Number of people with the title of Patient Services Associate:478
Maximum Salary$ 54,296.88
Average Salary$ 36,587.60
Minimum Salary$ 25,907.18

Title Results for Patient Services Associate 2012-13
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Troise, Jodi MPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$54,296.88$0.00
Chisolm, Amy ChristinePatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$54,261.62$0.00
Miller, Darla KesslerPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$54,199.34$0.00
Smith, Margie LPatient Services AssociateUMH Vestiblr Test - Tech$53,538.42$0.00
Knowlton, RuthPatient Services AssociateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$53,184.89$0.00
Brewer, Deborah LPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$53,050.70$0.00
Greene, Sharon KayPatient Services AssociateUMH Epilepsy Laboratory$52,499.28$0.00
Miller, Barbara JPatient Services AssociateUMH Ua Prof/Nonclinic$52,478.50$0.00
Carter, Sharon EPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$51,624.08$0.00
Schaffer, Rhonda RPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$51,119.76$0.00
Trevino, Mark RPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$51,026.80$0.00
Palmisano, John MPatient Services AssociateUMH Sleep Laboratory$50,804.71$0.00
Walter, Erin LynettePatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$50,786.80$0.00
Welshons, Bonnie SuePatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$50,751.74$0.00
Higgins, Rita JPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$49,817.43$0.00
McLilley, Valery GPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$49,657.59$0.00
Smith, Lisa AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$49,267.10$0.00
Edwards, Sandra LeePatient Services AssociateCW Peds Epilepsy Monitoring$49,170.57$0.00
Landers, Sharon LPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$48,909.85$0.00
Rodman, Sherry JPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$48,900.57$0.00
Ort, Cynthia SPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C & W$48,393.44$0.00
Hall, Carolyn AnnPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$48,241.05$0.00
Ludwig, Susan JPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$48,183.45$0.00
Fisher, Deborah JPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$48,038.24$0.00
Smail, Dannielle LPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$47,736.82$0.00
Smith, Jeanne FPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Glaucoma Clinic-PRO$47,288.33$0.00
Harris, Dennis EPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$46,736.13$0.00
Blakeman, Heather ChristinaPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$46,716.59$0.00
Hudgins, Jean EPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$46,550.07$0.00
Davis, ChristinaPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$46,185.85$0.00
Smith, Tonya YPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$46,130.80$0.00
Palmer, Nancy JPatient Services AssociateUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$45,649.37$0.00
McGowan, Michael JPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$45,482.43$0.00
Erskine, Joanne ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Bus Svc Team$45,370.69$0.00
Kudrak, Marie APatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$45,336.02$0.00
Hunter, Sally APatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$45,206.99$0.00
Peterson, Jennifer SPatient Services AssociateDENT Orthodontics$45,206.91$2,260.35
Lahidji, DeborahPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$45,175.62$0.00
Jamnick, Laura APatient Services AssociateUMH Int Card Disease Mgmt$45,059.82$0.00
Manners, Christine JPatient Services AssociateUMH Speech-Lang$44,842.67$0.00
Peck, Deborah SusanPatient Services AssociateCW OB/GYN Clinic Pro$44,825.23$0.00
Smith, Dianna LPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthalmology Adams - PRO$44,335.27$0.00
Sagins, Kathleen LPatient Services AssociateUMH Canton Health Center$44,224.68$0.00
Harding, Thelma KPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$44,066.23$0.00
Smith, Laura APatient Services AssociateUMH Neurosurg - Tech$44,033.80$0.00
Grady, Stephanie AnnPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$43,879.94$0.00
Haywood, Kristina APatient Services AssociateUMH Neurosurg - Tech$43,692.26$0.00
Chambers, Deborah MichelePatient Services AssociateCW Photophersis Center$43,598.76$0.00
Murray, MariaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$43,497.98$0.00
Rudolph, Beverly APatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$43,398.51$0.00
Poole, Nanette SPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$43,368.34$0.00
Launius, Lori SPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$43,322.12$0.00
Carmack, Aleta JPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$43,203.56$0.00
Campbell, Nicolle DPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$43,078.87$0.00
Cremin, Kathy APatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$43,035.41$0.00
Anderson-Oliver, Rhonda LPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Emergency Svc$42,953.65$0.00
Johnson, Donna KayPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric Surgery LVL 4$42,862.93$0.00
Keith-McGee, Pamela DawnPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric OTO Clinic$42,807.56$0.00
