Number of people with the title of Student Affairs Program Mgr:62
Maximum Salary$ 81,510.00
Average Salary$ 49,628.78
Minimum Salary$ 37,370.00

Title Results for Student Affairs Program Mgr 2008-09
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Meader, Ellen WatersonStudent Affairs Program MgrGraduate School Administration$81,510.00$81,510.00
Frazier-Kouassi, Susan CStudent Affairs Program MgrGraduate School Administration$81,120.00$81,120.00
Elkin, Florence EllenStudent Affairs Program MgrMSA Office of Student Pgms$69,293.25$41,575.95
Dotson, Cherie RebeccaStudent Affairs Program MgrCollege of Pharmacy$68,135.00$68,135.00
Mitchell, Deborah AStudent Affairs Program MgrGraduate School Administration$63,945.00$25,578.00
Sankaran, Amy LynnStudent Affairs Program MgrLaw School$62,400.00$62,400.00
Gale, Christopher CStudent Affairs Program MgrROSS SCH Doctoral Programs$60,770.00$60,770.00
Bartolacci, Natalie AnnStudent Affairs Program MgrGraduate School Administration$59,202.00$59,202.00
Luther, John WesleyStudent Affairs Program MgrSchool of Art and Design$58,548.97$58,548.97
Gibbs, Theda MarieStudent Affairs Program MgrOfc Acad Multicultural Init$56,800.00$56,800.00
Nolting, William EStudent Affairs Program MgrInternational Center$56,636.61$56,636.61
Genovese, Meghan PStudent Affairs Program MgrLSA Statistics$55,100.00$55,100.00
Brussolo, Eileen FStudent Affairs Program MgrSOE-Student Services$55,000.00$55,000.00
Regester, Craig DStudent Affairs Program MgrLSA UG: Residential College$55,000.00$55,000.00
Woods, Rochelle LynneStudent Affairs Program MgrOfc Acad Multicultural Init$55,000.00$55,000.00
Brakora, Jessica BoriaStudent Affairs Program MgrCoE Undergraduate Education$53,334.00$53,334.00
Petryk, TarynStudent Affairs Program MgrIntergroup Relations$52,794.36$52,794.36
Thomas, Dana LStudent Affairs Program MgrSch of Public Hlth-Dean-#39;s Ofc$51,775.00$25,887.50
Woollams, Karen MStudent Affairs Program MgrSchool of Information$51,549.00$0.00
Townsel-Ransom, Robbie MarieStudent Affairs Program MgrHousing-Residence Education$51,456.00$0.00
Weir, Sara JaneStudent Affairs Program MgrMSA Medical Education$51,350.00$51,350.00
Waterhouse, David BStudent Affairs Program MgrCommunity Service Learning$51,314.60$18,986.40
Galura, Joseph AStudent Affairs Program MgrCommunity Service Learning$50,949.00$33,970.25
Vander Velde, Stacy MStudent Affairs Program MgrUniversity Housing$50,088.00$0.00
Zmich, Regina TiedemannStudent Affairs Program MgrG. Ford Sch of Public Policy$50,039.00$50,039.00
Johnson, Erika LeslieStudent Affairs Program MgrOffice of New Student Programs$49,662.48$39,729.98
Zheng, XuedongStudent Affairs Program MgrInternational Center$49,440.00$29,664.00
Tinnin, Andrew SStudent Affairs Program MgrOffice of New Student Programs$49,398.80$49,398.80
Wegner, Jennifer GStudent Affairs Program MgrCoE Office of Student Affairs$49,263.00$49,263.00
Mexicotte, Debra LStudent Affairs Program MgrOffice of New Student Programs$48,801.40$48,801.40
Anderson, Addell AStudent Affairs Program MgrCommunity Service Learning$47,981.61$16,908.72
Maassen, Brigitte AStudent Affairs Program MgrInternational Center$47,464.46$28,478.68
Burandt, Amy ChristenStudent Affairs Program MgrSexual Assault Prev and Aware$46,585.18$46,585.18
