Number of people with the title of Research Area Specialist Assoc:94
Maximum Salary$ 62,793.91
Average Salary$ 46,829.63
Minimum Salary$ 35,000.00

Title Results for Research Area Specialist Assoc 2015-16
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Choate, Robert CarlosResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$62,793.91$0.00
Greene, Christopher MichaelResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$62,708.00$0.00
Kempter, Kelly LResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$62,526.83$0.00
Mikesell, Katherine EResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$62,118.00$0.00
Israel, AbayomiResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$60,541.29$0.00
Windisch, Stephanie LResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$60,539.71$0.00
Quist, Lisa MarieResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$60,204.37$0.00
Plotts, ChristopherResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$59,302.80$0.00
Frania, Kathryn MarjorieResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$58,949.51$0.00
Eady, Julie RoseResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$58,718.67$0.00
MacDonald, Erika MondResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$58,435.00$0.00
Berry, Stephen EResearch Area Specialist AssocYouth and Social Issues$56,316.01$0.00
Bourque, Debra FResearch Area Specialist AssocRCGD-Rsrch Cntr for Grp Dyn$56,004.00$0.00
Stroud, Alison MResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$55,753.50$0.00
Ashe, Doctor MResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$55,379.29$0.00
Bleckley, DavidResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR-Archival Development$55,000.00$0.00
Majors, JosephResearch Area Specialist AssocLab Animal Medicine Unit$53,812.50$0.00
Choberka, David MResearch Area Specialist AssocMuseum of Art$53,723.00$0.00
Erickson, AnnaResearch Area Specialist AssocEducation and Well Being$53,300.00$0.00
Pozehl, William JamesResearch Area Specialist AssocCoE Center for Health Eng$53,000.00$53,000.00
Kobernik, EmilyResearch Area Specialist AssocObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$52,234.00$0.00
Smith, DaiciaResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of Social Work$52,000.00$0.00
Fuller, Tracy LResearch Area Specialist AssocEpidemiology Department$51,475.00$0.00
Kamat, SoniaResearch Area Specialist AssocEmergency Medicine UM Adult$50,847.37$0.00
McNamara, SaraResearch Area Specialist AssocIntMed-Geri and Palliative Med.$50,170.43$0.00
Kulkarni, Aditi SanjayResearch Area Specialist AssocOtorhinolaryngology Department$50,000.00$0.00
Majors, MicheleResearch Area Specialist AssocPopulation Studies Center$50,000.00$0.00
Hegeman, GarnettResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry Depression Center$49,960.00$0.00
Petrescu, Octavian EResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$49,436.19$0.00
Fakhoury, NourResearch Area Specialist AssocMHC Administration$48,266.00$0.00
Mitchell, Katherine LynnResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of Social Work$48,204.00$2,410.20
Kuster, AndrewResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of MusicTheatreandDance$48,000.00$0.00
Rosenberg, Lauren BethResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry Child Services$47,435.95$0.00
Huang, HsiaominResearch Area Specialist AssocOrthopaedic Surgery$47,404.00$0.00
Houghtby, JanetResearch Area Specialist AssocAnesthesiology Department$47,162.81$0.00
Jadwin-Cakmak, Laura AnneResearch Area Specialist AssocHlth Behavior and Hlth Ed Dept$47,031.00$0.00
Kang, Te-PingResearch Area Specialist AssocUMTRI-Driver Interface$46,820.00$0.00
Rosenberg, Lauren BethResearch Area Specialist AssocCenter for Human Growth and Dev$46,494.00$23,247.00
Mitchell, CathyResearch Area Specialist AssocLaw School$46,125.00$0.00
Green, BaileyResearch Area Specialist AssocInt Med-General Medicine$46,000.00$0.00
Morrison, RebeccaResearch Area Specialist AssocInt Med-General Medicine$45,821.44$0.00
Bartnik, NatalieResearch Area Specialist AssocHlth Behavior and Hlth Ed Dept$45,290.00$0.00
Dasmunshi, SudiptaResearch Area Specialist AssocBiostatistics Department$45,247.00$0.00
Sais, EmmaResearch Area Specialist AssocNeurology Department$45,177.86$0.00
Lindsay, RebeccaResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry Child Services$45,100.00$0.00
Salman, CengizResearch Area Specialist AssocInt Med-General Medicine$45,100.00$0.00
Sears, ErinResearch Area Specialist AssocInt Med-General Medicine$45,100.00$0.00
Sarosh, CyrusResearch Area Specialist AssocDepartment of Radiology$45,079.82$0.00
Garrity, AshleyResearch Area Specialist AssocHlth Behavior and Hlth Ed Dept$45,055.00$0.00
