Number of people with the title of Ultrasound Technologist:39
Maximum Salary$ 67,458.04
Average Salary$ 60,903.21
Minimum Salary$ 50,627.20

Title Results for Ultrasound Technologist 2009-10
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Richter, RonaldUltrasound TechnologistUMH Perinatal Assessment Ctr$67,458.04$0.00
DeCaire, Kathy MarieUltrasound TechnologistUMH Perinatal Assessment Ctr$65,935.74$0.00
Richter, KristyUltrasound TechnologistUMH Perinatal Assessment Ctr$64,699.96$0.00
Berry, Allison AUltrasound TechnologistUMH- East Ann Arbor RAD$64,697.88$0.00
Boon, Tracy AUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Domino-s RAD$64,697.88$0.00
Crownover, Lori LUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Briarwood RAD$64,697.88$0.00
deChavez, Anne MarieUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
DeDoes, Jill CUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Ehrich, Heidi NUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Taubman RAD$64,697.88$0.00
Hadden, Amanda LUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Illingworth, Marcy JUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Kindred, Joan CUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Kint, Kelten HUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Brighton RAD$64,697.88$0.00
Lewis, Rita KUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Taubman RAD$64,697.88$0.00
Marks, Terri IUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Marsh, Christine RUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Martin, Helen KUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology - Mott$64,697.88$0.00
Pember, Tamara LynnUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Taubman RAD$64,697.88$0.00
Robertson, Brian LUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Rogers, Gail AnnUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Brighton RAD$64,697.88$0.00
Sadowski, Wanda IUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Slawski, Anita MUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Soskolne, Patricia LUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$64,697.88$0.00
Stephens, Lindsey NicoleUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$62,210.46$0.00
Gosline, Jennifer LynnUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Briarwood RAD$59,483.84$0.00
Lica, Diana LauraUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$59,483.84$0.00
Ashton, Irina OvchinnikovaUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology - Mott$58,113.38$0.00
Glover, Melissa RoseUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$58,113.38$0.00
Cullum, Sarah ElizabethUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$56,150.12$0.00
Johnson, Annica NicholeUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Taubman RAD$56,150.12$0.00
Schleweis, Shannon NicoleUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$56,150.12$0.00
Budde, CaraUltrasound TechnologistUMH- Canton RAD$54,050.10$0.00
Taylor, Jodi LynnUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$54,050.10$0.00
Patel, ReenaUltrasound TechnologistUMH Perinatal Assessment Ctr$53,732.38$0.00
Posten, Jody LynnUltrasound TechnologistUMH Perinatal Assessment Ctr$52,232.70$0.00
McCarthy, Stephanie DawneUltrasound TechnologistUMH Perinatal Assessment Ctr$51,235.08$0.00
Long, Stephanie LynnUltrasound TechnologistUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Tech$50,753.56$0.00
McClarren, JessicaUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$50,637.60$0.00
Bower, MackenzieUltrasound TechnologistUMH - Radiology UH$50,627.20$0.00

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