Brady, Mary JeanPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$42,775.39$0.00
Hill, Traci LPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Plastic/Oral Surg LVL 3$42,770.00$0.00
Khubchandani, Meera APatient Services AssociateUMH Canton Health Center$42,721.78$0.00
Jenkins, Tina LPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$42,569.65$0.00
Burton, Lisa MPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$42,567.02$0.00
Greenwald, Rhonda GPatient Services AssociateUMH Derm Taubman Facility$42,505.46$0.00
Darragh, Debra LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Eye Plast/Neuro-PRO$42,436.57$0.00
David, Molly APatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$42,343.73$0.00
Irwin, MarilynPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$42,327.04$0.00
Raymer, Victoria RPatient Services AssociateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$42,258.72$0.00
Dean, Deborah APatient Services AssociateUMH Canton Health Center$42,189.75$0.00
Willers, Michelle LPatient Services AssociatePediatrics-Infectious Diseases$42,033.28$0.00
Davis, Tanya BibombaPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$41,935.51$0.00
Peters, Rhonda LPatient Services AssociateUMH Dermatology-Tech$41,933.42$0.00
Bourassa, Lorraine APatient Services AssociateUMH Clinical Lab Admin$41,924.70$0.00
Spears, David SPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$41,895.38$0.00
O'Rielly, Maureen SPatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$41,810.88$41,810.88
Deyonker, Karen LPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$41,791.35$0.00
Ridley, Debra JPatient Services AssociateFGP Quality Management Program$41,758.12$0.00
Rogers, Denise LPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$41,709.33$0.00
Pavlovich, Paula APatient Services AssociateUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$41,698.95$0.00
Fox, JeanettePatient Services AssociateCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$41,639.29$0.00
Trumble, Pamela CPatient Services AssociateUMH Livonia Health Center$41,616.96$0.00
Anderson, Kristina LPatient Services AssociateUMH Infusion Cancer Center$41,542.25$0.00
Viers, Suzanne KPatient Services AssociateCW Peds Hospitalist$41,501.84$0.00
Shaffer, KimberleePatient Services AssociateCW Peds Pulmonary Function$41,489.20$0.00
Campbell, Patricia APatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$41,403.45$0.00
Martin, Sandra LPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$41,335.58$0.00
Snyder, Margaret JanePatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$41,254.28$0.00
Young, Julie TPatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$41,211.27$0.00
Claeys-Smiley, Lisa CPatient Services AssociateUMH Echocardio Techical$41,199.84$0.00
Rodgers, VirginiaPatient Services AssociateUMH Livonia Health Center$41,016.14$0.00
Houghton, Linda GPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$40,915.16$0.00
Haywood, Karen LPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$40,908.24$0.00
Madigan, Margaret RPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$40,817.73$0.00
Cranston, JanicePatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$40,799.98$0.00
Tucker, Rose MPatient Services AssociateHealth Service Clinic Support$40,737.78$0.00
Rupert, Linda DPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$40,718.92$0.00
Houck, Christa MariePatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$40,677.08$0.00
Miechiels, Melissa DeeAnnPatient Services AssociateUMH Howell - Pediatrics$40,614.97$0.00
Saunders, Gregory JPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$40,592.92$0.00
Flora, Kristina LeaPatient Services AssociateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$40,557.28$0.00
Terry, Angela KPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$40,437.63$0.00
Frost-Dougherty, Kim RPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Building 2$40,400.96$0.00
Noland, MarlaPatient Services AssociateUMH Pmr-Med Rehab Admin$40,369.59$0.00
Bush, MaryPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$40,355.75$0.00
Cooper, Sabrina DPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$40,264.53$0.00
Ratke, Charlotte APatient Services AssociateUMH Howell - Pediatrics$40,244.90$0.00
Ziegler, Debra LPatient Services AssociateUMH Facial Cosmetic Surg Prof$40,235.10$0.00
Wilson, Bernadette MPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$40,130.06$0.00
Laprell, Toni LeighPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$40,128.99$0.00
Reifler, Bach-Tuyet Tammy NguyenPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Ypsi Pediatric-PRO$40,017.90$0.00
Welton, Sheri LPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinical Lab Admin$40,017.90$0.00
Grzeskowiak, Debra AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$40,005.11$0.00
Staton, Deborah HPatient Services AssociateCW Peds Hospitalist$39,922.96$0.00
Pecoraro, SandraPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$39,858.00$3,985.80
Taylor, Tricia MPatient Services AssociateHealth Service Ancillary Svc$39,817.74$0.00
Williams, Venus MPatient Services AssociateHealth Service Clinic Support$39,817.74$0.00
Truxall Jr, Eugene LPatient Services AssociateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$39,811.30$0.00
Kortz, AnnettePatient Services AssociateCW Peds Hospitalist$39,803.86$0.00
