Number of people with the title of Research Area Specialist Lead:86
Maximum Salary$ 139,565.00
Average Salary$ 97,808.32
Minimum Salary$ 77,000.00

Title Results for Research Area Specialist Lead 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Lawrence, Katherine AlisonResearch Area Specialist LeadSchool of Information$139,565.00$0.00
Berglund, Patricia AResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Survey Methodology$127,669.74$0.00
Nolte, Michael AnthonyResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Hrs$127,211.44$0.00
Young-Demarco, Linda CResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Family Demography$126,508.45$0.00
Peet, Melissa RResearch Area Specialist LeadROSS SCH RLDI$125,663.61$125,663.61
Manaenkov, DaniilResearch Area Specialist LeadLSA Economics$125,660.00$119,377.00
Dzombak, ChristopherResearch Area Specialist LeadEECS - CSE Division$125,000.00$0.00
Ashby, Valarie BurtonResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$121,058.00$1,210.58
Shearon, Tempie HulbertResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$121,058.00$1,210.58
Dahlerus, ClaudiaResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$115,735.00$0.00
Woolley, Charles BResearch Area Specialist LeadCoE Center for Ergonomics$115,295.00$0.00
Woolley, Charles BResearch Area Specialist LeadIndustrial & Operations Engin$115,295.00$14,988.35
Norgard, Theresa MResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Hrs$114,556.43$0.00
Toader, Ovidiu FResearch Area Specialist LeadNuclear Eng & Radiological Sci$113,578.00$0.00
Jordan, NicholasResearch Area Specialist LeadNuclear Eng & Radiological Sci$112,929.00$0.00
Gonzalez, JohnResearch Area Specialist LeadRackham Institutional Research$111,299.00$111,299.00
Beaule, April EResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC-Psid$110,731.29$0.00
Urdaneta, MarioResearch Area Specialist LeadMechanical Engineering$110,000.00$0.00
Ulin, Sheryl SResearch Area Specialist LeadCoE Center for Ergonomics$108,226.00$4,870.17
Seker, VolkanResearch Area Specialist LeadNuclear Eng & Radiological Sci$106,880.00$0.00
Stringham, Heather MarieResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$106,177.00$0.00
McWilliams, Michael RogerResearch Area Specialist LeadLSA Economics$105,575.00$54,899.00
Jackson, Anne UriuResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$105,068.00$0.00
Briggs, Hedieh HaghighatgouResearch Area Specialist LeadSchool of Social Work$105,000.00$52,500.00
Chen, XiaoyinResearch Area Specialist LeadChemical Engineering Dept$103,055.00$0.00
Siddiqui, JavedResearch Area Specialist LeadCtr fr Translational Pathology$102,994.57$0.00
Laetz, Virginia HbResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC - Youth & Social Issues$102,909.00$0.00
Puttler, Leon IResearch Area Specialist LeadPsych Substance Abuse$101,224.20$0.00
Padilla, Robin LouiseResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$100,004.00$0.00
Bishop-Moser, Joshua LouisResearch Area Specialist LeadMechanical Engineering$100,000.00$0.00
Park, JinResearch Area Specialist LeadUniv of Mich Cancer Center$99,732.50$0.00
Marchant, BeverleyResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$99,412.00$0.00
Blackwell, Thomas WResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$99,241.00$0.00
Yavaraski, Thomas PResearch Area Specialist LeadCivil & Environmental Engr$99,120.00$99,120.00
Welch, Ryan PResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$98,895.00$0.00
Nahra, Tammie AnnResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$98,552.00$0.00
Steffick, DianeResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-Nephrology$98,361.05$28,524.70
Burke, Adam JamesResearch Area Specialist LeadSRC - Youth & Social Issues$96,756.54$0.00
Zhang, LiResearch Area Specialist LeadBRCF Metabolomics Core$95,233.18$0.00
Haymart, KeelyResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-Cardiology$95,046.66$0.00
Pai, Chih-WenResearch Area Specialist LeadEmergency Medicine Research$95,000.00$0.00
Zhao, WeiResearch Area Specialist LeadEpidemiology Department$94,902.00$0.00
Tong, LanResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$94,741.00$0.00
Wisniewski, Karen AnnResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$94,741.00$0.00
Belzowski, Bruce MResearch Area Specialist LeadUMTRI - Automotive Futures$94,415.00$0.00
Ward, Andrew MichaelResearch Area Specialist LeadNuclear Eng & Radiological Sci$94,396.00$0.00
