Number of people with the title of Patient Services Associate:577
Maximum Salary$ 53,708.75
Average Salary$ 37,534.15
Minimum Salary$ 28,189.72

Title Results for Patient Services Associate 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Young, Dinah MPatient Services AssociateUniv Ctr for Dev of Lang - Lit$53,708.75$0.00
Steller, Cynthia CamillePatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$49,295.74$0.00
O'Rielly, Maureen SPatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$48,409.77$48,409.77
Ort, Cynthia SPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$48,393.54$0.00
Fisher, Deborah JPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$48,038.12$0.00
Marsh, Sarah EPatient Services AssociateDENT Prosthodontics$47,567.98$0.00
Tucker, Rose MPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc Clinic Operations$47,008.49$0.00
Clark, CarolinePatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$46,135.96$0.00
Pietras, Laurie LPatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$46,015.06$0.00
Williams, Venus MPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc Clinic Operations$45,946.71$0.00
Palmer, Nancy JPatient Services AssociateUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$45,649.24$0.00
Campbell, Nicolle DPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$45,600.82$0.00
McGowan, Michael JPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$45,482.32$0.00
Haywood, Kristina APatient Services AssociateUMH Spine Program$44,784.53$0.00
Cantrell, Sheryl LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$44,388.24$0.00
LaMirand, DebraPatient Services AssociateUMH Acute Hemodial - Tech$44,167.76$0.00
Bush, MaryPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$44,120.00$0.00
McCormick, MelindaPatient Services AssociateUMH BMT Inpatient NP/PA$44,119.92$0.00
Heldt, Sara MPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$44,119.90$0.00
Pietila, Barbara EPatient Services AssociateUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$44,118.18$0.00
Graham, Leonard GPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$44,118.05$0.00
Daly, Amy MPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman RAD$44,116.55$0.00
Jones, Sandra PPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman RAD$44,116.55$0.00
Bell, Theresa MaxinePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$44,116.29$0.00
Elmore, Ronetta BPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$44,116.29$0.00
Knight, Robin LPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$44,116.29$0.00
Hamilton, Lois AnnPatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$44,113.65$0.00
Jenkins, Tina LPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$44,111.94$0.00
Ridley, Debra JPatient Services AssociatePopulation Health Office$44,111.94$3,087.83
Spears, David SPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$44,111.94$0.00
Wyatt, Lori KPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$44,111.94$0.00
Reifler, Bach-Tuyet Tammy NguyenPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Ypsi Pediatric-PRO$44,111.02$0.00
Fields, ChristinaPatient Services AssociateUMH Cochlear Implant$44,108.51$0.00
Fraser, John PPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$44,043.89$0.00
Drummonds, Sylvie HPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$44,012.74$0.00
Talley, LesiaPatient Services AssociateUH-Operating Rooms KEC$44,009.81$0.00
McGregor, Angela KPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$43,901.34$0.00
Wilson, Bernadette MPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$43,786.48$0.00
Valente, Carolyn RPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$43,756.92$21,878.46
Sims, Etta RPatient Services AssociateUH-Operating Rooms KEC$43,664.96$0.00
Loving, Ta'iPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$43,629.25$0.00
Laskowski, Nancy LPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$43,616.19$0.00
Baden-Collins, Pamela JPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$43,613.20$0.00
Baker, Shelley MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$43,612.19$0.00
Thompson, Cynthia DPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$43,589.89$0.00
Davis, Wayne BPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$43,532.51$0.00
Reynolds, Shelia AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$43,451.49$0.00
Dornoff, AnthonyPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC - Diagnostic Vascular$43,426.44$0.00
Beverly, Derrick CPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$43,367.54$0.00
Buschlen, Cheri DPatient Services AssociateCW-Ped BMT - HEM/ONC$43,268.05$0.00
Raupp, Valerie LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$43,253.98$0.00
Kraus, Rosanne LouisePatient Services AssociateUMH Canton RAD$43,240.96$0.00
Poszywak, Mary JPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood RAD$43,197.52$0.00
Kennedy, Tanisha NPatient Services AssociateUMH Operating Rooms - CVC$43,188.91$0.00
Milton, Celia SPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$43,171.67$0.00
Johnson, Angela LPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$43,110.98$0.00
Lang, Charlene MPatient Services AssociateU of M Livonia Dialysis Center$43,083.99$0.00
Bairactaris, AfroditePatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Emergency Svc$43,065.59$0.00
Winkle, Julie APatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$43,010.36$0.00
Barker, Michelle IPatient Services AssociateLivonia Surgery Center$42,875.35$0.00
Bonneville, Connie APatient Services AssociateUMH Brighton RAD$42,835.61$0.00
Burse, WandaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$42,835.34$0.00
Mallory, Mark EPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$42,835.08$0.00
Nelson, LoritaPatient Services AssociateUMH Canton RAD$42,835.08$0.00
Lobocki, Susan JanePatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$42,834.01$0.00
Hagler, LariePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$42,792.18$0.00
Weber, Nancy SnowPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$42,772.77$0.00
Ackermann, Doreen KPatient Services AssociateUMH - Northville RAD$42,772.18$0.00
Stewart, Ronda RPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$42,728.03$0.00
Joling, Miriam BPatient Services AssociateUMH PACU - CVC$42,720.26$0.00
