Number of people with the title of Research Lab Specialist Senior:105
Maximum Salary$ 109,632.62
Average Salary$ 63,873.90
Minimum Salary$ 45,425.58

Title Results for Research Lab Specialist Senior 2011-12
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
El-Mohri, YoucefResearch Lab Specialist SeniorRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$109,632.62$0.00
Moyad, Mark AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorUrology Surgery$100,284.13$0.00
Woolley, Charles BResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCenter for Ergonomics$97,734.00$0.00
Woolley, Charles BResearch Lab Specialist SeniorIndustrial Operations$97,734.00$48,867.00
Zhao, QihuaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$87,829.03$0.00
Donohoe, Bruce WResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCell and Developmental Biology$87,381.14$0.00
Yavaraski, Thomas PResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCivil - Environmental Engr$83,939.00$83,939.00
Kalikin, Linda MarieResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPediatrics-Infectious Diseases$82,460.21$0.00
Major, Terry CharlesResearch Lab Specialist SeniorGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$81,158.85$0.00
Drongowski, Robert AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPediatric Surgery Section$80,837.46$0.00
Meixner, Walter MResearch Lab Specialist SeniorComp Med and Bioinformatics$80,755.65$40,377.83
Nyquist, Linda VResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInstitute of Gerontology$79,466.42$0.00
Torres-Isea, RamonResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Physics$78,850.33$70,965.30
Windak, James AnthonyResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Chemistry$78,550.77$60,633.34
Berry, Janice ElizabethResearch Lab Specialist SeniorDENT Periodontics and Oral Med$77,625.74$0.00
Barres, James AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorEnvironmental Health Sciences$77,063.00$0.00
Day, Kathleen CResearch Lab Specialist SeniorUrology Surgery$76,428.92$0.00
Emerick, Barbara Anne-NesbittResearch Lab Specialist SeniorDENT Office of Research$75,736.43$18,934.11
Derry, Holly AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorHealth Communications-CC$74,428.67$0.00
Burke, RayResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$73,931.67$0.00
Allen, RonaldResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPathology Department$73,470.60$0.00
Sugai, James VanResearch Lab Specialist SeniorDENT Periodontics and Oral Med$73,062.16$73,062.16
Davis, Mary AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$72,771.86$0.00
Tarle, Susan AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorDENT Periodontics and Oral Med$71,407.65$0.00
Stuart, Philip EResearch Lab Specialist SeniorDermatology Department$71,400.00$0.00
Layher, Mary GResearch Lab Specialist SeniorDENT Periodontics and Oral Med$70,986.17$0.00
Lin, Hsia-LienResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPharmacology Department$70,856.65$0.00
Jones, Julie MurphyResearch Lab Specialist SeniorHuman Genetics Department$70,110.95$0.00
Kitzsteiner, Sara JaneResearch Lab Specialist SeniorEpidemiology Department$69,200.00$0.00
MacWilliams, Joel BResearch Lab Specialist SeniorSurgery Department$68,115.60$0.00
Cox, Melinda AnnResearch Lab Specialist SeniorNeurology Department$67,896.41$0.00
Norat, Mary AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorAnesthesiology Department$66,987.43$0.00
Ha, JinkyungResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Geriatric Medicine$66,300.00$3,315.00
Losiewicz, MandyResearch Lab Specialist SeniorOphthalmology - Visual Science$66,300.00$0.00
Yu, JingchengResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$65,555.03$0.00
Li, HuaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorRadiation Oncology - Can Bio$65,137.20$0.00
Randolph, AnnResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Nephrology$65,137.20$0.00
Ren, Phyllissa SchmiedlinResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Gastroenterology$64,713.90$0.00
Othman, Mohammad IResearch Lab Specialist SeniorOphthalmology - Visual Science$64,489.91$0.00
Esposito, ConstanceResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBiomedical Research Core Fac.$64,126.27$0.00
Kothary, Piyush CResearch Lab Specialist SeniorOphthalmology - Visual Science$64,103.59$0.00
Jiang, PengResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBiological Chemistry Dept$63,718.35$63,718.35
Brown, Martha EResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$62,324.74$0.00
Ni, LisongResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$62,264.00$0.00
Ni, LisongResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPharmacology Department$62,263.99$0.00
Schauerte, Joseph AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Biophysics$62,118.00$0.00
Chen, ChunlingResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPharmacology Department$61,660.16$61,660.16
Gavrilina, Galina BResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBiomedical Research Core Fac.$61,511.92$0.00
Singer, DianneResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPediatrics-Ambulatory Care Pgm$61,259.72$0.00
Woehler, Scott EResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCollege of Pharmacy$61,194.00$9,729.85
Dame, Michael KResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPathology Department$61,073.90$0.00
