Number of people with the title of i%:1201
Maximum Salary$ 750,000.00
Average Salary$ 68,967.64
Minimum Salary$ 27,999.92

Title Results for i% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Lundberg, Leiv ErikInvestment Top ExecutiveChief Investment Officer (CIO)$750,000.00$0.00
Pendse, RavindraInformation Tech Top ExecutiveITS Office of CIO$450,000.00$450,000.00
Everard, Michele JInvestments DirectorChief Investment Officer (CIO)$400,000.00$0.00
Feder, DanielInvestments DirectorChief Investment Officer (CIO)$400,000.00$0.00
Gagnon, Francois OlivierInvestments DirectorChief Investment Officer (CIO)$400,000.00$0.00
Haessler, Michael RInvestments DirectorChief Investment Officer (CIO)$400,000.00$0.00
Castilla, RafaelInvestment Risk Mgmt DirectorChief Investment Officer (CIO)$338,000.00$0.00
Sigler, Gerald JInstitute Managing DirectorAlumni Association$262,253.00$0.00
Was, Gary SINTERIM CHAIRNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$257,500.00$128,750.00
Alcock, Susan EINTERIM PROV/VICE CHANCELLORFlint Provost$250,000.00$250,000.00
Schork, Anna Merle'Institute Managing DirectorLife Sciences Institute-Admin$239,810.08$0.00
David-Visser, Felicia DInvestments ManagerChief Investment Officer (CIO)$234,000.00$0.00
Hall, JanetInstitute Managing DirectorCIRHT - Ctr Int Repro Health$232,061.11$0.00
Peterson, TimothyINTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTORUMMG Faculty Benefits Appt.$225,000.00$0.00
Kufahl, Jonathan AllanInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$219,810.00$0.00
Lampkin-Williams, Ann YolandaINTERIM DEANDbn-College of EducHealth-HS$209,920.00$209,920.00
Kryza, Joseph WInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$208,593.24$0.00
Cole, Elizabeth RuthINTERIM DEANCollege of Lit Science - Arts$206,250.00$206,250.00
Palms, Andrew TInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Infra Net Director$205,000.00$0.00
Hollingsworth, Karen LynnInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$204,871.88$0.00
Maletta, Daniel JosephInformation Systems ExecutiveCoE-IT/CAEN$203,840.00$203,840.00
Muscat, RaymondInstitute Managing DirectorROSS SCH Tauber Institute$203,839.99$50,960.00
Thiruvengadam, VijayarajaInformation Systems ExecutiveIQ Information Quest$202,878.00$202,878.00
Campanella, Gail AInstitute Managing DirectorHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$201,973.70$0.00
Demonner, Sean MichaelInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Teaching and Learning$192,780.00$192,780.00
Wood, JerryIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirAthletics$192,312.11$0.00
Behm, James BInformation Systems ExecutiveITS Enterprise App Svcs$189,353.00$189,353.00
McPhall, John GInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$189,112.50$0.00
Kwapis, Brian MInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$187,502.86$0.00
Jones II, Robert DouglasInformation Systems ExecutiveITS SS Support Services$186,550.00$186,550.00
Murphy, ThomasIS Operations DirectorICPSR-Computer - Network$185,168.00$0.00
Boyd, EricIT Engr and Res Dev DirectorITS Infra Net Dir of Ops$182,104.00$0.00
Bermann, SolIS Security DirectorITS Info Assurance Privacy$180,000.00$180,000.00
Warden, JamesInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$180,000.00$0.00
Horning, Andrew JosephInstitute Managing DirectorGraham Sustainability Inst.$178,690.00$160,821.00
Haase, Brent CharlesInternal Cntrls Compliance MgrOffice of Assoc VP for Finance$177,434.60$177,434.60
Hepner, Myron LeeInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS DRA Michigan Data Collab$176,505.00$0.00
Sweetman, David SInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$176,505.00$0.00
Mortenson, LindseyInterim Medical Director MDHealth Svc Clinic Operations$176,407.00$0.00
Turner, Stephen WINTERIM ASSOC PROVOSTFlint Assoc Provost - Grad$173,400.00$173,400.00
Dietrich, Erin ElizabethInformation Systems ExecutiveHITS OCIO Administration$170,775.00$0.00
Connett, William EIS Operations DirectorSRC-Comp - Multi-Media Tech$165,460.97$0.00
Roberts, DavidIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirHITS OCIO Org Development$165,030.36$0.00
Flynn, Kerry DIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirROSS SCH Information Technolog$164,704.73$164,704.73
Hedstrom, Margaret LINTERIM DIRECTORGraduate School-IDPS$164,467.00$82,233.50
Schroeder, JonathanInvestment Accounting DirFinOps Investment Recon$163,940.88$0.00
Giuffrida, Mark WIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirCoE-IT/CAEN$163,850.00$163,850.00
Andres, ChristineInstitute Managing DirectorMechanical Engineering$163,643.00$0.00
Smith, Kevin AIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirUMOR MI Inst for Data Science$162,825.00$146,542.50
Ceballo, Rosario EINTERIM ASSOCIATE DEANLSA Dean: Dean's Office$161,000.00$120,750.00
Mattson, Steven JIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirCoE-IT/CAEN$160,094.00$160,094.00
Wong, RichIS Operations DirectorITS SS Support Services$157,590.00$157,590.00
Braun, Brian WIS DirectorHITS AOM Administration$155,842.03$0.00
Singer, Charles WIS DirectorHITS EI Administration$154,536.13$0.00
Subramanian, NimiIS DirectorHITS EI Administration$154,311.21$0.00
Hodgeson, William PeterInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$154,000.00$0.00
Dawson, RachelInstitute Managing DirectorPrecision Health Initiative$153,750.00$0.00
Ramsey, Stephen DIS DirectorHITS COA Clin - Op Appl Admin$153,140.65$0.00
Chaffee, Lawrence HIS DirectorITS Enterprise App Svcs$152,641.00$152,641.00
Fraley, KevinInformation Systems Assoc DirOperational Support$152,297.86$0.00
Vogel, RegisIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirDev Svcs - Strategic Solutions$152,281.00$0.00
Callaghan, Cassandra LIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirDENT Informatics$151,791.72$151,791.72
Hickey, Georgina SusanINTERIM CHAIRDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$151,616.00$94,760.00
Bow, Peter T IIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirAnesthesiology Department$151,187.50$0.00
Havens, Benjamin AlanIS Security DirectorUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$150,457.81$0.00
Coronado, Erdwing RafaelIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS COA Departmental Apps$150,198.17$0.00
Millis, Paul JIS Audit ManagerUniversity Audits Office$150,072.96$150,072.96
Chadwick, BeckyInstitutional Research DirDbn Institutional Research$150,000.00$150,000.00
Martyn, BryanIS DirectorHITS SVM Administration$149,745.26$0.00
Nwankpa, Amadi OIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirCoE-IT/CAEN$149,157.00$149,157.00
Zoldan, AndreIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirAlumni Association$147,628.00$0.00
Vimawala, AlokIS Operations DirectorITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$147,187.00$147,187.00
Tawakkol, DimaIT Project Mgmt Office DirITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$147,175.00$147,175.00
Ellison, John PIT Contract AdministratorHITS FA Administration$147,087.50$0.00
Osburn, Micheal LIS DirectorHITS EI Administration$147,087.50$0.00
Nelson, Kinnothan GirardIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirSchool of Nursing$146,425.42$146,425.42
Pinaud, Eric MaxIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirTechnology - Information$145,000.00$145,000.00
Arnst, ScottIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirFlint ITS$144,840.00$144,840.00
Paxton, Reid WIS Operations DirectorITS SS Support Services$144,200.00$0.00
Schmidt, Audrey MIS DirectorHITS DRA Administration$143,500.00$0.00
Winsor, Donald CIS Ops Mgr w/ OS ProgrammingElec Engr - Comp Sci$143,285.00$0.00
Gattegno, EliotInstructional Sup Svcs Sr MgrROSS SCH RLDI$142,500.00$142,500.00
Wu, Grace Li-HsingInstitute Managing DirectorTaubman Research Institute$142,210.00$0.00
Gowan, Deborah LIS DirectorITS Infra Sys Application Ops$142,182.00$106,636.00
Sheppard, Michael JonathanIS DirectorHITS DRA Administration$140,875.34$0.00
Gillie, RogerIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirDENT Informatics$140,544.14$28,108.83
Palen, Brock EdwardIS Operations DirectorAdv Research Comp Tech Srv$140,454.00$14,045.40
Muckler, John EIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirCoE-IT/CAEN$140,214.00$140,214.00
Whitney, Lyle TIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirLaw School$138,227.14$96,759.00
Larose, Peter GInstructional Learning InterLSA Mathematics$137,331.00$68,665.50
St Pierre, DanielIS DirectorHITS RAAC Administration$137,000.00$0.00
Baldwin, MarieIS DirectorHITS ET Administration$136,909.96$0.00
Dressler, Monika ReneeInstructional Sup Svcs Sr MgrLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$135,914.00$135,914.00
Marshall, Charles JIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS COA Rev Cycle - Bus Apps$135,874.73$0.00
Maszatics, James KIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirMICHR - Operations$135,873.47$67,936.74
McClatchey, Stephen JIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirCollege of Pharmacy$135,000.00$135,000.00
Noori, AsmatInformation Systems Assoc DirICPSR-Computer - Network$134,754.61$0.00
Patterson, Rex FIT Academic/Admin Div Sr DirRackham ITS$134,523.98$134,523.98
Valyko, Amanda MarieInfection Control DirectorUMH Infection Prevention$134,485.00$0.00
Commiskey, Elaine LIT Project Senior ManagerClinical Risk$134,211.66$0.00
Rupar, Kirk AIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS EI Cont - Data Svcs$134,140.65$0.00
Wielbut, Vlad TIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirSPHDO-Informatics - Computing$133,490.00$133,490.00
Morrison, PaulIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirHITS SVM SW Delivery Admin$132,862.61$0.00
Davis, Kathy MarieIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$132,846.38$0.00
Bologna, JamesIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirQuality Analytics - Informatic$131,328.13$0.00
Nichols, Gary SIS DirectorHITS AOM Administration$131,328.13$0.00
Neil, DennisIS Security ManagerITS Info Assurance Security$130,816.00$130,816.00
Thompson, Gwen MIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirQuality Data Management$130,708.89$0.00
Gramling, Aaron DIS DirectorHITS AOM Administration$130,684.54$0.00
Richardson, John AIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS AOM DeviceOps$130,252.01$0.00
Stevens, Andrea JIT Process and Change MgrITS SS Service Support$129,945.00$129,945.00
Underwood, Jack AllenIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS EI Network - Comm Svcs$129,858.57$0.00
Ellies, Tammy MarieIndustrial Engineer ExpertInternal Medicine Department$129,461.23$0.00
Timson, Eric MarkIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS COA Departmental Apps$128,903.51$0.00
Nelson, AmyIT Financial Planning DirectorITS Finance$128,750.00$128,750.00
Korc, Nadine LIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS SVM Advocacy - Engagement$128,401.05$0.00
Billick, ChristopherIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirVP for Communications$128,000.00$128,000.00
Treib, Philip AlanIT Planning ManagerCoE-IT/CAEN$127,995.00$127,995.00
McKenzie, Buddie JohnIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirUMH Radiology UH$127,073.09$0.00
Yun, T CharlesIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirSchool of Information$126,690.00$126,690.00
Barnes, Laurel AIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS ET Administration$126,075.00$0.00
Marriott, Diane LynnIndustry Research LiaisonCHRT$126,075.00$0.00
Witbeck, Gregory NormanIndustry Research LiaisonSurgery Department$126,075.00$88,252.50
McDole, Jeffrey TIT Planning ManagerTECHNOLOGY SERVICES$126,072.00$0.00
Aprill, Robert RIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS AOM SvcDeskOps$126,066.99$0.00
Jansen, JohnIS Administration - Pln MgrUMHS Financial Srvcs$125,760.00$0.00
Kennedy, Timothy GIT Planning ManagerBuilding Automation Systems$125,378.50$62,689.25
Lively, CarolIT Planning ManagerHITS SVM SW Delivery Admin$125,222.52$0.00
Lambert, Edward DIT Planning ManagerCoE-IT/CAEN$125,190.00$125,190.00
Hayes, KevinIS Security ManagerMerit Network$125,000.00$0.00
Whyte, AnthonyIT Program ManagerITS Teaching and Learning$124,601.00$124,601.00
Yoas, Scot MIT Program ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$124,570.00$124,570.00
Peters, Amy KristineIT Business Planning MgrITS Infra Net DAS$123,966.00$0.00
Talley, Susan AnnINTERIM DIR ACADEMIC PRGMSFlint Physical Therapy$123,824.94$61,912.47
Popa, Agatina PIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS SVM Software Delivery$121,762.79$0.00
Weiss, Kenneth GIT Project Senior ManagerComp Med and Bioinformatics$121,593.96$60,796.98
Battey Jr, Bradford RIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirLife Sciences Institute-Admin$120,525.75$0.00
Meyer, Joseph DavidIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS COA Departmental Apps$120,118.14$0.00
Eisenhut Jr, TheodoreIT Purchasing ManagerStrategic Contracts$120,066.26$36,019.88
Heffernan, Nicole LynnIT Planning ManagerCoE-IT/CAEN$120,027.00$120,027.00
Fogg, JillIT Contract AdministratorHITS FA Administration$120,000.00$0.00
Militello, MarciaIT Project Senior ManagerClinical Quality Reporting$119,990.93$0.00
Pennywell, JudithInternational Services DirInternational Center$119,823.56$71,894.14
Williamson, LeslieIT Business Planning MgrITS Infra Net Dir of Bus$119,770.00$0.00
