Number of people with the title of Ophthalmic Technician:53
Maximum Salary$ 55,429.92
Average Salary$ 42,451.67
Minimum Salary$ 29,519.10

Title Results for Ophthalmic Technician 2009-10
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Abejuro, Cynthia MariaOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Eye Plast/Neuro-PRO$55,429.92$0.00
Pollack-Rundle, Carol JOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Glaucoma Clinic-PRO$53,270.88$0.00
Brown, Deborah JOphthalmic TechnicianUMH KEC Canton Pro$51,550.98$0.00
Boyk, Sharon LOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Inpt Consults - PRO$50,914.24$0.00
Pope, Cindy AnnOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$50,576.76$0.00
Michael, Barbara AnnOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$50,312.08$0.00
Craig-Buers, TiffanyOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Milford - Pro$48,838.66$0.00
Blosser, Renee AOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Livonia ASC$48,216.48$0.00
Tehranisa, Michelle AOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$48,104.94$0.00
Elve, Karen LOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy General Clinic$47,899.28$0.00
VanHeck, Therese MarieOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Glaucoma Clinic-PRO$47,835.58$0.00
Jessup, Laurie MOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Eye Plast/Neuro-PRO$47,609.64$0.00
Davis, HermalindaOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Eye Plast/Neuro-PRO$47,360.82$0.00
Titus, Pamela SOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$47,343.66$0.00
Harpenau, ClaudiaOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$47,132.80$0.00
Kurish, Jackie-Lee MarthaOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$46,863.44$0.00
Gothrup, Julie ROphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$46,799.74$0.00
Sovel, Michelle LOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Eye Plast/Neuro-PRO$46,374.64$0.00
Ford, Gretchen AlineOphthalmic TechnicianUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$46,085.26$0.00
Kitti, TheresiaOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$45,999.98$0.00
Schaible, Diane MarieOphthalmic TechnicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$45,326.58$0.00
Huebner, Catherine MaureenOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$45,184.62$0.00
Cashin, CaitlinOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Eye Plast/Neuro-PRO$43,599.92$0.00
Gibbons, Teresa AnnOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthalmology Brighton-PRO$43,000.62$0.00
Thiele, Janice LOphthalmic TechnicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$42,596.67$0.00
Beeker, Wendy DianeOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Livonia ASC$42,429.66$0.00
Teall-Timlin, JoanneOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthalmology Adams - PRO$41,751.06$0.00
Murchie, Alison ReneOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PRO$41,643.16$0.00
Starnes, Kimberly SusanOphthalmic TechnicianUMH KEC - Canton Tech$41,589.08$0.00
Brown, Rebecca SusanOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$41,375.10$0.00
Hoppes, Marian LouOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$41,324.92$0.00
Bergeron, Melissa MOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$40,514.76$0.00
Fournier, Linda JoOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$40,430.78$0.00
Mcclendon-Hubbard, Tanya KOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthalmology Adams - PRO$40,314.30$0.00
Sizemore, Deanna JeanOphthalmic TechnicianUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$39,955.50$0.00
Cikra, AshleyOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$39,900.12$0.00
Brakoniecki, Ruth OOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthalmology Brighton-PRO$39,048.36$0.00
Siegel, Cindy MOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Livonia ASC$39,002.08$0.00
Geering, Amy LynnOphthalmic TechnicianUMH KEC Canton Pro$38,956.32$0.00
Wellman, Megan DawnOphthalmic TechnicianUMH KEC Canton Pro$38,688.26$0.00
Manno, Erin KOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Glaucoma Clinic-PRO$38,423.06$0.00
Hansemann, Beth KolbergOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$36,873.98$0.00
Rosa, JodiOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Milford - Pro$36,554.96$0.00
Bistrow, Susan LOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Opthy West Bloomfield-PRO$36,539.10$0.00
Barry, Elizabeth AnnOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$36,420.80$0.00
Guillaume, Judith AnnOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$36,049.78$0.00
Cole, Jennifer RuthOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Livonia ASC$35,719.58$0.00
Zagresky, LisaOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$34,320.00$0.00
Schneider, Karen EOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$34,230.82$0.00
El-Awar, Neddou AOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Eye Plast/Neuro-PRO$32,074.90$0.00
Nelson, Carol ElizabethOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$31,672.42$0.00
Scales, DwightOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$30,388.54$0.00
Taylor, LaurieOphthalmic TechnicianUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$29,519.10$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Ophthalmic Technician Grant Review and Analysis
Budde, Clerk intermediate MAIS Fin/Phys CPU
Thompson, Samantha Development Director Inter Risk%
Meek, Garrett Public Relations Manager UMTRI-Human Factors
Johnson, Keesa physician % SNRE CILER
Huang, Eva Research Professor Emeritus/a Psychiatry Department
Zhu, Haojie Payroll Director SRC-Studies of Youth
Butler, Benjamin M RESEARCH FELLOW Clinical risk
Snook, Elizabeth H REG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC) Research Compliance
Novak, Brian FOOD SVC WORKER UMH Pm&R Rehab Engr
snook, elizabeth ERP Business Analyst Senior UMH Nutrition Services