Nimeh, Aimee AtaridStudent Affairs Program MgrSexual Assault Prev and Aware$46,350.00$46,350.00
Villacorta, Mark AndrewStudent Affairs Program MgrMulti-Ethnic Student Affairs$46,350.00$46,350.00
Votruba II, David ChristianStudent Affairs Program MgrOSCR$46,145.92$23,072.96
Rueda-Riedle, Alba VStudent Affairs Program MgrLSA UG: UROP$46,125.47$0.00
Henderson, Kamilah AshaStudent Affairs Program MgrArts of Citizenship II$46,110.00$46,110.00
Awai-Williams, Anika NiambiStudent Affairs Program MgrMichigan Student Assembly$45,114.00$0.00
Fituch, Julia AStudent Affairs Program MgrUniversity Housing$44,712.00$0.00
Brown III, James EllsworthStudent Affairs Program MgrStudent Activities and Leaders$44,599.18$44,599.18
Landrum, Carrie EliseStudent Affairs Program MgrOSCR$44,290.00$44,290.00
Neloms, Kourtney DeniseStudent Affairs Program MgrCommunity Service Learning$44,126.25$0.00
Osburn, Kimberley JoStudent Affairs Program MgrSchool of Music$43,942.00$43,942.00
McGowan, Jennifer MStudent Affairs Program MgrCampus Information Center$43,709.08$43,709.08
Sundholm, Elizabeth AStudent Affairs Program MgrUnions-SORC$43,527.70$0.00
Handeyside, Anne KatherineStudent Affairs Program MgrSexual Assault Prev and Aware$43,328.00$43,328.00
England, JordanStudent Affairs Program MgrOSCR$43,000.00$43,000.00
Javier, Gabriel CastroStudent Affairs Program MgrSpectrum Center$42,645.20$42,645.20
McKee, Callie SStudent Affairs Program MgrOffice of New Student Programs$42,436.00$42,436.00
Haviland, Mark LStudent Affairs Program MgrStudent Theatre Arts Complex$41,414.00$41,414.00
Copeland, William IStudent Affairs Program MgrCommunity Service Learning$41,081.55$41,081.55
Bates, Dawn MStudent Affairs Program MgrUniversity Housing$40,836.00$0.00
McKenzie, Marguerite (Meg)Student Affairs Program MgrCommunity Service Learning$40,729.00$0.00
Welch, Tracy KathleenStudent Affairs Program MgrCommunity Service Learning$40,697.61$40,697.61
Nguyen, LinhStudent Affairs Program MgrMulti-Ethnic Student Affairs$40,030.00$40,030.00
Nelson, Kelly MarieStudent Affairs Program MgrInternational Center$40,000.00$40,000.00
Morgan, Julie AStudent Affairs Program MgrMajor Events$39,338.17$0.00
Hurand, Shoshana AviStudent Affairs Program MgrCommunity Service Learning$39,146.75$39,146.75
Kirkland, Kathleen VictoriaStudent Affairs Program MgrMulti-Ethnic Student Affairs$39,062.75$39,062.75
Routenberg, Robin RifkaStudent Affairs Program MgrIntergroup Relations$39,061.21$39,061.21
Sherry, Lauren AldrichStudent Affairs Program MgrSpectrum Center$37,370.00$37,370.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Student Affairs Program Mgr UMH Nursing Administration
Claussen, Sarah research investigator executive administration
Clarke, Meghan Museum Registrar Intermediate Molecular - Behav Neurosc Inst
Waas, Anthony Financial Specialist Inter UMHS Dept of Communication
prieur, Financial Specialist % civil %
Cimoli, Gina Industrial engineer inter SOE-Student Services
Cialek, Audrey Financial Specialist Library Deans Office - Finance
Chinavare, Sarah Financial Specialist Senior %mich%
Suddendorf, Erich %ticket Aerospace Engineering
Chatham, Elizabeth Housekeeping Supervisor CTO-Data Management
Charles, Joy Attorney Lead %%%%%%%%%%