Number of people with the title of Medical Assistant:705
Maximum Salary$ 44,043.92
Average Salary$ 32,610.21
Minimum Salary$ 26,537.27

Title Results for Medical Assistant 2016-17
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Foster, Lona LeeMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$39,459.68$0.00
Tarrant, Kristina MMedical AssistantUMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PR$39,215.80$0.00
Hutchison, Jodi LynnMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$39,183.30$0.00
Louden, Kathleen MMedical AssistantUMH Surgery Pre-Op Center$38,830.48$0.00
Toth, Lorie AnnMedical AssistantUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$38,830.22$0.00
Burga, Shirley AnnMedical AssistantUMH Chelsea Health Center$38,829.96$0.00
Trussell, Tonya MMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$38,828.27$0.00
Lorenzetti, Carol LMedical AssistantLivonia Surgery Center$38,822.67$0.00
White, Gerald KirkMedical AssistantUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$38,100.92$0.00
Walbrook, Sue EllenMedical AssistantUMH PM&R Clinics - Tech$38,086.10$0.00
Derossett, JoannMedical AssistantUMH Bmg Primary Care Prof$38,034.10$0.00
Nelson, Todd AMedical AssistantUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$37,982.36$0.00
Edje, RhodaMedical AssistantUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$37,372.66$0.00
Kayganich, Christine LouiseMedical AssistantCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$37,189.54$0.00
Ousley, Angela NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Geriatrics Center$37,172.46$0.00
Totkova, AlbenaMedical AssistantUMH Bmg Primary Care Prof$36,905.70$0.00
Courtney, GloriaMedical AssistantUMH Saline Health Center$36,719.80$0.00
Thomas, Brenda LMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$36,148.32$0.00
Lopez, Elva RosaMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$35,997.53$0.00
Lawrence, Dee-Dee LynnMedical AssistantUMH Livonia Family Medicine$35,629.36$0.00
Demmy, DawnMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$35,498.06$0.00
Locke, Ellen NoleMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$34,953.88$0.00
Ison, Shawn MichelleMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$34,803.03$0.00
Buckner, Patrice ElaineMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$34,790.78$0.00
Patton, ElizabethMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$34,485.90$0.00
Awdish, KristenMedical AssistantUMH KEC - Canton Tech$34,381.62$0.00
Sarnacki, WilmaMedical AssistantUMH Northville Child and Women$34,375.38$0.00
Thompson, Steven LMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$34,363.02$0.00
Strieter, Mary LouiseMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$34,282.56$0.00
Arbanas, Lynn MMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$34,246.32$0.00
Lepus, WilliamMedical AssistantUMH EAA Health Infusion Ctr$34,233.94$0.00
Hunter, Jeanette MMedical AssistantUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$34,212.62$0.00
Purifoy, Courtney JMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$34,202.74$0.00
Harden, CynthiaMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$34,188.49$0.00
Kurowicki, DeannaMedical AssistantUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$34,155.68$0.00
Allen, JenniferMedical AssistantUMH Canton Infusion$34,141.58$0.00
George, Karen AnneMedical AssistantUMH Canton Infusion$34,133.59$0.00
Milam, Krystle ElaineMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$34,129.16$0.00
Rose, Kathlyn RMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$34,111.48$0.00
Christina, KathleenMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$33,977.84$0.00
Bable, MarleneMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$33,945.97$0.00
Palmer, Marissa EMedical AssistantUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$33,900.62$0.00
Fleischer, TeresaMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$33,853.04$0.00
Williams, XyzaMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$33,741.24$0.00
Prevost, LindaMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$33,690.13$0.00
Strable, Stacey LynnMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$33,602.40$0.00
Dantzler, SeletaMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$33,593.66$0.00
Gore, BritneyMedical AssistantUMH Bmg Primary Care Prof$33,554.04$0.00
Jewell, AnnMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$33,348.37$0.00
Fritz, ReginaMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$33,305.84$0.00
Sharbowski, SarahMedical AssistantUMH Domino Farms Sleep Lab$33,233.71$0.00
Ralph, Melinda SMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$33,189.26$0.00