Weiss, Kenneth GIT Project Senior ManagerHITS RAAC Research Tech Svcs$118,225.83$0.00
Steck, RebeccaIT Planning ManagerInt Med-Nephrology$118,105.00$0.00
Thomas, Katarina KtIT Project Senior ManagerITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$118,096.00$118,096.00
Teschke, Gary GustaveInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS EI Cont - Database Svcs$117,931.92$0.00
Bautista, Severino Jr RiveraIT Project Senior ManagerUMH Office of Clin Informatics$117,724.43$0.00
Zempel, Erik RandallIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS SVM Administration$117,656.99$0.00
Lafferty, Angela LeighIS Ops Mgr w/ OS ProgrammingDev Svcs - Strategic Solutions$117,624.00$0.00
Bower, LindaIS Security ManagerHITS CISO Administration$117,500.00$0.00
Carlson, Harold EIT Project Inter ManagerUMH Rad IT Services$117,352.47$0.00
Winters, Margo LIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS COA Ambulatory Apps$117,338.07$0.00
Tuttle, Ann MarieIT Program ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$117,051.00$117,051.00
Walton, KeilaIT Program ManagerITS SS Service Support$116,823.00$116,823.00
Lind, ElizabethIT Project Senior ManagerHITS OCIO Administration$116,589.52$0.00
Mitchell, KathyIT Project Senior ManagerHITS AOM Administration$115,883.58$0.00
Johnston, John PIT Program ManagerITS Teaching and Learning$115,860.00$115,860.00
Burns, WilliamIT Program ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$115,827.00$115,827.00
Bertels, BethanyIT Project Senior ManagerHITS COA Clin - Op Appl Admin$115,825.00$0.00
Keith, Samuel MIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirHITS SVM Administration$115,711.27$0.00
Brunvand, SteinINTERIM ASSOCIATE DEANDbn-College of EducHealth-HS$115,600.45$115,600.45
Fuentes, Emily NicoleIS DirectorHITS SVM Administration$115,568.75$0.00
Patton, JohmarxIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirHITS ET Education Informatics$115,568.75$0.00
Kole-James, EdmondIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$115,227.30$0.00
Swaney, JenniferIT Program ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$114,930.00$28,732.50
Sabourin, RobertIT Program ManagerITS Infra Sys Srvcs - Ops$114,582.00$114,582.00
Mazza, LillianIT Program ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$114,158.00$114,158.00
Meister, MichaelIT Project Senior ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$114,042.00$114,042.00
Sytch, SvetlaIT Program ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$113,831.00$113,831.00
LaForest, RosemaryIT Project Senior ManagerHITS IA CISO Administration$113,775.00$0.00
Cooper, CamilleIT Program ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$113,697.00$113,697.00
Robson, Brian KIT Program ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$113,355.00$90,684.00
Locey, Mary EIT Program ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$113,313.00$113,313.00
Winston-Brown, Karen LeeIT Business Planning MgrITS Infra Net Dir of Bus$113,300.00$0.00
Bankston, RyanIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirSchool of Social Work$113,000.00$113,000.00
Rudy, JulieIT Project Senior ManagerHITS DRA Administration$113,000.00$0.00
Shelp, Laura SIT Program ManagerLSA Dean: Info. Technology$112,750.00$112,750.00
Diglio, LisaIT Project Senior ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$112,503.00$56,252.00
Warden, Melinda KIT Project Senior ManagerHITS RAAC Administration$112,040.37$0.00
Blaisdell, RonaldIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$111,678.77$0.00
Little, ChristineIT Project Senior ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$111,415.00$55,707.50
Barker, Marcia AnnIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$110,900.79$0.00
Burch, JenniferIT Project Senior ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$110,382.00$110,382.00
Mills, JonathanIS Security ManagerHITS IA CISO Administration$110,315.63$0.00
McNabb, KamelaIT Purchasing ManagerITS Purchasing - Contracts$109,798.00$109,798.00
Chisholm, MichaelIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$109,790.31$0.00
Sherman, Harvey FIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirFlint ITS$109,620.00$109,620.00
Brannon, EricIT Project Senior ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$109,596.00$109,596.00
Pietras, JenniferIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$109,569.71$0.00
Rose, Holly AIT Program ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$109,557.00$109,557.00
Marker, PaulIT Project Senior ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$109,545.00$109,545.00
Ferguson, Lisa AnnIT Project Senior ManagerDLHS Division of LKS$109,491.52$98,542.37
Muller, MaryInternational Program Dir UnitROSS SCH Global Initiatives$109,270.13$109,270.13
Thurber, MelissaIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$108,901.85$0.00
King, EarnestIT Project Senior ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$107,722.00$107,722.00
Roberts, MirandaInternational Program Dir UnitCoE International Programs$107,081.00$107,081.00
Cox, Linda MIT Project Senior ManagerHITS FA Administration$106,965.40$0.00
Schneyer, Mark CIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$106,960.90$0.00
Herron, JenniferIT Business Planning MgrITS Infra Net Dir Telephony$106,636.00$0.00
Berliss-Vincent, JaneInformation Center ManagerITS SS Support Services$106,423.00$106,423.00
Wright, Jeffry RIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirHITO$105,964.76$0.00
Spenser, KennethIndustry Research LiaisonEmergency Med Critical Care$105,831.25$0.00
Rosenzweig, Andrew RobertIT Business Planning MgrITS Infra Net Dir of Bus$105,601.00$0.00
Lougheed, RobertInstructional Learning LeadCoE-IT/CAEN$105,578.00$105,578.00
Marshall, Stephen JIS Ops Mgr w/o OS ProgrammingUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$105,155.21$0.00
Vella, AndrewIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$105,062.50$0.00
Diehl, LindaIS Administration - Pln MgrUMHS Financial Srvcs$105,000.00$0.00
Saito, KarenIT Project Senior ManagerCoE-IT/CAEN$104,975.00$104,975.00
Walters, Matthew ScottIT Purchasing ManagerITS SS ITAM$104,932.00$0.00
Baldwin, Louise MInternational Svcs Assoc DirInternational Center$104,336.26$41,734.50
New, MatthewIT Planning ManagerMechanical Engineering$104,221.00$104,221.00
Pettigrew, Robert WInstructional Learning SeniorLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$104,163.94$104,163.94
Chai, LinInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$104,000.00$0.00
Esparza, MarcosInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$104,000.00$0.00
Won, Sooji HaInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$104,000.00$0.00
Fessahazion, DanielIT Project Inter ManagerDuderstadt Ctr Emerging Tech$103,743.00$103,743.00
Levitt, Robert AllenIT Planning ManagerHITS EI Network - Comm Svcs$103,486.56$0.00
Haslam, DebraInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS IA CISO Administration$102,884.32$0.00
Stevens, CynthiaIT Project Senior ManagerDENT Informatics$102,500.00$102,500.00
Korner, Sebastien OttoIT Project Senior ManagerLibrary Info Tech - Arch - Eng$101,956.61$101,956.61
Castle, Jeffrey JIT Project Senior ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$101,285.00$0.00
Fouts, TimothyIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM PMO$101,000.00$0.00
Ratcliff, KristieIT Project Senior ManagerUMH Anes - CAS Support$100,940.00$0.00
You, JiyuInstructional Learning LeadOffice of Digital Education$100,586.58$100,586.58
Heiser, Kenneth MIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirFlint ITS$100,450.00$100,450.00
Scott, MelissaIT Project Senior ManagerTechnology - Information$100,000.00$100,000.00
Echlin, Ryan PInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS RAAC Research Engagement$99,987.00$0.00
Sharp, Jill MargaretIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM QA - Testing$98,948.08$0.00
Wong, WinnieIT Project Senior ManagerHITS SVM PMO$98,945.65$0.00
Boucher, Susan LynnIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM Administration$98,938.83$0.00
Manwaring, TaraIT Project Inter ManagerHITS ET Administration$98,938.83$0.00
Jalet, Jennifer SIS Training ManagerITS Enterprise App Svcs$98,259.00$98,259.00
Chalil, MiniIT Project Inter ManagerHITS COA Ambul - Portal Apps$97,450.85$0.00
Vadula, MaithiliIT Project Inter ManagerHITS COA Applications 1$97,375.00$0.00
Franck, NicoletteIT Project Senior ManagerHITS ET Administration$97,182.81$0.00
Skarsten, Fawn MInstitutional Research DirFlint Institutional Analysis$96,934.01$96,934.01
Strang, Miceli PaulIT Project Inter ManagerHITS EI Cont - Data Svcs$96,722.01$0.00
Belisle, RichardIS Auditor SeniorUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$96,632.00$0.00
Pruss, Kent RInstrument Maker SuprMechanical Engineering$95,794.00$95,794.00
Nachtrab, HilaireInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$95,773.63$95,773.63
Garling, LauraIT Project Senior ManagerDbn External Relations$95,124.00$95,124.00
Pattullo, Genise RIS Help Desk Senior SupervisorSRO Technical Services$95,118.61$0.00
Pardo, JenniferIT Project Senior ManagerUH/CVC Executive Director$94,784.64$0.00
Bennett, DavidIT Project Inter ManagerUMHS - HIM Administration$94,491.36$0.00
Kay, Jodi LeeIS Auditor SeniorUMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs$94,404.82$0.00
Gorde, Joseph JIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirSOE - Information Technology$94,150.73$94,150.73
Lopez, Francisco JavierInternational Services DirDbn International Affairs$94,000.00$94,000.00
Benn, Gregory RIT Process ManagerITS SS Service Support$93,723.00$93,723.00
Baker, Karen HInterior Designer LeadAEC-Interior Design$93,491.99$0.00
Laman, Gregory DeanIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$93,384.94$93,384.94
Solovyeva, AselInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$93,181.76$93,181.76
Krzys, Lynn MIntegrated Disability ManagerRisk Management$93,077.42$0.00
Moisa, CristinaIT Project Inter ManagerHITS RAAC Research Apps - Pgms$92,836.57$0.00
Ahlgren, LisaIT Project Inter ManagerLSA Dean: Mgmt. Info. Systems$92,790.00$92,790.00
Boluyt, ShanelleInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$92,250.00$0.00
Stanton, Maria MIT Help Desk ManagerITS SS Service Center$91,800.00$91,800.00
Comfort, Kelly MInterior Designer LeadAUX CAPITAL PROJECTS$91,756.78$0.00
Newcom, Mark EInventory Control Senior SuprUMH Radiology UH$91,375.93$0.00
White, Jacqueline NoelInfection Control CoordinatorUMH Infection Prevention$90,833.13$0.00
Palmby, BrianIT Project Inter ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$90,752.00$68,064.00
Turner, Gregory JInformation Svcs ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$90,267.10$90,267.10
Kain, Jeannine LInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$90,259.06$90,259.06
Kaiser, Kurt WIT Help Desk ManagerLaw School$90,000.00$90,000.00
Bird, MarlonInventory Control Senior SuprCPU Central/Recovery$89,552.38$0.00
Mitchell, Brett TimothyInformation Svcs ConsultantAthletics$89,352.76$0.00
Davenport, KellyIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM Web Presence$89,301.09$0.00
Stewart, John HInformation Svcs ConsultantLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$89,040.00$89,040.00
Duchateau II, Donald CInstructional Learning SeniorROSS SCH Information Technolog$88,687.22$88,687.22
De Genaro, Matthew BInformation Center ConsultantLibrary Operations - US - OO$88,444.74$88,444.74
Barker, Gregory LeeInstructional Learning SeniorOffice of Digital Education$88,405.04$88,405.04
Gassdorf, Nancy LynnInterior Designer SeniorUMH Facilities Planning$88,164.36$0.00
Wiley, Sandra KIntl Studies Education DirStamps School of Art - Design$88,150.00$88,150.00
Dogan, Tiffany LorenInfection Control CoordinatorUMH Infection Prevention$88,010.09$0.00
Borgman, Crystal SIT Purchasing Coord LeadITS SS Software Services$88,000.00$88,000.00
Rabbitt, Teresa MarieInterior Designer SeniorUMH Facilities Planning$87,654.79$0.00
Jacobson, KimberlyIT Project Inter ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$87,219.00$43,610.00
Timmerman, BethInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$87,144.96$87,144.96
Nolan, TimothyInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Software Delivery$87,125.00$0.00
Yamasaki, AmyIT Project Inter ManagerHITS RAAC Research Engagement$87,125.00$0.00
Meads, Sundra LInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$86,941.69$86,941.69
Benedict, Mark AIT Project Inter ManagerClinical Risk$86,151.25$0.00
Fu, YanInformation Resources ManagerPopulation Studies Center$85,965.00$0.00
Orlowski, Deborah LInstructional Designer SeniorLearning and Professional Dev$85,709.00$8,913.74
Sober, Ronald AInstructional Designer SeniorLearning and Professional Dev$85,709.00$56,567.94
Alderink, ErikInformation Svcs ConsultantOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$85,474.39$0.00
Carter, David JInstrument Maker SuprLSA Physics$85,450.00$42,725.00
Collins, Lisa MarieInstructional DesignerITS Enterprise App Svcs$85,313.00$85,313.00
Jared, Charlotta EvaInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS AOM InfraSvcs-EDEM$85,100.63$0.00
Fearday, Shannon MarieIT Project Inter ManagerHITS COA Inpatient Apps$85,075.00$0.00
Bilek, Raymond JefferyINSTR - CONTROL REPAIR SPECLabor Services - Utilities$84,822.40$0.00
Prince, Thomas WINSTR - CONTROL REPAIR SPECLabor Services - Utilities$84,822.40$84,822.40
