Number of people with the title of Project Senior Manager:100
Maximum Salary$ 169,190.00
Average Salary$ 97,916.38
Minimum Salary$ 65,000.00

Title Results for Project Senior Manager 2014-15
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Geralds, Kevin TProject Senior ManagerSchool of MusicTheatreandDance$169,190.00$84,595.00
Bezzina, DebraProject Senior ManagerUMTRI-Human Factors$150,854.00$0.00
Gardner, KarenProject Senior ManagerFinance Project Mgmt Office$140,000.00$140,000.00
Counts, Michael MarvinProject Senior ManagerProcurement Services$139,629.35$69,814.67
Chrysler, DeniseProject Senior ManagerHealth Management and Policy$135,304.00$0.00
Thompson, Michele LProject Senior ManagerSchool of Nursing$130,277.50$130,277.50
Koman, PatriciaProject Senior ManagerEnvironmental Health Sciences$129,411.00$97,058.25
Severson, Jane AlcyneProject Senior ManagerUMH Cancer Center Admin$128,303.37$0.00
Skelly, ShawnProject Senior ManagerFinance Project Mgmt Office$122,779.64$122,779.64
Kruse, Eric JamesProject Senior ManagerFinance Project Mgmt Office$122,093.85$122,093.85
Pasko, DeborahProject Senior ManagerCW Mott Administration$121,447.44$0.00
Warner, Marilyn ElaineProject Senior ManagerUMH Chief of Clinical Affairs$120,918.03$0.00
Morton, CarrieProject Senior ManagerMI Mobility Transformation Ctr$117,300.00$117,300.00
Deseck, Matthew MProject Senior ManagerTreasurer-s Office$115,975.80$0.00
Zaidi, Nadeem IProject Senior ManagerProcurement Services$112,107.98$56,053.99
Connolly, Lisa MProject Senior ManagerOffice of the President$112,097.95$112,097.95
Duckworth, Daniel CoryProject Senior ManagerNorth Campus Research Complex$110,570.00$0.00
Beisel, MarieProject Senior ManagerFamily Medicine$110,569.90$0.00
Wilke, Ruste FProject Senior ManagerUMH Ops and Ancil Svcs. AdminHHC$110,567.05$0.00
Donnelly, Michael NProject Senior ManagerCardiac Surgery$110,564.75$0.00
Daniel, MichaelProject Senior ManagerVProv Digital Educational Init$110,000.00$110,000.00
Mahler, Scott AllenProject Senior ManagerVProv Digital Educational Init$110,000.00$110,000.00
Kincaid-Beal, ColleenProject Senior ManagerInt Med-Nephrology$109,241.34$0.00
Piotrowski, Tania LProject Senior ManagerEnvironmental Health Sciences$109,083.00$109,083.00
Bowen, ChristineProject Senior ManagerNorth Campus Research Complex$108,304.28$0.00
Levine, GregoryProject Senior ManagerUMH Care Mgt Admin$108,006.68$0.00
Chisholm, Sheri LynnProject Senior ManagerUMH Ops and Ancil Svcs. AdminHHC$107,898.23$0.00
Friedman, CandaceProject Senior ManagerUMH Office Clinical Safety$104,308.51$0.00
Martin, Bradley JProject Senior ManagerRsch Strategic Plan Wk Streams$104,293.75$52,146.88
Creguer, TinaProject Senior ManagerEmergency Medicine UM Adult$104,113.29$0.00
Wietzke, Julie NymanProject Senior ManagerInt Med-General Medicine$104,091.73$0.00
Stevenson, Valerie L WillisProject Senior ManagerEmergency Medicine UM Adult$102,998.02$0.00
Ellis, JohnProject Senior ManagerCoE Ctr for Entrepreneurship$102,750.00$51,375.00
Baefsky, LaurieProject Senior ManagerArtsEngine$100,000.00$50,000.00
Simpson, CareyProject Senior ManagerUMH Ops and Ancil Svcs. AdminHHC$99,000.00$0.00
La Jeunesse, Christine MarieProject Senior ManagerProgram Management Office$98,325.00$0.00
Paliani, Paul AngeloProject Senior ManagerPopulation Health Office (PHO)$98,317.21$0.00
Wilson, Steven BProject Senior ManagerIRLEE$98,164.00$0.00
Marriott, Diane LynnProject Senior ManagerCHRT$97,897.02$0.00
Ahmet, TaraProject Senior ManagerNorth Campus Research Complex$97,850.00$0.00
Pulice, EugeneProject Senior ManagerNorth Campus Research Complex$97,850.00$0.00
Rycus, Peter TProject Senior ManagerSurgery Department$97,658.82$0.00
Mikhail, JudyProject Senior ManagerGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$97,657.08$0.00
Jakubus, Jill LynnProject Senior ManagerGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$97,656.93$0.00
Haas, Karyn SProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$96,856.11$0.00
Klas, Karla SProject Senior ManagerUMH Trauma Burn Center$96,533.26$0.00
Anthony, Michael AProject Senior ManagerOffice of the Plant Director$96,057.69$0.00
Schippers, Jan CProject Senior ManagerMHC Administration$95,952.00$0.00
Barnett, Shari LynnProject Senior ManagerThoracic Surgery Section$95,716.23$0.00
Mitchell, Deborah AProject Senior ManagerOffc for Hlt Eqty and Incl$95,716.23$0.00
Lyons, Patrice BProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$95,477.03$0.00
Phelps, MaryProject Senior ManagerMICHR - Operations$95,000.00$28,500.00