Parsons, LisaMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$33,187.70$0.00
Tate, AntoninaMedical AssistantUMH Ophthalmology Clinic-PRO$33,140.12$0.00
Fowler, StephanieMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$33,118.28$0.00
Richter, MonicaMedical AssistantUMH Dermatology-Tech$33,112.82$0.00
Wojciechowski, JanelleMedical AssistantUMH Oto Liv Clin - Tech$33,108.14$0.00
Hawkins, SherryMedical AssistantUMH Pod D GI Lumin Tech$33,033.78$0.00
Raisanen, JenniferMedical AssistantUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$32,997.76$0.00
Downey, JillianMedical AssistantUMH Blue Cancer Center$32,892.34$0.00
Wentworth, DebraMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$32,858.12$0.00
VerMeulen, JenniferMedical AssistantUMH Ophthalmology Brighton-PRO$32,837.22$0.00
VanBuren, TheresaMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$32,823.74$0.00
Lewis, LessinaMedical AssistantUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$32,804.98$0.00
Teague, AnneMedical AssistantUMH Livonia Family Medicine$32,804.98$0.00
Ruiz, LianeMedical AssistantUMH Geriatrics Center$32,777.42$0.00
Clark, LisaMedical AssistantUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$32,772.57$0.00
Wucherer, RolfMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$32,674.23$0.00
Klingensmith, JulieMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$32,622.72$0.00
Chrzanowski, DeniseMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$32,554.34$0.00
Taylor, Michelle LynnMedical AssistantUMH Sleep Laboratory$32,545.73$0.00
Nicholson, JohnnyMedical AssistantUMH PM&R Clinics - Tech$32,391.74$0.00
Gibson, MicheleMedical AssistantCW Pediatric Ortho Clinic$32,385.35$0.00
Barabe, NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$32,384.30$0.00
Williams, MichelleMedical AssistantUMH Saline Health Center$32,348.16$0.00
Curtis, AmandaMedical AssistantUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$32,338.28$0.00
Bustamante, ErinMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$32,305.00$0.00
Mosley, MardellaMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$32,305.00$0.00
Pace, NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Diabetic Edu Program-BW2$32,305.00$0.00
White, ReginaMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$32,305.00$0.00
Zugel, AllisonMedical AssistantCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$32,305.00$0.00
Hornyak, NealMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$32,302.40$0.00
Roughley, BethanyMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$32,275.36$0.00
Wade, Trennette RebeccaMedical AssistantUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$32,253.19$0.00
VanBuren, AliciaMedical AssistantCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$32,251.03$0.00
Robinson, LisaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$32,236.70$0.00
Bell, TamicaMedical AssistantUMH Blue Cancer Center$32,220.65$0.00
Hughes, BrandieMedical AssistantUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$32,207.24$0.00
Deyo, StephanieMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$32,193.46$0.00
Rondina, LaurenMedical AssistantUMH Northville Child and Women$32,134.96$0.00
Noll, KourtneyMedical AssistantUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$32,131.84$0.00
Wertz, Nicole LynMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Building 2$32,058.00$0.00
Walton, GeraldineMedical AssistantUMH Northville Infusion$32,056.70$0.00
Bovenkerk, TinaMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Building 2$32,034.08$0.00
Przysiecki, RebeccaMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$32,008.78$0.00
Eberly, Tammy LynnMedical AssistantUMH Gold Cancer Center$31,962.94$0.00
Craddick, ChristaMedical AssistantUMH Radiation Oncology$31,958.94$0.00
Becker, NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$31,916.57$0.00
Surber, KarenMedical AssistantCW Adult BMT & Leukemia Clinic$31,907.20$0.00
Nedd, De AndreMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$31,885.10$0.00
Allen, RoxanaMedical AssistantCW Adult BMT & Leukemia Infus$31,877.56$0.00
Traub, LynnMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$31,877.30$0.00
Lee, CrystalMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$31,864.82$0.00
Griswold, Brenda EileenMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$31,845.68$0.00
Hall, JenniferMedical AssistantUMH Ophthy General Clinic-PRO$31,829.20$0.00
Fickel, ZacharyMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$31,805.54$0.00
Badour, BeckyMedical AssistantUMH PM&R Clinics - Tech$31,784.12$0.00
Johnson, JenniferMedical AssistantUMH Surgery Pre-Op Center$31,769.92$0.00