Cadger, CandiPatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Ice Cube - Tech$39,668.98$0.00
Blankenship, Sherry LPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$39,648.04$0.00
Wyatt, Lori KPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$39,626.00$0.00
Van Ark-Smith, Lori APatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$39,505.58$0.00
Mathis, Valynda LeePatient Services AssociateInt. Med H.O. Assistants$39,498.76$0.00
Tasker, Pamela LPatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$39,469.15$0.00
Drummonds, Elizabeth EPatient Services AssociateUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$39,409.60$0.00
Rios, MargaretPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$39,353.06$0.00
Collins, Kimberly SPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$39,336.51$0.00
Rozema, SherylPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric Ortho Clinic$39,316.65$0.00
Bielenda, MarkPatient Services AssociateUMH Canton Health Center$39,200.83$0.00
Graham, Leonard GPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C & W$39,194.14$0.00
Allen, Barbara PrevauxPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$39,186.02$0.00
Talley, LesiaPatient Services AssociateUMH Oper Room - KEC$39,176.60$0.00
Foisy, Maureen LPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$39,159.17$0.00
Young, Shelley KarolePatient Services AssociateUMH Echocardio Techical$39,065.59$0.00
Clark, Sally AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Building 2$39,009.47$0.00
Smith, Sherry APatient Services AssociateUMH CPU - Central$38,988.50$0.00
Smith, Sheryl LPatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$38,985.71$0.00
Marsh, Sarah EPatient Services AssociateDENT Prosthodontics$38,965.70$0.00
Samland, Kathryn AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$38,937.07$0.00
Viers, Shae AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$38,936.20$0.00
Ashe, Erica VPatient Services AssociateInt. Med H.O. Assistants$38,936.18$0.00
Schneider, Katherine EPatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$38,936.18$0.00
Heldt, Sara MPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C & W$38,920.28$0.00
Nemetz, Theresa MargaretPatient Services AssociateCW Peds Hospitalist$38,855.04$0.00
Smith, RoxannePatient Services AssociateUMH Int Card Disease Mgmt$38,846.00$0.00
Towler, Mikki GPatient Services AssociateUMH Pmr-Med Rehab Admin$38,843.34$0.00
Daly, Amy MPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman RAD$38,839.45$0.00
Jones, Sandra PPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman RAD$38,839.45$0.00
Prieskorn, Judith APatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$38,804.34$0.00
Wilson, Heidi LynnePatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric OTO Clinic$38,802.40$0.00
Elmore, Ronetta BPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$38,751.71$0.00
Young, Monica LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$38,748.44$0.00
Pugh, Linda DalePatient Services AssociateUMH Central Discharge Triage$38,710.15$0.00
Owens II, Robert PaulPatient Services AssociatePediatrics-Genetics$38,700.86$0.00
Frey, Kelly ReneePatient Services AssociateCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$38,694.15$0.00
Baskin, Pamela PPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$38,654.56$0.00
DeRosia, CarminaPatient Services AssociateUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$38,653.53$0.00
Mitchell, Yvette DPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$38,586.00$0.00
Stout, Rachel SPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Equip Operating$38,488.30$0.00
Reames, Tamera LPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Inpt Consults - PRO$38,486.61$0.00
Dakota, Kate AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH Canton Health Center$38,464.35$0.00
Ross, Jonathen RobertPatient Services AssociatePsychological Clinic$38,390.76$38,390.76
Haskett, Nicole RPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Plastic/Oral Surg LVL 3$38,346.95$0.00
Furca, Cynthia APatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthalmology Brighton-PRO$38,289.94$0.00
Sherwood, Kimberly JPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$38,206.37$0.00
Sheets, Jennifer KPatient Services AssociateUMH Int Med Fac Hospitalists$38,186.16$0.00
McGregor, Angela KPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$38,127.94$0.00
Punzalan, EileenPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$38,094.18$0.00
Wright, Kimberly RPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$38,056.43$0.00
Pietila, Barbara EPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$38,045.00$0.00
Glenn, Julie MPatient Services AssociateUMH Diag Vascular - Tech$38,043.86$0.00
Bass, Terri LPatient Services AssociatePediatrics-Immun/Rheumatology$38,041.79$0.00
Whitlock, Marcia APatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$37,926.18$0.00
Walker, Kimberly PPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$37,922.15$0.00
Phillips, Tina APatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$37,887.35$0.00
Moore, Laura RPatient Services AssociateUMH Livonia Health Center$37,869.27$0.00
Murray, Andrea MariePatient Services AssociateUMH CPU - Central$37,866.88$0.00
Palmer, Judith LeighPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$37,860.51$0.00