Getman, Jessica LeahResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of MusicTheatreandDance$45,000.00$0.00
Li, RuiyangResearch Area Specialist AssocSch of Nat Resources and Environ$44,880.00$0.00
Lopez, DanielaResearch Area Specialist AssocHlth Behavior and Hlth Ed Dept$44,500.00$0.00
Cuadros, Irme BeutlerResearch Area Specialist AssocEnvironmental Health Sciences$44,477.00$0.00
Mao, YiResearch Area Specialist AssocGlobal Reach$44,185.19$0.00
Olorode, TolulopeResearch Area Specialist AssocInt Med-General Medicine$44,000.00$0.00
Fang, YuResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry-ASAP$43,839.69$0.00
Atkins, Stephen JResearch Area Specialist AssocOphthalmology and Visual Science$43,615.90$0.00
Zheng, MaohuaResearch Area Specialist AssocLife Sciences Institute-Admin$43,496.90$0.00
Fernando, RoshiniResearch Area Specialist AssocOphthalmology and Visual Science$43,376.01$0.00
Howe, JustinResearch Area Specialist AssocBiostatistics Department$43,340.00$0.00
Dickinson, CaitlinResearch Area Specialist AssocSch of Nat Resources and Environ$43,195.78$0.00
Seewald, MeghanResearch Area Specialist AssocObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$43,050.00$0.00
Fitzpatrick, NatalieResearch Area Specialist AssocG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$43,000.00$10,750.00
Lang, IanResearch Area Specialist AssocHlth Behavior and Hlth Ed Dept$43,000.00$0.00
Popoff, ElliotResearch Area Specialist AssocHlth Behavior and Hlth Ed Dept$43,000.00$33,110.00
Sirdenis, TriantafiliResearch Area Specialist AssocHlth Behavior and Hlth Ed Dept$43,000.00$0.00
Pierce, JenniferResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of Nursing$42,848.00$0.00
Hopson, JenniferResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of Social Work$42,789.03$1,283.70
Williams, Shanna MarieResearch Area Specialist AssocAnesthesiology Department$42,697.86$0.00
Hanna, CaitlinResearch Area Specialist AssocBiostatistics Department$42,626.00$0.00
Clendening, DeannaResearch Area Specialist AssocInt Med-Cardiology$42,205.56$0.00
Gih, BrandiResearch Area Specialist AssocCEHI-Children-s Evn Hlth In$42,053.58$0.00
Goodman, Jodi AlexisResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry Child Services$41,922.50$0.00
Sun, KanResearch Area Specialist AssocEnvironmental Health Sciences$41,701.00$0.00
Affholter, JordanResearch Area Specialist AssocBiostatistics Department$41,300.00$0.00
Nunovero, NicolasResearch Area Specialist AssocEnvironmental Health Sciences$41,200.00$0.00
Rohn, EdwardResearch Area Specialist AssocPhysical Medicine and Rehab Dept$41,056.54$0.00
Berregaard, EmilyResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry-ASAP$41,000.00$20,500.00
Peng, QingResearch Area Specialist AssocEpidemiology Department$40,710.00$20,355.00
Lambert, SylvianeResearch Area Specialist AssocDermatology Department$40,523.33$0.00
D'Cruz, BrittanyResearch Area Specialist AssocPediatrics-Ambulatory Care Pgm$40,040.60$0.00
Allen, PhyliciaResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of Social Work$39,600.00$39,600.00
Shea, ClaireResearch Area Specialist AssocEnvironmental Health Sciences$39,520.00$0.00
Minadeo, LeahResearch Area Specialist AssocObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$39,000.00$0.00
Johnson, SaraResearch Area Specialist AssocCenter for Human Growth and Dev$38,831.00$0.00
Schultz, SaraResearch Area Specialist AssocPediatrics-Ambulatory Care Pgm$38,000.00$0.00
Turnwald, Molly RoseResearch Area Specialist AssocPsych - Geriatric$37,962.92$0.00
Simancek, DaltonResearch Area Specialist AssocPediatrics-Ambulatory Care Pgm$37,894.20$0.00
Parten, RebeccaResearch Area Specialist AssocPhysical Medicine and Rehab Dept$37,802.00$0.00
Simoncic, Teague ElizabethResearch Area Specialist AssocPsych HlthSvc Outcome Research$37,802.00$18,901.00
Henderson, BriannaResearch Area Specialist AssocPediatric Surgery Section$37,597.00$0.00
Alfafara, EmilyResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry-ASAP$37,500.00$18,750.00
Fouladdel, ShamilehResearch Area Specialist AssocInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$36,682.19$0.00
Green, DavidResearch Area Specialist AssocStudent Life Research$35,000.00$26,250.00

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Cheng, Wei Research Area Specialist Assoc HITS IA CISO Administration
VASUDEVAN, RAM HR Officer Senior HITS EI Unix Hosting Svcs
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Clark, John S Brand/Product Analyst Senior UMH 8C General Surgery/Med
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Cheng, Hong PROGRAM DIRECTOR Grant Review and Analysis
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