Chisolm, Ashley ReneeMedical AssistantUMH Neurosurg - Tech$31,731.36$0.00
Gall, Jennifer LMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$31,706.57$0.00
Reister, Nerissa AnnMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$31,677.62$0.00
Christian, SaraMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$31,662.02$0.00
Little, DanielleMedical AssistantUMH Ophthy Glaucoma Clinic-PRO$31,639.66$0.00
Murphy, KyleMedical AssistantUMH Dexter Family Phys$31,578.04$0.00
Gardner, EngliciaMedical AssistantUMH Maize Cancer Center$31,571.99$0.00
Layow, SeanMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$31,570.92$0.00
Hill, Taissa GMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$31,567.98$0.00
Moore, Crystal LeeMedical AssistantUMH Bmg Primary Care Prof$31,555.42$0.00
Hamlett, AprilMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$31,544.54$0.00
Ferguson, Angel-MarieMedical AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$31,540.08$0.00
Paparelli, MeganMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$31,533.53$0.00
Carter, Liana MaeMedical AssistantUMH Tacu - Nursing$31,510.43$0.00
Miller, StephenMedical AssistantUMH Radiation Oncology$31,481.84$0.00
Saxon, MelissaMedical AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$31,399.42$0.00
Yarnell, DeniseMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$31,396.30$0.00
Haas, KristinaMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$31,387.72$0.00
Schafnitz, AnnetteMedical AssistantUMH PM & R O/P Tech Clinic$31,364.12$0.00
Kimberly, ArmandaMedical AssistantUMH Maize Cancer Center$31,359.85$0.00
Cartwright, MorganMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$31,337.20$0.00
Taylor, Lakisha MarieMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$31,332.58$0.00
Drummonds, GrendaMedical AssistantUMH Surgery Pre-Op Center$31,271.50$0.00
Lawrence, AshleyMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$31,268.64$0.00
Bruner, VickyMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$31,240.56$0.00
Davis, BiancaMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$31,240.03$0.00
Polley, MichaelaMedical AssistantUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$31,191.68$0.00
Vendlands, LizabethMedical AssistantUMH Livonia Clinic - Main$31,176.86$0.00
Buright-Holmes, LorinaMedical AssistantUMH Facial Cosmetic Surg Prof$31,156.58$0.00
Elder, JessicaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$31,153.32$0.00
Abraham, AlexisMedical AssistantUMH Medsport Dominos Neuro$31,138.38$0.00
Thompson, PhillipMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$31,103.80$0.00
Payne, Mary MMedical AssistantUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$31,085.08$0.00
Usher, RachelMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Building 2$31,080.14$0.00
McKee, MargaretMedical AssistantUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$31,050.98$0.00
Heisler, MarkMedical AssistantCW-Ped BMT & HEM/ONC$31,023.72$0.00
Rupert, AmyMedical AssistantUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$31,023.63$0.00
Sori, JailaMedical AssistantUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$30,992.78$0.00
Gillies, AnnetteMedical AssistantUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$30,989.14$0.00
Thornton, JerryMedical AssistantUMH PM&R Clinics - Tech$30,967.57$0.00
Spaulding, KathrynMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$30,958.72$0.00
Williams, FantashaMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$30,917.12$0.00
Haley, CrystalMedical AssistantUMH Cardiovascular Medicine at$30,904.12$0.00
Devereaux, JessicaMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$30,903.60$0.00
Vinston, TracyMedical AssistantCW Adult BMT & Leukemia Infus$30,875.52$0.00
Pitmon, LauraMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$30,860.18$0.00
Alder, JessicaMedical AssistantUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$30,826.90$0.00
Martin, AndreaMedical AssistantUMH Radiation Oncology$30,800.12$0.00
Hillard, SchuylerMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$30,760.19$0.00
Ajin, WafaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$30,748.50$0.00
Jarvis, RainelleMedical AssistantCW Peds Cancer Infusion$30,734.54$0.00
Abel, PolinaMedical AssistantUMH Gold Cancer Center$30,711.19$0.00
Desmond, Lana MMedical AssistantUMH Maize Cancer Center$30,664.82$0.00
Savoie, TimothyMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$30,648.80$0.00
Keith, CrystalMedical AssistantUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$30,648.02$0.00
Bringold, BobbieMedical AssistantUMH Blue Cancer Center$30,610.58$0.00
