Number of people with the title of Registered Dietitian Nutrition:94
Maximum Salary$ 70,358.24
Average Salary$ 58,411.58
Minimum Salary$ 48,257.00

Title Results for Registered Dietitian Nutrition 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Stocks, Julie ARegistered Dietitian NutritionHealth Service Ancillary Svc$70,358.24$0.00
Bouma, Sandra FRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$70,175.08$0.00
O'Leary, Mary HcRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$69,999.95$0.00
Glazewski, Lynn RomaineRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Canton Health Center$69,998.26$0.00
Ahlijian, Kila ReneeRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$69,703.27$0.00
Dominowski, JanetRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$69,628.54$0.00
Karsies, Danielle MRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Maize Cancer Center$69,496.72$0.00
Cicinelli-Timm, DeborahRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$69,459.44$0.00
Fortlage, Laurie AnneRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Eating Disorder Program$68,981.11$0.00
Daniels, Joan LRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Home Med Admin$68,839.87$0.00
Burke, Nancy JRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Maize Cancer Center$68,574.19$0.00
Pluta, Tracy ARegistered Dietitian NutritionU of M Livonia Dialysis Center$68,551.46$0.00
Trudeau, Lori ERegistered Dietitian NutritionBmg Primary Care$68,367.50$0.00
Weintraub, Martha SRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Cardiovascular Medicine at$68,054.85$0.00
Hendy, KhrystineRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Chronic Hemodial - Tech$66,827.08$0.00
Ryskamp, Susan HermanRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH CVC Clinic$66,522.03$0.00
Peregord, Amy HRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Chronic Hemodial - Tech$66,502.68$0.00
Lipinski, SusanRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Ped Multi - Specialty CMS$65,405.00$0.00
Choi, Samantha SunokRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$65,087.50$0.00
Greathouse, KarenRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$65,087.50$0.00
Kuberski, PatriciaRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$65,087.50$0.00
Simon, CynthiaRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$65,087.50$0.00
Carlson, GabrielleRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$64,931.70$0.00
Montesi, Jennifer LynnRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$64,854.12$0.00
Stommen, TerriRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Home Med Admin$64,614.40$0.00
Faut, CarolynRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$64,490.34$0.00
Dubois, Christine WRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Northville Core$64,472.50$0.00
Meyers, Sarah ARegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Cardiovascular Medicine at$64,267.50$0.00
Lockwood, AmyRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$63,147.24$0.00
Potter, Denise MRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$62,734.10$0.00
Allison Fay, BrendaRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Cardiovascular Medicine at$62,217.50$0.00
Holewinski, Terrie ARegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Pod C Nephrology Tech$61,848.50$0.00
Beck, AllisonRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Home Med Admin$60,925.95$0.00
Ong, EeyeenRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$60,774.30$0.00
Shannon, Allison ARegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH RAHS Scarlett MiddleSchool$60,577.50$0.00
Shannon-Hagen, Melissa LeeRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Maize Cancer Center$60,577.50$0.00
Freitag, Emily AnneRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$59,634.50$0.00
Pelletier, Katherine MarieRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$59,478.70$0.00
Firby, Kristen LRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$59,460.75$0.00
Harris, Mary Elizabeth JakesRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$59,445.90$0.00
Byrne, Kathleen CalnanRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$59,227.49$0.00
Mankowski, AllisonRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH RAHS Pathways to Success$59,000.70$0.00
Beehler, Jennifer ElizabethRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$58,699.70$0.00
Hudson, ElizabethRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Dominos Allergy Clinic$58,412.80$0.00
Bellers, DarleneRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$58,027.30$0.00
Trumpower, EmilyRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$57,931.02$0.00
Jeter, AllisonRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Chronic Hemodial - Tech$57,502.50$0.00
Hatfield, AmandaRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$57,182.70$0.00
Van Dam, LaurenRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Pod D GI Lumin Tech$57,162.76$0.00
Shehan, Kelly LRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$57,092.50$0.00
Garrity, Laura JRegistered Dietitian NutritionInt Med-Infectious Diseases$57,075.23$0.00
Kulhanek, LeahRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Northville Core$57,075.21$0.00
Schneider, AmyRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Northville Core$56,505.80$0.00
Gibbs, KelliRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$56,366.10$0.00
Stoscup, JessicaRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$55,952.70$0.00
King, Sherilyn MarieRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Brighton Health Center$55,477.10$0.00
Rosewig, LaurenRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$55,380.78$0.00
Tarnacki, LauraRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$55,273.05$0.00
Shepard, HeatherRegistered Dietitian NutritionPediatric - Psychology$54,804.00$0.00
Iwanicki, Courtney Elizabeth AnnRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$54,759.00$0.00
Bebb, ShannonRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$54,107.70$0.00
Haller, EmilyRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Pod D GI Lumin Tech$54,053.27$0.00
Ali, SalmaRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Pediatric Surgery LVL 4$53,869.90$0.00
Fogarty-Brown, StaceyRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW-Ped BMT & HEM/ONC$53,812.00$0.00
Rose, Megan ElizabethRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$53,410.70$0.00
Korona, MichaelRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$53,156.50$0.00
Michalski, AustinRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$53,156.50$0.00
Zurcher, ColleenRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$53,156.00$0.00
Radke, SarahRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Home Med Admin$53,093.38$0.00
Waisanen, AlexandraRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Briarwood Building 2$53,012.04$0.00
Scarlett, ErinRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH EAA Specialty Core$52,946.12$0.00
Kosanka, Jacquelyn MRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$52,590.70$0.00
Kennedy, AlexandraRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$52,311.89$0.00
Lager, AshleyRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$51,688.70$0.00
Puchala, SarahRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$51,442.70$0.00
Dixon, AmandaRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$51,227.20$0.00
Buno, AmyRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$50,917.90$0.00
Barthel, DanielleRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$50,639.10$0.00
Percy, SarahRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$50,573.50$0.00
Price, SarahRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$49,968.75$0.00
Paige, TaylorRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$49,884.70$0.00
Paver, KristinRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH TC Administration$49,884.70$0.00
Waineo, KierstenRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$49,884.70$0.00
Shaw, StephanieRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Home Med Admin$49,766.40$0.00
Grabowski, GraceRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$49,351.70$0.00
Singer, ChantalRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Ped Bariatric Comp Wgtloss$49,220.25$0.00
Thompson, MichelleRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$49,213.33$0.00
Senn, AntigoneRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$49,100.00$0.00
Anderson, AlexaRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$48,982.70$0.00
Trivax, AnaRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$48,913.00$0.00
Meyers, JevgenijaRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH RAHS Lincoln Middle School$48,687.50$0.00
Hwozdik, HannahRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$48,671.33$0.00
Lakie, Jessica RenaeRegistered Dietitian NutritionCW Nutrition Services$48,580.00$0.00
Szatkowski, SaraRegistered Dietitian NutritionUMH Nutrition Services$48,257.00$0.00

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