Melito, Allison MPatient Services AssociateUMH Maize Cancer Center$42,685.84$0.00
Prater, MichaelPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$42,670.20$0.00
Lozon-Kimling, Kristina AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$42,640.00$0.00
Lyszak, Kathleen EPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$42,626.13$0.00
Johnson-Davis, Kiesha LPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$42,522.74$0.00
Hooker-Rogers, SherryPatient Services AssociateUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$42,522.21$0.00
Hoch, Martha LPatient Services AssociateCW Post Anes Care Unit - Mott$42,520.08$0.00
Overmyer, Robert JayPatient Services AssociateUMH PACU - CVC$42,520.08$0.00
Toth, Dawn MariePatient Services AssociateUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Tech$42,517.41$0.00
McIntire, Cheryl APatient Services AssociateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$42,508.62$0.00
Winchester, CodyPatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$42,504.09$0.00
Martin, Steven RayPatient Services AssociateUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$42,448.39$0.00
Rice, Dawna SPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood RAD$42,417.47$0.00
Gilbert, Jean MPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$42,416.67$0.00
Oliver, ValeriePatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$42,278.09$0.00
Frable, Judith MPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$42,262.65$0.00
Dehnke, Woneta JPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$42,259.91$0.00
Robards, Donna LPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$42,206.40$0.00
Paddock, Tina CPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$42,202.67$0.00
Brennan, LynnePatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$42,157.34$0.00
Crutchfield, Amanda ReneePatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$42,157.34$0.00
Mendoza, Sharon HautPatient Services AssociateUH-Operating Rooms KEC$42,157.34$0.00
McDermott, Ann MPatient Services AssociateLivonia Clinic Main$42,123.25$0.00
Baughn, DonnaPatient Services AssociateUMH Brighton RAD$42,054.77$0.00
Bell, LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Canton RAD$42,054.77$0.00
Byrd, Traci KPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$42,054.77$0.00
Fairbanks, Sherre LPatient Services AssociateUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Tech$42,054.77$0.00
Fuhst, Lisa MariePatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$42,054.77$0.00
Fuss, Sarah KayleenPatient Services AssociateUMH PMR BW Peds Milestones Adm$42,054.77$0.00
Giorgi, Shawnda L MPatient Services AssociateUMH - Northville RAD$42,054.77$0.00
Girouard, Sonja DeanePatient Services AssociateUMH - Northville RAD$42,054.77$0.00
Hebner, Julie APatient Services AssociateUMH - Northville RAD$42,054.77$0.00
Hibbert, Karolyn MPatient Services AssociateUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$42,054.77$0.00
Jordan, Joy MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Canton RAD$42,054.77$0.00
Kos, Christine DPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Call Center - Hosp$42,054.77$0.00
Lacey, CharlenePatient Services AssociateUMH Brighton RAD$42,054.77$0.00
Mannor, Elena MPatient Services AssociateUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Tech$42,054.77$0.00
Mantay, Deanna LPatient Services AssociateKEC - Grand Blanc$42,054.77$0.00
Moore, Rhonda JeanPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$42,054.77$0.00
Murdock, Crystal LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Fam Med Inpt Clinical - UH$42,054.77$0.00
Neesam, Sandra RPatient Services AssociateUMH Domino Med Derm Facility$42,054.77$0.00
Owen, Mary EdnaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$42,054.77$0.00
Robertson, Joanna JPatient Services AssociateUMH Cardiovascular Medicine at$42,054.77$0.00
Spencer, Kimura MignonPatient Services AssociateUMH Pm-R Rpsw-Uh$42,054.77$0.00
Steinaway, Kimberly LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$42,054.77$0.00
Sugar, KarenPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$42,054.77$0.00
Taylor, Laurie APatient Services AssociateCW Neuro Oral Plastic Surg$42,054.77$0.00
Taylor-Crawford, KimberlyPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$42,054.77$0.00
Thomas, Edna DonnettePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$42,054.77$0.00
Weasel, Nicole LPatient Services AssociateUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$42,054.77$0.00
Williams, Ada EPatient Services AssociateUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$42,054.77$0.00
Bundra, AndreaPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$42,054.50$0.00
Edwards, Ashley ErinPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$42,024.65$0.00
Essenburg, Karen GracePatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$42,024.59$0.00
Maki, Lisa AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$41,939.35$0.00
Wheeler, PaulaPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$41,924.71$0.00
Tellez, GretchenPatient Services AssociateUMH Domino Med Derm Facility$41,921.52$0.00
Mapes, Todd JosephPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$41,849.62$0.00
Pulk, Sandra RPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$41,849.62$0.00
Owagbemi, Varnita EPatient Services AssociateUMH PT - OT Clinic - Canton$41,797.38$0.00
Kew, ThelmaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$41,747.05$0.00
Brann, DeborahPatient Services AssociateUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$41,659.28$0.00
Smith, April LPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$41,644.48$0.00
Yovich, Jacquelyn DPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$41,644.48$0.00
Moroschan, Jennifer MPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$41,643.08$0.00
Carter, Leroy KPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$41,565.74$0.00
Stewart, Donna MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Maize Cancer Center$41,503.91$0.00
Lee, Betty GPatient Services AssociateUMH Facial Cosmetic Surg Prof$41,423.04$0.00
Wallace, Pamela KPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$41,415.43$0.00
Aldridge, Allisa YolandePatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$41,315.23$0.00
Fry, LindaPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$41,288.05$0.00