Couch, SophiaMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$30,599.14$0.00
Roberts, MelissaMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$30,528.23$0.00
Colwell, AmandaMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$30,514.64$0.00
Wilk, DarleneMedical AssistantUMH Northville CMC$30,484.74$0.00
Rickman, Pamela ElizabethMedical AssistantCW Peds Cancer Infusion$30,468.46$0.00
Halt, ElizabethMedical AssistantUMH Geriatrics Center$30,453.02$0.00
Scott, KathrynMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$30,449.12$0.00
Weid, TrudyMedical AssistantUMH Anes Back & Pain Ctr$30,435.86$0.00
Baker, MichelleMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$30,415.32$0.00
Graham, JulieMedical AssistantCW Ped Cardiology - Tech$30,383.40$0.00
Ley, KristinMedical AssistantUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$30,383.34$0.00
Kuhn, SaraMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$30,376.32$0.00
Wolf, MeganMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$30,359.41$0.00
Montague, AliciaMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$30,358.12$0.00
Corl, MalloryMedical AssistantUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$30,353.96$0.00
Hagerman, KimberleeMedical AssistantUMH Surgery Pre-Op Center$30,350.31$0.00
Nickerson, Ashley SusanMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$30,326.40$0.00
Baker, Jessica LynnMedical AssistantUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$30,317.04$0.00
Boomus, JulieMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$30,297.54$0.00
Effinger, ErikaMedical AssistantUMH Radiation Oncology$30,285.33$0.00
Anderson, RachelMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$30,271.80$0.00
Harvey, ElizabethMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$30,243.98$0.00
Rutzel, DanaMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$30,242.94$0.00
Sassak, AlexandraMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$30,236.44$0.00
Sekulla, PaulinaMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$30,232.80$0.00
Knight, Toni AMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$30,227.60$0.00
Reed, TiwynaMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$30,225.00$0.00
Orr, MelindaMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$30,222.43$0.00
Dixon, TiffineyMedical AssistantCW Adult BMT & Leukemia Infus$30,201.08$0.00
Cooper, Kathryn AnneMedical AssistantUMH Livonia Family Medicine$30,182.88$0.00
Skicki, EllynMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$30,174.30$0.00
Perrin, JenniferMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$30,173.98$0.00
Long, HopeMedical AssistantUMH Sleep Laboratory$30,168.07$0.00
Weber, FeliciaMedical AssistantUMH Cardiovascular Medicine at$30,143.02$0.00
Davis, LanceMedical AssistantCW Adult BMT & Leukemia Infus$30,141.54$0.00
Schoen, ShellyMedical AssistantUMH Northville CMC$30,115.02$0.00
Alfaham, DunyaMedical AssistantUMH Livonia Clinic - Main$30,043.00$0.00
Sherman, CraigMedical AssistantUMH Geriatrics Center$30,039.62$0.00
Bell, PriscillaMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$30,031.56$0.00
Cole, Tanisha NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$30,005.50$0.00
Foster-McKinlay, MelissaMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$29,994.53$0.00
Wackus, TeresaMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$29,988.45$0.00
Carr, AdariusMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$29,974.05$0.00
Pierce, Kendall LMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$29,967.34$0.00
Durham, StephanieMedical AssistantUMH Psych Clinic-Outpatient$29,965.48$0.00
Bishop, Nicole MichelleMedical AssistantUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Tech$29,947.06$0.00
Barnes, RebeccaMedical AssistantUMH Gold Cancer Center$29,914.09$0.00
Muldoon, CrystalMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$29,898.81$0.00
Davis, ToniMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$29,868.02$0.00
Mysliwski, TimothyMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$29,861.06$0.00
Garner, KylieMedical AssistantUMH Domino Med Derm Facility$29,848.00$0.00
Hesterly, MiaMedical AssistantUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$29,827.98$0.00
McMillan, CarrieMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$29,785.60$0.00
Binns, AliciaMedical AssistantUMH Radiation Oncology$29,783.51$0.00
Sanders, TylerMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$29,770.18$0.00
Call, EmilyMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$29,755.18$0.00
Barragan Barajas, MariaMedical AssistantUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$29,744.78$0.00