Lindblade, Sean MProject Senior ManagerAEC-Information Technology$94,402.41$94,402.41
Ramaswami, VijayalakshmiProject Senior ManagerHealth Communications-CC$93,646.63$5,618.80
Sammour, Philippe KProject Senior ManagerFGP Operations$92,092.79$0.00
Tsai, Antonius SProject Senior ManagerMSA PM Finance and SA$91,886.36$0.00
Saito, KarenProject Senior ManagerCampaign Planning and Services$91,800.00$0.00
Tootoo, Joshua LProject Senior ManagerSch of Nat Resources and Environ$91,355.32$0.00
Typaldos, CarolinaProject Senior ManagerUMH Cancer Center Admin$90,815.10$0.00
White, YvetteProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$90,749.46$0.00
Christenson, AmyProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$90,697.62$0.00
Campbell, AmyProject Senior ManagerMSA PM Finance and SA$90,210.06$0.00
Aldag, KarlProject Senior ManagerLSA Dean: Instruc Support Svcs$90,050.00$90,050.00
Roth, Linda JProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$90,000.00$0.00
Salamey, Yvette AProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$90,000.00$0.00
Sauter, CeciliaProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$90,000.00$0.00
Sell, Susan KayProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$90,000.00$0.00
McCain, Lynn AProject Senior ManagerPathology Department$89,890.02$0.00
Burke, DebraProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$89,840.00$0.00
Jenkins Ali, DyanProject Senior ManagerHR Strategy and Planning$89,760.00$0.00
Zwolensky, Amy MillimanProject Senior ManagerPOM ACO$88,840.77$0.00
Huang, YanProject Senior ManagerGlobal Reach$88,498.48$0.00
Baker-White, RobertProject Senior ManagerHealth Management and Policy$87,608.00$0.00
Latham, LoriProject Senior ManagerUMHS Dev. - Major Gifts$87,125.00$0.00
Ginnetti, RichardProject Senior ManagerPopulation Health Office (PHO)$86,352.68$0.00
Dornoff, John AllenProject Senior ManagerMichigan MultiMedia (M3)$85,920.31$0.00
Stricklen, Amanda LynnProject Senior ManagerSurgery Department$85,832.48$0.00
Palmby, Jaime MProject Senior ManagerUMH - Magnet Business$85,000.00$0.00
Sullivan, JenniferProject Senior ManagerUMH Amb Care Admin$85,000.00$0.00
Killaly, CatherineProject Senior ManagerHealth Management and Policy$84,533.00$13,634.43
Zalucki, Ann LProject Senior ManagerAssoc. V-P Facilities andOps$84,439.18$84,439.18
Chrysogelos, SusanProject Senior ManagerInternal Medicine Department$83,722.30$0.00
Jazdzyk, DianneProject Senior ManagerMICHR - Operations$83,231.50$33,292.60
Konson, Katie AnnProject Senior ManagerFGP Operations$82,400.00$0.00
Arana, AnnyProject Senior ManagerPOM ACO$81,800.00$0.00
Marquette, Scott JosephProject Senior ManagerCW Mott Administration$81,166.05$0.00
Wegryn, Cynthia KayeProject Senior ManagerRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$81,150.71$0.00
Bishop, Kathy ReneeProject Senior ManagerTransplant Surgery (STX)$80,860.06$0.00
Malayang, James BProject Senior ManagerPOM ACO$80,526.48$0.00
Slater, KaraProject Senior ManagerCW Mott Administration$80,340.00$0.00
Checkle, Mandy SueProject Senior ManagerUMH Home Med Admin$80,156.30$0.00
Applewhite, Angela DeniseProject Senior ManagerUMH - MiBOQI Project$77,985.83$0.00
Middlemas, Sarah JProject Senior ManagerUMH Home Med Admin$73,717.88$0.00
Shindeldecker, KathrynProject Senior ManagerPopulation Health Office (PHO)$73,530.05$0.00
Ross, Rachel AllisonProject Senior ManagerSurgery Department$73,260.00$0.00
Ahmad, AdnanProject Senior ManagerUMH Nursing Informatics Admin$71,710.00$0.00
Bernstein, KristinProject Senior ManagerUMH Cancer Center Admin$71,000.00$0.00
Chung, KennethProject Senior ManagerHealth Management Research Ctr$71,000.00$0.00
O'Brien, SaraProject Senior ManagerSch of Nat Resources and Environ$70,000.00$70,000.00
Kerecman, KrisProject Senior ManagerSch of Nat Resources and Environ$65,000.00$65,000.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Project Senior Manager UMH Resp/Cardiov Svcs
Withrow, Tabitha Clerk Intermediate CW Mott Resp Therapy
Williams, Lisa Executive Assistant % Ross School of Business
Wiese, Danielle Respiratory Therapy Supervisor Kidney Epidemiology - Cost Ctr
Yong, Li Lee Public Relations Director Hlth UMH CSR Adult
Wiedyk, Tina Respiratory Therapist Kresge Hearing Research Inst
Nussbaum, Michael respiratory CW Mott Administration
yong, ATHLETIC FACIL WKR II UMH Emergency Department
Whitt, Lauren Research Laboratory Tech Assoc %UMHS%TCS%Alcohol%MGMT%
Nolan, Hannah Rose Mechanical Engineer UMH Radiology Admin
White, Tricia Marie Supply/Stock Clerk AEC-A-E O-M ENGR