Wright, Jeanne KayResearch Area Specialist LeadMICHR - Operations$93,183.33$0.00
Anderson, JoshuaResearch Area Specialist LeadChemical Engineering Dept$92,999.00$46,499.50
Moser, StephanieResearch Area Specialist LeadAnesthesiology Department$92,700.00$9,270.00
Lalancette, ClaudiaResearch Area Specialist LeadRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$92,250.00$0.00
Goldin, SimonaResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$91,963.89$0.00
Kabeto, Mohammed UsmanResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-General Medicine$91,333.05$9,133.31
Hassinger, Jane AResearch Area Specialist LeadInst/Research Women & Gender$90,644.00$22,842.29
Zawistowski, Matthew StephenResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$90,640.00$0.00
Ahn, KarenResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$90,133.38$0.00
Ebert-Hamilton, Sheila MResearch Area Specialist LeadUMTRI-Biosciences$90,126.00$0.00
Massey, Lynn SResearch Area Specialist LeadPsych Substance Abuse$90,123.72$72,098.98
Andreski, Patricia MResearch Area Specialist LeadOffc for Hlt Eqty & Incl$90,000.00$0.00
Weihe, RichelleResearch Area Specialist LeadEmergency Med Critical Care$90,000.00$0.00
Baker, Jason RonaldResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-Gastroenterology$89,556.44$0.00
Jones, KarenResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$89,239.00$0.00
Cherry-McDaniel, MoniqueResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$87,975.00$0.00
Liu, JingResearch Area Specialist LeadData Science Initiative$87,805.00$87,805.00
Lopatin, AdinaResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$87,125.00$0.00
Angstadt, Keith MichaelResearch Area Specialist LeadPsychiatry-ASAP$86,813.54$0.00
Dotson, BrianneResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE-TeachingWorks$85,850.00$42,925.00
Nair, Thankam SaraswathiResearch Area Specialist LeadKresge Hearing Research Inst$85,848.92$0.00
Mase, Rebecca AResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-General Medicine$85,734.11$0.00
IglayReger, Heidi BrigitteResearch Area Specialist LeadMI Metabolical & Obesity Ctr$85,550.83$0.00
Kahn, Valerie CorinneResearch Area Specialist LeadCBSSM$85,111.69$85,111.69
Erementchouk, MikhailResearch Area Specialist LeadEECS - CSE Division$85,000.00$0.00
Freiheit, Elizabeth AnnResearch Area Specialist LeadBiostatistics Department$85,000.00$18,275.00
Qiao, XianliResearch Area Specialist LeadMechanical Engineering$84,558.00$0.00
Bertram, Holli SResearch Area Specialist LeadPsychiatry Depression Center$84,541.48$5,638.92
Samuels, EliasResearch Area Specialist LeadMICHR - Operations$83,835.00$0.00
Wu, WeishengResearch Area Specialist LeadBRCF Bioinformatics Core$83,264.90$12,489.74
Les, AndreaResearch Area Specialist LeadOtorhinolaryngology Department$82,813.03$0.00
Gaenko, AlexanderResearch Area Specialist LeadAdvanced Research Computing$82,799.00$82,799.23
Hensel, Stephanie LynnResearch Area Specialist LeadSOE - CEDER$82,413.08$32,965.23
Halligan, BrianResearch Area Specialist LeadInt Med-Gastroenterology$82,400.00$0.00
Luo, AirongResearch Area Specialist LeadHITS Research Engagement$82,156.87$0.00
Karel, AmandaResearch Area Specialist LeadStudent Life Research$80,145.00$80,145.00
Duby, Ashley AnnResearch Area Specialist LeadGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$80,000.00$0.00
Roche, Jessica SuzanneResearch Area Specialist LeadEmergency Medicine UM Adult$80,000.00$60,000.00
Lewis, GeoffreyResearch Area Specialist LeadSEAS Ctr for Sustain Systems$78,412.50$7,841.25
Teichert, GregoryResearch Area Specialist LeadConsulting for Statistics Com$77,000.00$15,400.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Research Area Specialist Lead UMH Psych Emergency Svc
Yang, Yan LEO Lecturer I OUD Talent Management
Sorensen, Licensed Practical Nurse Anesthesiology Department
Monts, Lester P Major Gifts Director UMH Cardiac Cath Lab Tech
McElroy, Francis E Visiting Clinical Lecturer OMSE Curriculum Srvs General
Aman, Katherine A ADJUNCT CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR Dbn Col of Eng-Indust and Sys En
Antieau, Kathie Professor UMH Diag Vascular - Tech
Robinson, Marietta Phlebotomist Specialist AEC-Project Management
Nyati, Shyam CHAIR Imagining America
Herschman, Jonathan D ADJUNCT CLINICAL ASSOCIATE LSA Sociology
Heidelbaugh, Joel J WOMENS CREW COACH athletics