Number of people with the title of Research Area Specialist Inter:119
Maximum Salary$ 80,406.09
Average Salary$ 53,861.38
Minimum Salary$ 40,229.82

Title Results for Research Area Specialist Inter 2006-07
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Loup, Tecla CResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Psid$80,406.09$0.00
Donakowski, Darrell WResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$69,642.13$0.00
Lian, YongshengResearch Area Specialist InterAerospace Engineering$68,034.00$68,034.00
Chen, Chin-YuResearch Area Specialist InterHealth Management Research Ctr$68,000.00$0.00
Schilling, Stephen GerardResearch Area Specialist InterSOE-Educational Studies$66,950.00$0.00
Browne, Barbara MResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Psid$66,417.81$0.00
Weir, Sheryl SResearch Area Specialist InterHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$65,821.00$0.00
Bare, Dawn EResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$65,814.45$0.00
Rennie, Robin AResearch Area Specialist InterGraduate School Administration$65,242.26$26,096.90
Klingel, David MResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$65,223.62$0.00
Perry, Timothy JResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$65,219.96$0.00
Terrazas, Kathryn AResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$65,106.05$0.00
Pai, Chih-WenResearch Area Specialist InterHealth Management Research Ctr$65,000.00$0.00
Haeussler, John SResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$64,853.17$0.00
Sand, Sharon LResearch Area Specialist InterHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$64,308.00$0.00
Daltuva, Judith AnnResearch Area Specialist InterEnvironmental Health Sciences$63,684.00$0.00
Servais, Marita AResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$62,718.12$0.00
Maggio, GingerResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$61,942.12$0.00
Chung, Anna StolyarovaResearch Area Specialist InterSOE-CSHPE$61,800.00$0.00
Kloska, Deborah DeniseResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$61,233.50$0.00
Roberts, Everett EResearch Area Specialist InterHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$61,200.00$0.00
Poinier, Deborah HResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$60,623.69$0.00
Zelenock, Thomas JResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$60,129.30$0.00
Briggs, Sarah LResearch Area Specialist InterLSA English Language Institute$59,738.00$0.00
Esler, Amy NellResearch Area Specialist InterUM Autism - Comm Disorders Ctr$59,662.94$2,983.15
Marz, Kaye IResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$59,553.90$0.00
Shove, Michael AResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$59,453.19$0.00
Hassan, HalimahResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$59,313.46$0.00
Axelrod, Alon IsraelResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$59,145.94$0.00
Yang, Frances HResearch Area Specialist InterChemical Engineering Dept$59,000.00$0.00
Garcia-Roberts, MargaritaResearch Area Specialist InterOfc Acad Multicultural Init$58,700.00$55,765.00
MacWilliams, Joel BResearch Area Specialist InterUMTRI-Biosciences$58,595.00$0.00
Anderson, Deborah KResearch Area Specialist InterUM Autism - Comm Disorders Ctr$58,462.64$0.00
Razzacki, Syed ZafarResearch Area Specialist InterChemical Engineering Dept$58,326.41$0.00
Mero, Richard PaulResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Seh-House$58,161.58$0.00
Pearson, Jeffrey MResearch Area Specialist InterBiostatistics Department$58,000.00$0.00
Yester, Patricia AResearch Area Specialist InterOffice of Budget - Planning$57,800.00$54,910.00
Kuttner, JohannesResearch Area Specialist InterHealth Management and Policy$57,722.00$0.00
Mefford, Mary LynnResearch Area Specialist InterUMTRI-Human Factors$57,550.00$0.00
Marzec, Mary LResearch Area Specialist InterHealth Management Research Ctr$57,500.00$0.00
Yamakawa, Karen SjResearch Area Specialist InterUMH Spine Program$57,131.34$0.00
Brenner, Jonathon SResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$56,956.32$0.00
Laetz, Virginia HbResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$56,870.58$0.00
Freedman-Doan, Peter CResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$56,777.49$0.00
Shanks, Amy MResearch Area Specialist InterAnesthesiology Department$56,650.00$0.00
Hathaway, Russel StrangeResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$55,685.88$0.00
Terry-McElrath, Yvonne MResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$55,402.17$0.00
Pelak, Shawn MResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$55,220.02$0.00
Johnson, David JamesResearch Area Specialist InterSOE-Educational Studies$55,000.00$0.00
Purcell, Heidi LResearch Area Specialist InterNaval Arch - Marine Dept$55,000.00$27,500.00
Suriano, SaumuyResearch Area Specialist InterUMTRI-Automotive Analysis Div.$54,878.00$27,439.00
Witkowski, Kristine MResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$54,819.18$0.00
Feldbaum, Merle BarbaraResearch Area Specialist InterICPSR-Archival Development$54,700.00$0.00
Beaule, April EResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Psid$54,433.44$0.00
Plough, India CResearch Area Specialist InterLSA English Language Institute$54,111.00$0.00
Dascola, Mary KResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Psid$54,031.07$0.00
Schlegel, Jay HughResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Psid$53,606.67$0.00
Wiegand, Nancy LResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Psid$53,560.67$0.00
Cui, QiaoResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$53,523.87$0.00
