Number of people with the title of MRI Technologist:102
Maximum Salary$ 79,227.56
Average Salary$ 69,671.29
Minimum Salary$ 59,499.96

Title Results for MRI Technologist 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Akbar, TariqMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$79,227.56$0.00
Gillies, Lesli JillMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$79,150.64$0.00
Stanwick, LeonardMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$79,108.86$0.00
Collins, Susan AMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$78,958.36$0.00
McCall, Shannon MMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$78,958.34$0.00
Farrell, JulieMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$78,842.96$0.00
Ladouceur, Robert FMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$78,842.96$0.00
Lowe, Suzan EMRI TechnologistDepartment of Radiology$78,842.96$0.00
McNeil, DeborahMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$78,842.96$0.00
McPherson, SeanMRI TechnologistUMH Radiation Oncology$78,842.96$0.00
Medley, GeorgeMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$78,842.96$0.00
Strong, StevenMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$78,842.96$0.00
Wiltse, ShirleyMRI TechnologistBCSC Radiology$78,842.96$0.00
Spremo, DraganMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$78,603.81$0.00
Case, Ian CMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$78,583.39$0.00
Nagy, DavidMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$78,434.43$0.00
Peters, Megan LMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$77,765.87$0.00
Wagner, JamesMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$77,726.64$0.00
VanHeusen, Kelly LynnMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$77,500.07$0.00
DeBoer, AngelaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiation Oncology$77,387.60$0.00
OConnor III, James LaurelMRI TechnologistDepartment of Radiology$77,387.60$0.00
Kamani, ChaulaMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$77,121.13$0.00
Jackson, ParissMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$77,024.36$0.00
Bouru, DanielaMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$76,857.00$0.00
Yarbrough, Timothy ScottMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$76,778.65$0.00
Pfuhl, RichardMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$76,548.63$0.00
Davidson, DeannaMRI TechnologistUMH - Northville RAD$75,447.67$0.00
Buendia, Louis WilliamMRI TechnologistUMH - Northville RAD$75,337.42$0.00
Hough, JasonMRI TechnologistBCSC Radiology$75,337.42$0.00
French, Brittany JaeMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$75,025.08$0.00
Pedlar, TamraMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$74,607.77$0.00
Morel, JoshuaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$74,590.07$0.00
Straub, Shelley KayeMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$74,421.21$0.00
Blank, CrystalMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$74,312.46$0.00
Gordon, Blain JohnMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$74,312.46$0.00
Braid, Michael EdwardMRI TechnologistBCSC Radiology$74,309.47$0.00
Sturgill, KimberlyMRI TechnologistBCSC Radiology$73,981.11$0.00
LeBlanc, TimothyMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$73,645.00$0.00
Gooding, RebeccaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$73,499.92$0.00
Lassila, KathleenMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$72,438.79$0.00
Helfen, Matthew AMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$72,262.54$0.00
Holdcraft, TaraMRI TechnologistBCSC Radiology$72,262.54$0.00
Elkins, SamualMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$72,156.79$0.00
Fuhs, JeffreyMRI TechnologistUMH - Northville RAD$72,100.06$0.00
Griffith, Tresa MMRI TechnologistBCSC Radiology$72,100.06$0.00
Sack, Victoria EMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$72,100.06$0.00
George, DeanaMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$71,237.58$0.00
Klemchalk, CarlieMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$70,773.87$0.00
Walker, NicholeMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$70,383.87$0.00
Kaid, KhedigehMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$70,315.37$0.00
Kennedy, AlanMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$69,500.08$0.00
Pfuhl, Kelly AnnMRI TechnologistBCSC Radiology$68,888.64$0.00
Lee, AllysonMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$68,500.12$0.00
Rapcka, ToddMRI TechnologistUMH - Northville RAD$68,228.94$0.00
Charchan, AndrewMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$68,162.44$0.00
Rice, AnthonyMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$68,162.44$0.00
Deitrich, Kariann VernetaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$67,896.44$0.00
Dobschensky, CharlesMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$67,845.30$0.00
Beissel, GwynneMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$67,334.02$0.00
Thornton, SarahMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$67,137.48$0.00
Jackson, ChivonteMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$66,209.27$0.00
Morandi, Amy LynnMRI TechnologistUMH - Northville RAD$66,209.27$0.00
Side, ElainaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$66,209.27$0.00
Stoner, ChelseaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$66,209.27$0.00
Finn, MiriamMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$66,112.52$0.00
Schaible, Tracy LynnMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$66,112.52$0.00
Dudlets, BrynnMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$65,595.96$0.00
Duran, MichaelMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$65,087.56$0.00
Vazquez-Hernandez, AmandaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$64,500.02$0.00
DiCicco, JonathanMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$64,500.00$0.00
Kaiser, Andrea LynnMRI TechnologistUMH - Northville RAD$64,156.35$0.00
Fordyce, Jared AMRI TechnologistUMH East Ann Arbor RAD$64,062.60$0.00
Emory, JenniferMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$64,000.10$0.00
Morehouse, JoelMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$63,344.88$0.00
Jokanovic, MilicaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$63,221.86$0.00
Globensky, TashaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$63,129.63$0.00
Choi, JamesMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$63,098.88$0.00
Tebbe, Holly JeaneMRI TechnologistUMH - Northville RAD$63,098.88$0.00
Malik, AsimMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,945.13$0.00
Kelly, BrianMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$62,603.59$0.00
Fuerst, StephaneMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,314.92$0.00
Torres, EzequielMRI TechnologistBCSC Radiology$62,163.67$0.00
Sweisberger, BrandonMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,103.34$0.00
Whaley, KelseyMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,103.17$0.00
Ladouceur, SamanthaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,012.42$0.00
Purdon, EricaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$62,012.42$0.00
Clark, Donald LMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$61,891.42$0.00
Triplett, TaliahMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$61,861.17$0.00
Lossing, Robert ClaudeMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$61,076.86$0.00
Russell, AbbaMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$61,076.86$0.00
Lamb, NicoleMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$61,076.71$0.00
Reed, KristenMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$61,076.71$0.00
Robinson, NicholasMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$61,076.71$0.00
Donahue, ColleenMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$60,987.46$0.00
Anning, MaxMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$60,927.96$0.00
Zhao, YuaiMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$60,927.96$0.00
Suriano, JuliaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$60,499.92$0.00
Steinberg, ToddMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$60,393.06$0.00
Ali, KimberlyMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,499.96$0.00
Crowell, BenMRI TechnologistCW Radiology C - W$59,499.96$0.00
Mondragon, JessicaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,499.96$0.00
Schuster, DariaMRI TechnologistUMH Radiology UH$59,499.96$0.00

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