Number of people with the title of Survey Specialist %:63
Maximum Salary$ 103,912.10
Average Salary$ 58,031.41
Minimum Salary$ 34,670.61

Title Results for Survey Specialist % 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Smith, CraigSurvey Specialist SeniorADVANCE Program$103,912.10$103,912.10
Frye, Joanna RoseSurvey Specialist SeniorADVANCE Program$103,154.00$103,154.00
Ullman, Esther HSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$92,347.46$0.00
Ladronka, Kathleen SSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$91,897.66$0.00
Aghababian-Homburg, BarbaraSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$90,186.89$0.00
Freeland, Sara DSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$88,760.75$0.00
Wyche McGee, BridgitteSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$86,270.58$0.00
Dworak, PiotrSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$81,224.87$0.00
Donoso, JuanSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$80,462.50$0.00
Hemingway, Lloyd FateSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$80,229.22$0.00
Casey, Dianne GSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$79,453.13$0.00
Batra, Peter RakeshSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$76,875.00$0.00
Orlowski, RachelSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$76,426.06$0.00
Clemens, JudithSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$74,049.70$0.00
Arrieta, JenniferSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$73,788.00$0.00
Hupp, Andrew LSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$72,453.75$0.00
Sullivan, StephanieSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$70,312.00$0.00
Ridenour, Terri AnnSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$69,187.51$0.00
Crane, SarahSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$68,023.90$0.00
Matuzak, Joseph MatthewSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$63,591.00$0.00
Bliss, SaraSurvey Specialist IntermediateADVANCE Program$63,249.84$63,249.84
Donahue, Kathleen ASurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$63,125.65$0.00
Grey-Farquharson, Donnalee AnnSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO Project Design & Mgt.$63,037.51$0.00
Camelo, TheresaSurvey Specialist SeniorSRO-Data Collection Operations$63,000.00$0.00
Leclere, Rachel AnneSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$59,868.61$0.00
Hasper, Stanley WSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$58,449.21$0.00
Philippou, Ruth BSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$58,189.53$0.00
Rabideau, Joy SuzanneSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRC-Hrs$57,459.72$0.00
Carn, Lisa JSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$57,357.59$0.00
Yoder, RyanSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$53,982.56$0.00
Kelly, RobertSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$53,302.05$0.00
Romanowski, AnthonySurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$51,480.63$0.00
Buageila, Maryam NSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$51,336.28$0.00
Hein, GarySurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$51,250.00$0.00
Connors-Burge, VeronicaSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$50,910.17$0.00
Ventola, EvelynSurvey Specialist IntermediateCPS- Ctr for Political Studies$50,837.50$0.00
Stark, Russell WSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$50,409.99$0.00
Munster, Ann PSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO-Data Collection Operations$48,458.98$0.00
Johnson, HongyuSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$47,358.32$0.00
Koopman, JamesSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$47,056.70$0.00
Ogden, IanSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$46,490.13$0.00
Kinsey Loomis, RebeccaSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$45,573.63$0.00
Dubuque, DerekSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$45,100.00$0.00
Sims, AndreaSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$45,100.00$0.00
Harrison, Lavelvet RSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO-Data Collection Operations$44,860.95$0.00
Dennis, BarbaraSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRC-Pop. Neurodev. & Genet$44,290.00$0.00
Tomlin, DanielSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$44,000.00$0.00
Lavanger, MargaretSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO-Data Collection Operations$43,959.68$0.00
Logan, Maudine MSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO-Data Collection Operations$42,516.22$0.00
deRamos, LisaSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$42,500.00$0.00
Roberts, LeahSurvey Specialist IntermediateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$42,500.00$0.00
Hodge, Suzanne MarieSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$40,251.78$0.00
Carter, RachelSurvey Specialist AssociateSRC-Hrs$39,478.63$0.00
Heier, DebraSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO-Data Collection Operations$38,007.13$0.00
Adawe, AbdelazizSurvey Specialist AssociateSRC-Hrs$37,668.65$0.00
Liebetreu, KeithSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$37,412.61$0.00
Thorne, DaricSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$37,412.61$0.00
Keller, KelleySurvey Specialist AssociateSRO-Data Collection Operations$37,402.23$0.00
Scherr, RebeccaSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$36,500.10$0.00
Walker, NancySurvey Specialist AssociateSRO-Data Collection Operations$36,387.37$0.00
McBride, JanetSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$35,669.66$0.00
Jones, BernadetteSurvey Specialist AssociateSRC-Hrs$35,499.88$0.00
Buageila, DaniahSurvey Specialist AssociateSRO Project Design & Mgt.$34,670.61$0.00

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