Bailey, Marcia AnnInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - S - DL$84,664.94$84,664.94
Schell, Holly AnneIT Help Desk ManagerITS SS Service Center$84,560.00$84,560.00
Kefalas, JasonIT Project Inter ManagerAlumni Association$84,546.00$0.00
O'Brien, TimothyInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$84,372.00$84,372.00
Wise, BrittanyIndustrial Engineer SeniorOR Admin$84,240.00$0.00
Meechan, Philomena AInstructional Learning LeadLSA UG: Language Resource Ctr.$84,198.00$84,198.00
Stathes, GregoryIT Project Inter ManagerITS Program - Proj Mgmt Office$83,496.00$83,496.00
Larrow, Terry MInstrument MakerAerospace Engineering$83,471.00$83,471.00
Kimmel, JacquelineInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$83,116.25$83,116.25
Masse, Michelle RInterior Designer SeniorUMH Facilities Planning$83,059.94$0.00
McQueen, Nathan WestInventory Control ManagerUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$82,960.00$0.00
Salazar, Kelly AnnInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$82,912.50$82,912.50
Turner, John MIT Project Senior ManagerMuseum of Art$82,810.00$82,810.00
Goosman, Christopher LeeInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Digital Workplace$82,658.68$0.00
Nortley, Angela MarieIntegrated Disability ManagerRisk Management$82,602.37$0.00
Oldford, JessicaIntl Studies Education DirROSS SCH Global Initiatives$82,548.38$82,548.38
Simko, BrianInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS ET Education Informatics$82,516.09$0.00
Manspeaker, William CInstructional Learning LeadA. Alfred Taubman CA-UP Adm$82,346.45$74,111.81
Grazioli, GregoryIT Project Inter ManagerHITS SVM SW Planning - Design$81,948.75$0.00
Carpenter, WayneInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$81,912.47$81,912.47
Dombecki, Carolyn RaeInfection Control CoordinatorUMH Infection Prevention$81,549.00$0.00
Beever, ScottINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANHospital Maintenance$81,494.40$0.00
Fravel, RobertINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANHospital Maintenance$81,494.40$0.00
Howard Jr, GaryINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANHospital Maintenance$81,494.40$0.00
Lamentola, MichaelINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANFacilities Electrical Maint.$81,494.40$0.00
Mannix JR, Joseph RobertINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANHospital Maintenance$81,494.40$0.00
Nedrow Jr, Robert EINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANFacilities Electrical Maint.$81,494.40$0.00
Shoaf Jr, Richard KINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANHospital Maintenance$81,494.40$0.00
Theisen, Terry WINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANHospital Maintenance$81,494.40$0.00
Zimmerman, James AINDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIANHospital Maintenance$81,494.40$0.00
Esquivel, MonicaIT Project Inter ManagerOUD Talent Management$80,975.00$0.00
Friedly, SuzannaInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$80,965.50$80,965.50
Wolfgram, BruceIT Project Inter ManagerTECHNOLOGY SERVICES$80,885.27$0.00
Lambert, Stephen DeanInformation Svcs ConsultantHITS SVM Software Delivery$80,472.14$0.00
Chludzinski, JeffreyInfection Control CoordinatorUMH Infection Prevention$80,333.61$0.00
Ponnaluri-Wears, SreelathaInfection Control CoordinatorUMH Infection Prevention$80,333.61$0.00
Thompson, KevinInfection Control CoordinatorUMH Infection Prevention$80,333.61$0.00
Pugh, MarkInventory Control ManagerITS SS MiWorkspace$80,126.00$0.00
Jackowiak, AliciaInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$80,000.00$80,000.00
Karwande, MonaInventory Control Senior SuprUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$79,310.00$0.00
Cami, MonikaInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$79,197.50$79,197.50
Lutz, Margaret EileenInstructional DesignerOUD Talent Management$78,853.00$0.00
Kullar, RajkiranInfection Control CoordinatorUMH Infection Prevention$78,758.44$0.00
Foley, Tina LInternal Auditor SeniorUniversity Audits Office$78,646.28$78,646.28
Muusz, DavidInternational Services ManagerInternational Center$78,617.21$0.00
Navarre, Charles EInstrument MakerSpace Physics Research Lab$78,494.00$0.00
Wang, YuyingIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$78,140.79$0.00
Tice, James RInstrument MakerLSA Physics$78,100.00$78,100.00
Cunningham, KristenIT Project Inter ManagerGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$77,886.03$0.00
Jaffer, NabeelaIT Project Inter ManagerLibrary Info Tech-Dig Lib Apps$77,859.84$77,859.84
Quintana, RebeccaInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$77,289.00$77,289.00
Welsh, StephenInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$77,289.00$77,289.00
Roe, Kimberly AInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$77,207.01$0.00
Mackey, Jeanne AInstructional DesignerITS Enterprise App Svcs$77,137.00$46,284.00
Gaspar, Nicholas EdwardInstructional Learning LeadFlint Off of Extended Learning$76,989.60$76,989.60
Springfield, Emily CatherineInstructional Learning SeniorDENT Informatics$76,974.88$76,974.88
Littlejohn, WendyInfection Control CoordinatorUMH Infection Prevention$76,837.50$0.00
Charlton, Edward AInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$76,785.58$0.00
Cody, Jane EInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$76,785.58$0.00
Straub, EvanInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$76,542.00$22,962.60
Young, Gregory BradshawInternal Auditor IntermediateUniversity Audits Office$76,500.00$76,500.00
Covill, Mary TInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$76,496.69$0.00
Taylor, TeddyInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$76,496.69$0.00
Hallman, Philip AInfor Resources Specialist SrLSA FilmTelevisionand Media$75,833.33$50,960.00
Manley, Scott MichaelInternational Services ManagerInternational Center$75,670.24$66,211.46
Campbell, Ronald LINSTR - CONTROL REPAIRPN IIIUtilities Electrical Maint$75,545.60$0.00
Hamilton, RichardINSTR - CONTROL REPAIRPN IIIFlint Fac Op-HVAC - Utilities$75,545.60$75,545.60
Obrien, JamesINSTR - CONTROL REPAIRPN IIILabor Services - Utilities$75,545.60$0.00
Young, Mary CatherineInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Surg OR/Floor Coverage$75,386.72$0.00
Krozal, DavidIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$75,382.46$0.00
Young, Alan SInstructional Learning SeniorLSA FilmTelevisionand Media$75,009.00$75,009.00
VanDerziel, BrianInstructional Learning InterCollege of Pharmacy$74,970.00$74,970.00
Chulski, Kolleen ChristineIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$74,796.27$0.00
Chulski, NicholasIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$74,796.00$0.00
Hill, Ryan NathanialInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$74,557.37$0.00
Martin, Matthew JInstructional Designer SeniorITS Info Assurance Privacy$74,333.00$74,333.00
Zheng, XuedongInternational Services ManagerInternational Center$74,263.00$44,557.80
Johnson, BryanIntl Admissions/Recruit CoordROSS SCH MBA Program$74,012.59$74,012.59
Barrett, Dominique CarlaIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$74,007.51$0.00
Cebina, DavidInterventional Radiology TechnUMH CVC Rad$73,874.87$0.00
Kalis, Marilee LInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$73,874.87$0.00
Eau Claire, Shelly AnnIT Contract AdministratorITS Purchasing - Contracts$73,848.00$73,848.00
Rozema, KyleIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$73,741.68$0.00
Bustillo, AbelitoInventory Control Senior SuprUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$73,717.36$0.00
Rasmussen, James JohnInstructional Learning SeniorSchool of Nursing$73,113.10$73,113.10
Sampath Kumar, Arun DeepakIndustrial Engineer InterUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$73,103.85$0.00
Levine, AllisonInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$73,000.00$0.00
Sanford, Benjamin JohnInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$73,000.00$0.00
Yu, Ji HyunInstructional Learning SeniorSchool of Social Work$73,000.00$73,000.00
Webster, Scott AInstrument MakerLSA Physics$72,950.00$0.00
Rhoton, Michelle RuthInventory Control Senior SuprUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$72,935.41$0.00
Frye, RyanINSTR-CONTRL REPAIRPN III DESLabor Services - Utilities$72,467.20$0.00
Geister, DebraInstructional Learning SeniorDENT Informatics$72,377.44$36,188.72
Gurkin, Debie LInfo Resources Sr SuprROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$72,205.99$72,205.99
Sapp, TayaIntl Admissions/Recruit CoordROSS SCH MBA Program$72,082.77$72,082.77
Hoffman, Robert DInstructional Learning SeniorLSA FilmTelevisionand Media$72,000.00$72,000.00
Fogarty, SherylInventory Control Inter SuprITS SS Computer Showcase$71,985.00$0.00
Fomin, Elizabeth JInstructional Learning SeniorLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$71,981.00$71,981.00
Peters, DavidInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$71,801.23$0.00
Singh, AnshuInventory Control Senior SuprCW Oper Room - Mott$71,750.00$0.00
Farmer, Karen MInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$71,511.54$0.00
Perretta, James LouisInstructional Learning SeniorEECS - CSE Division$71,148.00$26,680.50
Sellin, AsiaInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$70,943.17$0.00
Elliott, JoannaInstructional Learning InterSOE - Information Technology$70,758.59$70,758.59
Lippert, MichaelIntl Admissions/Recruit CoordROSS SCH MBA Program$70,751.09$70,751.09
Casey, ChristopherInstructional Learning LeadDbn Office of the Provost$70,610.04$70,610.04
Burke, MelissaInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$70,583.06$0.00
Moilanen, KatrinaInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$70,574.80$0.00
Van Hoosear, Edie JIS Help Desk Intermediate SuprITS SS Service Center$70,380.00$70,380.00
Peters, Jayna MInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$70,360.80$0.00
Stahl, Kathrine AnnInterior Designer SeniorUMH Facilities Planning$70,302.38$0.00
Fitzgerald, Tracy AnnInstructional Designer SeniorITS Enterprise App Svcs$70,150.00$70,150.00
Prout, Stephanie AnnIndustrial Engineer InterOR Admin$70,000.00$0.00
Taylor, CooperInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$70,000.00$0.00
Etzel, Michael JIC Planner IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$69,935.43$0.00
Anderson, SteveInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$69,764.90$0.00
Streetman, RonaldInstructional Learning LeadFlint Nursing$69,706.80$69,706.80
Allen, JustinInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$69,557.03$0.00
Gould, Phyllis CIntl Admissions/Recruit CoordOUA Recruitment Administration$69,214.41$69,214.41
Richter, Sandra PInterior Designer SeniorAEC-Interior Design$69,159.91$0.00
Fuller, Merrie LeighInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$68,756.32$68,756.32
Hamm, ScottInstructional Learning SeniorOffice of Digital Education$68,567.48$0.00
McLaughlin, HeatherInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$68,410.02$0.00
Demian, KarimInvestment AnalystChief Investment Officer (CIO)$68,000.00$0.00
Bradshaw, Marc VInstrument MakerLSA Psychology$67,775.04$0.00
Escobar, Rafael EInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Collect - Tech Service$67,600.00$67,600.00
McPherson, CatherineInterior Designer SeniorDbn Facilities Planning$67,555.32$40,533.19
Hickson, Monica AlexisInstructional Designer SeniorITS Infra Net Dir of Bus$67,473.00$67,473.00
Beals, JohnathonInstructional Learning SeniorLSA UG: Language Resource Ctr.$67,430.00$67,430.00
Hoffman-Lopez, Beth EInternational Services RepInternational Center$67,310.07$0.00
Fauls, DavidInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$67,272.60$0.00
Elliott, Alison LouiseInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$67,243.28$0.00
Mruk, JenniferInstructional Designer SeniorITS Enterprise App Svcs$67,176.00$67,176.00
Fruth, Eric MInstructional Designer SeniorITS Infra Net Dir of Bus$67,143.00$67,143.00
Chambers, ElizabethIntl Admissions/Recruit CoordROSS SCH MBA Program$67,000.00$67,000.00
Hartmann, MeredithIntl Admissions/Recruit CoordROSS SCH MBA Program$67,000.00$67,000.00
Jones, Elizabeth ReaganIT Asset Mgmt AdministratorITS SS MiWorkspace$66,965.00$0.00
Stewart, AngieInstructional DesignerLeadership Development - DEI$66,950.00$0.00
Weber, Susan JIntl Admissions/Recruit CoordRackham Admissions$66,853.91$66,853.91
Brown, OrnealInstructional Learning InterA. Alfred Taubman CA-UP Adm$66,820.00$66,820.00
Fyfe-Moose, LindaInstructional DesignerUMOR ORSP Training$66,788.00$66,788.00
Stoll, Geoffrey FInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - PC - A$66,533.78$66,533.78
Johnson, Roy CInstructional Learning SeniorCoE Integrative Sys - Design$66,375.00$66,375.00
Garcia de Hurtado, Belen AInstructional DesignerDbn Office of the Provost$66,187.80$66,187.80
Vetter, JenniferInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$66,095.00$66,095.00
Cook, ThomasInstructional Learning SeniorG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$65,850.00$65,850.00
Borieo, LisaInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$65,799.38$0.00
Engling, Jason MarkInstructional Learning SeniorHITS ET Instructional Design$65,600.00$0.00
Cessna, JohnInstructional Learning SeniorSPHDO-Informatics - Computing$65,000.00$65,000.00
Blackwell, TheresaInstructional Learning SeniorFlint Off of Extended Learning$64,947.80$64,947.80
