Number of people with the title of Staff Specialist Hlth:41
Maximum Salary$ 106,704.80
Average Salary$ 80,376.55
Minimum Salary$ 56,650.00

Title Results for Staff Specialist Hlth 2008-09
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Wetula, Barbara KStaff Specialist HlthUMH Nursing Administration$106,704.80$0.00
Kin, JeanneStaff Specialist HlthMSA Clinical Affairs Office$104,057.81$0.00
Wilke, Ruste FStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI - Corporate$101,846.40$0.00
DeHority, Kevin GeorgeStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI - Corporate$101,352.00$0.00
Schmidt, Patricia LeeStaff Specialist HlthUMH Nursing Administration$97,703.72$0.00
Bombach, Pacharintra KateStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI Michigan Quality System$96,541.90$0.00
Walters-Smith, Whitney Marie-BlakeStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI Michigan Quality System$96,541.90$0.00
Weil, Brendon MichaelStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI Michigan Quality System$96,541.90$0.00
Gray Chime, Mary JoStaff Specialist HlthHealth System Compliance$95,481.00$0.00
King, HilaryStaff Specialist HlthUMH Nursing - Cardiology/Med$91,777.12$0.00
Reisman, Melissa EllenStaff Specialist HlthUMH Nursing Business Operation$88,301.09$0.00
Burkley, Dana JStaff Specialist HlthRegulatory Affairs$88,000.00$0.00
Secord, Jill FStaff Specialist HlthUMH Contracting Office$87,859.91$0.00
Eleby, Michelle ElizabethStaff Specialist HlthUMH Office of the COO$85,284.00$0.00
McGrath, Linda MStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI Operations$83,945.00$0.00
Kimata, Joanne AkikoStaff Specialist HlthOfc of Exec VP for Med Affairs$82,400.00$0.00
Sammour, Philippe KStaff Specialist HlthFac Group Practice Operations$82,400.00$0.00
Stoe, Margaret JStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI - GTMLP$82,322.10$0.00
Helmick, NancyStaff Specialist HlthHealth System Compliance$77,447.39$0.00
Marchio, Robin AnneStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI - Corporate$77,445.70$0.00
Berry, Kristen LeighStaff Specialist HlthUMH Nursing Business Operation$77,277.66$0.00
Joyaux, Andree MStaff Specialist HlthFac Group Practice Operations$77,250.00$0.00
Grandstaff II, John CStaff Specialist HlthMedical Management Center$76,639.21$0.00
Tsai, Antonius SStaff Specialist HlthOfc of Exec VP for Med Affairs$76,125.00$0.00
Mace, Jenny JStaff Specialist HlthAnesthesiology Department$75,190.00$0.00
Brooks, Linda SStaff Specialist HlthGeneral Surgery Section$74,263.00$0.00
Coldren, Katie LynnStaff Specialist HlthUMH Nursing - Cardiology/Med$74,160.00$0.00
Schulz, Kathleen LStaff Specialist HlthUMH Operations$72,975.50$0.00
Hill, AlenaStaff Specialist HlthFac Group Practice Operations$72,141.20$0.00
Reed, Patricia JaneStaff Specialist HlthUMH Nursing Business Operation$71,214.30$0.00
VanSickle, Deann LStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI Operations$71,080.30$0.00
Peters, Nanette A AStaff Specialist HlthGeneral Surgery Section$70,297.50$0.00
Chervenak, Linnea ChristineStaff Specialist HlthUMH Amb Care Admin Central$67,200.00$0.00
Huang, YanStaff Specialist HlthFac Group Practice Operations$66,950.00$0.00
Weintraub, Suzanne EStaff Specialist HlthMSA Dean-#39;s Office$66,950.00$0.00
Beach, Jamie MStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI Operations$66,836.70$0.00
McVeigh, Sue AStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI - Corporate$66,836.70$0.00
Standish, Kathleen MarieStaff Specialist HlthUMH QI Accreditation$66,751.21$0.00
Atkins, Kathleen LStaff Specialist HlthMSA Medical Education$64,483.28$0.00
Juszak, Twighla FStaff Specialist HlthUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$60,213.22$0.00
Greene-Hutchings, ChristineStaff Specialist HlthUMH MCIT CIO Administration$56,650.00$0.00

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