Number of people with the title of Pharmacy Technician Senior:82
Maximum Salary$ 53,379.30
Average Salary$ 46,144.95
Minimum Salary$ 38,134.72

Title Results for Pharmacy Technician Senior 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Neumann, Dawn MPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$53,379.30$0.00
Alchurbaji, Denise JeanPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$53,378.53$0.00
Mannausa, Laura HamptonPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$53,375.66$0.00
Priess, Theresa MariePharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$53,373.34$0.00
Otto, Tiffany SPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$52,534.28$0.00
Aunins, Lisa RPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$52,304.36$0.00
Luca, Delia MPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$52,151.69$0.00
Landstrom, Beth Cecile LouisePharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$51,525.35$0.00
Lindquist, Eric NPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$51,488.33$0.00
Serrico, Kathleen MPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH UH Pharmacy Services$50,712.29$0.00
Starzec, Patricia LPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$50,466.31$0.00
Thompson, Allen RPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH UH Pharmacy Services$50,466.31$0.00
Bostic, Tonya RPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$50,379.69$0.00
Errer, LoriPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$50,319.46$0.00
Naickar, Janaki SPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$49,784.33$0.00
Patel, Sejal KPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$49,615.37$0.00
Haller, Jon JPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$49,445.61$0.00
Smith, ErinPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$49,227.88$0.00
Young, Michelle KPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$48,797.17$0.00
Tucker, KimberlyPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$48,754.01$0.00
Hontz, SabrinaPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$48,672.01$0.00
Arnold, Jimmy DPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$47,967.87$0.00
Haynes, Amanda LPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$46,385.95$0.00
Horn, Anita MariePharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$46,270.26$0.00
Joseph, Staci ErinPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$46,248.11$0.00
Beesley, Christine MariePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$46,214.56$0.00
Richard, DenisePharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$46,181.20$0.00
Buhagiar, Debra ColleenPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$46,181.08$0.00
Fauls, RichardPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$46,181.08$0.00
Patel, Jignya DPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$46,133.02$0.00
McLaughlin, NicholePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Investigative Drug Service$45,955.52$0.00
Roadarmel, Megan KathleenPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,936.34$0.00
Sager, Marie EllenPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$45,930.14$0.00
Withrow, TinaPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Radiology UH$45,792.50$0.00
Zolynsky, Sarah VietsPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$45,703.55$0.00
Villarreal, MariaPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,681.86$0.00
Abbas, Chadi AhmadPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Pharmacy Administration$45,619.35$0.00
Beere, Renee MariePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH UH Pharmacy Services$45,619.35$0.00
Korpal, Sibyl MaryPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$45,619.35$0.00
Mavi, CharanpreetPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,619.35$0.00
Miko, JenniferPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,619.35$0.00
Wang, Rebekka ElizabethPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Investigative Drug Service$45,619.35$0.00
Ward, Cheyanne MichellePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$45,619.35$0.00
Sayomac, Jennifer LynnPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$45,618.55$0.00
Lu, ChenzhiPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$45,511.80$0.00
Seeley, ChristinaPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Pharmacy Administration$45,504.50$0.00
Harmon, NataliePharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$45,494.35$0.00
Mackenzie, Lauren MPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Investigative Drug Service$45,326.61$0.00
Fox, SaraPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$45,130.30$0.00
Bakkila, NaomiPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$45,105.43$0.00
Goodell, WadePharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$45,082.98$0.00
Banks, MariusPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$45,081.55$0.00
Nowicki, PamelaPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$44,960.92$0.00
Brown, Kristina MayPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$44,864.23$0.00
Weller, NicholasPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$44,807.71$0.00
Brown, Kendall MariePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$44,784.46$0.00
Finney, RobertPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Investigative Drug Service$44,682.86$0.00
Flynn, SeanPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$44,278.19$0.00
Koeller, RyanPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$44,166.78$0.00
Hedglen, Timothy EdwardPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$43,952.44$0.00
Zynda, SharonPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$43,846.80$0.00
Davis, ChelsiePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$43,832.55$0.00
Davies, StephenPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$43,538.56$0.00
MacDonald, Nicole ElizabethPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$43,538.02$0.00
Hammond, CarriePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$43,427.17$0.00
Hosseini Abrishami, ParastooPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$43,426.37$0.00
Mangold, KatielynnPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$43,289.69$0.00
Vigliotti, RandyPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$43,138.90$0.00
Hall, DustynPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$43,084.79$0.00
Yung, Sok TianPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$42,932.76$0.00
George, RedcloudPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,601.53$0.00
Dziubinski, EdwinPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$42,484.00$0.00
Hart, MeganPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,410.55$0.00
Ludolph, JenniferPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,410.55$0.00
Morse, HannahPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$42,410.55$0.00
Slovinski, LisaPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,410.55$0.00
Engle, KaylaPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$42,410.42$0.00
Sitarek, RachaelPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Investigative Drug Service$42,410.42$0.00
Mino, AndreaPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$42,183.75$0.00
Mulzer, KristinaPharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Pharmacy Administration$41,988.51$0.00
Green, DaniellePharmacy Technician SeniorUMH Home Med Admin$41,371.19$0.00
Hennessey, ErinPharmacy Technician SeniorAmbulatory Pharmacy$38,134.72$0.00

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