Number of people with the title of Office Admin Assoc Supr:38
Maximum Salary$ 51,724.40
Average Salary$ 37,952.06
Minimum Salary$ 29,339.96

Title Results for Office Admin Assoc Supr 2005-06
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Livingston, Brenda JOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Sleep Laboratory$51,724.40$0.00
Bolang, Mary AOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Derm Taubman Facility$51,257.18$0.00
McGovern, Mary JoOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Team 5 Cancer Center$45,675.76$0.00
Tuttle, Kathy EvaOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Psych Emergency Svc$45,418.62$0.00
Evilsizer, Lee AOffice Admin Assoc SuprUniversity Housing$43,992.00$0.00
Wollam, Krista FOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Rad - Assoc$41,839.98$0.00
Thomas, Douglas WOffice Admin Assoc SuprROSS SCH Student Services$41,145.26$41,145.26
Heath, Renee MOffice Admin Assoc SuprSchool of Social Work$41,083.38$41,083.48
Wells, Nancy SOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Neurosurgery Prof$40,780.74$0.00
Ayotte, Barbara AOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Team 1 Cancer Center$40,754.48$0.00
Davidson, Mary JOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Radiology-Central Svc$40,727.18$0.00
McFarland-Hinton, Rita LOffice Admin Assoc SuprLaw School$40,625.26$40,625.26
Allen, Tommie KolettaOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH TC Administration$39,392.86$0.00
Blajan, Mirela ROffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Rad O/P Imaging Cleric$38,980.24$0.00
Aseltine, Jane AOffice Admin Assoc SuprGraduate School Administration$38,832.04$38,832.04
Munson, Valerie DOffice Admin Assoc SuprUniversity Housing$38,636.00$9,659.00
Chan, Brenda MOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Livonia Clinic - Main$38,491.44$0.00
Breymaier, Teresa DiannOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH TC Administration$38,244.96$0.00
Williams, Sara LouOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Derm St Joe Clinic$37,929.84$0.00
Banks, Renita EOffice Admin Assoc SuprLaw School$37,398.14$37,398.40
McQuillen, Donna AOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Cardiology Admin$36,564.84$0.00
Snyder, Angela SOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH CC Bus Svc Team$36,253.10$0.00
Winn, Sara MarieOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Infusion Cancer Center$36,244.00$0.00
Kreger, Teresa MOffice Admin Assoc SuprPhysical Medicine - Rehab Dept$36,070.58$0.00
Cue, Elizabeth BasingerOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$35,980.10$0.00
Hatfield, Dianne LOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Hemophilia/Coag Program$35,833.20$0.00
Gatewood, Harold AndrewOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Otolaryngology Prof$35,692.28$0.00
Brooks, Denise NOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Dermatology-Tech$35,076.60$0.00
Boylan, Karla JOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Orthopaedic South Pro$34,659.82$0.00
Chambell, NaomiOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Team 2 Cancer Ctr$34,271.64$0.00
Helfen, Lisa EOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Rad - Assoc$34,046.22$0.00
Rende, Jalene KOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Team 1 Cancer Center$33,939.10$0.00
Fowlkes, Rebecca JOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Team 6 Cancer Center$32,906.64$0.00
Muirhead, Erica MOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Team 4 Cancer Center$32,626.62$0.00
Andryc, Matthew AOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Team 2 Cancer Ctr$30,772.30$0.00
Wilson, Wende SOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Infusion Cancer Center$29,536.26$0.00
Telep, Dana COffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Livonia Surgery Center$29,435.38$0.00
Williams, Lora LynnOffice Admin Assoc SuprUMH Team 3 Cancer Ctr$29,339.96$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Office Admin Assoc Supr Flint English
Roubidoux, Marilyn+A REGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL D Radiation Oncology - Ann Arbor
Allison, Mark Research Area Specialist Lead Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
Snyder, Danielle EKG Technician CoE CAEN
Manion, Emily+Anne Radiation oncology %power%
Hogle, Computerized Tomography Techno UMH Central Staff Resource
KIrk, Tambra Catering Manager LSA Physics
mondul, Building Manager UMH Northville Therapy
Vandermeer, John+H End User Computing Spec Sr UMH Holden ICU Nursery
Vartanian, Mark HEAD FOOTBALL COACH UMH Electrophysio Technical
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