Roberts, KellyIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$64,926.60$0.00
Koback, RogerInventory Control Inter SuprUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$64,841.57$0.00
Stellrecht, CarlaInstructional Learning SeniorLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$64,792.00$64,792.00
Johnson Muhammad, KeesaInstructional Learning InterVProv Academic Innovation$64,733.00$64,733.00
Martin, ElisabethInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$64,449.56$0.00
Dorer, Doreen RoseInstructional Learning InterUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$64,437.74$0.00
Lawther, Diane DInfo Resources Inter SuprLaw Library$64,333.00$64,333.00
Fleming, William CInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Collect - Tech Service$64,227.42$64,227.42
Griffes, Stephen JInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - US - OO$64,203.78$64,203.78
Wourman, Jamaine MInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - S - DL$64,161.45$64,161.45
Pfaltzgraff, Elise RachelInstructional DesignerRogel Cancer Center$64,062.50$0.00
Zuelke, MichelleInstructional Designer SeniorITS Enterprise App Svcs$64,061.00$64,061.00
Blinkenberg, BrandonInstructional Learning SeniorFlint Off of Extended Learning$63,943.21$63,943.21
Gosselin, Raymond MInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$63,933.35$0.00
Jones, JonathanInstructional Learning SeniorLSA UG: Language Resource Ctr.$63,933.00$63,933.00
Horton, TeresaInstructional Learning SeniorLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$63,860.00$63,860.00
Glazar, Monica IreneInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$63,825.95$0.00
Patrick, SeanInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$63,705.00$63,705.00
Hoffman, Amy NicoleInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$63,670.10$0.00
James, DylanIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$63,343.02$0.00
Dickerson, Connie MInfo Resources Assistant SrLaw Library$63,245.00$63,245.00
Brott, Lauren ElizabethInstructional Designer SeniorITS Enterprise App Svcs$63,076.00$63,076.00
Kaiser, KevinInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$63,070.42$0.00
Griffin, Heather CIT Project Associate ManagerHITS EI Cont - Data Svcs$63,037.38$0.00
Speck, MatthewIS Help Desk Intermediate SuprDbn Information Technology Svc$62,979.90$62,979.90
Hahn, JordanInstructional DesignerMICHR - Operations$62,889.75$31,444.88
Morse, Benjamin August BlairInstructional Learning InterVProv Academic Innovation$62,830.00$62,830.00
Shahin, AdamInventory Control Senior SuprUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$62,811.09$0.00
Livingston, Janet KInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - S - DL$62,650.22$62,650.22
McSween, MichaelInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$62,575.53$0.00
Kuisell, BenjaminIntraop Mntrng NeuromonitoristUMH Neurology IOM$62,524.90$0.00
Guzman, AgustinInventory Control ManagerSpace Analysis - Prop Control$62,400.00$62,400.00
Harris, KatieInterior Designer SeniorAEC-Interior Design$62,366.50$0.00
Kobeissi, SamanthaInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$62,254.67$0.00
Leonard, TravisInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$62,138.74$0.00
Drake, JeffreyInstructional Learning SeniorFlint Off of Extended Learning$62,122.06$62,122.06
Slaughter, Diana LInfor Resources Specialist SrLaw Library$62,090.00$62,090.00
Bennett, JeffreyInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$62,000.00$62,000.00
Chang, TinaInstructional Learning InterSchool of Nursing$61,800.00$61,800.00
Eberline, Erin ElizabethInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$61,799.22$0.00
Candea, JessicaInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$61,749.12$0.00
Bell, LauraInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$61,736.06$0.00
Roehm, AdamInstructional DesignerITS Enterprise App Svcs$61,705.00$61,705.00
Reid, Andrea MarieInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$61,686.12$0.00
Nassar, DavidInstructional DesignerUMOR ORSP Training$61,650.00$61,650.00
Rolka, Lynn MInfo Resources Assoc SuprLaw Library$61,448.00$61,448.00
Smith, HeatherInterior Designer SeniorAUX CAPITAL PROJECTS$61,297.88$0.00
Watson, SarahInterior Designer SeniorAUX CAPITAL PROJECTS$61,297.88$0.00
McFolley, Sheila DantzlerInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$61,166.66$61,166.66
Zysk, StaceyIT Acquisitions AdministratorITS Purchasing - Contracts$60,873.00$60,873.00
Utterback, Robert JInfor Resources Specialist SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$60,810.31$60,810.31
Hutchison, ChristopherInventory Control Inter SuprUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$60,534.00$0.00
Thompson, Danielle Alexis-NeilsonIT Config Mgmt Analyst SeniorITS SS ITAM$60,440.00$0.00
Goraj, Joseph DavidInstructional Learning SeniorDbn Col of Eng-Ext Learn Outre$60,289.00$60,289.00
Jones, Mike EInventory Control Assoc SuprITS Infra Net FSU - Warehouse$60,275.02$0.00
Pilarski, JordanInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$60,193.29$0.00
Smeenge, JeffInstructional Learning SeniorFlint Off of Extended Learning$60,180.00$60,180.00
Sprinkles, StevenInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$60,151.18$0.00
Huseman, Bethany LInfo Resources Spec LeadLaw Library$60,000.00$60,000.00
Maxey, BryonInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$60,000.00$60,000.00
Neeley, SethInstructional DesignerHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$60,000.00$0.00
Waisanen, EdwardInstructional Learning InterSEAS General Operations$60,000.00$60,000.00
Gherardini, AmyInformation Resources ManagerLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$59,790.41$59,790.41
Park, JamesInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$59,740.00$59,740.00
Meono, Christopher RIT Config Mgmt Analyst SeniorITS SS Software Services$59,687.94$59,688.00
Switala, Ellen LInstructional Learning InterOffice of Digital Education$59,669.52$59,669.52
McDowell, SarahInstructional Learning SeniorDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$59,625.00$59,625.00
Olson, Sheila AIT Acquisitions AdministratorITS Purchasing - Contracts$59,603.00$59,603.00
Dillard, RandyIntl Admissions/Recruit CoordDbn International Affairs$59,575.00$59,575.00
Petrinko, Shelly MInfo Resources Assistant SrICPSR - Membership Archives$59,489.19$0.00
Stephens, Marc RInstructional Learning InterHITS ET eLearning$59,480.70$0.00
Sumrall, KristinInstructional DesignerLSA Dean: Web Services$59,450.00$59,450.00
Rejc, SharonInterior Designer SeniorAEC-Interior Design$59,307.39$0.00
Dunn, BrianInstructional Learning InterCoE Integrative Sys - Design$59,000.00$53,100.00
Murphy, GraceInstructional DesignerFast Forward Med Innovation$58,835.00$0.00
Miller, Jane CInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$58,707.19$0.00
Johnson, AnthonyInterventional Radiology TechnUMH Radiology UH$58,681.70$0.00
Knokh, Irene JInstructional Learning SeniorUMH Professional Dev and Ed$58,647.71$0.00
Secore, Dawn RIC Planner IntermediateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$58,390.04$0.00
White, Phyllis MInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$58,365.50$58,365.50
Poole, Aaron CIC Planner IntermediateBCSC Core$58,335.78$0.00
Swan, Karen MarieIC Planner IntermediateCW Radiology C - W$58,281.68$0.00
King, AnthonyInstructional Learning SeniorLSA UG: Instruc Suppor Svcs$58,084.00$58,084.00
Beltran, Roel GIC Planner IntermediateCPU Central/Recovery$58,063.95$0.00
Tuckett, Janice SInfo Resources Sr SuprLibrary Operations - S - DL$57,953.41$57,953.41
Privett, Richard EIrrigation SpecialistGrounds Services$57,778.70$0.00
Schmitt, EleanorInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$57,680.00$57,680.00
Walder, Kristopher KIC Planner IntermediateUMH East Ann Arbor Surg Admin$57,637.58$0.00
Kreager, RachelInstructional Learning SeniorLSA UG: Instruc Suppor Svcs$57,460.00$57,460.00
Stachnik, Charlene MInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$57,410.21$57,410.21
Maguire-McLee, Diane MarieIC Planner IntermediateUMH Radiology UH$57,376.12$0.00
Jones, Jean MarieInfor Resources Reference SpecLibrary Operations - S - DL$57,174.60$57,174.60
Langbehn, GregorInstructional Learning InterLibrary Operations - US - OO$57,000.00$57,000.00
Laird, AnnaInterior Designer InterAEC-Interior Design$56,925.00$0.00
Mason, Linda BethInterior Designer InterAEC-Interior Design$56,925.00$0.00
Coughlin, Jillian LeeInternational Educ AdvisorSchool of Information$56,788.00$0.00
Miklosovic, Monica ChristineInstructional Learning InterVProv Academic Innovation$56,650.00$56,650.00
Sayman, FeyzaInfo Resources Spec LeadLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$56,642.22$56,642.22
Bates Sr, Timothy WilliamInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Contracts - Proc Admin$56,578.46$0.00
Mustard, Elizabeth BInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$56,561.93$56,561.93
Undy, Matthew DavidInstructional Learning InterHITS EI AudioVideo Services$56,538.91$0.00
Hunsche, ElizabethInventory Control Clerk SeniorCW Anesthesia Mott$56,402.33$0.00
Johnson, KathyInstructional Designer AssistAnesthesiology Department$56,375.02$0.00
Schultz, ElizabethInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Contracts - Proc Admin$56,077.49$0.00
Ferguson, CherylIC Planner IntermediateBCSC Core$56,065.19$0.00
Williams, Elizabeth McKeeInstructional Designer AssistSchool of Social Work$55,900.00$55,900.00
Stone, AlysonIC Planner IntermediateCW Oper Room - Mott$55,702.40$0.00
Saran, Erik DeanInfor Resources Specialist SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$55,491.73$55,491.73
Buzzi, UgoInternational Services RepInternational Center$55,434.60$0.00
Rickelmann, Sandra SIC Planner IntermediateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$55,366.71$0.00
Jablonski, FredericInfo Resources Assoc SuprROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$55,255.04$55,255.04
Hancook, DanielInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$55,033.00$55,033.00
Cameron, Phillip JohnInstructional Learning SeniorLSA UG: Language Resource Ctr.$55,000.00$55,000.00
Baker, Steven MInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$54,884.55$54,884.55
Balan, VirginiaInstructional Learning InterOffice of Digital Education$54,882.21$54,882.21
Sandusky, BrandonInstructional Learning InterCoE Integrative Sys - Design$54,766.00$46,551.10
Rayos, Cathy DianeInfo Resources Sr SuprLSA History of Art$54,707.00$54,707.00
Franklin, AmyInstructional DesignerITS Enterprise App Svcs$54,444.00$54,444.00
Prayoonhong, SujiraInfor Resources Specialist SrLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$54,400.20$54,400.20
Avsharian, EmilijaInternational Services RepInternational Center$54,368.59$0.00
Kopek, KristinnaInstructional Learning InterHITS ET eLearning$54,263.09$0.00
Garrett, Susan JaneInfor Resources Specialist SrLibrary Research-Arts -Humanit$54,244.08$54,244.08
Mitoraj, Deborah AnnInfo Resources Assoc SuprLaw Library$54,121.00$54,121.00
Burkhardt, AndrewInstructional Learning InterSPHDO-Informatics - Computing$54,107.00$54,107.00
Senn, SusanInstructional Learning InterHITS ET eLearning$54,054.39$0.00
Meadows, Denese KarenInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$54,041.78$0.00
Williams, Angela MarieInventory Control Clerk SeniorLab Animal Medicine Unit$54,001.69$0.00
Butler, JeffreyInstructional Learning SeniorVProv Academic Innovation$54,000.00$54,000.00
Buza, SusanInstructional Learning InterSchool of Social Work$54,000.00$54,000.00
Karasik, InessaInstructional Learning InterDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$54,000.00$54,000.00
Klosterman, KatherineInventory Control Clerk SeniorLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$53,898.00$53,898.00
Bergeron, Cynthia KInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$53,844.71$0.00
Waites, CarsonInstructional Learning SeniorFlint Off of Extended Learning$53,803.25$53,803.25
El-Shafei, Fawzi AInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$53,546.25$0.00
Brubacher, Laura MInfo Resources Assoc SuprLSA UG: Language Resource Ctr.$53,494.00$53,494.00
Cooke, Kathryn RoseInterior Designer InterUMH Facilities Planning$53,421.05$0.00
McDougall, Norma JInventory Control Clerk SeniorDENT Patient Services$53,370.93$0.00
Bielich, Paul StevanInstructional Learning InterDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$53,261.95$33,288.72
Mills, Kenneth CIC Planner IntermediateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$53,005.54$0.00
Brewster, Jennifer JInfo Resources Technical SpecContinuing Legal Education Ins$53,000.00$0.00
Lee, Carolyn Woo SungInfo Resources Spec InterLaw Library$53,000.00$53,000.00
Hutko, BenjaminIC Planner IntermediateCW Oper Room - Mott$52,999.96$0.00
McIntosh, L ReneeInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$52,851.24$0.00
Sintjago, AlfonsoInstructional Learning InterDbn Office of the Provost$52,713.60$26,356.80
Sintjago, AlfonsoInstructional Learning InterDbn-Language Culture Communctn$52,713.60$26,356.80
Latta, John AInfor Resources Specialist SrLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$52,691.83$52,691.83
Langham, Brian PInventory Control Clerk SeniorHITS AOM DeviceOps-MCD$52,609.70$0.00
Demilner, Robert PInstructional Learning SeniorLSA UG: Language Resource Ctr.$52,603.00$52,603.00
Jackson, ShawnInstructional Learning SeniorLSA UG: Instruc Suppor Svcs$52,575.00$52,575.00
