campbell, Emily KetchumSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$79,040.00$79,040.00
Gertel, Elliot HSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$78,930.92$36,308.22
Berdish, Laura JeanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$78,785.34$78,785.34
Sterbenz Jr, John EdwardSR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$78,723.05$78,723.05
Kelly, Margaret BSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Info Tech - AIM$78,654.71$78,654.71
Peters, Amanda RSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach- P - I$78,567.42$78,567.42
Utter, Timothy PSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$78,549.00$78,549.00
Quidachay-Swan, Seth RSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$78,367.00$78,367.00
Castellana, Kristen LauraSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts -Humanit$78,341.70$74,424.62
Abramson-Bluhm, SherleSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$77,621.48$77,621.48
Mooney, Hailey MSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$77,226.24$77,226.24
Rivera, Alexandra PetersonSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach- P - I$77,173.65$77,173.65
Powell, Christina KelleherSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$76,994.53$76,994.53
Dow, Kathleen LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Spec Collec$76,305.76$76,305.76
Zimmer, Jennifer LammersSR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$76,135.41$76,135.41
Tuckett, Harold WSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$75,166.85$75,166.85
Seale, Maura MeganSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts -Humanit$75,007.50$75,007.50
Ross, Celia AmySR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$74,872.73$74,872.73
Kaye, Marieka RSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Preservation$74,539.65$0.00
Pasquale, Jessica LeighSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$74,131.00$74,131.00
Neisler, Virginia ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$72,783.00$72,783.00
Fu, LiangyuSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research - Asia$72,243.74$72,243.74
Snyder, Beth ESR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$72,068.69$72,068.69
Meekhof, Jennifer AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$72,000.00$72,000.00
Welzenbach, Rebecca AnneSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$71,702.68$71,702.68
Townsend, Whitney AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$71,189.06$71,189.06
Pearson, Jeffrey WSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach- P - I$71,129.73$71,129.73
McGlone, JonathanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANMich Publishing-Technology$71,082.75$19,903.17
Grochowski, Paul FSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$71,045.21$71,045.21
Kahn, Meredith LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$70,972.73$70,972.73
Mac Eachern, Mark PaulSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$70,810.41$70,810.41
Desai, Shevon ArdeshirSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$70,526.80$70,526.80
Martin, Scott ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$70,501.96$70,501.96
Musolff, Meghan JKSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Deans Office$70,439.09$70,439.09
Wentzel, Lawrence RSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$69,985.59$69,985.59
Vander Broek, Jamie Morena LauschSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts -Humanit$69,962.12$69,962.12
Borda, SusanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Sci -Engineer$69,680.00$69,680.00
Kropf, EvynSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$69,672.24$69,672.24
Brown, Ashley EverSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$69,360.00$69,360.00
Anderson, Vera KSR ASSOC LIBRARIANFlint Library$69,249.50$69,249.50
Geitgey, Terri ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANMich Publishing-Pub Services$69,130.74$0.00
McLoone, JuliSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Spec Collec$69,120.63$69,120.63
Im, Clara Kui-BinSR ASSOC LIBRARIANFlint Library$68,749.15$68,749.15
Scholtz, Nicole OlgaSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$68,228.66$68,228.66
Oehrli, Jo AngelaSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach- P - I$67,898.58$67,898.58
Stuchell, Lance ThomasSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Preservation$67,898.05$65,182.13
Eden, Kristina MarieSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Info Tech - HathiTrust$67,834.41$0.00
Robinson, Neil JamesSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$67,575.03$67,575.03
Talley, Jennifer RebekahSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$67,302.81$67,302.81
Daniel Walkuski, Julia ChristineSR ASSOC LIBRARIANDbn Mardigian Library$67,070.67$67,070.67
Streby, Paul GSR ASSOC LIBRARIANFlint Library$67,006.07$67,006.07
Carruthers, Matthew PSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$66,917.38$66,917.38
Duque, Gabriel JSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn-Teach- P - I$66,426.67$66,426.67
Gifford, Paul MSR ASSOC LIBRARIANFlint Library$65,376.93$65,376.93
Newberry, Emily BrianneSR ASSOC LIBRARIANFlint Library$61,771.45$61,771.45

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