Number of people with the title of MAINTENANCE MECHANIC II:122
Maximum Salary$ 51,667.20
Average Salary$ 49,953.42
Minimum Salary$ 46,425.60

Title Results for MAINTENANCE MECHANIC II 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Augustine, Alan RayMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIRecreational Sports Dept$47,507.20$0.00
Beach, JosephMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIUnions-Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Bennett, BillyMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IINorth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
Bowman, Richard BMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIGrounds Services$47,507.20$0.00
Bowring, JerryMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIHealth Science Region$47,507.20$0.00
Busse, Stephen FrankMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIPlant Hospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Byrom, GeoffreyMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIRecreational Sports Dept$47,507.20$0.00
Chartrand, IanMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIHealth Science Region$47,507.20$0.00
Cheesman, Brian ScottMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IISouth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
Coleman, Dennis JMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities - Apartments$47,507.20$0.00
Cormier, RichardMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IINorth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
Crawford, Shannon BMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities$47,507.20$0.00
Davis, James PMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIPlant Hospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
DeJonghe, KyleMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIHospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Diaz, Jeffrey LMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIRecreational Sports Dept$47,507.20$0.00
Dickerson, Matthew KMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIPlant Hospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Engel, StephenMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIHospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
England, KathleenMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IICentral Campus E Region$47,507.20$0.00
Faeth, Norbert HeinrichMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IICentral Campus W Region$47,507.20$0.00
Ferry, Ronald NMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIRecreational Sports Dept$47,507.20$0.00
Fields, Demetrius MMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IINorth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
Hargrow Jr, M LMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIBuilding Services$47,507.20$0.00
Hieber, KarlMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IICentral Campus W Region$47,507.20$0.00
Hindbaugh, Mark AndrewMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IISouth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
Holcomb, Edward JMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities$47,507.20$0.00
Kwok, Hon KwanMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IINorth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
LaRocca, Joel VincentMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIPlant Hospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Lawson, LoriMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IINorth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
Lowery II, GeraldMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities$47,507.20$0.00
Malveaux, Wilbur JosephMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IICentral Campus E Region$47,507.20$0.00
Marquez, FerminMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities$47,507.20$0.00
Miller, Jason MMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIRecreational Sports Dept$47,507.20$0.00
Monty Jr, RobertMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IICentral Campus E Region$47,507.20$0.00
Morin, PhilipMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIPlant Hospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Mullins, Dennis WMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIGrounds Services$47,507.20$0.00
Olvera, BryanMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IICentral Campus E Region$47,507.20$0.00
Orosco, Jessie JMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities$47,507.20$0.00
Pomo, PaulMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIPlant Hospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Rigel, Richard EMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIBuilding Services$47,507.20$0.00
Robinson, Andrew LMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIPlant Hospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Smith, Carl DMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IINorth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
Stephens, Eddie LMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities - Apartments$47,507.20$0.00
Swikoski, BruceMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IICentral Campus E Region$47,507.20$0.00
Tessier, CurtisMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIHospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Tickner, Matthew AMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIUnions-Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Tubbs Jr, Willie LMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities$47,507.20$0.00
Tupacz, AndyMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IINorth Campus Region$47,507.20$0.00
Wiley, Rodney PMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIPlant Hospital Maintenance$47,507.20$0.00
Williams, Tyrone LamarMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIBuilding Services$47,507.20$0.00
Alobaidy, AdamMAINTENANCE MECHANIC IIFacilities$46,425.60$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
Jaeger, Dorothy M U UMH NSG MOTT 7M
Chavez, Leslie L Medical Coder Outpatient Materials Science & Engin.
Tell, Susan M CAO/Chief of Staff - EVPMA Athletics
Montague, Michelle Patient Services Assistant CoE Undergraduate Education
pollock, LEO Lecturer II % surgery
Canen, Bethany Housekeeping Supervisor UMH 7C Cardiology
McGowan, Richard CUSTODIAN II UMH Nsg 9C
Mann, Thomas W Budget Analyst Senior HHCSS Security Services
Dole, Colleen+Susanne Physician Asst Surg Subspec T2 %%%%%%%%%%
Combs, Beth+Ann RESEARCH INVESTIGATOR O-CTSU Study Coordinator Data