Number of people with the title of RESEARCH SCIENTIST:36
Maximum Salary$ 250,900.23
Average Salary$ 137,028.04
Minimum Salary$ 71,005.33

Title Results for RESEARCH SCIENTIST 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Miller, Jon DRESEARCH SCIENTISTCPS- Ctr for Political Studies$250,900.23$0.00
Heeringa, Steven GRESEARCH SCIENTISTSRC-Survey Methodology$245,686.00$0.00
Blackburn, JamesRESEARCH SCIENTISTSchool of Social Work$205,500.00$102,750.00
McGonagle, Katherine ARESEARCH SCIENTISTSRC-Psid$200,000.00$0.00
Ofstedal, Mary BethRESEARCH SCIENTISTSRC-Hrs$200,000.00$0.00
Sayer, James RRESEARCH SCIENTISTUMTRI-Human Factors$195,736.05$0.00
Fahnenstiel, GaryRESEARCH SCIENTISTGraham Sustainability Inst.$168,346.00$0.00
Reuss, David LRESEARCH SCIENTISTMechanical Engineering$151,655.00$0.00
Kim, Hyungjin MyraRESEARCH SCIENTISTConsulting for Statistics Com$147,587.00$7,379.35
Sokolov, Igor VRESEARCH SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$145,615.00$145,615.00
Gillespie, Brenda WilsonRESEARCH SCIENTISTConsulting for Statistics Com$145,042.00$7,252.45
Lavoie, George ARESEARCH SCIENTISTMechanical Engineering$144,895.00$0.00
Nori, Franco MRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Physics$141,568.00$7,078.40
Kaciroti, NikoRESEARCH SCIENTISTCenter for Human Growth & Dev$135,510.00$22,697.91
Nalepa, Thomas FRESEARCH SCIENTISTGraham Sustainability Inst.$134,676.00$0.00
Schwab, David JohnRESEARCH SCIENTISTGraham Sustainability Inst.$134,676.00$0.00
Johengen, Thomas HRESEARCH SCIENTISTSEAS CIGLR$134,483.74$13,448.37
Funnell, Martha MRESEARCH SCIENTISTDLHS Division of LKS$134,087.00$13,408.70
Beletsky, DmitryRESEARCH SCIENTISTSEAS CIGLR$133,005.01$13,300.50
Madamanchi, NageswaraRESEARCH SCIENTISTInt Med-Cardiology$131,328.13$0.00
Peltier, Scott JRESEARCH SCIENTISTMagnetic Resonance Imaging Fac$130,225.00$15,236.33
Whitaker, John FRESEARCH SCIENTISTCOE EECS - ECE Division$129,757.00$0.00
Fiksel, GennadyRESEARCH SCIENTISTNuclear Eng & Radiological Sci$129,628.00$97,221.00
Maksimchuk, Anatoly MRESEARCH SCIENTISTCOE EECS - ECE Division$126,169.00$0.00
McKee, Shawn PRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Physics$110,665.00$16,599.75
Aller, Margo FRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Astronomy$104,512.00$5,225.60
Lomize, Andrei LRESEARCH SCIENTISTPHARMACY Medicinal Chemistry$102,751.00$5,476.63
Levin, Daniel SRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Physics$98,948.00$4,947.40
Tecchio, MonicaRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Physics$97,933.00$4,896.65
Anderson, ChristianeRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$97,204.00$48,602.00
Schubnell, Michael S GRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Physics$96,664.00$4,833.20
Reznicek, Anton ARESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$95,733.00$85,097.06
Wang, ZhengRESEARCH SCIENTISTInst/Research Women & Gender$94,756.00$47,378.03
Gustafson, Herold RRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Physics$91,903.00$4,595.15
Rabeler, Richard KRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$74,860.00$3,743.00
Kraus, Edward FrederickRESEARCH SCIENTISTLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$71,005.33$3,550.26

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