Parsley, Rebecca BPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$37,846.25$0.00
Holmes, Jason DPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$37,802.54$0.00
Laskowski, Nancy LPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$37,788.11$0.00
Demeester, Matthew EPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$37,755.12$0.00
Hagler, LariePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$37,751.22$0.00
Thomas, Teresa APatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$37,693.41$0.00
Nagao, MakiPatient Services AssociateUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$37,684.92$0.00
Lawson, KellyPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$37,675.72$0.00
Abrahams, SherecePatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$37,659.94$0.00
Baliko, Thelma LPatient Services AssociateHealth Service Clinic Support$37,654.32$0.00
Gasser, Nina MariePatient Services AssociateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$37,601.03$0.00
Dornoff, AnthonyPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC - Diagnostic Vascular$37,539.31$0.00
Milton, Celia SPatient Services AssociateUMH Operating Rooms - CVC$37,410.41$0.00
Goble, Shalimar DenisePatient Services AssociateUMH TC Administration$37,397.10$0.00
Williams, John WPatient Services AssociateUMH CPU - Central$37,381.70$0.00
Bernard, Susan TothPatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$37,228.62$0.00
Bolster, Trudy GPatient Services AssociateCW Oper Room - Mott$37,226.44$0.00
Early, Kim LPatient Services AssociateUMH Int Card Disease Mgmt$37,142.04$0.00
Dostal, Debra JPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$37,056.03$0.00
Evans, Corrinna JPatient Services AssociateUMH Brighton Health Center$37,031.84$0.00
Keeble, Laura LPatient Services AssociateUMH West Ann Arbor Health Ctr$36,867.55$0.00
Tell, Susan MPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$36,792.31$0.00
Adams, MichellePatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$36,791.93$0.00
Lucas-Webb, LindaPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$36,788.59$0.00
Smith, Danielle DPatient Services AssociateUMH Infusion Cancer Center$36,763.33$0.00
Nix, Krissy KPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$36,751.64$0.00
Zander, ClaricePatient Services AssociateUMH Cardiac Cath Lab Tech$36,735.15$0.00
Johnson, Angela LPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$36,725.59$0.00
Webb, Sharon LPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$36,712.02$0.00
Harris, LisaPatient Services AssociateUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$36,706.97$0.00
Zarnick, Danielle NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$36,692.35$0.00
Payne, DoreenPatient Services AssociateUMH Anti-Coagulation$36,666.83$0.00
Goldie, Terri APatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$36,650.88$0.00
Johnson, Tina MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Med Equip Operating$36,614.15$0.00
Kehn, Cynthia IlenePatient Services AssociateHealth Service Ancillary Svc$36,613.92$0.00
Milkey, Linda MPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinical Lab Admin$36,564.18$0.00
Hoff, Gerald PPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$36,563.15$0.00
Tarrant, Kristina MPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$36,536.22$0.00
Scott, Teri TatePatient Services AssociateCW Urology Clinic LVL 4$36,480.44$0.00
Bairactaris, AfroditePatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Emergency Svc$36,442.19$0.00
Hibbert, Karolyn MPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$36,442.09$0.00
Deitert, Stacy LPatient Services AssociateUMH Electrodiagnostic Lab$36,409.75$0.00
Clevenger, VictoriaPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$36,375.30$0.00
Emmanuel, Edna DonnettePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$36,367.50$0.00
Dykes, Nathan CPatient Services AssociateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$36,360.04$0.00
Collins, Channon LPatient Services AssociateUMH TC Administration$36,345.53$0.00
Tuck, ChristinaPatient Services AssociateUMH Central Discharge Triage$36,336.38$0.00
Liss, Rebecca JeanPatient Services AssociateCW Oper Room - Mott$36,329.20$0.00
McCormick, MelindaPatient Services AssociateInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$36,281.96$0.00
Howard, Stephanie LPatient Services AssociateInt. Med H.O. Assistants$36,272.66$0.00
Davis, Cynthia LPatient Services AssociateUniv Ctr for Child & Family$36,257.88$0.00
McLain, Patricia AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$36,243.32$0.00
Coleman, Kyla LPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$36,143.55$0.00
Lawson, LynnePatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$36,114.29$0.00
Bobbitt, Kristine LaVernePatient Services AssociateUMH Orthotics&Prosthetics Ctr$36,034.11$0.00
Massey, Michelle JPatient Services AssociateUMH Orthotics&Prosthetics Ctr$36,034.11$0.00
Owen, Mary EdnaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$36,013.66$0.00
Rousseau Jr, Robert MackPatient Services AssociateUMH TC Administration$36,006.60$0.00
Kuzma, Rebecca SuePatient Services AssociateUMH CC Bus Svc Team$35,982.94$0.00
Burcroff, KathyPatient Services AssociateHealth Service Clinic Support$35,923.38$0.00
Fuller, Donita LPatient Services AssociateUMH Pract Mgmt Dischg Planning$35,889.22$0.00