Nolan, Lorene KPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric OTO Clinic$41,170.52$0.00
Hummel, MichelePatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$41,153.45$0.00
Dinan, TimothyPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$41,116.78$0.00
Kaatz, Jeffrey APatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$41,079.64$0.00
Kenyon, SusanPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc General Operations$41,037.48$0.00
Brown, AndrePatient Services AssociateUMH Home Med Admin$41,033.80$0.00
Szappon, CrystalPatient Services AssociateUMH Home Med Admin$41,000.76$0.00
Morton, KellyPatient Services AssociateUMH - Northville RAD$40,991.43$0.00
Dove, Jana KPatient Services AssociateUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$40,822.74$0.00
Harper, Sabrina MaePatient Services AssociateUMH Home Med Admin$40,786.59$0.00
Sarver, RebaPatient Services AssociateUMH N'Psych (Clinical Pgm)$40,779.30$0.00
Jackson, Lori LynnPatient Services AssociateDENT Periodontics and Oral Med$40,727.44$0.00
Egger, RebekahPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Float Pool$40,568.00$0.00
Hadley, Charese EPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Inn Sleep Clinic$40,567.09$0.00
Meyer, KristenPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$40,566.10$0.00
Wright, Tammy SuePatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$40,504.27$0.00
Robertson, Renee RPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$40,500.27$0.00
Rowley, PatriciaPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$40,497.80$0.00
Boyd, SaraPatient Services AssociateDENT Maxillofacial Surgery$40,480.60$20,240.30
Kortz, AnnettePatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$40,398.38$0.00
Boomer, Diane MPatient Services AssociateLivonia Clinic Main$40,377.06$0.00
Anstett, RoxannePatient Services AssociateCW-Ped BMT - HEM/ONC$40,346.80$0.00
Mayberry, Vera LPatient Services AssociateUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$40,317.72$0.00
Parisho, Sheila MPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$40,302.26$0.00
Baloh, Dana LynPatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$40,282.54$0.00
Bellomo, DianePatient Services AssociateUMH Canton RAD$40,177.27$0.00
Simmons, MichellePatient Services AssociateUMH PMR OP OTPT$40,151.42$0.00
Kegley, Nancy JPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$40,122.37$0.00
Sims, DeNetraPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$39,981.84$0.00
Stowe, Lecia KeiderPatient Services AssociateUMH Audiology$39,967.27$0.00
Cook, Tamara LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$39,951.02$0.00
Moody, Kristi MichellePatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$39,914.64$39,914.64
Fellner, SarahPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$39,873.81$0.00
Syrjamaki, Susan MPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$39,862.80$0.00
Fuller, Chizell DPatient Services AssociateDENT Pediatric$39,862.59$0.00
Pascual, KimberlyPatient Services AssociateUMH Pediatric NeuroRehab prg$39,850.28$0.00
Smith, Jennifer AnjaliPatient Services AssociateUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$39,805.34$0.00
Jones, Joshua DalePatient Services AssociateUMH PM-R PT/OT ACU Adm Office$39,805.18$0.00
Sano, TomomiPatient Services AssociateUMH Livonia Family Medicine$39,730.34$0.00
Evans, JoycePatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$39,670.45$0.00
Pinto, NancyPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$39,670.45$0.00
Weyman, JamesPatient Services AssociateUMH PM-R Commonwealth Admin$39,663.52$0.00
Beaton, Lucinda KPatient Services AssociateUMH Spine Program$39,635.77$0.00
Long, Susan MPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$39,594.44$0.00
Guess, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$39,516.09$0.00
Ellis, Sandra MariePatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$39,475.85$0.00
Dombecki, DawnPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$39,457.99$0.00
Crotty, TraciPatient Services AssociateUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$39,441.22$0.00
Culver, Holly DenisePatient Services AssociateUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$39,437.83$0.00
Leonard, Yvonne TheresaPatient Services AssociateUMH KEC Canton Pro$39,388.17$0.00
Camarata, DeborahPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$39,318.93$0.00
Standefer, Cynthia LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$39,296.49$0.00
Merrill, Renee KarenPatient Services AssociateUMH PACU - CVC$39,254.39$0.00
Phillips, LindaPatient Services AssociateCW Post Anes Care Unit - Mott$39,253.86$0.00
Franklin, Cynthia LPatient Services AssociateUMH Pulmonary Lab Tech$39,239.99$0.00
Leffler, Tammy JPatient Services AssociateDENT Oral Surgery @ HospClinic$39,234.36$19,617.18
Heldt, KathyPatient Services AssociateUMH Saline Health Center$39,191.76$0.00
Jones, StacyPatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$39,169.37$0.00
Dowhal, Andrea EmilyPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman Neurology$39,158.85$0.00
Fisher-Blythe, Jean HolmesPatient Services AssociateDepartment of Radiology$39,148.70$0.00
Williams, Elizabeth MaryPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$39,145.65$0.00
Darby, Heather EPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$39,135.79$0.00
Mason, LoriPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$39,127.06$0.00
Custer, Nancy MPatient Services AssociateCW Adult BMT - Leukemia Clinic$39,117.40$0.00
Matuska, MichellePatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$39,114.92$0.00
Addington, Amber LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$39,100.41$0.00
Pike, FrancesPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$39,067.83$0.00
Herrington, Kelly RebeccaPatient Services AssociateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$39,063.84$0.00
Sivulka, NancyPatient Services AssociateCW Post Anes Care Unit - Mott$39,063.84$0.00
Stump, Nicole ReneePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$39,063.57$0.00
Williams, GayePatient Services AssociateCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$39,063.57$0.00
Meriwether II, RichardPatient Services AssociateUMH Blue Cancer Center$39,002.22$0.00
Miller, TiffanyPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$38,939.65$0.00
