Number of people with the title of Research Lab Technician Lead:32
Maximum Salary$ 53,645.00
Average Salary$ 44,419.97
Minimum Salary$ 34,999.90

Title Results for Research Lab Technician Lead 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hetrick, Vaughn LeeResearch Lab Technician LeadLSA Psychology$53,645.00$0.00
Schultz, Tracey LynnResearch Lab Technician LeadMicrobiology and Immunology$52,444.27$0.00
Colvig, Anna CResearch Lab Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$52,196.96$0.00
Lovett, JennieResearch Lab Technician LeadLSA Anthropology$51,816.00$0.00
Zhang, ChuhuaResearch Lab Technician LeadDENT Bio & Materials Science$51,249.90$0.00
Timpau, Florin CristianResearch Lab Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$50,932.41$0.00
Herkimer, Carol AResearch Lab Technician LeadEpidemiology Department$49,399.00$0.00
Nolan, Bonnie TResearch Lab Technician LeadOrthopaedic Surgery$48,888.32$0.00
Liu, Wen-QuanResearch Lab Technician LeadNeurosurgery$48,332.44$0.00
Tan, LijunResearch Lab Technician LeadObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$48,328.71$0.00
Wilbert, Dawn MaxineResearch Lab Technician LeadDermatology Department$47,512.29$0.00
Shue, Jing LianResearch Lab Technician LeadEpidemiology Department$46,899.00$0.00
Lee, Soo JungResearch Lab Technician LeadNeurology Department$46,458.10$0.00
Shelley, GregResearch Lab Technician LeadUrology$45,901.96$0.00
Calderone, KenResearch Lab Technician LeadDermatology Department$45,425.90$0.00
Zhu, QingResearch Lab Technician LeadMetabolism Endo & Diabetes$45,228.51$0.00
Thurston, SarahResearch Lab Technician LeadLab Animal Medicine Unit$44,331.30$0.00
Tesmer, TimothyResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$43,562.62$0.00
Wu, ZheResearch Lab Technician LeadMI Metabolical & Obesity Ctr$43,524.96$0.00
Fischer, SvetlanaResearch Lab Technician LeadNeurology Department$43,163.74$0.00
Sutton, TalishaResearch Lab Technician LeadMolec & Integrative Physiology$42,432.00$0.00
Cao, JieResearch Lab Technician LeadBRCF Metabolomics Core$41,344.79$0.00
Henson, EmilyResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Rheumatology$39,999.96$0.00
Reed, Tamra JResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Rheumatology$39,077.36$0.00
Chi, LiguoResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Cardiology$38,950.04$0.00
Dool, Matthew JohnResearch Lab Technician LeadRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$38,539.90$0.00
Ashraf, NailaResearch Lab Technician LeadNeurology Department$38,427.17$9,606.81
Launius, ScottResearch Lab Technician LeadRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$38,426.10$0.00
Kramer, AaronResearch Lab Technician LeadChemical Engineering Dept$38,000.04$0.00
Moncion, IlaResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$36,000.12$0.00
Prall, CristinaResearch Lab Technician LeadDivision of Anatomical Science$36,000.12$36,000.00
Rayyan, MorsiResearch Lab Technician LeadInt Med-Cardiology$34,999.90$0.00

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