Blackman, Katia AngeliaPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric Surgery LVL 4$35,853.44$0.00
Beddingfield, Julie EPatient Services AssociateUMH Neuro Admin/Train Prog$35,839.77$0.00
Mantay, Deanna LPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthalmology Brighton-PRO$35,822.00$0.00
Wilhelmsen, KathleenPatient Services AssociateUMH West Ann Arbor Health Ctr$35,779.95$0.00
Boone, Donnella LPatient Services AssociateUMH Neurology Prof$35,766.63$0.00
Baker, Shelley MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$35,732.37$0.00
Mendoza, Sharon HautPatient Services AssociateUMH Oper Room - KEC$35,703.80$0.00
Miller, Sharon DPatient Services AssociateUMH Spine Program$35,634.00$0.00
Davis, Wayne BPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C & W$35,568.39$0.00
Lathion, MarshaPatient Services AssociateUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$35,562.49$0.00
Mapes, Todd JosephPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$35,530.05$0.00
Fuller, Chizell DPatient Services AssociateDENT Pediatric$35,527.99$28,422.39
O'Kelley, Mary JoPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Emergency Svc$35,460.14$0.00
Baird, Contonya LynnePatient Services AssociateUMH Bmg Primary Care Prof$35,450.81$0.00
Zeidan, Fathiea FPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$35,388.14$0.00
Weatherford, EvonnePatient Services AssociateInt. Med H.O. Assistants$35,321.24$0.00
Schaedig, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$35,313.71$0.00
Gregory, NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$35,309.93$0.00
Castenholz, Dawn MichellePatient Services AssociateUMH CPU - Central$35,169.83$0.00
Valdez, IrmaPatient Services AssociateUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$35,115.81$0.00
Hurst, DonnaPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$35,095.50$0.00
Tomayko, Desiree LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Tech$35,069.87$0.00
Mosby, VeroniquePatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$35,019.94$0.00
Crist, Jennifer LynnPatient Services AssociateDENTCariologyRestor Sci &Endo$34,999.90$0.00
Taylor, Laurie APatient Services AssociateCW Ped Plastic/Oral Surg LVL 3$34,980.54$0.00
Devine, Rebecca JPatient Services AssociateHealth Service Clinic Support$34,965.60$0.00
Johnson, Rebecca LynPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$34,952.06$0.00
Perez, Irene MPatient Services AssociateDENT Oral Surgery @ HospClinic$34,930.22$0.00
Smith, Leroy EPatient Services AssociateUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$34,929.82$0.00
Stafiej, Jennifer LPatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$34,919.44$0.00
Moody, Kristi MichellePatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$34,895.90$34,895.90
Clemence, Christine MariePatient Services AssociateUMH CC Bus Svc Team$34,881.33$0.00
Stanley, Elinor MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$34,858.25$0.00
Schafran, Michelle MariePatient Services AssociateUMH MI Visiting Care$34,856.92$0.00
Schwagle, Matthew JPatient Services AssociateUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$34,856.92$0.00
Klink, VeralynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Audiology$34,768.78$0.00
Fry, Ty ArthurPatient Services AssociateUMH PM&R Spine Fluoroscopy$34,759.89$0.00
Arredondo, Maria GuadalupePatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$34,669.66$0.00
Williams, Ada EPatient Services AssociateUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$34,639.00$0.00
Lemerand, Kristin MPatient Services AssociateUMH Brighton Health Center$34,632.01$0.00
Fisher, Patrice LPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$34,623.51$0.00
Navarre, Andrea NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Call Center - Hosp$34,613.15$0.00
Smith, Erin ColleenPatient Services AssociateUMH Canton Health Center$34,592.42$0.00
Westerholm, BethPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$34,584.69$0.00
Shroyer, Crystal LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Family Med Cds Admin$34,569.88$0.00
Spring, Sandra MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Cardiovascular Ctr Admin$34,568.37$0.00
White, Lisa AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$34,558.64$0.00
Smith, Carly EileenPatient Services AssociateUMH Operating Rooms - CVC$34,544.55$0.00
Salisbury, Julie-AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$34,517.76$0.00
Marotta, Lakena NakiaPatient Services AssociateUMH Anti-Coagulation$34,510.31$0.00
Chapman, Damon MiguelPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$34,483.46$0.00
O'neal, Nyangel SPatient Services AssociateUMH Pmr-Med Rehab Admin$34,463.46$0.00
Shady, Kathlyn MichellePatient Services AssociateUMH CC Clerical Float Pool$34,438.30$0.00
Coleman, Tracy LPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$34,411.32$0.00
Dehnke, Woneta JPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$34,378.51$0.00
Janney, Briana KayPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$34,357.00$0.00
Burke, Lisa MPatient Services AssociateCW Adult BMT Clinic$34,312.20$0.00
Assenmacher, EmilyPatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$34,253.71$0.00
Richardson, Carol AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$34,253.44$0.00
Ahrens, Nicole LinPatient Services AssociateUMH Bmg Primary Care Prof$34,215.50$0.00