Alexander, Scott AInstructional Learning InterDbn Office of the Provost$52,557.29$52,557.29
Blacker, David RInventory Control Clerk SeniorDbn Facilities Operations-Admi$52,544.18$52,544.25
Gould, DennisInventory Control Inter SuprUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$52,531.25$0.00
Skib, MichaelInstructional Learning InterVProv Academic Innovation$52,403.00$52,403.00
Sahakyan, VaheInfor Resources Specialist SrDbn CASL-Armenian Research Ctr$52,275.00$0.00
Burt, Linda DInfo Resources Assistant SrDbn Mardigian Library$52,274.03$52,274.03
Merry, KathyIC Planner IntermediateUMH Operating Rooms - CVC$52,000.00$0.00
Moore, DustinInstructional Learning InterSPHDO-Informatics - Computing$52,000.00$52,000.00
Murphy, LaurenInstructional Learning InterSchool of Information$52,000.00$52,000.00
Hermans, Sylvie DeniseInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$51,904.87$0.00
Zaman, SaziaInstructional Learning InterSPHDO-Informatics - Computing$51,763.00$51,763.00
Tsuneishi, MonicaInfo Resources Spec LeadLibrary Collect - Papyrology$51,729.75$51,729.75
Unger-Syrigos, Lara DeannaInfo Resources Sr SuprLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$51,555.84$48,978.05
Sutherland, PaulInstructional Learning InterLSA FilmTelevisionand Media$51,500.00$51,500.00
Patterson, Teresa HInventory Control Clerk SeniorDENT Patient Services$51,390.17$0.00
Young, Christopher DInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Contracts - Proc Admin$51,232.86$0.00
Prescott, JohnInternational Services RepInternational Center$51,199.74$44,799.77
Lacombe, Richard DouglasInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$51,108.28$0.00
Pearson, Shovonne EInfo Resources Assistant AssocROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$51,029.69$51,029.69
Dunworth, Jeffrey BaronInstructorLSA Mathematics$50,949.00$25,474.50
Chung, Sun JooInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$50,719.21$0.00
Ellis, EbonyInternational Educ AdvisorLSA UG: CGIS$50,648.00$50,648.00
Hancock, MatthewInternational Educ AdvisorCoE International Programs$50,612.00$50,612.00
Adeyeri, Oluwadamilare SamuelInternational Services RepInternational Center$50,611.79$44,285.32
Bradt, ErinInternational Services RepInternational Center$50,611.79$48,081.20
Flanner, KatherineInternational Services RepInternational Center$50,611.79$44,285.32
Loomis, KaitlinInternational Services RepInternational Center$50,611.79$45,550.61
Roskamp, MonicaInternational Services RepInternational Center$50,611.79$44,285.32
Wiseman, Elizabeth AnnInternational Services RepInternational Center$50,611.79$44,285.32
Abdelnour, CyInstructional Learning InterVProv Academic Innovation$50,553.00$50,553.00
Wang, MeiInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Research - Asia$50,461.76$50,461.76
Aiken, EmilyInternational Educ AdvisorCoE International Programs$50,416.00$50,416.00
Haas, MarenInternational Educ AdvisorCoE International Programs$50,416.00$50,416.00
Perry, Brandonn KyleInfection Control AnalystDENT Patient Services$50,401.76$0.00
Nautiyal, Kamala DeviInfor Resources Specialist SrLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$50,278.96$50,278.96
Wiggins-Gawlik, KathrynInternational Educ AdvisorROSS SCH Global Initiatives$50,122.79$50,122.79
Pauling, SarahInternational Educ AdvisorLSA UG: CGIS$50,055.00$50,055.00
Porter, JonathonInternational Educ AdvisorCoE International Programs$50,000.00$50,000.00
Shoecraft, Heather NicholeInfor Resources Specialist SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$49,943.00$49,943.00
Billings, Leigh AnneInfor Resources Specialist SrLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$49,910.12$49,910.12
Stuart, KenyonInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$49,762.18$49,762.18
Kennedy, BridgetInfo Resources Sr SuprLibrary Operations - S - DL$49,725.10$49,725.10
Catalano, JenniferInterior Designer InterAUX CAPITAL PROJECTS$49,680.00$0.00
Bandyk, DenneseIS Training Specialist InterFlint ITS$49,392.48$49,392.48
Wilke, Lana LIC Planner IntermediateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$49,308.63$0.00
Nichols, Gregory CInfo Resources Technical SpecLibrary Collect - Tech Service$49,258.60$49,258.60
Porta, DavidInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$49,235.07$0.00
Hudeck, AmandaInstructional Designer AssistITS Infra Net Dir of Bus$49,189.00$49,189.00
Crandell, Suzette MarieInternational Services RepDbn International Affairs$49,150.00$49,150.00
Tobin, ZacharyInternational Educ AdvisorROSS SCH Global Initiatives$49,000.00$49,000.00
Chaffee, Mark AInfor Resources Reference SpecLibrary Operations - S - DL$48,998.02$48,998.02
Burnette, MelissaIT Config Mgmt Analyst InterITS SS ITAM$48,947.00$0.00
Kreklau, SamanthaInfor Resources Reference SpecLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$48,880.00$48,880.00
Segawa, MegumiInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$48,815.04$0.00
Reinhold, GloriaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$48,759.37$0.00
Muchnik, IrinaInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$48,759.14$48,759.14
Gong, Tao ShiInfo Resources Assistant SrROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$48,746.05$48,746.05
Williams, Barbara OInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$48,694.62$0.00
Polinko, CharlesInternational Educ AdvisorROSS SCH Global Initiatives$48,687.50$48,687.50
Usmani, AyeshaInternational Educ AdvisorROSS SCH Global Initiatives$48,687.50$48,687.50
Verdiyan, AlenaInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$48,511.21$48,511.21
Yao, Chiu YuehInstructional Learning InterHITS ET Documentation$48,402.44$0.00
Andrews, Sherry LInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - PC - A$48,251.06$48,251.06
Broner, Hosanna AndreinaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$48,246.63$0.00
Wemert, TomiyoInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$48,246.63$0.00
Bovoletis, Laura ElizabethInfo Resources Assoc SuprLaw Library$48,223.00$48,223.00
Lacy, Rosemary AnnIC Planner IntermediateMich Publishing-Production$48,165.36$0.00
Simpson, Derneice MIC Planner IntermediateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$48,121.74$0.00
Johnson, Dian MarieInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$47,970.26$0.00
Wetli, AutumnInfo Resources Sr SuprLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$47,840.00$47,840.00
Snyder, Paz AInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$47,734.15$0.00
Yen, Yia-ShunInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$47,734.15$0.00
McLean, Michael PatrickInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - US - OO$47,674.91$47,674.91
Moceri, Oksana BorisovnaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$47,452.02$0.00
McDonald, JonathanInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Contracts - Proc Admin$47,285.34$0.00
Thach, Anh NgocInfo Resources Assistant SrFlint Library$47,265.89$47,265.89
Jackson, KanakoInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$47,221.67$0.00
Becerra, Rafael MiguelInfor Resources Reference SpecLibrary Operations - S - DL$47,204.83$47,204.83
Olsen, MikeInventory Control Clerk SeniorFacilities$47,137.53$0.00
Mueller, Michael OInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Preservation$47,097.64$47,097.64
Garrelts, Mark JInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$46,935.74$46,935.74
VanHorn, Doreen AInventory Control Clerk InterLab Animal Medicine Unit$46,878.15$0.00
Erickson, XimenaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$46,709.19$0.00
Stevick, GraceInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$46,709.19$0.00
Stacy, CarolynInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$46,706.66$0.00
Wang, GengnaInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Research - Asia$46,479.64$46,479.64
Lugo-Meeks, ClaudiaInstructional Learning InterDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$46,410.00$46,410.00
Barbour, Andre'Instructional Learning InterVProv Academic Innovation$46,350.00$46,350.00
Price, Kelly MarieInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary - Health Sciences$46,237.50$46,237.50
Gumina, GraziaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$46,196.71$0.00
Bolgos, Justin PrescottInventory Control Assoc SuprUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$46,167.35$0.00
Porter, Monica DInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - US - OO$46,043.09$46,043.09
Bloomfield, Thomas IIIC Planner IntermediateCPU Central/Recovery$45,999.98$0.00
Glass, Amber KristinInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$45,986.38$45,986.38
Donovan, KaiyanneInstructional Learning AsstLibrary - Health Sciences$45,985.64$45,985.64
Goodknecht, KellyInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - PC - A$45,877.45$45,877.45
Line, Jennifer DawnInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$45,877.25$45,877.25
Rice, Michael EdwardInfo Resources Assistant SrROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$45,859.59$45,859.59
Anderson, Kazuko KInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Research - Asia$45,820.37$45,820.37
Holiday, Timothy JInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - S - DL$45,762.92$45,762.92
Mordoch, GabrielInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$45,760.00$45,760.00
Chen, JudyInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$45,684.23$0.00
Koustova, Elena VictorovnaInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$45,515.49$45,515.49
Elkins, Todd LeeInfo Resources Technical SpecROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$45,404.40$45,404.40
Baek, Heh-YoungInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Research - Asia$45,403.34$36,322.67
Lavoie, Lori AInventory Control Clerk SeniorITS SS Computer Showcase$45,381.00$0.00
Logarbo, Mona LInfo Resources Technical SpecLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$45,342.40$45,342.40
Storey, David TInventory Control Clerk SeniorSpace Analysis - Prop Control$45,303.46$45,303.45
Altemus, EricInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$45,210.00$45,210.00
Graziano, MatthewIC Planner IntermediateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$45,188.06$0.00
Reahard, Timothy JInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$45,016.14$0.00
Moreno, ShannonInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - PC - A$44,972.93$44,972.93
Trull, ChelseaInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - PC - A$44,759.31$44,759.31
DeMarais, JohnInventory Control Clerk InterLivonia Surgery Center$44,686.72$0.00
Freitez, MarianaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$44,659.27$0.00
Shi, KunInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$44,659.27$0.00
Peoples, JoyceInventory Control Assoc SuprUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$44,631.08$0.00
Parham, Deanna HInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$44,575.44$44,575.44
Slavens, Cara LInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$44,446.30$44,446.30
Calhoun, Elizabeth GInfo Resources Assistant InterLaw Library$44,437.00$44,437.00
Towler, JeremyInventory Control Clerk InterDENT Patient Services$44,406.34$0.00
Hsieh, Te-LingInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$44,362.14$0.00
Donetti, SarahInfo Resources Technical SpecICPSR - Membership Archives$44,290.00$0.00
Kenzie, MonicaInfo Resources Technical SpecLSA History of Art$44,200.00$44,200.00
Publico, PinkelynInventory Control Assoc SuprUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$44,179.46$0.00
Chang, I-MingInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$44,146.79$0.00
Su, JangharnInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$44,146.79$0.00
Sharp, MatthewInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Environmental Svcs - Admin$44,144.39$0.00
Copeland, ValerieInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$44,120.00$0.00
Davidson, Neil RInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$44,120.00$0.00
Hogan, Theresa AnnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$44,120.00$0.00
Jenks, Theresa LInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$44,120.00$0.00
Kurtz, Maryann EInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$44,120.00$0.00
Pressly, BJInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$44,120.00$0.00
Simpson, Julie AInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$44,120.00$0.00
Williams, Eric TInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$44,120.00$0.00
Viloria, GiancarloInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$44,060.01$0.00
Andrews, KarenInfo Resources Technical SpecContinuing Legal Education Ins$43,909.72$0.00
Haller, BraytonIC Planner IntermediateBCSC Core$43,904.74$0.00
Lohr, MaryInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$43,742.90$0.00
Stratton, KarinInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - S - DL$43,680.00$43,680.00
Chao, AliceInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$43,634.31$0.00
Kim, ChristineInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$43,634.31$0.00
Liao, HuangyihInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$43,634.31$0.00
Zamarron, CristinaInternational Educ AdvisorLSA UG: CGIS$43,521.00$43,521.00
Bolger, KristenInventory Control Clerk SeniorITS SS MiWorkspace$43,509.00$0.00