Stoll, Shelley CoeResearch Area Specialist InterHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$53,040.00$0.00
Bruestle, Stacey LynnResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$52,911.11$0.00
Hu, MingResearch Area Specialist InterLSA Psychology$52,786.00$0.00
Thomas, Lara JResearch Area Specialist InterHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$52,773.00$0.00
Waltman, Jean AnnResearch Area Specialist InterCtr for the Education of Women$52,730.00$5,273.00
Blackburn, Thomas RResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$52,600.17$0.00
McCammon, Ryan JayResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Social Indicators$52,314.07$0.00
Moore, Kari Ann-BrunnResearch Area Specialist InterEpidemiology Department$52,266.00$0.00
White, Peggy PResearch Area Specialist InterBiostatistics Department$51,899.00$0.00
Stark, Lori LeeResearch Area Specialist InterSchool of Social Work$51,768.53$0.00
Pfeiffer, Andrew RResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$51,650.00$0.00
Pham, Trinh MongResearch Area Specialist InterChemical Engineering Dept$51,630.00$0.00
Morris, Michelle JResearch Area Specialist InterAnesthesiology Department$51,500.00$0.00
Jones, Patricia PResearch Area Specialist InterLSA Zoology Museum$51,400.00$0.00
Ridenour, Nicole JResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$51,391.27$0.00
Dueweke, Eric RResearch Area Specialist InterUrban Planning$51,000.00$6,630.00
Johnson, Jeffrey SResearch Area Specialist InterLSA English Language Institute$51,000.00$0.00
Lewandowski-Romps, Lisa MResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Seh-Vinokur$50,985.00$0.00
McBee-Bonello, Rebecca EResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Consumer Attitude Survey$50,985.00$0.00
Burke, Adam JamesResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$50,968.80$0.00
Matteson, Ann LResearch Area Specialist InterUMTRI-Transp. Safety Analysis$50,173.00$0.00
Barretto, Andrea Mae-IppelResearch Area Specialist InterUMTRI-Social - Behav Analysis$50,000.00$0.00
Elms, LaurelResearch Area Specialist InterCPS- Ctr for Political Studies$50,000.00$25,000.00
Messer, Kassandra LynnResearch Area Specialist InterBiostatistics Department$50,000.00$0.00
Miller, Sarah NicoleResearch Area Specialist InterBiostatistics Department$50,000.00$0.00
Zhang, XiaotongResearch Area Specialist InterBiostatistics Department$50,000.00$0.00
Modell, Stephen MarkResearch Area Specialist InterSch of Public Hlth-Dean-s Ofc$49,565.00$0.00
Vivoda, Jonathon MatthewResearch Area Specialist InterUMTRI-Social - Behav Analysis$49,215.00$0.00
Vantubbergen, MarieResearch Area Specialist InterPhysical Medicine - Rehab Dept$49,014.00$0.00
Schoettle, Brandon AlanResearch Area Specialist InterUMTRI-Human Factors$48,625.00$0.00
Jing, YuezhouResearch Area Specialist InterCenter for Human Growth - Dev$48,128.00$0.00
Jiang, LiResearch Area Specialist InterSRO Project Design - Mgt.$48,000.00$0.00
Sperlich, Michelle IreneResearch Area Specialist InterInst/Research Women - Gender$47,610.00$0.00
Platt, Jodyn ElizabethResearch Area Specialist InterEpidemiology Department$47,316.00$23,658.00
Merillat, Steffenie LResearch Area Specialist InterEpidemiology Department$47,278.00$0.00
Ebert-Hamilton, Sheila MResearch Area Specialist InterUMTRI-Biosciences$46,915.00$0.00
Godwin, Christopher ColinResearch Area Specialist InterEnvironmental Health Sciences$46,316.00$0.00
Paradis, Nichole MarieResearch Area Specialist InterCenter for Human Growth - Dev$45,239.00$0.00
O'Brien, Maureen JoanResearch Area Specialist InterRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$45,000.00$0.00
Rudenstine, SashaResearch Area Specialist InterEpidemiology Department$45,000.00$0.00
vanHelden, Bethany WResearch Area Specialist InterSchool of Nursing$45,000.00$11,250.00
Walters, Heather MResearch Area Specialist InterPsych HlthSvc Outcome Research$45,000.00$0.00
Ghosh, AbhijitResearch Area Specialist InterPeriodontics and Oral Medicine$44,880.00$0.00
Geddes, Christine AResearch Area Specialist InterSch of Nat Resources - Environ$44,560.00$0.00
Gatny, Heather HoneyResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Family Demography$44,400.38$0.00
Faison, NakeshaResearch Area Specialist InterRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$44,004.00$0.00
Adel, AnnelieResearch Area Specialist InterLSA English Language Institute$44,000.00$44,000.00
Clark, Kathryn MResearch Area Specialist InterCenter for Human Growth - Dev$43,921.00$17,569.28
Kraft, Lidia SzaboResearch Area Specialist InterSch of Nat Resources - Environ$43,520.00$0.00
Sexton, Holly RiceResearch Area Specialist InterRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$43,104.00$0.00
Saavedra, Susan RResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Studies of Youth$43,026.31$0.00
Mutch, ChristopherResearch Area Specialist InterRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$43,008.00$0.00
Sweetman, Julie AnnResearch Area Specialist InterRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$43,008.00$0.00
Wierzbicki, James EResearch Area Specialist InterSchool of Music$42,978.00$0.00
Krishnan, SumatiResearch Area Specialist InterBiomedical Engineering$42,780.00$0.00
Pok, Angela Young-HeeResearch Area Specialist InterCPS- Ctr for Political Studies$42,483.00$0.00
Schueller, Sheila KorinnaResearch Area Specialist InterSch of Nat Resources - Environ$41,750.00$0.00
Lockwood, Roger NResearch Area Specialist InterSch of Nat Resources - Environ$41,564.00$0.00
Mobley, Linda AnnResearch Area Specialist InterPsych HlthSvc Outcome Research$40,884.00$4,096.58
Seder, Angie SweeneyResearch Area Specialist InterSRC-Hrs$40,229.82$0.00

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