Graves, Lisa MariePatient Services AssociateUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$34,206.63$0.00
Ryan, Michelle ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$34,187.10$0.00
Schmidt, Jacqualine NPatient Services AssociateUMH Saline Health Center$34,171.43$0.00
Klobucar, Martha JanePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$34,164.92$0.00
Breitner, Rebecca EPatient Services AssociateUMH Pm&R Rps-Split Fund$34,142.32$0.00
Jackson, Lori LynnPatient Services AssociateDENT Periodontics and Oral Med$34,068.58$0.00
Sherwood, PaulaPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$34,018.27$17,009.14
Boughton, Judith APatient Services AssociateDENT Oral Surgery @ HospClinic$33,970.67$27,176.54
Leffler, Tammy JPatient Services AssociateDENT Oral Surgery @ HospClinic$33,967.35$27,173.88
Russell, KeelyPatient Services AssociateDENT Orthodontics$33,951.57$6,790.31
Butzin, DeborahPatient Services AssociateUMH Pract Mgmt Dischg Planning$33,946.39$0.00
Longcore, Sarah JeannePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$33,942.51$0.00
Rivers, Marilyn TeresaPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinic Operations Tech$33,895.61$0.00
Kastl, Barbara LeePatient Services AssociateUMH Team 5 Cancer Center$33,792.98$0.00
Owen, Debra ReneePatient Services AssociateUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$33,754.44$0.00
Borkowski, Jean MPatient Services AssociateUMH Team 6 Cancer Center$33,748.86$0.00
Schoettinger, AmandaPatient Services AssociateUMH Social Work$33,742.48$0.00
Jordan, DiOnna Kenyetta-KinlawPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,732.92$0.00
Mata, SandraPatient Services AssociateUMH Pmr-Med Rehab Admin$33,723.34$0.00
Duffy, Donna MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Glaucoma Clinic-PRO$33,717.09$0.00
Kennedy, ChantalPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$33,670.00$0.00
Johnson, CherylPatient Services AssociateDENT Maxillofacial Surgery$33,659.98$0.00
Nolan, Lorene KPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric OTO Clinic$33,657.86$0.00
Zak, DawnellaPatient Services AssociateUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$33,645.44$0.00
Crutchfield, Amanda ReneePatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$33,606.04$0.00
Egger, RebekahPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Clerical Float Pool$33,577.44$0.00
Kos, Christine DPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$33,567.82$0.00
Hanosh, Katrina AnnePatient Services AssociateCW 9W - Womens Birth Center$33,542.03$0.00
Wallace, Danyelle RPatient Services AssociateUMH -Admissions Bed Coordinate$33,516.24$0.00
Konal, Jennifer LynnePatient Services AssociateUMH CC Clerical Float Pool$33,409.00$0.00
Allain, Kimberly SuePatient Services AssociateUMH Ua Prof/Nonclinic$33,400.34$0.00
Skvarce, DawnPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$33,398.74$0.00
Brann, DeborahPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,377.54$0.00
Essenburg, Karen GracePatient Services AssociateUMH Pract Mgmt Dischg Planning$33,370.82$0.00
Little, CharitaPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$33,359.56$0.00
Lay, Paula MichellePatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$33,303.83$0.00
Ponzetti, MaureenPatient Services AssociateUMH Speech-Lang$33,291.33$0.00
Lossing, Robert ClaudePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$33,244.53$0.00
Robertson, Renee RPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$33,190.84$0.00
Sweinhagen, Brenda KayPatient Services AssociateUMH Wheelchair Seating Service$33,182.07$0.00
Moroschan, Jennifer MPatient Services AssociateUMH Pract Mgmt Dischg Planning$33,068.28$0.00
Brennan, Cynthia MariePatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$33,006.69$33,006.69
Lewis, Elaine MariePatient Services AssociateCW Adult BMT Clinic$32,990.12$0.00
Shlafer, JonathanPatient Services AssociateUMH Pract Mgmt Dischg Planning$32,973.91$0.00
Easley, Tneya MonetPatient Services AssociateCW 9W - Womens Birth Center$32,961.41$0.00
Sams, Kari Marie ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$32,913.59$0.00
Woods, Cammille TPatient Services AssociateUMH Pm&R Emg$32,891.73$0.00
Palacio, Jeanine MPatient Services AssociateInt. Med H.O. Assistants$32,823.47$0.00
Clark, AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$32,799.51$0.00
Baker, Carrie AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH TC Administration$32,789.74$0.00
Roach, RachelPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinical Lab Admin$32,778.59$0.00
McMullen, Melissa JPatient Services AssociateCW Fetal Diagnostic Center$32,736.77$0.00
Josephs, Joanne DenisePatient Services AssociateUMH Int Med Fac Hospitalists$32,728.79$0.00
Dockus, Eric TPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$32,713.38$0.00
Jones, Tina MPatient Services AssociateUMH Anti-Coagulation$32,696.82$0.00
Herrington, Kelly RebeccaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,693.97$0.00
Leonard, Yvonne TheresaPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$32,665.17$0.00
Charlton, Shelia APatient Services AssociateUMH Pm&R Admin-Mott$32,651.96$0.00
Graf, Kayla KPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$32,640.02$13,056.00
Sanders, Angela LynettePatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$32,547.21$0.00
Nutt, ScottPatient Services AssociateUMH Central Discharge Triage$32,540.04$0.00