Folmar, MariaPatient Services AssociateCW Post Anes Care Unit - Mott$38,926.32$0.00
Burrison, Susan MPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman RAD$38,918.86$0.00
Sherwood, PaulaPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$38,896.30$0.00
McIntyre, RoswithaPatient Services AssociateUMH PM-R Burlington ACU Admin$38,883.42$0.00
Cottrell, Tina MariePatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$38,877.29$0.00
Melone, AngelaPatient Services AssociateUMH Speech Pathology$38,868.96$0.00
Herndon, JosephinePatient Services AssociateUMH Livonia Radiology$38,843.44$0.00
Woods, Akeiya SPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$38,815.99$0.00
Clark, LisaPatient Services AssociateUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$38,814.49$0.00
Heckmann, AnnePatient Services AssociateBCSC Call Center$38,733.91$0.00
Brennan, Cynthia MariePatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$38,729.81$38,729.81
Harper, KristaPatient Services AssociateCW Fetal Diagnostic Center$38,721.47$0.00
Wells, KiarraPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$38,721.38$0.00
Sullivan, TheresePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$38,673.95$0.00
Burris, SherriPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$38,673.25$0.00
Story-Hang, Susan MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$38,600.13$0.00
Hagemann, Tiffany MariePatient Services AssociateUMH ACU Unallocated$38,519.52$0.00
Abrahamian, SandraPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$38,500.02$0.00
Koukoumtzis, Laura MariePatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$38,433.83$0.00
Oneal, NyangelPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$38,404.86$0.00
Jacobs, TujuanaPatient Services AssociateUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$38,381.90$0.00
Collins, Garret WPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Float Pool$38,379.20$0.00
Williams, Kelli AliciaPatient Services AssociateUMH Saline Health Center$38,311.00$0.00
Lass, Amanda LeePatient Services AssociateUMH N'Psych (Clinical Pgm)$38,223.58$0.00
Allison, KimberlyPatient Services AssociateBCSC Call Center$38,114.96$0.00
Mills, RusteenaPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$38,114.96$0.00
Kaminski, MichelePatient Services AssociateUMH Employee Health Svc$38,088.41$0.00
Goss, R MachillePatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$38,076.78$0.00
Malott, LaurenPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$38,062.44$0.00
Williams, HeatherPatient Services AssociateUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$38,050.91$0.00
Goble, KristenPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$38,022.40$0.00
Sands-Lewis, Miricle LPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc General Operations$38,021.95$0.00
Bryant, Helen APatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$38,021.82$0.00
Sandrick, MelissaPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Rad$38,008.50$0.00
Bolling, KatrinaPatient Services AssociateCW Fetal Diagnostic Center$38,003.50$0.00
Smith, JoleenPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$37,991.98$0.00
Plamondon, PamPatient Services AssociateUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$37,966.69$0.00
Russell, TamaraPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$37,957.40$0.00
Armbruster, LorettaPatient Services AssociateUMH Saline Health Center$37,945.07$0.00
Heilveil, CindyPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$37,929.87$0.00
Gluck, MichaelPatient Services AssociateUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$37,885.34$0.00
Spencer II, DonaldPatient Services AssociateUMH PM-R Commonwealth Admin$37,859.64$0.00
Steichmann, JeffreyPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$37,852.06$0.00
Richardson, AmyPatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$37,806.80$0.00
Hoffenbecker, CatherinePatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$37,805.42$0.00
Decker, TrynaPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Inn Sleep Clinic$37,801.61$0.00
Taylor, MiattaPatient Services AssociateCW-Ped BMT - HEM/ONC$37,799.32$0.00
Lawrence, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Ice Cube - Tech$37,794.76$0.00
Hoye, ShirleyPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$37,783.98$0.00
Pierce, JuliePatient Services AssociateCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$37,759.59$0.00
Creech, VanessaPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$37,749.92$0.00
Johnson, JanetPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$37,747.33$0.00
Dreisbach-Jordan, JuliePatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$37,723.08$0.00
Kuikahi, JaclynPatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$37,707.62$0.00
Shoaff, LoriPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$37,690.30$0.00
Taber, Susan LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$37,608.75$0.00
Dunn, Carly MichellePatient Services AssociateUMH-Int Med Call Center$37,582.36$0.00
Fead, DianePatient Services AssociateCW Post Anes Care Unit - Mott$37,573.30$0.00
Kittinger, KimberlyPatient Services AssociateCW Neuro Oral Plastic Surg$37,532.71$0.00
Smith, FeleciaPatient Services AssociateCW Peds EEG$37,517.87$0.00
Smoot, PaulaPatient Services AssociateUMH Dermatology-Tech$37,507.48$0.00
Burga, RobinPatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$37,457.11$0.00
MacKool, Marilyn RPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$37,442.18$0.00
Cannon, DorisPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc General Operations$37,427.50$0.00
Hunter, DawnPatient Services AssociateUMH Anes Back - Pain Ctr$37,405.40$0.00
Folk, SiobhanPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$37,380.60$0.00
Donnelly, ChristinaPatient Services AssociateUMH Canton Health Center$37,355.76$0.00
Salomonson, CyrenaPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$37,288.41$0.00
Martin, JulianaPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood Building 2$37,194.87$0.00
Blevins, PamelaPatient Services AssociateUMH Home Med Admin$37,155.56$0.00
Bergman, DeborahPatient Services AssociateUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$37,134.24$0.00
Keele, Brenda AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood RAD$37,124.52$0.00
Williams, Brittney VanaePatient Services AssociateUMH - Northville RAD$37,120.25$0.00