Lawless, MatthewInventory Control Assoc SuprUMH Path Central Distrib$43,480.54$0.00
Chen, WeiInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$43,381.83$43,381.83
Streasick, TimothyInfo Resources Technical SpecDbn Mardigian Library$43,345.80$43,345.80
De Ritis, MarileneInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$43,242.15$43,242.15
Doute, Scott AInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$43,236.42$0.00
Rothermel-Osugi, JulieInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$43,210.92$0.00
Davis, ErinInfo Resources Assoc SuprLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$43,198.18$43,198.18
Jordan, HattieInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$43,177.76$0.00
Sommers, Kathleen MInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$43,155.32$32,366.52
Collins, JeffreyIT Support SpecialistDuderstadt Ctr Emerging Tech$43,138.68$21,569.28
Christensen, Gary LInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$43,111.55$43,111.55
Smith, BrianInventory Control Clerk InterUMH Contracts - Proc Admin$42,964.63$0.00
Ross, EricaInternational Services RepDbn International Affairs$42,950.00$42,950.00
Darnell, Kelly CeciliaInfo Resources Assistant SrROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$42,949.14$42,949.14
Quirk, Jeannette AInfo Resources Assistant InterLaw Library$42,933.00$42,933.00
Glover, JasonInfo Resources Assistant SrLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$42,928.13$42,928.13
Bankovich, Melena SInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$42,920.27$0.00
Jedele, Nancy LInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$42,919.46$0.00
York, Carol MInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$42,919.19$0.00
Lewandowski, Ross KInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$42,873.70$42,873.70
Strode, RujinartInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$42,755.34$42,755.34
Roche, Mary MInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$42,721.41$0.00
Iwasaki, EriInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$42,691.17$0.00
Boylan, Lori MontiInfo Resources Assistant SrUMH Pat and Fam Support Svc$42,680.77$0.00
Balayem, Jean MInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$42,613.54$42,613.54
Perez, AntonioInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$42,609.35$0.00
Al-Jumaily, MahaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$42,570.06$0.00
Al-Mihdar, ShaimaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$42,570.00$0.00
Sabo, Holly RInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$42,519.61$0.00
Tupper, BenjaminInstructional Learning AsstSchool of Social Work$42,500.12$42,500.00
Skelton, JasonInstructional Learning AsstFlint Off of Extended Learning$42,448.28$42,448.32
Robinson, MariettaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$42,409.07$0.00
Burke, KatherineInventory Control Clerk SeniorUMH Contracts - Proc Admin$42,271.06$0.00
Keeler, JessicaInfo Resources Assistant SrLaw Library$42,230.00$42,230.00
Schlaack, Emily AnnInfo Resources Assistant InterROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$42,142.18$42,142.18
Boisvert, AdamInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$42,127.50$42,127.50
Alarcon, CarlosInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$42,096.87$0.00
Esteva, Maria Fernanda PatriciaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$42,096.87$0.00
Hajhasan, RanaInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$42,096.87$0.00
Elias, AnneInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Spec Collec$42,078.40$42,078.40
Bailey, NyanateeInternational Educ AdvisorLSA UG: CGIS$42,025.00$42,025.00
Xu, Dong HongInfo Resources Assistant InterROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$42,009.46$42,009.46
Ryan, IsabelleInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$41,989.83$0.00
Kiener, Holly LInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$41,929.08$41,929.08
Torosyan, KarineInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$41,791.53$41,791.53
Wesolowski, Celina KInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$41,756.05$0.00
White, Kimberly DInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$41,537.32$0.00
Smith, Sunny DeanInfo Resources Assoc SuprLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$41,428.80$41,428.80
Raley, Lelia EllenInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$41,428.46$0.00
Burse, Christine AInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$41,403.77$0.00
Johnson, Shawn DInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$41,403.77$0.00
King, Linda EllenInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$41,403.77$0.00
Robinson, Royce RInfo Resources Assistant SrLaw Library$41,340.00$41,340.00
Damm, Nancy AnnInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - PC - A$41,312.88$41,312.88
Jones, Michele JanineInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$41,312.74$41,312.74
Johnson, Kimberly AnnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$41,304.62$0.00
Smith, Christopher DouInventory Control Clerk InterUMH Path Hemo/Coag Unit Uh$41,204.63$0.00
Ruthenberg, Ella MaeInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$41,139.16$0.00
Tinkham, Joyce AInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$41,139.16$0.00
James, LaTeesaInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$41,100.00$20,550.00
Okey, JonathanInfo Resources Assoc SuprLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$41,033.60$41,033.60
Jones, BrittanyInventory Control Clerk InterITS Infra Net FSU - Warehouse$41,033.00$0.00
Estrada, DavidInternational Educ AdvisorLSA UG: CGIS$41,000.00$41,000.00
Fenn, MelindaInternational Educ AdvisorLSA UG: CGIS$41,000.00$41,000.00
Alomari, ElhamInterpreter HealthcareUMH Interpreters Program$40,998.36$0.00
Clark, Laurie AInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$40,836.96$40,836.96
Glessner, Debra KInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$40,791.73$0.00
Jones, Shalonda CInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$40,791.73$0.00
Perdue, Paulette YvonneInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$40,651.96$0.00
Coleman, Carol MInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$40,592.34$0.00
Wallace, DarrellInventory Control Clerk InterITS Infra Net FSU - Warehouse$40,333.00$0.00
Meyers, DrewIC Planner AssociateBCSC Core$40,279.98$0.00
Edwards, Jane ZInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - PC - A$40,260.20$30,195.15
Wasson, DavidInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - S - DL$40,245.12$40,245.12
Woods, Julie LInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$40,189.03$0.00
Zeff, Sandra RInfo Resources Assistant InterLaw Library$40,163.00$40,163.00
Evans, Constance RInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$40,105.71$0.00
Jannakos, KatherineInfo Resources Inter SuprLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$40,072.50$40,072.50
Xiao, JunInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$40,072.50$40,072.50
Margenau, MadalynInterior Designer AssociateAEC-Interior Design$39,999.96$0.00
Powdhar, ArielIT Config Mgmt Analyst AssocITS SS ITAM$39,999.96$0.00
Kim, MyungInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Research - Asia$39,945.68$39,945.68
Eberhardt, Quanel DInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$39,931.26$0.00
VanDyke, JaredInfo Resources Assistant SrROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$39,780.72$39,780.72
Dowling, RyanIC Planner AssociateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$39,741.52$0.00
Jeffery, TimInventory Control Clerk SeniorSpace Analysis - Prop Control$39,684.06$39,684.00
Reamer, Margaret ReneInfo Resources Assistant SrFlint Library$39,666.88$39,666.88
Baisch, Carol SInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$39,594.85$0.00
Key, Karen JInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$39,594.85$0.00
Olsson, George RInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$39,594.85$0.00
Shaw Smith, Laurie AInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$39,558.75$39,558.75
Fischer, Brenda SInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$39,465.96$39,465.96
Heigel Jr, William AInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$39,462.61$39,462.61
Adams, LadrinaINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$0.00
Alexander, ShyroneINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Atkins, Nicole AINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Browne, Yvette MicheleINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Byrd, Laura DINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Craft, Judy CINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$19,656.00
Elrod, ShirleyINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$0.00
Evans, Daniel JINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$39,312.00
Ferguson, Pamela RINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Foley, Donald KINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORUMH Oper Rooms - UH - Inst$39,312.00$0.00
Freeman, KevinINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Gardner, Ebony LINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$0.00
Hall, Brenae ArielINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$0.00
Hicks, AngelaINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Hopkins, Heather MarieINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORUMH Oper Rooms - UH - Inst$39,312.00$0.00
Hurst, Nikki NINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Hussein, Nidal KhalilINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Laster, Kalin CamilleINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Madayag, JenniferINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
McCoy, KarlaINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Simmons, KewannaINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$0.00
Skibinski, LeoINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Slusser, AdrianINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORUMH Oper Rooms - UH - Inst$39,312.00$0.00
Smith, Bobbi LINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$0.00
Spears, Paul EINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Sutton, Valerie LeeINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$19,656.00
Thompson, Darcy AnnINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Trussell, Bernice WINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Warren, Rozeta MichellINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORDENT Patient Services$39,312.00$0.00
Williams, AntwaunINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Williams, Jerard MINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORCentralized Scope Processing$39,312.00$0.00
Williams-Smith, Tiffany MarieINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORBCSC CSPD$39,312.00$0.00
Huckins, JasonIC Planner AssociateUMH Operating Rooms - CVC$39,140.04$0.00
Cekander, AmberInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$39,045.04$29,283.78
Obertas, Olga NInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$39,045.00$39,045.00
Backhaus, Virginia LInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$39,008.93$0.00
Blue, Laura AngeleeInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$39,008.93$0.00
Jones, BradleyInstructional Learning AsstDbn Col of Eng-Ext Learn Outre$38,961.00$38,961.00
Wang, I-ChunInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Research - Asia$38,918.41$38,918.41
Bruglio, Sherrie AnnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$38,896.44$0.00
Kondelik, Vicki JInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$38,866.13$38,866.13
Waldron, Valerie LynnInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Learn-Teach-Connected$38,836.27$38,836.27
Galina, Galina iGORInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$38,786.54$38,786.54
Hoffman, ErikInstructional Learning InterFlint ITS$38,760.04$38,760.04
Pawlicki, JasmineInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - US - OO$38,688.40$38,688.40
MacDonald, TaylorIC Planner AssociateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$38,671.20$0.00
Cook, BryanInstructional Learning AsstSchool of Nursing$38,625.00$38,625.00
Ojibway-Gifford, LenoreInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$38,506.54$30,805.23
Lange, ElanInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$38,506.53$38,506.53
Ryding, KaisaInstructional Learning AsstSchool of Education$38,500.02$38,500.00
Jacobson, Marguerite EInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$38,474.44$38,474.44
Pratt, Joseph CInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Preservation$38,457.27$9,229.75
Gatson, CarleneInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$38,440.08$0.00
Mason, Lucresha MInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$38,433.41$0.00
Morrone, RickInstructional Learning InterDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,400.00$19,200.00
Palamaru, MariaInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$38,381.62$38,381.62
May, BrandenInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$38,320.36$38,320.36
Barnes, Brooks WInventory Control Clerk InterUMH Path Hemo/Coag Unit Uh$38,227.03$0.00
Desbrough, Julie ChristinaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$38,187.63$0.00
