Number of people with the title of OFFICE ASSISTANT IV:82
Maximum Salary$ 50,525.80
Average Salary$ 37,819.05
Minimum Salary$ 26,399.88

Title Results for OFFICE ASSISTANT IV 2004-05
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kwicinski, Debra AOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH Resp/Cardiov Svcs$50,525.80$0.00
Leahy, Kimberley AnneOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$49,692.50$0.00
Cord, Elizabeth COFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$48,381.84$48,381.84
Sumkowski, Marcene AOFFICE ASSISTANT IVFinOps Funds$48,375.34$0.00
Haglund, Sharon MarieOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH Patient Food/Nutr Svcs$47,996.78$0.00
Robbins-Bartold, BarbaraOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUniv of Mich Cancer Center$47,494.20$0.00
O'Connor, Joann EOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMicrobiology and Immunology$46,746.96$46,746.96
Gee, Rose MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVFinOps Spon Prgs - Gen AR$45,410.04$45,410.04
Ernst, Liisa AnnOFFICE ASSISTANT IVFinOps Spon Prgs - Gen AR$45,382.48$36,759.81
Beeman, AnnaOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$44,805.02$0.00
McTaggart, Carol JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$44,267.34$0.00
Schneider, Virginia MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUniv of Mich Cancer Center$44,233.28$4,015.94
Otto, Peggy AOFFICE ASSISTANT IVPathology Department$43,704.18$36,274.42
Vibbart, Brenda AOFFICE ASSISTANT IVInt Med-Gastroenterology$42,928.08$0.00
Thompson, Ruth HOFFICE ASSISTANT IVAthletics$42,472.56$0.00
Ano, Carol AnnOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH Patient Food/Nutr Svcs$42,305.12$0.00
McNitt, Marilyn MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVBentley Historical Library$42,179.80$21,089.90
Parker, Pearl EOFFICE ASSISTANT IVOffice of Financial Analysis$42,060.98$42,060.98
Courter, Elaine MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$42,024.32$0.00
Holly, Beverly JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$42,024.32$0.00
Murphy, Connie IOFFICE ASSISTANT IVGeneral Surgery Section$40,964.04$0.00
Monk, JackieOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLSA Kelsey Museum/Archaeology$40,950.00$40,950.00
Nieman, Anna MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVFinOps Spon Prgs - Gen AR$39,957.58$32,365.64
Crook, Elaine MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVOffice of Financial Aid$39,680.16$39,680.16
Cote, Nancy LOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH Pharmacy Administration$39,669.24$0.00
Preston, Tara LOFFICE ASSISTANT IVAthletics$39,660.14$0.00
Stafford, Carol JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVRisk Management$39,657.28$0.00
Friday, SheilaOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLSA Geological Sciences$39,618.02$39,618.02
Gordon, Patricia SOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$38,616.76$0.00
Davis, Lewander GOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLSA English Language - Lit.$38,276.94$38,276.94
Marx, Sheryl AnnOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH Environmental Svcs - Admin$38,254.32$0.00
Swayze, Denise MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$38,167.22$0.00
Brandon, Esther IOFFICE ASSISTANT IVAnesthesiology Department$38,109.76$0.00
Richard, Veronica RuthOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLaw Library$37,893.18$37,893.18
Ireland, Donna JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUM Autism - Comm Disorders Ctr$37,833.12$0.00
Teachout, Gail EOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLSA Zoology Museum$37,830.00$37,830.00
Towler, Darlee JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVRadrick Farms$37,286.34$0.00
Murphy, Marjorie AOFFICE ASSISTANT IVHuman Genetics Department$37,260.60$37,260.60
Rothfuss, Karen MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVOffice of the Plant Director$37,255.14$0.00
Pruitt, Barbara JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVAthletics$37,243.44$0.00
Rabbitt, Jeffrey WOFFICE ASSISTANT IVStores - Administration$37,164.14$0.00
Bailey, Yvette MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVDepartment of Safety$37,008.66$37,008.66