Zimmerman, Ashley IrenePatient Services AssociateUMH Operating Rooms - CVC$37,115.19$0.00
Bilello, MatthewPatient Services AssociateUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$37,106.16$0.00
Pinnell, SallyPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$37,081.08$0.00
Kruskie, Amy SPatient Services AssociateUMH Employee Health Svc$37,077.35$0.00
Giacalone, RosariaPatient Services AssociateInterventional Nephrology Unit$37,066.12$0.00
Coffey, RonellePatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$37,051.32$0.00
Sheats, KarenPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$37,023.25$0.00
Glenn, ChristinaPatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$37,018.72$0.00
Werkheiser, LisaPatient Services AssociateUMH Pmr-Med Rehab Admin$37,016.98$0.00
Burgamy, JasonPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$37,006.72$0.00
Kaba, BrandiPatient Services AssociateUMH Spine Physical-Occ Therapy$36,963.14$0.00
Meyer, CassandraPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$36,926.14$0.00
Voss, Nicole RPatient Services AssociateUMH Livonia Radiology$36,900.12$0.00
Ede, KarmaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$36,776.44$0.00
Pryor, Jeffrey GPatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$36,648.01$0.00
Zawacki, AlissaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$36,568.33$0.00
Young, CindyPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$36,547.81$0.00
Flynn-Gainous, Julie CristynPatient Services AssociateWAA Radiology$36,523.29$0.00
Goddyn, Deanna MariePatient Services AssociateDENT Patient Services$36,500.10$36,500.00
Thomas, EvangelinePatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$36,492.11$0.00
Adams, LindseyPatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$36,433.22$0.00
Staton, AmiPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$36,378.32$0.00
Cato, Kristen SommerPatient Services AssociateUMH Interpreters Program$36,372.20$0.00
Snellgrove, JaclynPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$36,320.20$0.00
Fonville, KimberlyPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc General Operations$36,308.59$0.00
Huddleston, JodiPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$36,307.13$0.00
St John, KatharinePatient Services AssociateUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$36,304.23$0.00
Hibbert, DavidPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$36,282.28$0.00
Hose, Debra JPatient Services AssociateWAA Radiology$36,254.66$0.00
Bailey, AnedraPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$36,253.86$0.00
Brenner, ShawnaPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Inn Sleep Clinic$36,252.53$0.00
Hyde, JosephPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc General Operations$36,229.44$0.00
Adams, ConniePatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$36,154.04$0.00
Bradford, AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$36,131.50$0.00
Gawel, DavidPatient Services AssociateUMH Infusion Cancer Center$36,118.75$0.00
Chambers, Keniya VPatient Services AssociateUMH Vestiblr Test - Tech$36,115.81$0.00
Bush, LisaPatient Services AssociateUMH Brighton Health Center$36,094.76$0.00
Wickwire, JuliePatient Services AssociateUMH Clark Road Rheumatology$36,094.23$0.00
Boyd, DonnaPatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$36,076.90$0.00
Hartert, ReneePatient Services AssociateUMH Domino Med Derm Facility$36,060.12$0.00
Zuri, KeelyPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$36,032.67$0.00
Hess, LauraPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$36,029.09$0.00
Flores, RaquelPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$36,025.40$0.00
Murphy, KaylaPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$36,020.94$0.00
Robledo, WendyPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$35,976.17$0.00
Kosciolek, AllisonPatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$35,975.37$0.00
Scott, JoannaPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$35,959.64$0.00
Brown, AmandaPatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$35,957.51$0.00
Diaz, LuzelvaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$35,956.45$0.00
Schock, LisaPatient Services AssociateUMH Dermatology Laser Unit Fac$35,937.53$0.00
Barret, DonnaPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$35,929.66$0.00
Henry, TammyPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$35,876.88$0.00
Williams, Le'DaryllPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$35,864.50$0.00
McClumpha, Sandra O'DellPatient Services AssociateUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$35,839.45$0.00
Tankka, CaseyPatient Services AssociateUMH Geriatric Long Term Fac$35,838.66$0.00
Landrum, RaymondPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$35,827.36$0.00
Haywood, RyanPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$35,709.44$0.00
Madison, JaNayPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$35,707.27$0.00
Quinnell, KaarinaPatient Services AssociateUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Tech$35,680.09$0.00
Weir, CrystalPatient Services AssociateUH-Operating Rooms KEC$35,649.97$0.00
Elrod, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$35,627.31$0.00
Napolitan, JohnPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$35,624.99$0.00
Andersen, ShannonPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$35,583.88$0.00
Gunther, KimberlyPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$35,569.49$0.00
Guidry, AnnePatient Services AssociateUMH Dermatology-Tech$35,569.30$0.00
Fowler, NicholasPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$35,555.63$0.00
Gilbert, MeganPatient Services AssociateUMH Brighton Health Center$35,545.50$0.00
Rodriguez-Serrano, JoAnnePatient Services AssociateDENT Periodontics and Oral Med$35,545.27$0.00
Rieger, KristiPatient Services AssociateUMH Dominos Allergy Clinic$35,542.57$0.00
Frederickson, SusanPatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$35,533.68$0.00
Malaveci, Maria annaPatient Services AssociateUMH Pulmonary Lab Tech$35,523.18$0.00
Jackson, CiaraPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$35,516.19$0.00
Harding, WindlerPatient Services AssociateUMH PM-R Clinics - Tech$35,505.00$0.00
Edwards, TyranPatient Services AssociateUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$35,503.00$0.00
