Number of people with the title of Research Area Specialist Assoc:130
Maximum Salary$ 76,000.00
Average Salary$ 48,193.89
Minimum Salary$ 38,570.00

Title Results for Research Area Specialist Assoc 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Mikesell, Katherine EResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$76,000.00$0.00
Kempter, Kelly LResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$69,564.62$0.00
Ovchinnikova, Anna AlekseyvnaResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR - Membership Archives$69,327.03$0.00
Windisch, Stephanie LResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR - Membership Archives$65,576.58$0.00
MacDonald, Erika MondResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$65,158.14$0.00
Maher, MaryResearch Area Specialist AssocVProv Academic Innovation$64,890.00$64,890.00
Choate, Robert CarlosResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR - Membership Archives$63,861.31$0.00
Pozehl, William JamesResearch Area Specialist AssocCoE Center for Health Eng$63,376.00$63,376.00
Berry, Stephen EResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC - Youth - Social Issues$61,744.06$0.00
Evans, ElizabethResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of Social Work$61,285.00$0.00
Gavade, SwapnilResearch Area Specialist AssocLSA Complex Systems$60,000.00$60,000.00
Uberseder, LindsayResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-InnovationNetwrks-Knwldge$59,224.98$0.00
Erickson, AnnaResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC - Youth Policy Lab$58,808.85$0.00
Soules, Mary ElizabethResearch Area Specialist AssocPsych Substance Abuse$58,719.86$0.00
Majors, JosephResearch Area Specialist AssocLab Animal Medicine Unit$58,719.51$0.00
Samples-Steele, ChelseaResearch Area Specialist AssocICPSR - Membership Archives$58,122.90$0.00
Kunkle, Pennelope kayeResearch Area Specialist AssocBRCF Microscopy - Imaging$56,812.61$0.00
Bouma, Dietrich ThomasResearch Area Specialist AssocGraham Sustainability Inst.$56,688.00$0.00
Cherney, MichaelResearch Area Specialist AssocLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$56,310.00$56,310.00
Fuller, Tracy LResearch Area Specialist AssocEpidemiology Department$56,255.00$0.00
O'Keefe, StephanieResearch Area Specialist AssocEECS - CSE Division$55,167.00$12,136.85
Sarosh, CyrusResearch Area Specialist AssocDepartment of Radiology$55,031.04$0.00
Jung, James JinwoResearch Area Specialist AssocLSA Complex Systems$55,000.00$55,000.00
Pallmeyer, Audrey NelsonResearch Area Specialist AssocCivil - Environmental Engr$55,000.00$6,600.00
Stull, Melissa KathleenResearch Area Specialist AssocSOE-Educational Studies$55,000.00$0.00
Choi, Seo YounResearch Area Specialist AssocPsych HlthSvc Outcome Research$53,300.00$0.00
Choberka, David MResearch Area Specialist AssocMuseum of Art$53,180.00$0.00
Mageli, Allison DalgleishResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Psid$53,044.45$0.00
Petrescu, Octavian EResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Hrs$52,977.67$0.00
Kuster, AndrewResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$52,590.24$0.00
James, Katherine HardieResearch Area Specialist AssocDLHS Division of Prof Ed$52,531.25$0.00
Okey, AlyssaResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry-ASAP$52,531.25$0.00
Gu, GuieResearch Area Specialist AssocDepartment of Radiology$52,287.31$0.00
Getman, Jessica LeahResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$52,224.19$0.00
Bunescu, AureliaResearch Area Specialist AssocEECS - CSE Division$51,500.00$0.00
Rupp, LaneyResearch Area Specialist AssocHlth Behavior - Hlth Ed Dept$51,500.00$0.00
Yap, Jamie RoslynResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-Quantitative Methods$51,250.00$0.00
Campredon, LoraResearch Area Specialist AssocEpidemiology Department$51,191.00$0.00
Conrad, CameronResearch Area Specialist AssocG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$51,000.00$0.00
Burton, JacobResearch Area Specialist AssocLSA Economics$50,000.00$50,000.00
Channell, KimberlyResearch Area Specialist AssocSch for Environ and Sustain$50,000.00$0.00
Fu, YingjiaResearch Area Specialist AssocSRC-SCA$50,000.00$0.00
Hoffman, CharityResearch Area Specialist AssocPsychiatry-ASAP$50,000.00$0.00
Ihongbe, TimothyResearch Area Specialist AssocNeurology Department$50,000.00$0.00
Schatzki-McClain, ChenoaResearch Area Specialist AssocG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$50,000.00$7,500.00
Huang, HsiaominResearch Area Specialist AssocOrthopaedic Surgery