Pasko, DanaMedical AssistantUMH Allergy Reichert Clinic$29,739.53$0.00
Caron, AmandaMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$29,715.92$0.00
Wheeker, MelissaMedical AssistantUMH Livonia Family Medicine$29,688.62$0.00
Loredo-Carlson, LiliaMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$29,674.78$0.00
Brown, IeshaMedical AssistantUMH Maize Cancer Center$29,649.19$0.00
McCoy, TanyaMedical AssistantUMH Blue Cancer Center$29,644.93$0.00
Abdel-Sayed, Renata MarfoldiovaMedical AssistantUMH Northville Child and Women$29,618.16$0.00
Earl, LexiMedical AssistantUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$29,608.28$0.00
Koons, MaggieMedical AssistantUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$29,599.44$0.00
Burgess, BethMedical AssistantUMH Anes Back & Pain Ctr$29,592.42$0.00
Hamay, PaigeMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$29,565.24$0.00
Price, JesseMedical AssistantUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$29,528.20$0.00
Bolitho, GerlieMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$29,519.10$0.00
Conklin, RobertMedical AssistantUMH Geriatrics Center$29,487.90$0.00
Jenkins, LindaMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$29,486.34$0.00
Even, KimberlyMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$29,474.37$0.00
Glatter, KristopherMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$29,469.70$0.00
Chesnick, SamanthaMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$29,464.24$0.00
Bussing, JeffreyMedical AssistantUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$29,429.14$0.00
Batey, ElizabethMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$29,427.73$0.00
Bearden, RheaMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$29,392.64$0.00
LaDuke, TracyMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$29,333.89$0.00
Giniel, AshleyMedical AssistantUMH Blue Cancer Center$29,329.30$0.00
Lonergan, Kathleen VirginiaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$29,325.40$0.00
Sampson, MauriceMedical AssistantUMH Ophthy Retina Clinic - PRO$29,310.32$0.00
Combs, JamieMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$29,291.86$0.00
Shaffer, LaurenMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$29,291.86$0.00
Kirsch, ElyseMedical AssistantUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$29,289.78$0.00
Dankovic, HeatherMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$29,289.52$0.00
Nelson, Corrinne ElizabethMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$29,274.96$0.00
Lake, JaniceMedical AssistantUMH Blue Cancer Center$29,271.29$0.00
Windfield, JessicaMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$29,254.68$0.00
Janes, AmandaMedical AssistantUMH Geriatrics Center$29,247.14$0.00
Mitchell, MoneekMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$29,240.71$0.00
Gross, HaileighMedical AssistantUMH Taubman Neurology$29,227.28$0.00
Alexander, RashondaMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$29,215.68$0.00
Price, Lisa DanielleMedical AssistantUMH MedSport Dominos Tech$29,207.07$0.00
Xhekaj, AdelinaMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$29,201.12$0.00
Bauman, JenniferMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$29,197.46$0.00
Hebner, ToryMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$29,188.38$0.00
Hider, Joanna RukaMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$29,176.15$0.00
Magill, NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$29,164.98$0.00
Brooks, TorriceMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$29,158.48$0.00
Smith, SaraMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$29,155.24$0.00
Popper, JuliaMedical AssistantUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$29,149.12$0.00
Geiermann, EvelynMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$29,138.46$0.00
Waters, LoriMedical AssistantUMH Gold Cancer Center$29,136.18$0.00
Malecha, Jennifer AMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$29,123.34$0.00
Del Valle, Rachel AnnMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$29,110.64$0.00
Welch, RachelMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$29,110.29$0.00
Pritchett, TylerMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$29,106.22$0.00
Wallace, TamikoMedical AssistantUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$29,089.32$0.00
Gustafson, LisaMedical AssistantUMH Radiation Oncology$29,060.20$0.00
Nash, JessicaMedical AssistantUMH Maize Cancer Center$29,043.44$0.00
Rogers, ArielMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$29,034.20$0.00
Fisher, LaurenMedical AssistantUMH Anes Back & Pain Ctr$29,030.64$0.00