McLean, Laurinda LeePatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$35,475.15$0.00
Xheko, MelissaPatient Services AssociateLivonia Surgery Center$35,444.89$0.00
Johnson, JodiPatient Services AssociateUMH - Northville RAD$35,444.50$0.00
Washington McNish, DomoniquePatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$35,423.98$0.00
Lozada, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$35,420.52$0.00
Taylor, KarenPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$35,384.96$0.00
Lewis, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$35,356.56$0.00
Clark, NieshaPatient Services AssociateUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$35,353.36$0.00
Zeidan, AyehPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$35,332.30$0.00
Koch, EmmaleePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$35,320.17$0.00
Raub, Renee' MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Oto Liv Clin - Tech$35,313.98$0.00
Gregory, CarissaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$35,307.25$0.00
James, DeShawnPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$35,276.80$0.00
Foley, JodiPatient Services AssociateBCSC Call Center$35,276.34$0.00
Scott, JanellePatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$35,243.42$0.00
Ely, Amelia RuthPatient Services AssociateUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$35,239.56$0.00
Hall-McBryde, BiancaPatient Services AssociateUMH TC Administration$35,200.97$0.00
Whipple, GenaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$35,184.08$0.00
Hoeglund, ErinPatient Services AssociateUMH PM-R Burlington ACU Admin$35,172.80$0.00
Grech, ElainePatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$35,147.05$0.00
Thornberry, LisaPatient Services AssociateCW Oper Room - Mott$35,146.29$0.00
Taylor, TraciePatient Services AssociateCW Adult BMT - Leukemia Clinic$35,141.49$0.00
Daniels, AnnePatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$35,132.16$0.00
Platsis, AngelaPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$35,131.10$0.00
Raden, ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH Diabetic Edu Program-BW2$35,106.84$0.00
Peabody, Lauren AshleyPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$35,096.45$0.00
Crews, Samantha FPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc Clinic Operations$35,068.64$0.00
Cwiek, Rebecca AnnPatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$35,050.08$0.00
Hensley, CraigPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$35,032.45$0.00
Motahhar, AumatPatient Services AssociateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$35,011.08$0.00
Harwood, TameraPatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$34,997.04$0.00
Hammonds, LatashaPatient Services AssociateUMH RAHS Pathways to Success$34,994.65$0.00
Gibbs, AllisonPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$34,942.95$0.00
Popp, KelleyPatient Services AssociateCW Eating Disorder Program$34,923.23$0.00
Seybold, KristinPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman Neurology$34,914.37$0.00
Wilson, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$34,903.51$0.00
Brown, PamelaPatient Services AssociateCW Neuro Oral Plastic Surg$34,893.11$0.00
Rains, WendyPatient Services AssociateCW Pediatric OTO Clinic$34,845.14$0.00
Blagg, ShaunaPatient Services AssociateUMH Blue Cancer Center$34,797.97$0.00
Calhoun, SequoyiaPatient Services AssociateUMH PM-R Commonwealth Admin$34,792.42$0.00
Crossett, ScottPatient Services AssociateLivonia Surgery Center$34,788.00$0.00
Pham Terski, SuePatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$34,767.98$0.00
Trumbo, IanPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$34,762.79$0.00
Kemp, SerenaPatient Services AssociateUMH Pmr-Med Rehab Admin$34,717.80$0.00
Gibbs, MelissaPatient Services AssociateUMH ACU Unallocated$34,714.68$0.00
Faz, TiffanyPatient Services AssociateUMH CC Float Pool$34,700.12$0.00
Hegazy, MonaPatient Services AssociateUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$34,670.05$0.00
Lee, JasminePatient Services AssociateUMH PM-R Commonwealth Admin$34,608.08$0.00
Merie, DenisePatient Services AssociateUMH Derm Taubman Facility$34,575.06$0.00
Roberts, Amanda LynnPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$34,522.94$0.00
Smith, PatrickPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$34,501.36$0.00
Owens, Shanna MincyPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$34,480.04$0.00
Damon, JessePatient Services AssociateUMH Gold Cancer Center$34,461.18$0.00
Pruitt, ArnettaPatient Services AssociateUMH PMR IP OTPT Rehab$34,458.21$0.00
Singh, NamarataPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$34,455.44$0.00
Cary, JessicaPatient Services AssociateCW Neuro Oral Plastic Surg$34,454.45$0.00
Mattes, JuliePatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$34,434.73$0.00
Myatt, RachaelPatient Services AssociateInterventional Nephrology Unit$34,415.25$0.00
Ackermann, MichaelPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$34,351.58$0.00
Avedisian, RebeccaPatient Services AssociateLivonia Clinic Main$34,349.19$0.00
Dandurand, ChristinePatient Services AssociateUMH Gold Cancer Center$34,337.16$0.00
Rice, TylerPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$34,326.95$0.00
Bassett-Kennedy, OliviaPatient Services AssociateCW Post Anes Care Unit - Mott$34,326.27$0.00
Vasher, MichaelPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$34,290.00$0.00
Smith, MaryPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$34,241.91$0.00
Orr, KaseyPatient Services AssociateUMH Cancer Center RAD$34,215.67$0.00
Lewis, JacobPatient Services AssociateBmg Primary Care$34,205.16$0.00
Dobbins, LakeyshaPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$34,163.27$0.00
Kotze, DianePatient Services AssociateHealth Service Ancillary Svc$34,154.98$0.00
Musa, Kristin MariePatient Services AssociateUMH Dexter Family Phys$34,130.04$0.00
Carney, TamaraPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$34,120.00$0.00
Rhodes, Melanie Anne McIntyrePatient Services AssociateUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$34,118.13$0.00
Terry, ShelbyPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$34,113.33$0.00
Sielicki, ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH Surgery Pre-Op Center$34,051.42$0.00
Lund, NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$34,047.51$0.00