Baker, Jill MarieInfo Resources Assistant InterLaw Library$38,161.00$38,161.00
Gibbs, Shakira ReginaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$38,151.12$0.00
Helmbold, Elizabeth AnnInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$38,106.08$38,106.08
Leech, Kathryn WInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$38,056.21$38,056.21
Bui, HanhInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$37,957.96$37,957.96
Rosic, MarijaInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$37,944.73$18,972.37
Day, LaurenInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$37,935.18$37,935.18
Hoxey, Lisa TseliosInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$37,865.89$0.00
Gingerich-Jones, JesseInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$37,796.54$37,796.54
Pico, BryceInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$37,751.50$37,751.50
Schlegelmilch, TodInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - US - OO$37,751.48$37,751.50
Hustyi, Jane EllenInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$37,635.18$0.00
Malveaux, Mario JInventory Control Clerk AssocUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$37,528.95$0.00
Patchett, JenniferInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$37,500.06$37,500.00
Smith, AlicaInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$37,373.99$0.00
Dittrich, Rachel JoyInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$37,305.57$0.00
Ellsworth, MatthewInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$37,204.38$37,204.38
VanLester, JasonInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$37,204.38$37,204.38
Castillo, ChristinaInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$37,133.89$37,133.89
Wright, Richard StephenInfo Resources Assistant InterLaw Library$37,076.00$37,076.00
Barroso, Deicy EsterInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$37,067.63$0.00
Panfil, Laura JeanetteInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$37,067.63$0.00
Khodadost, ZohrehInfo Resources Cataloging SpecLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$37,059.81$18,529.90
Kirakosyan, ArmineInfo Resources Cataloging SpecLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$37,023.17$37,023.17
Baise, GregoryInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$37,000.08$37,000.00
Smith, SherylInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$37,000.08$37,000.00
Thomas, RyanInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$37,000.08$37,000.00
Dantzler, Christine ReneeInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - PC - A$36,990.00$36,990.00
Dew, KathyInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - S - DL$36,990.00$36,990.00
Purite, KeyonInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$36,990.00$36,990.00
Jarvie, KevinIC Planner AssociateUH-Operating Rooms KEC$36,973.46$0.00
Larsen, Keith LouisInfo Resources Assistant InterLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$36,920.20$36,920.20
Washington, MicahInterior Designer AssociateAEC-Interior Design$36,907.71$0.00
Cole, CaylenInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$36,866.62$36,866.62
Schafer, Wendy TInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$36,759.64$0.00
Kehoe, Kathleen MInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$36,750.61$36,750.61
Enochs, Michael ScottInventory Control Clerk AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$36,721.00$0.00
Davis, Leah DInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$36,626.26$0.00
McClure, Donna MarieInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$36,527.31$0.00
Briggs, Nicole JInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$36,520.03$0.00
Herl, ChloeInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$36,500.10$36,500.00
Martin, ShawnInventory Control Clerk InterProperty Disposition$36,500.10$36,500.00
Terrell, EmanuelInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$36,500.10$36,500.00
Milkey, Linda MInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$36,484.54$0.00
Kosuge, EtsukoInfo Resources Cataloging SpecLibrary Research - Asia$36,476.19$36,476.19
Steele, Alan MInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Operations - PC - A$36,398.76$36,398.76
Bixler, Robert WInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$36,359.68$36,359.68
Vinovskis, Andris AInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$36,359.68$36,359.68
Hinton, NicoleInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$36,351.79$0.00
Adler, RachelInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$36,340.96$0.00
Stratikis, Frank DInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Operations - PC - A$36,322.13$36,322.13
Boland, BradIC Planner AssociateBCSC Core$36,228.54$0.00
Freeman, Lauren AnnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$36,211.57$0.00
Siller, Lizbeth LynnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$36,211.57$0.00
Nikolai, Judith AnnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$36,173.03$0.00
Akinmusuru, Bosede OInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Collect - Tech Service$36,164.61$36,164.61
Miller, LouisInfo Resources Assistant InterClements Library$36,163.00$36,163.00
Jones, Deirdras AniseInfo Resources Assistant InterDbn Mardigian Library$36,121.25$36,121.25
Hinkle, Candace SueInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$36,085.13$0.00
Haines, Kaitlyn MichelleInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$36,000.12$36,000.00
Edelen-Horton, Yolanda ReneeInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,980.25$0.00
Lesko, Regina IreneInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,980.25$0.00
Proehl, Valerie PaulaInfo Resources Assistant InterClements Library$35,979.00$35,979.00
Dang, LienInfo Resources Assistant SrLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$35,929.68$17,964.84
Lewis, Pamela AnnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,676.57$0.00
Peterson-Ortwine, Elizabeth AnnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,572.88$0.00
Gray, AngelaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,551.82$0.00
Abas, OmarInventory Control Clerk AssocUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$35,524.59$0.00
Stuit, MarthaInfo Resources Assistant InterMich Publishing-Deep Blue$35,499.88$35,500.00
Chen, Huai ZhiInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Operations - PC - A$35,475.59$35,475.59
Looney, NickInstructional Learning AsstFlint ITS$35,465.02$35,465.02
Bockelman, FrancineInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,447.48$0.00
Smith, JacobInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Operations - PC - A$35,443.25$35,443.25
Mazur, MarybethInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,422.27$0.00
Connors, BenjaminInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$35,359.08$35,359.08
Granch, AnnaInfo Resources Assistant InterDbn Mardigian Library$35,342.50$35,342.50
Woods, Dianna Hogan MBInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$35,292.08$35,292.08
Harris, AllanInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,191.61$0.00
Cole, AvaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,149.30$0.00
Cuyler, CarlaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,149.30$0.00
Farmer, AmandaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$35,149.30$0.00
James, Jamila AInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,149.30$0.00
Ward, Vivian DInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$35,149.30$0.00
Powers, KellyInfo Resources Assistant InterClements Library$35,020.00$35,020.00
Dopp, JakobInfo Resources Assistant InterClements Library$34,999.90$0.00
Obera, ChristopherInventory Control Clerk AssocITS Infra Net FSU - Warehouse$34,999.90$0.00
Mrowka, Jean CInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$34,806.50$0.00
Wagner, Jocilyn ParisInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$34,733.17$34,733.17
Hutiu, MihaelaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$34,632.00$0.00
Wegrzyn, HeloisInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$34,628.70$0.00
Allen, ChelseaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$34,508.39$0.00
Fujioka, SanakoInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$34,420.84$34,420.84
Davidson, MoniqueInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$34,407.29$0.00
Newbold, April LynnInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$34,403.51$0.00
Shawcross, CameronInventory Control Clerk AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$34,370.00$0.00
Sheeks, Ronda MarieInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$34,292.02$0.00
McAtee, MichaelInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$34,170.69$34,170.69
Glinn, Tami LeeInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$34,157.35$0.00
Verdiyan, InnaInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Research-Arts -Humanit$34,142.20$17,071.10
Gyde, Mia AngelaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$34,120.62$0.00
Holdsworth, Shawntell MaeInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$34,119.02$0.00
Fickling, Joy LaneeInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$34,117.69$0.00
Martin, Kanetria SheneeInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$34,117.69$0.00
McNulty, HeatherInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$34,117.69$0.00
Paulsen, TamraInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$34,017.72$0.00
Burroughs, AyanaInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Preservation$33,999.94$17,000.00
Quashnie, SaraInfo Resources Assistant AssocClements Library$33,999.94$34,000.00
Washington, Tracy LInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$33,972.12$0.00
Taymour, Zilan NaleenInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$33,969.25$33,969.25
Holmes, CherieInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$33,899.05$0.00
Zdziebko, CarolynInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$33,899.05$0.00
Florez, MonicaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$33,867.11$0.00
Baron, TimothyInfo Resources Assistant InterBentley Historical Library$33,866.04$16,933.00
Kakaraparthi, RevatiInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Operations - C - A Svc$33,736.57$16,868.28
Grey, LauraInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$33,675.47$0.00
Peiffer, EmilyInfo Resources Assistant InterLibrary Collect - Tech Service$33,675.47$33,675.47
Jordan, SundiataInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$33,612.54$0.00
Cole, CrystalInstructional Learning AsstLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$33,499.96$33,500.00
Vik, RandyInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$33,495.43$0.00
James, AmydoralInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$33,398.64$0.00
Moisan, LisaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$33,398.64$0.00
Nemeth, Joann FInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$33,398.64$0.00
Brooks, HopeInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$33,366.77$0.00
Ball, JunInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$33,116.19$0.00
Logan, SethInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$33,116.19$0.00
Parks, DominiqueInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$33,116.19$0.00
Smith, KristinInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$33,116.19$0.00
Bogardus, MarshaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$33,020.50$0.00
Moss, MikelaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$33,020.50$0.00
Hoffman, BarettInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$32,904.69$0.00
Smith, Danielle ReneeInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,904.69$0.00
Glinn, TimInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,873.08$0.00
Tucker, WanyaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,863.22$0.00
Greer, ColleenInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,792.85$0.00
Priebe, Beth ChristineInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,784.56$0.00
Roth, Jonna LynetteInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,777.92$0.00
Batton, LorriInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$32,700.35$0.00
Berry, JosephInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,627.31$0.00
Bradshaw, CrystalInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,627.31$0.00
Deren, ThomasInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,627.31$0.00
Gurskiy, Alicia IreneInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,627.31$0.00
Hoffmeyer, KimberlyInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$32,627.31$0.00
Morgan, LeslieInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,627.31$0.00
Prucknic, SandraInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$32,627.31$0.00
Williams, KinyottaInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,627.31$0.00
Sharland, DesireeInfo Resources Assistant InterFlint Library$32,573.07$32,573.07
Havrelock, DawnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,512.94$0.00
Coletta, Bunny MarieInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,300.33$0.00
Morris, GwendaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$32,300.33$0.00
Nance, JeffInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,182.38$0.00
Walters, SherriInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,158.68$0.00
