Number of people with the title of SR ASSOC LIBRARIAN:62
Maximum Salary$ 102,099.89
Average Salary$ 74,047.84
Minimum Salary$ 62,962.71

Title Results for SR ASSOC LIBRARIAN 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hollar, Susan MarySR ASSOC LIBRARIANHITS Education Informatics$102,099.89$0.00
Conway, Martha O'HaraSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Spec Collec$96,203.85$96,203.85
Sitar, Meghan ElizabethSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn&Teach-Connected$92,289.60$92,289.60
Shipman, Barbara LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$89,272.69$66,954.52
Perpich, Diana LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn&Teach-Connected$86,211.66$86,211.66
Knott, Martin LovellSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$83,156.98$83,156.98
Pearce, Alexa LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$82,276.35$82,276.35
Alvarez, PabloSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Spec Collec$81,985.10$81,985.10
Knox, Linda KendallSR ASSOC LIBRARIANDuderstadt Ctr Admin$81,913.71$81,913.71
Schaffner, Paul FrederickSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$81,142.50$81,142.50
Runyon, Amanda MSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$80,444.00$80,444.00
Carter, David SSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn&Teach-User Info$80,292.39$80,292.39
Joque, Justin MatthewSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Sci &Engineer$79,830.03$79,830.03
Gertel, Elliot HSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$78,149.43$35,948.74
Ziph, Sally WestonSR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$77,045.03$77,045.03
Berdish, Laura JeanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$76,863.75$76,863.75
Quidachay-Swan, Seth RSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$76,830.00$76,830.00
Sterbenz Jr, John EdwardSR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$76,802.98$76,802.98
Kelly, Margaret BSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Info Tech-Lib Sys Ofc$76,549.60$76,549.60
Look, HelenSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - General$76,258.64$76,258.64
Cordell, Sigrid ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts &Humanit$76,032.46$76,032.46
Peters, Amanda RSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn&Teach- P & I$75,545.60$75,545.60
Abramson-Bluhm, SherleSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$75,544.02$75,544.02
Rivera, Alexandra PetersonSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn&Teach- P & I$75,108.18$75,108.18
Powell, Christina KelleherSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech - Dig. Content$74,933.85$74,933.85
Zimmer, Jennifer LammersSR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$74,278.45$74,278.45
Rodgers, Emily Petty PuckettSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryOperations-Environments$74,271.60$74,271.60
Dow, Kathleen LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Spec Collec$74,263.51$74,263.51
Mooney, Hailey MSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$74,256.00$74,256.00
Utter, Timothy PSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Sci &Engineer$74,219.88$74,219.88
Castellana, Kristen LauraSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts &Humanit$74,005.96$74,005.96
Tuckett, Harold WSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn&Teach-User Info$73,155.09$73,155.09
Ross, Celia AmySR ASSOC LIBRARIANROSS SCH Kresge Library Servic$73,046.57$73,046.57
Campbell, Emily KetchumSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - MLDD - ILL$73,000.00$73,000.00
Colman, Jason EvanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANMich Publishing-Pub Services$72,784.29$67,689.39
Pasquale, Jessica LeighSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$72,500.00$72,500.00
Kaye, Marieka RSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Preservation$71,672.74$0.00
Tschirhart, Lori-AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$70,906.13$70,906.13
Pearson, Jeffrey WSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn&Teach-User Info$70,425.48$70,425.48
Snyder, Beth ESR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$69,296.82$69,296.82
Spencer, Deirdre DianeSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Arts &Humanit$69,249.02$69,249.02
Mueller, Ellen Kimbrough WilsonSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$69,045.68$69,045.68
Townsend, Whitney AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$68,683.76$68,683.76
Martin, Scott ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$68,615.05$68,615.05
Musolff, Meghan JKSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibraryInfoTech-Design&Discov$68,553.86$68,553.86
McGlone, JonathanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANMich Publishing-Technology$68,348.80$0.00
Brown, Ashley EverSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLaw Library$68,000.00$68,000.00
Morse, Catherine LynneSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Sci &Engineer$67,836.01$67,836.01
Geitgey, Terri ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANMich Publishing-Pub Services$67,280.53$0.00
Kahn, Meredith LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$67,243.01$67,243.01
Borda, SusanSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Sci &Engineer$67,000.00$67,000.00
Mac Eachern, Mark PaulSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$66,001.43$66,001.43
Desai, Shevon ArdeshirSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Social Scienc$65,814.23$65,814.23
Robinson, Neil JamesSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$65,766.45$65,766.45
Talley, Jennifer RebekahSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$65,501.52$65,501.52
Stuchell, Lance ThomasSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Preservation$65,286.59$62,675.13
Scholtz, Nicole OlgaSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Sci &Engineer$65,272.59$62,008.96
Glenn, Valerie DawnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Info Tech - HathiTrust$65,200.62$0.00
Carruthers, Matthew PSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Collect - Tech Service$65,126.40$65,126.40
Kropf, EvynSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Research-Intern'l Stud$65,057.53$65,057.53
Oehrli, Jo AngelaSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Learn&Teach- P & I$64,255.42$64,255.42
Eden, Kristina MarieSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary Info Tech - HathiTrust$62,962.71$0.00

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