Nabozny, FarrynPatient Services AssociateCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$34,035.25$0.00
Pouget, Kathryn MartinezPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$33,995.81$0.00
Akers, Amanda MayPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$33,987.34$0.00
Bolden, KemiPatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$33,981.68$0.00
LaSalle, Rachel MelindaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,980.35$0.00
Pierson, TrishaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,954.73$0.00
Campbell, CourtneyPatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$33,939.88$0.00
Galvan, AmandaPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman RAD$33,932.65$0.00
Cates, AngelaPatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$33,927.25$0.00
Combs, JennaPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$33,924.92$0.00
Antonivich, KristinePatient Services AssociateBCSC Radiology$33,914.92$0.00
Barto, BobbiePatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$33,914.92$0.00
Betz, NikolePatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,914.92$0.00
Antonow, CheriPatient Services AssociateUMH Blue Cancer Center$33,896.40$0.00
Barretta, Sabrina MariaPatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$33,890.27$0.00
Bennett, WendyPatient Services AssociateWest Shore Urology$33,879.56$0.00
Pisko, ChelseaPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$33,849.66$0.00
Campbell, KyliePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$33,831.98$0.00
Sieting, PamelaPatient Services AssociateUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$33,809.97$0.00
Evans, Emily AnnPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$33,803.98$0.00
Lavey, JenniferPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$33,797.53$0.00
Gallant, RachaelPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$33,792.20$0.00
Romo, SheriPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$33,782.87$0.00
Schultz, CatherinePatient Services AssociateUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$33,755.90$0.00
Mancini, EricPatient Services AssociateWAA-PP Core$33,743.43$0.00
Grohoski, Meaghan MargaretPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Rad$33,709.25$0.00
Miller, Riana Lyn GrupidoPatient Services AssociateUMH Brighton Health Center$33,701.32$0.00
Weinert, RachaelPatient Services AssociateWest Shore Urology$33,663.96$0.00
Toth, ConniePatient Services AssociateCPU Central/Recovery$33,604.32$0.00
Huber, KarliPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,593.92$0.00
Kochany, AmyPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$33,587.84$0.00
McDonald, AshleyPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,549.95$0.00
Mehall, MadelinePatient Services AssociatePopulation Health Office$33,549.42$2,348.45
Bachoura, SamanthaPatient Services AssociatePopulation Health Office$33,538.76$0.00
Mitchell, Lesley LPatient Services AssociateUMH Saline Health Center$33,528.04$0.00
Coleman, JhanePatient Services AssociateUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$33,449.75$0.00
Hergott, ElizabethPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$33,447.27$0.00
Pontois, ChristinePatient Services AssociateUMH Orthotics-Prosthetics Ctr$33,446.55$0.00
McHugh, KelseyPatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$33,401.51$0.00
Guidry, PaulinePatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$33,274.02$0.00
Pelton, PaigePatient Services AssociatePediatrics-Develop.-Behavioral$33,253.60$0.00
Dotz, AbigailPatient Services AssociateCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$33,247.89$0.00
Kennedy, AidanPatient Services AssociateUMH Maize Cancer Center$33,245.88$0.00
Gibson, RonaldPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$33,217.76$0.00
Maxwell, JacobPatient Services AssociateCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$33,201.71$0.00
Petrik, AndrewPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,176.00$0.00
Simpson, KathrynPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$33,166.90$0.00
Kordie, AliciaPatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$33,139.65$0.00
Hall, AmandaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,123.82$0.00
Brinson, KaitlinPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$33,120.89$0.00
Bramlett, NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$33,119.90$0.00
Lancz, NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,119.24$0.00
Meece, NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$33,087.94$0.00
Derr, HannahPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$33,082.14$0.00
Brown, CoryPatient Services AssociateUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$33,056.14$0.00
Brown, Rachel MaryPatient Services AssociateUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$33,034.74$0.00
Savvides, Chloe Rose GasicielPatient Services AssociateUMH Interpreters Program$32,975.64$0.00
Wood, TheresaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,972.72$0.00
Shepherd, JuliaPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$32,930.34$0.00
Branham, KylePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,927.96$0.00
Noonchester, RachelPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$32,903.42$0.00
Dinkins, ParisPatient Services AssociateUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$32,863.18$0.00
Lomax, SarahPatient Services AssociateCW-Ped BMT - HEM/ONC$32,854.38$0.00
Palmer, NaomiPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$32,849.86$0.00
Sims, Bre'AnaPatient Services AssociateUMH Infusion Cancer Center$32,816.01$0.00
Locke, EvelynPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,799.17$0.00
Kuznia, HelenaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,798.69$0.00
Hock, EmiliePatient Services AssociateUMH Med Inn Sleep Clinic$32,769.64$0.00
Hoang, HaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,768.32$0.00
Nicholas, MorganPatient Services AssociateCW Post Anes Care Unit - Mott$32,719.00$0.00
Bernock, KimberlyPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$32,718.21$0.00
Hurley, SamanthaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,701.29$0.00
Watson, HaleyPatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$32,696.35$0.00
Gillette, TiffanyPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,682.43$0.00