Patel, DivyangMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Building 2$29,018.08$0.00
Johnson, LatalyiaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$28,991.74$0.00
Donahoe, DeAnnaMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$28,990.75$0.00
Bashllari, IridaMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$28,973.10$0.00
Squires, KathrynMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Building 2$28,945.54$0.00
Glover, BiancaMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$28,940.60$0.00
Verkade, SarahMedical AssistantUMH Gold Cancer Center$28,898.46$0.00
Belcher, VanessaMedical AssistantUMH Radiation Oncology$28,892.06$0.00
Richardson, KarlaMedical AssistantUMH TC Administration$28,879.82$0.00
Nehls, Leah LeeAnnMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$28,878.36$0.00
Linton, CathiMedical AssistantUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$28,851.16$0.00
Palacio, MileykaMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$28,841.80$0.00
Miles, ChristianaMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$28,831.92$0.00
Stricker, LukaMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$28,817.88$0.00
Ginnard, MelissaMedical AssistantUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$28,815.02$0.00
Heimbaugh, AllisonMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$28,781.48$0.00
Vann, MelissaMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$28,765.48$0.00
Bernhart, ShelbyMedical AssistantUMH Taubman Neurology$28,762.84$0.00
Putz, KristinaMedical AssistantUMH Med Sport Brighton Tech$28,760.94$0.00
Richter, KristineMedical AssistantUMH Northville Adult Clinic$28,715.44$0.00
Murray, KimberlyMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$28,677.74$0.00
Grieselding, CameronMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$28,668.57$0.00
Bolyard, AmandaMedical AssistantUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$28,649.40$0.00
Stephenson, NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$28,646.62$0.00
Scott, TamiaMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$28,640.22$0.00
Smith, FrancoisMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$28,639.69$0.00
Danner, AnnMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$28,631.98$0.00
Clark, RachelMedical AssistantUMH EAA Health Infusion Ctr$28,623.92$0.00
Derby, KimberlyMedical AssistantUMH Taubman Neurology$28,601.30$0.00
Burger, LydiaMedical AssistantCW Adult BMT & Leukemia Clinic$28,564.64$0.00
Wesley, BrittanyMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$28,557.36$0.00
Griffin, AshleyMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$28,553.72$0.00
Kline, KatelynMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$28,550.34$0.00
Sarwar, KawsarMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$28,513.10$0.00
Meloche, HeatherMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$28,502.71$0.00
Platt, Bethany JaneMedical AssistantCW-Ped BMT & HEM/ONC$28,498.76$0.00
Little, Mariah LynnMedical AssistantUMH Urology Liv Clin - Tech$28,494.70$0.00
Nelligan, ElizabethMedical AssistantUMH Brighton Health Center$28,458.82$0.00
Greer, MadelineMedical AssistantCW Adult BMT & Leukemia Infus$28,448.94$0.00
Grayson, ShariMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$28,445.04$0.00
Wahl, Ashley NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Chelsea Health Center$28,417.74$0.00
Butler, ErnestMedical AssistantCW-Ped BMT & HEM/ONC$28,363.14$0.00
Fyffe, JordanMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$28,328.56$0.00
Bass, MirandaMedical AssistantUMH Team 5 Cancer Center$28,321.28$0.00
Harris, AdeetraMedical AssistantUMH Blue Cancer Center$28,320.50$0.00
Patterson, Madison NicoleMedical AssistantUMH Maize Cancer Center$28,277.34$0.00
Berens, MichelleMedical AssistantUMH Allergy Reichert Clinic$28,225.34$0.00
Haywood, BriannaMedical AssistantUMH PM&R Clinics - Tech$28,187.44$0.00
Cox, JaimeMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$28,179.32$0.00
Bedgood, AlexandreaMedical AssistantUMH Cardiovascular Medicine at$28,164.24$0.00
Martin, StephanieMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$28,155.14$0.00
Howe, AmberMedical AssistantCW Pediatric Ortho Clinic$28,147.34$0.00
Ezer, RosarioMedical AssistantUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$28,121.86$0.00
West, RyanMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod D - Tech$28,089.62$0.00
Luckham, TonyaMedical AssistantUMH CVC Clinic$28,088.57$0.00
Rentschler, CynthiaMedical AssistantUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$28,079.74$0.00
Damaron, Christina MMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$28,076.10$0.00