Loyd, KathleenOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$37,000.08$0.00
Rabun, PhyllisOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$36,990.98$36,990.98
Steakley, Stacey MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUniv Parking Svcs-Central Camp$36,949.90$0.00
Stilson, Christina LOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMedical School Administration$36,866.18$0.00
Galpin, Karen HOFFICE ASSISTANT IVBuilding Services Department$36,454.86$0.00
Wilson, Suzanne JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH Pharmacy Administration$36,433.02$0.00
Altstetter, Lorna MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLSA History$36,275.20$36,275.20
Mussato, Natalie MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVAthletics$36,187.32$0.00
Dempsey, Patricia MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVHealth Management and Policy$35,930.96$35,930.96
Thompson, Patricia WOFFICE ASSISTANT IVFinance - Personnel$35,874.80$35,874.80
Delorenzo, Deborah A MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVOffice of Financial Analysis$35,806.16$35,806.16
Caldwell, Tara LOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLSA Mathematics$35,710.22$35,710.22
Petsch, Sharon KOFFICE ASSISTANT IVPatient Services Dentistry$35,644.96$0.00
Dodge, Lisa DOFFICE ASSISTANT IVPeriodontics/Prevent/Geriatric$35,470.50$35,470.50
Shriner-Ward, Ingrid LOFFICE ASSISTANT IVPharmacology Department$35,306.70$35,306.70
Windsong, CoyoteOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMechanical Engineering$34,866.00$34,866.00
Taylor, Sandra LeeOFFICE ASSISTANT IVFinOps Student Bus Ops$34,816.08$26,112.00
Zeddell, Michelle LOFFICE ASSISTANT IVAthletics$34,628.88$0.00
Morawski, Sandra EOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLSA II: Japanese Studies$34,620.04$0.00
Cagins, Kathryn DevoneOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH Nutrition Services$34,586.76$0.00
Lopez, MarisolOFFICE ASSISTANT IVPediatrics-Cardiology$34,144.50$0.00
Parks, Nicholas COFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH H.O. Core Internal Med$33,518.68$0.00
McGeorge, Melissa KOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMechanical Engineering$33,485.92$33,485.92
Eyler, Mary LOFFICE ASSISTANT IVElec Engr - Comp Sci$33,369.96$33,369.96
Lyons, JanetOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMechanical Engineering$33,025.98$8,256.50
Hopwood, Heather AnneOFFICE ASSISTANT IVDivision of Kinesiology$32,200.48$0.00
Brannan, LaurieOFFICE ASSISTANT IVLaw School$32,173.44$32,173.44
Ernst, Mary ElizabethOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUMH Other H.O. Medicine$32,000.02$0.00
Tinlin, Denise ROFFICE ASSISTANT IVBiologic and Materials Science$31,708.30$23,781.23
Date, Allison MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVRisk Management$31,665.14$0.00
L'huillier, Vicki JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVStores - Administration$31,664.88$0.00
Goetz, Patricia JOFFICE ASSISTANT IVAthletics$31,623.80$0.00
Everett, Candice JoyOFFICE ASSISTANT IVSchool of Social Work$31,263.70$9,379.11
Perrington, Kelly SOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMechanical Engineering$31,220.80$31,220.80
Mohan-Iyengar, GayatriOFFICE ASSISTANT IVElec Engr - Comp Sci$31,215.86$10,925.46
Zampierollo, Maria AOFFICE ASSISTANT IVGift Admin$31,000.06$31,000.00
Hallum, Sarah MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVUniv Ctr for Dev of Lang - Lit$30,990.70$30,990.62
Doletzky, Kathleen EOFFICE ASSISTANT IVRecreational Sports Dept$30,694.56$18,416.71
Panyard, Melanie LOFFICE ASSISTANT IVMechanical Engineering$30,008.94$3,000.89
Griffin, Shirley MOFFICE ASSISTANT IVBuilding Services Department$26,399.88$0.00

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, OFFICE ASSISTANT IV Dbn Col of Eng-Electric - Comp
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Kelbaugh, Douglas S Housing Ofcr/Res Life Assoc UMH - TC - Transplant Clinic
Harrell, Sarah Housekeeping/Envrnmntl Svcs Hd %Asian%
Collis, Nancy Housekeeping Supervisor LSA Economics
Bramble, Katherine Surgical Tech Specialist Life Sciences Institute-Admin
Dinwieddie, Keri Anne HOUSE OFFICER VIII UMH Emergency Department
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Shriberg, Rebecca F HOUSE OFFICER VII %%%%%%%