Number of people with the title of Pharmacy Technician Inter:82
Maximum Salary$ 48,527.69
Average Salary$ 42,521.73
Minimum Salary$ 39,705.38

Title Results for Pharmacy Technician Inter 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Snyder, Bonnie JeanPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$48,527.69$0.00
Brooks, Martha APharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$48,527.25$0.00
Murray, Deanna MPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$48,527.25$0.00
Patterson, Jana LeePharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$48,101.65$0.00
Patel, Krishna HarshetPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$46,906.67$0.00
Banner, Joshua MPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$46,175.12$0.00
Royal, Rebecca AnnPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$45,415.50$0.00
Lott, SusanPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$44,827.90$0.00
Hubbartt, AdriennePharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$44,764.80$0.00
Arnold, ToddPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$44,618.23$0.00
Babcock, RebeccaPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$44,618.23$0.00
McKinney, VictoriaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$44,431.41$0.00
Greer, JasonPharmacy Technician InterUMH Geriatrics Center$44,194.02$0.00
Bufkin, AzhaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$44,186.22$0.00
Silvani, MandyPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$44,147.32$0.00
May, Kelly AnnePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$44,043.39$0.00
Goldberg, Amanda DawnPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$43,846.18$0.00
Apperson, StefaniePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$43,745.44$0.00
Shaw, RebeccaPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$43,636.44$0.00
Hare, CarolPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$43,593.04$0.00
Hopson, ShamiekaPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$43,427.77$0.00
Oh, JinheePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$43,360.88$0.00
LaMay, Michelle SPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$43,286.00$0.00
Mosley, TrudyPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$43,259.35$0.00
Ziemba, Lorraine MariePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$43,093.58$0.00
Parker, KimberlyPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,772.21$0.00
Kaczynski, ShannaPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$42,682.64$0.00
Gavin, AntonioPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,677.31$0.00
Pflasterer, KathrynPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,671.71$0.00
Mullins, AngelaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$42,560.85$0.00
St Amour, KatherinePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$42,407.52$0.00
Tuohy, ConorPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,351.92$0.00
Banta, NicolePharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,277.03$0.00
Mikols, PhilipPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$42,203.86$0.00
Race, ShawnPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,173.63$0.00
Pichla, MeganPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$42,150.19$0.00
Kent, TaylorPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$42,147.24$0.00
Lampert, JuliePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$42,142.90$0.00
Davidson, Ryan JPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$42,061.96$0.00
Geesey, KristinaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$42,000.47$0.00
Saotome, HidekiPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$41,909.84$0.00
Lozon, RebeccaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,882.56$0.00
Krupin, Erica NicolePharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$41,854.62$0.00
Chevillet, Gayle LynnePharmacy Technician InterUMH Geriatrics Center$41,850.38$0.00
Tefft, AmyPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,805.86$0.00
Jones, ScottPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,802.12$0.00
Barbee, AmberPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$41,766.15$0.00
Smith, Elisabeth SuzannePharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,702.45$0.00
Bansfield, AbdurrahmanPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,682.16$0.00
Patterson, ElizabethPharmacy Technician InterUMH Radiology UH$41,567.07$0.00
Weldy, OlgaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,509.77$0.00
Bond, ChristopherPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$41,493.82$0.00
Bickford, RichardPharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$41,484.74$0.00
Powell, NolanPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$41,221.64$0.00
Van Steenis, StefaniePharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$41,221.64$0.00
Goetz, LaurenPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,213.62$0.00
Hall, RichardPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$41,205.88$0.00
Crosby, ValariePharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,175.16$0.00
Frye, JosephinePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,175.16$0.00
Helinski, AmandaPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,175.16$0.00
Holcombe, StaciePharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,175.16$0.00
Overstreet Jr, TimothyPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,175.16$0.00
Root, Kelley MPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$41,175.16$0.00
Rose, LaurenPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$41,175.16$0.00
Dwyer, ShelbyPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,174.89$0.00
Altobello, NicolePharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,080.98$0.00
Cox, Jamie LeighPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,080.98$0.00
Lash, LylePharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,080.98$0.00
Ronald, Angela MariePharmacy Technician InterUMH Geriatrics Center$41,080.98$0.00
Smith, JenniferPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,080.98$0.00
Stotz, HilaryPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,080.98$0.00
Warnke, KylePharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$41,080.98$0.00
Maksimovic, SamanthaPharmacy Technician InterUMH CVC Pharmacy Services$41,079.27$0.00
Weber, BrittanyPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$40,718.94$0.00
Canen, BethanyPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,702.11$0.00
Lindman, Natalie NicolePharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,699.17$0.00
Menon, RadhikaPharmacy Technician InterUMH Home Med Admin$40,621.26$0.00
Parks, DaneyaPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,525.42$0.00
Patel, DipaliPharmacy Technician InterAmbulatory Pharmacy$40,211.69$0.00
Horgan, ShannonPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,124.24$0.00
Hugan, NataliePharmacy Technician InterUMH UH Pharmacy Services$39,709.26$0.00
Gill, JasbirPharmacy Technician InterUMH Inpatient Pharmacy Svcs$39,705.38$0.00

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