Lombardo, Jennifer MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Liv Vein Ctr CVIF 145$32,520.86$0.00
Keider, Lecia APatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$32,476.24$0.00
Kiss, Jason AlanPatient Services AssociateCW Adult BMT Clinic$32,465.58$0.00
Uelmen, Marc JosephPatient Services AssociateUMH Cardiovascular Medicine at$32,447.23$0.00
Ragan, Vivian MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$32,446.99$0.00
Cook, Tamara LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$32,444.22$0.00
Hummel, MichelePatient Services AssociateUMH Pract Mgmt Dischg Planning$32,399.14$0.00
Jacobsen, Jennifer AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH Domino Med Derm Prof$32,301.36$0.00
Reed, Tina MPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$32,274.99$0.00
Oakman, Amanda ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH Team 5 Cancer Center$32,242.29$0.00
Stewart, Donna MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Team 1 Cancer Center$32,239.10$0.00
Breen, Erica LynPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,203.74$0.00
Kirklin, Crystal LeePatient Services AssociateUMH TC Administration$32,168.00$0.00
Coppoletti-Sainsbury, DebbiPatient Services AssociateUMH Livonia Radiology$32,130.04$0.00
Evans, Tricia AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$32,123.31$0.00
Humenay-Klaver, Vanessa ElisePatient Services AssociateUMH Team 3 Cancer Ctr$32,116.50$0.00
Meadows, Laura JeanPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$32,105.62$0.00
Thomas, Pamela SPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Emergency Svc$32,098.73$0.00
Hunt, Heather ReneePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$32,053.48$0.00
Pratt, Deborah LynnPatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$32,000.02$0.00
Leonhardt, JasonPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$31,824.00$0.00
Lewis, Brian GeraldPatient Services AssociateDENT Oral Surgery @ HospClinic$31,824.00$0.00
Maddox, Lisa MPatient Services AssociateUMH Electrophysio Technical$31,760.04$0.00
Smallwood, Elizabeth MPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$31,712.72$0.00
Osinski, Jessica ErinPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Call Center - Hosp$31,706.99$0.00
McIntyre, RoswithaPatient Services AssociateUMH PM&R Clinics - Tech$31,691.45$0.00
Edmond, FamikaPatient Services AssociateFGP Quality Management Program$31,674.96$0.00
White, Katheryn DPatient Services AssociateUMH Neurology Prof$31,646.08$0.00
Pate, AprilPatient Services AssociateUMH Anti-Coagulation$31,626.92$0.00
Mietelka, SarahPatient Services AssociateUMH Int Card Disease Mgmt$31,597.28$0.00
Custer, Nancy MPatient Services AssociateCW-Ped BMT & HEM/ONC$31,573.14$0.00
Victor, DawnPatient Services AssociateUMH Derm Taubman Facility$31,572.59$0.00
Kies, TamraPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$31,563.74$0.00
Anderson, Heather NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$31,562.64$0.00
King, Jeffrey DanielPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$31,555.33$0.00
Alton, AmberPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Call Center - Hosp$31,547.15$0.00
Lada, Heather NPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$31,511.47$0.00
White, Latonya DPatient Services AssociateUMH Dominos Allergy Clinic$31,497.38$0.00
Tyus, Sheila ReneePatient Services AssociateUMH Int Card Disease Mgmt$31,443.10$0.00
Melito, Allison MPatient Services AssociateUMH Team 9 Cancer Center$31,427.24$0.00
Andrzejewski, Tanya MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Ekogram Technical$31,330.69$0.00
Lockhart, Lakeia MPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Call Center - Hosp$31,322.45$0.00
Melms, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$31,322.20$0.00
Jones, Joshua DalePatient Services AssociateUMH Spine Physical-Occ Therapy$31,294.80$0.00
O'Hair, NicholasPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$31,276.44$0.00
Russ, TheresaPatient Services AssociateUMH Opthy Billing - TECHNICAL$31,235.12$0.00
Loular, Kimberly NPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Clerical Float Pool$31,222.88$0.00
Sannes, Benjamin BPatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$31,190.17$0.00
Kierczak, Phyllis APatient Services AssociateUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$31,115.65$0.00
Goodin, Nichole LPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$31,109.79$0.00
Puckett, Kay LouisePatient Services AssociateUMH Bmg Primary Care Prof$31,088.25$0.00
Cole, AngiePatient Services AssociateUMH RAHS Stone High School$31,074.67$0.00
Ray, Cassandra AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$31,007.68$0.00
Bearman, MeganPatient Services AssociatePediatrics-Neurology$30,976.31$0.00
Morris, KristenPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$30,856.19$0.00
Hinzman, EmilyPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$30,841.26$0.00
Thibault, Gregory AllenPatient Services AssociateUMH Echocardio Techical$30,787.56$0.00
Clayton, Sabrina IPatient Services AssociateUMH Path I/P Phlebotomy$30,775.63$0.00
Partain, JasonPatient Services AssociateUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$30,706.78$0.00
Reid, KellyPatient Services AssociateFGP Quality Management Program$30,675.10$0.00