Griffin, IvoreePatient Services AssociateUMH Anesthesia UH$32,679.63$0.00
Caldwell, MarianaPatient Services AssociateCW Post Anes Care Unit - Mott$32,654.51$0.00
Rattai, RobinPatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$32,649.45$0.00
Berry, RheaPatient Services AssociateCW Children's Emergency Svc$32,644.69$0.00
Mason, NatashaPatient Services AssociateUMH Orthotics-Prosthetics Ctr$32,637.19$0.00
Addis, TylerPatient Services AssociateUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$32,629.73$0.00
Rooney, ElizabethPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$32,605.19$0.00
Sabo, RyanPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$32,578.83$0.00
Yenkel, ShayPatient Services AssociateCW Oper Room - Mott$32,572.78$0.00
LaBelle, SamanthaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,535.27$0.00
Dugas, RebeccaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,522.77$0.00
Street, LoganPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$32,516.73$0.00
Dygert, RachelPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,471.31$0.00
DeFelice, BenjaminPatient Services AssociateCW Oper Room - Mott$32,449.57$0.00
Farmer, BriannaPatient Services AssociateUMH Taubman RAD$32,407.96$0.00
Massey, JuliaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,386.12$0.00
Chatterjee, Arissa NicolePatient Services AssociateUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$32,370.85$0.00
Ratcliff, MichelePatient Services AssociateCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$32,310.98$0.00
Stahl, MichellePatient Services AssociateCare Managment Overhead$32,310.98$0.00
Blue, AlexisPatient Services AssociateUMH Northville Core$32,310.11$0.00
Markey, MelindaPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$32,291.81$0.00
Hammons, MaraPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$32,256.12$0.00
Nodine, AmberPatient Services AssociateUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$32,253.56$0.00
Vladaj, YllkaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$32,217.45$0.00
Laouan Wandarama, FannataPatient Services AssociateCW Peds Cancer Infusion$32,208.92$0.00
Notario, CaitlinPatient Services AssociateUMH Plastic Surg - Tech$32,201.99$0.00
Branson, LaurenPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$32,196.40$0.00
Witherspoon, Raynelle MichellePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,078.57$0.00
Marshall, AngeliquePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,053.29$0.00
Hugan-Campbell, JanayPatient Services AssociateUMH Briarwood RAD$32,041.03$0.00
Balilo, MichaelPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$32,006.52$0.00
Ball, RavenPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$32,006.00$0.00
Clark, CaitlynPatient Services AssociateUMH Chelsea Health Center$31,900.32$0.00
Sajdak, VeronicaPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$31,823.03$0.00
Lulko, MichaelPatient Services AssociateUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$31,696.71$0.00
Bigg, LeahPatient Services AssociateUMH CVC Clinic$31,670.08$0.00
Curry, DominiquePatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$31,639.95$0.00
Robinson, AshleyPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$31,628.22$0.00
Sherbrook, KelleyPatient Services AssociateUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$31,622.89$0.00
Chavez, DavidPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$31,613.83$0.00
Weaver, AngelaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$31,541.38$0.00
Fournier, WilliamPatient Services AssociateUMH Ophthy Contact Lens - PRO$31,529.94$0.00
Lewis, ElijahPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$31,512.29$0.00
Clifton, MilesPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$31,488.60$0.00
Finley, KaylaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$31,486.26$0.00
Burchett, DanielPatient Services AssociateUMH Derm Taubman Facility$31,468.06$0.00
Benke, CatherinePatient Services AssociateUMH Operating Rooms - CVC$31,463.87$0.00
Perry, JamiaPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$31,462.99$0.00
Rankin, TeraPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$31,369.45$0.00
Marouf, LauraPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology-Central Svc$31,281.64$0.00
Burton, CarmenPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Inn Sleep Clinic$31,277.48$0.00
Pappas, EmilyPatient Services AssociateUMH Spine Physical-Occ Therapy$31,254.94$0.00
Kowalski, TaylorPatient Services AssociateBCSC Check In/Out$31,129.02$0.00
Wyatt, TyrenPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$31,106.68$0.00
Austin, JanaePatient Services AssociateUMH Infusion Cancer Center$31,041.92$0.00
Johnson, DomoniquePatient Services AssociateUMH PACU - CVC$30,904.41$0.00
Jager, JacobPatient Services AssociateCW Radiology C - W$30,754.88$0.00
Pafford, JoannaPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc Clinic Operations$30,734.45$0.00
Arnold, VictoriaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$30,700.80$0.00
Sloan, KendraPatient Services AssociateUMH Peds Administration$30,530.77$0.00
Winkler, MatthewPatient Services AssociateUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$30,507.88$0.00
Cuthbert, OliviaPatient Services AssociateUMH Emergency Department$30,442.10$0.00
Ederle, MelissaPatient Services AssociateUMH Livonia Radiology$30,187.79$0.00
Ash, BriannaPatient Services AssociateUMH Employee Health Svc$30,000.10$0.00
Kindred, ShelbyPatient Services AssociateUMH Radiology UH$29,397.94$0.00
Self, LindsayPatient Services AssociateUMH Employee Health Svc$29,019.12$0.00
Burmeister, BryanaPatient Services AssociateWest Shore Urology$28,189.72$0.00

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, Patient Services Associate UMH CVC Clinic
Squires, Patricia leo lecturer III Umh %
Bovid, Karen Michelle CLINICAL ASSOC PROF SEAS Office of Academic Prgms
Simon, Alicia clinical subjects coordinator Int Med-Rheumatology
Bray, R Thomas Admin Coord/Project Coord LSA Dean: Advancement
Neal, John E Development Director Lead LSA Psychology
Mayer, Hayley COORD PRINTING SVCS I Mechanical Engineering
Bartow, Marilyn J admin asst % work management
Bovenschen, Kathleen S PRESS OPERATOR lsa ug: residential college
Bray, Jaclyn Prof% UMH Anesthesia CRNA - UH
Mayo, James D %Medical Assistant associate% EECS - CSE Division