Zhang, HongyuResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Nephrology$61,036.19$0.00
Sobocinski, Gregg PatrickResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$60,226.00$60,226.00
Wingate, Lora LResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$60,023.30$24,009.32
Hayden, Leslie AResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$60,000.00$60,000.00
Wang, LidongResearch Lab Specialist SeniorGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$59,678.81$0.00
Hong, Yu HResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBiological Chemistry Dept$59,470.95$0.00
Conlon, Kevin PatrickResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPathology Department$59,458.09$0.00
Collins, John TResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMicrobiology and Immunology$59,058.49$0.00
Desmond, Timothy JResearch Lab Specialist SeniorUMH Radiology UH$58,906.44$0.00
Tolbert, Margaret MResearch Lab Specialist SeniorSchool of Nursing$58,833.60$0.00
McEachern, Donna JeanneResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$58,317.51$0.00
Sanders, William JResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Paleontology Museum$58,245.00$55,332.75
McQuade, ThomasResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLife Sciences Institute-Admin$57,783.00$0.00
Golden, Krista LResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLife Sciences Institute-Admin$57,663.37$0.00
Wettlaufer, ScottResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$57,568.00$0.00
Tsuji, ShoichiroResearch Lab Specialist SeniorTransplant Surgery (STX)$57,384.72$0.00
Zhang, HuailinResearch Lab Specialist SeniorNeurology Department$57,185.09$0.00
Liu, TiechengResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMolec - Integrative Physiology$56,820.74$0.00
Kakuk-Atkins, Laura ElizabethResearch Lab Specialist SeniorOphthalmology - Visual Science$56,518.05$0.00
Stinnett, Gwen SchaferResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$56,335.69$56,335.69
Bian, Zong-MeiResearch Lab Specialist SeniorOphthalmology - Visual Science$56,223.60$0.00
Li, LiangResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$56,220.85$56,220.85
Xu, ZhengjiuResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$56,190.78$56,190.78
Admiraal, Suzanne JResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBiological Chemistry Dept$56,144.06$22,457.63
DeLong, CynthiaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCell and Developmental Biology$56,100.00$47,685.00
Kish, Phillip EResearch Lab Specialist SeniorOphthalmology - Visual Science$56,100.00$0.00
Shanmugam, SumathiResearch Lab Specialist SeniorOphthalmology - Visual Science$56,100.00$0.00
Elghazi-Cras, LyndaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$55,896.12$0.00
Straight, Samuel WResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMicrobiology and Immunology$55,745.25$0.00
Ahn, Joon-YoungResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPathology Department$55,000.17$0.00
Lipinski, WilliamResearch Lab Specialist SeniorAnesthesiology Department$54,755.17$0.00
Kuklev, DmitryResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBiological Chemistry Dept$54,600.60$0.00
Hawley, Angela EResearch Lab Specialist SeniorVascular Surgery Section$54,073.07$0.00
He, Shirley XiaogangResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Infectious Diseases$53,944.74$0.00
Kotlyar, Alina EResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMI Nanotechnology Institute$53,560.00$0.00
Silvers, AmyResearch Lab Specialist SeniorThoracic Surgery Section$53,406.58$0.00
Cao, QiResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCtr fr Translational Pathology$53,390.00$0.00
Ballard-Lipka, Nicole ElizabethResearch Lab Specialist SeniorVascular Surgery Section$53,125.13$0.00
Roelofs, Karen JoResearch Lab Specialist SeniorVascular Surgery Section$53,090.62$0.00
Wharton, TracyResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Geriatric Medicine$53,040.00$0.00
Park, Young NamResearch Lab Specialist SeniorDENT Orthodontics$52,397.69$0.00
Komarck, Christine MarieResearch Lab Specialist SeniorKresge Hearing Research Inst$52,054.00$0.00
Nair, VijiResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Nephrology$52,029.97$41,623.97
Sandquist, Stacy LynnResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPediatrics-Hematology/Oncology$51,865.00$0.00
Yuan, ChongResearch Lab Specialist SeniorBiological Chemistry Dept$51,773.57$0.00
Ouillette, Peter DResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$51,680.58$0.00
Chen, HaimingResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPsychiatry Depression Center$51,500.00$0.00
Liu, YuResearch Lab Specialist SeniorNeurology Department$51,000.00$0.00
Liepa, AustraResearch Lab Specialist SeniorOphthalmology - Visual Science$50,437.52$0.00
Rudy, Jessica Elaine-KollmeyerResearch Lab Specialist SeniorInt Med-Nephrology$50,020.00$0.00
Komiyama, TomokoResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLife Sciences Institute-Admin$49,500.00$0.00
Richards, Neil WResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCell and Developmental Biology$49,463.30$0.00
Grabauskiene, SvetlanaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorThoracic Surgery Section$47,047.50$0.00
Peng, Yun-WenResearch Lab Specialist SeniorPediatrics-Cardiology$45,425.58$0.00

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