Sadler, Dianne SharonPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$30,552.55$0.00
Gulau, CatherinePatient Services AssociateMICHR - Research Capacity$30,544.90$7,636.25
Howe, AndreaPatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$30,393.33$0.00
Williams, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Eye Plast/Neuro-PRO$30,351.92$0.00
Nicholson, Lavonyea ShawanPatient Services AssociateCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$30,347.84$0.00
O'Keefe, KaitlinPatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$30,256.34$0.00
Bellers, Sarah NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH CC Bus Svc Team$30,166.80$0.00
Bradford, Andrea GracePatient Services AssociateUMH Canton Health Center$30,086.78$0.00
Nance, AndreaPatient Services AssociateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$29,966.61$0.00
Andersen, MaureenPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$29,951.46$0.00
Scott, Wesley WilliamPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$29,937.48$0.00
Harrison, Quanita DwanPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$29,893.61$0.00
Polan, NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH TC Administration$29,859.40$0.00
Weber, Joshua APatient Services AssociateUMH Echocardio Techical$29,848.00$0.00
Knotts-McCall, Cheryl DenisePatient Services AssociateUMH Int Card Disease Mgmt$29,841.24$0.00
Ashley, Deborah APatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Emergency Svc$29,773.07$0.00
Kirk, Ashley LaurenPatient Services AssociateCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$29,719.11$0.00
Oleszkowicz, Christa DiamondPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$29,650.69$0.00
Kenney, DianaPatient Services AssociateUMH Chronic Hemodial - Tech$29,511.72$0.00
Collins, Garret WPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Clerical Float Pool$29,411.78$0.00
Baskin, Nicole AndreaPatient Services AssociateUMH CPU - Central$29,353.03$0.00
McCully, Samantha ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH Int Med Fac Hospitalists$29,325.12$0.00
Alford, SandyPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Call Center - Hosp$29,315.01$0.00
Rathod, PurviPatient Services AssociateUMH Infusion Cancer Center$29,303.82$0.00
Maki II, David GPatient Services AssociateUMH Clinical Lab Admin$29,263.31$0.00
Hieber, Brenda SPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C & W$29,218.72$0.00
Layher, Karen ReneePatient Services AssociateUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$29,192.46$0.00
Kunde, MelissaPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Clerical Float Pool$29,033.42$0.00
Clark, JessicaPatient Services AssociateUMH RAHS Stone High School$29,028.69$0.00
Cordero, Michele MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Central Discharge Triage$28,998.12$0.00
Russell, Jennifer Lynn-MariePatient Services AssociateMICHR - Research Capacity$28,980.28$14,490.09
Wolf, BrandyPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Bus Svc Team$28,949.44$0.00
Wacker, Leslie LPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$28,860.14$0.00
Johnson, Amanda GaylePatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$28,856.69$0.00
Nordman, Angela ChristinePatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$28,847.65$0.00
Prince, Lakisha NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$28,752.00$0.00
Boston, Sarah JeanPatient Services AssociateUMH Facial Cosmetic Surg Prof$28,621.84$0.00
Rains, WendyPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric Audiology$28,611.10$0.00
Hopkins, NicholPatient Services AssociateUMH TC Administration$28,556.83$0.00
Castleberry, WilliamPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Call Center - Hosp$28,549.44$0.00
Luce, PatriciaPatient Services AssociateUMH Anes Back & Pain Ctr$28,453.93$0.00
Hammonds, LatashaPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$28,452.86$0.00
Thomas, ShalondaPatient Services AssociateUMH CPU - Central$28,290.43$0.00
Wilson, SarahPatient Services AssociateUMH Central Discharge Triage$28,218.91$0.00
Moore, CassandraPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$28,201.90$0.00
Huff, MeghanPatient Services AssociateUMH Anes Back & Pain Ctr$28,199.55$0.00
Narrington, Sarah EPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$28,164.41$0.00
Krzyzaniak, RachelPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$27,956.79$0.00
Harris, AmandaPatient Services AssociateUMH Echocardio Techical$27,772.39$0.00
Couperthwaite, JanellPatient Services AssociatePediatric Surgery Section$27,566.52$0.00
Miller, LynettePatient Services AssociateCW OB/GYN Clinic Pro$27,526.63$0.00
Howard, Candace JanePatient Services AssociateUMH CPU - Central$27,505.64$0.00
Harrison, Jazmine AshleyPatient Services AssociateUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$27,473.47$0.00
Compton, MeganPatient Services AssociateUMH Chronic Hemodial - Tech$27,230.06$0.00
Hopson, CandiPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric OTO Clinic$26,992.85$0.00
Steinaway, KeelyPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Bus Svc Team$26,624.00$0.00
O'Bryan, AshleyPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Bus Svc Team$26,141.18$0.00
Schrock, OliviaPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Bus Svc Team$25,907.18$0.00

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