Motsinger, CherokeeMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$28,070.12$0.00
Puro, HeatherMedical AssistantUMH Derm Taubman Facility$28,060.24$0.00
Ninneman, AmberMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$28,041.52$0.00
Hawley, JulieMedical AssistantUMH Dominos Allergy Clinic$28,014.48$0.00
Hayes, KelleyMedical AssistantCW - Non-Cancer Infusion$28,006.22$0.00
Russell, CrystalMedical AssistantUMH Briarwood Building 2$28,000.44$0.00
Stever, KristinaMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$27,985.88$0.00
Finney, StevenMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$27,985.17$0.00
Lako, BrisildaMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$27,983.28$0.00
Kendall, KariMedical AssistantUMH Dexter Family Phys$27,970.28$0.00
Kelp, KayseMedical AssistantUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$27,905.54$0.00
Harrison, KaraMedical AssistantUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$27,902.68$0.00
Maury, BriannaMedical AssistantUMH Infusion Cancer Center$27,897.22$0.00
Longhofer, NathanMedical AssistantUMH West Ann Arbor Health Ctr$27,881.62$0.00
Richison, CarmanMedical AssistantUMH Taubman Neurology$27,870.44$0.00
Gibbs, BritanyMedical AssistantUMH Northville CMC$27,856.14$0.00
Nesheiwat, JacquelinMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$27,852.76$0.00
Buchanan, Colleen MMedical AssistantUMH Neurosurg - Tech$27,839.12$0.00
Thompson, SamanthaMedical AssistantUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$27,819.74$0.00
Roberts, AlainaMedical AssistantUMH Int Med Pod C - Tech$27,808.04$0.00
Jones, Tre'NishaMedical AssistantUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$27,804.92$0.00
Esquivel, BeatrizMedical AssistantUMH Med Inn Sleep Clinic$27,803.88$0.00
Jones, JourdenMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$27,764.62$0.00
Bellingar, MentaMedical AssistantUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$27,761.50$0.00
Conde, FatoumataMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$27,744.60$0.00
Roberts, JessicaMedical AssistantUMH EAA Health Infusion Ctr$27,726.40$0.00
Erickson, EvanMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL8$27,706.38$0.00
Buskey, DerekMedical AssistantUMH Oto Liv Clin - Tech$27,697.54$0.00
Stanek, SaraMedical AssistantUMH Dominos Allergy Clinic$27,583.55$0.00
Guttry, DanielleMedical AssistantUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$27,526.20$0.00
Kirkhart, StevenMedical AssistantUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$27,486.42$0.00
Burger, StephanieMedical AssistantCW OB/GYN Clinic Tech$27,449.50$0.00
Terrazas-Bragg, DawnMedical AssistantUMH Orthopaedic Surg - Tech$27,399.58$0.00
Vandeberghe, AlanMedical AssistantUMH Neurosurg - Tech$27,383.46$0.00
Holliday, RobertMedical AssistantUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$27,329.38$0.00
Malone, BrandiMedical AssistantUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Tech$27,292.72$0.00
White, MeganMedical AssistantCW Neuro Oral Plastic Surg$27,290.90$0.00
Harris, KatieMedical AssistantUMH Otolaryngology - Tech$27,282.06$0.00
Svistunova, NataliyaMedical AssistantUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$27,274.52$0.00
Bell, BethanyMedical AssistantUMH Blue Cancer Center$27,255.02$0.00
Bertoia, Maria FayMedical AssistantUMH Ophthy Milford - Pro$27,189.76$0.00
Murphy, MelissaMedical AssistantUMH Psych Emergency Svc$27,161.68$0.00
Wisniewski, JessicaMedical AssistantUMH Chelsea Health Center$27,079.52$0.00
Villegas, Amy SueMedical AssistantCW Pediatric Ortho Clinic$27,064.41$0.00
Weakley, LindsayMedical AssistantUMH Canton Health Center$27,041.82$0.00
Marriott, MarandaMedical AssistantCSR Ambulatory Care$26,982.54$0.00
Ritchie, CullenMedical AssistantUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$26,956.80$0.00
Shevrovich, CathleenMedical AssistantUMH Pod A Rheumatology Tech$26,782.34$0.00
Muir, AndreaMedical AssistantCW Ped Multi - Specialty FL6$26,537.27$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
Loyd, John D Medical Assistant HITS RAAC Research Tech Svcs
, Academic Program Manager HITS COA Grand Central/HIM
Castillo, Joaquin G ASST PROFESSOR Dermatology Department
Perrell, Rachel %consultant% Ross School of Business
Jackson, Chivonte Student Affairs Program Mgr %counseling%
Quinn, Andrea App Sys Analyst/Programmer Sr %%%
Sharer, Nicki Plac/Career Svc Assoc Dir Unit UMH Building Utilities
Womble, Sasha IT Help Desk Manager Law School
Mansour, Sammy Mark Art Director Flint political science
Willen, Brian Michael Application Architect Inter CW - Pharmacy
Pinto, Timothy M Alumni Relations Officer Lead LSA II: Japanese Studies