Shipley, Melissa DawneInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$32,151.22$0.00
Waters, KatlinInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,144.82$0.00
Werstein, KatherineInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$32,144.82$0.00
Helton, Kasey LeighInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$32,051.52$0.00
Hay, ZacharyInfo Resources Assistant InterDbn Mardigian Library$32,051.25$32,051.25
Vermett, EmmaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$32,050.46$0.00
Grays, DaphneInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$32,030.86$0.00
Hohenthaner, KennethInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,023.58$0.00
Moy, ShaylaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,022.77$0.00
Almasri, EmleyInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,016.84$0.00
Bednarz Olms, Mary AnnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$32,016.57$0.00
Bahalwan, OmarInfo Resources Assistant AssocDbn Mardigian Library$32,000.02$16,000.00
Sauve, MeridethInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$31,975.55$0.00
Lavender, LaVonneInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,969.60$0.00
Meadows, Michelle LInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$31,961.83$0.00
Brown, AshleeInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,944.58$0.00
Lockard, Ashley ReneeInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,826.01$0.00
Climie, StephanieInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,818.01$0.00
Lloyd, JessicaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,728.88$0.00
Blizzard, JenaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,685.74$0.00
Hudzik, JesseInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,670.07$0.00
Pinkham, ColbyInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,668.20$0.00
Bedigian, LaurieInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,654.34$0.00
Merola, AntoniaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,654.34$0.00
Pegouskie, ChanteInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,641.26$0.00
Radwan, NancyInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,641.26$0.00
Reddick, CherieInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,640.99$0.00
Carpus, MeganInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,599.96$0.00
Cote, AllisonInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$31,599.96$0.00
Dabney, IssaicInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,599.96$0.00
Mills, MikhailInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,599.96$0.00
Quirk, DorothyInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,599.96$0.00
Leonard, MichaelInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,594.89$0.00
Palmer, KatelynInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,594.89$0.00
Wright, DavidInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,594.89$0.00
Dudonis, AngenetteInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,591.16$0.00
Gibbs, JazmineInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,549.05$0.00
Wolff, ShelbyInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,448.48$0.00
Bradley, BarbaraInfo Resources Assistant AssocClements Library$31,434.00$15,716.00
Dwarzski, MichaelInventory Control Clerk AssocUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$31,418.40$0.00
Roth, JacquelineInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,360.85$0.00
Krauzowicz, VincentInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$31,315.26$0.00
Killough, ElizabethInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,314.47$0.00
Anthony, MichaelInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,314.20$0.00
Kehrer, JenniferInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$31,314.20$0.00
Jacobs, ChristinaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,306.12$0.00
Iroha, IkennaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,296.68$0.00
Werth, ShannonInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,296.68$0.00
Lindsey, ErickaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,283.81$0.00
Cloutier, BenjaminInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,283.28$0.00
Sheko, JoshuaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,283.01$0.00
Walter, Lindsey NInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,283.01$0.00
Witherspoon, AngeliqueInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,283.01$0.00
Poole, CameronInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,282.74$0.00
Campbell, CrystalInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,278.48$0.00
Irish, KevinInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,277.41$0.00
Jeffries, TamikaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,277.41$0.00
Linson, TylarInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,277.41$0.00
Montalvo, JoseInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$31,277.41$0.00
Moore-Fields, JherishaInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$31,277.41$0.00
Beeman, AndrewInventory Control Clerk AssocUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$31,268.91$0.00
Spalding, OliviaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,263.02$0.00
Sheko, MarieInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,201.44$0.00
Prucknic, RoseInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$31,177.24$0.00
Moultry, EmilyInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$31,169.45$0.00
Pulford, AshlieInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,146.50$0.00
Jennings, DebraInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,131.07$0.00
Dillard, CharityInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,060.22$0.00
Thill, PaygeInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,060.22$0.00
Leeth, TheresaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$31,060.12$0.00
Harris, SarahInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$31,054.03$0.00
Sanchez, DayanaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,974.06$0.00
Vuocolo, JamesInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,951.67$0.00
Fellah, KrystnInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,943.14$0.00
Stuart, SheriInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,943.14$0.00
Niemi, JoshuaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,942.60$0.00
Davis, SandraInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,942.34$0.00
Gerbert, KimberlyInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,941.27$0.00
Campbell, JenniferInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,907.95$0.00
Gilliam, Kaitlyn NicoleInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,900.49$0.00
Rolston, Kristie AnneInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$30,897.55$0.00
Danowski, Cara MariaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,880.62$0.00
McCarty, JamesInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$30,863.94$0.00
Lee, RavenInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,846.40$0.00
Chakraborty, MowsumiInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,824.78$0.00
Kolevar, AudreyInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,824.25$0.00
Lawson, ErickaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$30,793.86$0.00
Lieske, KellyInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.88$0.00
Burns, ValerieInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.75$0.00
Gray, RachelInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$30,715.75$0.00
Johnson, NatreseInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.75$0.00
Kennedy, EvanInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.75$0.00
Markham, AsiaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.75$0.00
Salcedo, RachaelInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.75$0.00
Talmadge, LindaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.75$0.00
Tashjian, DanielInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.75$0.00
Watkins, NicoleInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.75$0.00
Rodgers, NatalieInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,715.62$0.00
Flores, StephanieInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,708.60$0.00
Arsenault, Crystal Danielle-MarieInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$30,708.56$0.00
Calhoun, DarrianInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,700.80$0.00
Lassen, SuzanneInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$30,700.80$0.00
Mason, BiancaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,700.80$0.00
Smith, BrittanyInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$30,700.80$0.00
Thompson, LisaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,700.80$0.00
Coleman, KristinaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,601.93$0.00
Arrington, CameronInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,594.47$0.00
Williams, ErianInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$30,594.47$0.00
Williamson, AntoineInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,594.47$0.00
Sherwood, TrevorInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,588.48$0.00
Carlson, RichardInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$30,520.63$0.00
Brown, MerrikaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,520.09$0.00
Mann, ShardaeInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$30,520.09$0.00
White, KaylaInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$30,515.56$0.00
Ruthenberg, MonicaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,514.50$0.00
Gardner, EarnestineInventory Control Clerk AssocUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$30,498.26$0.00
Williams, TamarickInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,472.00$0.00
Belding, JodiInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,370.28$0.00
Stuart, AndrewInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,370.28$0.00
Cooper, BrianaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$30,367.48$0.00
McGovern, AshleyInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$30,367.48$0.00
Lang, Kaylie SierraInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,367.35$0.00
Moss, CynthiaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,225.80$0.00
FitzGerald-Larrison, AnnaInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$30,187.68$0.00
Hernandez Barrientos, YazminInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,187.68$0.00
Terrell, BaileyInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,118.40$0.00
Adams, TaylorInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,004.82$0.00
Persondek, AndrewInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$30,004.82$0.00
Stone, KyeiraInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,004.82$0.00
Haashiim, TequilaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,004.29$0.00
Schim, AllisonInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$30,004.29$0.00
Hampel, StefanInventory Control Clerk AssocLab Animal Medicine Unit$30,000.95$0.00
Beeman`, JudsonInventory Control Clerk AssocUMH Mat'l Svcs - Warehouse Ops$30,000.10$0.00
Cox, IrbyInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$29,959.02$0.00
Farmer, KendraInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$29,959.02$0.00
Garcia, AyanaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,959.02$0.00
Krajewski, TonyaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,959.02$0.00
Manning, NikalasInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,952.52$0.00
Albert, AshleyInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,952.00$0.00
Booker, KelliInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,952.00$0.00
Creech, KristinInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,952.00$0.00
Hoberg, McKennaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$29,952.00$0.00
Marriott, AnnikaInpatient Unit ClerkVVWH$29,952.00$0.00
Morris, AlexanderInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,952.00$0.00
Chavis, NicoleInpatient Unit ClerkNursing Clerical Overhead$29,848.34$0.00
Ryan, CharoletteInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,775.84$0.00
Holmes, SydneyInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$29,764.80$0.00
Kane, MonikaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$29,762.98$0.00
Slocum, TylerInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$29,712.02$0.00
Cruz, AmyInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$29,629.68$0.00
Hayden, AlyssaInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$29,622.06$0.00
Vaughn, MelaniseInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,622.06$0.00
Wilbur, AmberInpatient Unit ClerkCW Nursing Clerical Services$29,622.06$0.00
Mayhew, EmmaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,619.20$0.00
Tiffany, JordanInfo Resources Assistant InterFlint Library$29,500.12$29,500.00
Taylor, JuliaInpatient Unit ClerkUMH Nursing Clerical Services$29,244.80$0.00
Boos, PhilipInfo Resources Assistant AssocLSA Dean: Instruc Suppor Svcs$29,120.00$29,120.00
Thayer, CasandraInfo Resources Assistant AssocLSA UG: Instruc Suppor Svcs$29,120.00$29,120.00
Drake-Austin, EvanInventory Control Clerk AssocUMH Friends Gift Sh-Oper$28,889.90$0.00
Bradford, MadeleineInfo Resources Assistant AssocBentley Historical Library$27,999.92$28,000.00

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