Number of people with the title of Pharmacy Technician Inter:76
Maximum Salary$ 47,810.00
Average Salary$ 40,802.38
Minimum Salary$ 36,996.44

Title Results for Pharmacy Technician Inter 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Brooks, Martha APharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$47,810.00$0.00
Murray, Deanna MPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$47,810.00$0.00
Snyder, Bonnie JeanPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$47,711.81$0.00
Patterson, Jana LeePharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$46,928.53$0.00
Patel, Krishna HarshetPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$45,762.55$0.00
Hontz, SabrinaPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$45,547.87$0.00
Banner, Joshua MPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$45,048.89$0.00
Royal, Rebecca AnnPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$44,308.02$0.00
Hubbartt, AdriennePharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$43,672.89$0.00
Withrow, TinaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Radiology UH$43,374.49$0.00
McKinney, VictoriaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$43,347.60$0.00
May, Kelly AnnePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,969.13$0.00
Goldberg, Amanda DawnPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$42,776.71$0.00
Shaw, RebeccaPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,572.14$0.00
Seeley, ChristinaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Pharmacy Administration$42,451.32$0.00
Hopson, ShamiekaPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,368.44$0.00
Oh, JinheePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,303.19$0.00
LaMay, Michelle SPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$42,230.12$0.00
Apperson, StefaniePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,165.50$0.00
Goodell, WadePharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,086.61$0.00
Ziemba, Lorraine MariePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,042.51$0.00
Peters, GaylePharmacy Technician InterUMH Geriatrics Center$41,850.45$0.00
Weller, NicholasPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,829.48$0.00
Wilson, HeatherPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,784.27$0.00
Mullins, AngelaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$41,522.83$0.00
Banta, NicolePharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,245.94$0.00
Parker, KimberlyPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,227.35$0.00
Race, ShawnPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,144.91$0.00
Hammond, CarriePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,039.93$0.00
Davidson, Ryan JPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$41,035.94$0.00
St Amour, KatherinePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$40,875.81$0.00
Krupin, Erica NicolePharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$40,833.66$0.00
Tuohy, ConorPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$40,822.21$0.00
Tefft, AmyPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$40,786.10$0.00
Jones, ScottPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$40,782.50$0.00
Barbee, AmberPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$40,747.58$0.00
Smith, Elisabeth SuzannePharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$40,685.22$0.00
Mikols, PhilipPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$40,679.63$0.00
Patterson, ElizabethPharmacy Technician InterUMH Radiology UH$40,553.31$0.00
Weldy, OlgaPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$40,497.34$0.00
Bickford, RichardPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$40,380.34$0.00
Saotome, HidekiPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,297.92$0.00
George, RedcloudPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$40,259.80$0.00
Geesey, KristinaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$40,191.86$0.00
Ludolph, JenniferPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$40,035.76$0.00
Root, Kelley MPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$39,971.80$0.00
Holcombe, StaciePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$39,946.48$0.00
Helinski, AmandaPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$39,885.19$0.00
Sitarek, RachaelPharmacy Technician InterUMH Investigative Drug Service$39,796.90$0.00
Slovinski, LisaPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$39,723.42$0.00
Ronald, Angela MariePharmacy Technician InterUMH Geriatrics Center$39,672.26$0.00
Hart, MeganPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$39,647.21$0.00
Reid, Dawn MariePharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$39,390.03$0.00
Dowker, AmandaPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$39,379.37$0.00
Brooks, MargaretPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$39,300.75$0.00
Mangold, KatielynnPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$39,235.38$0.00
Frye, JosephinePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$38,979.36$0.00
Overstreet Jr, TimothyPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$38,979.36$0.00
Dwyer, ShelbyPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$38,907.93$0.00
Rurka, CraigPharmacy Technician InterUMH Investigative Drug Service$38,524.44$0.00
Morse, HannahPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$38,429.30$0.00
Rose, LaurenPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$38,422.10$0.00
Bansfield, AbdurrahmanPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$38,285.78$0.00
Crosby, ValariePharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$38,148.14$0.00
Shepler, MelissaPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$37,958.39$0.00
Vigliotti, RandyPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$37,939.73$0.00
Hornback, Melissa MariePharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$37,888.08$0.00
Engle, KaylaPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$37,499.22$0.00
Yung, Sok TianPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$37,485.09$0.00
Smith, JenniferPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$37,462.63$0.00
Stotz, HilaryPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$37,461.83$0.00
Cox, Jamie LeighPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$37,458.37$0.00
Warnke, KylePharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$37,458.37$0.00
Lozon, RebeccaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$37,325.08$0.00
Maksimovic, SamanthaPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$37,023.78$0.00
Mino, AndreaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$36,996.44$0.00

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