Number of people with the title of Licensed Practical Nurse:136
Maximum Salary$ 58,561.78
Average Salary$ 49,620.04
Minimum Salary$ 38,489.88

Title Results for Licensed Practical Nurse 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Ashley, Stacy LLicensed Practical NurseHealth Svc Clinic Operations$58,561.78$0.00
Reilly, Kathleen MaryLicensed Practical NurseUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$58,181.16$0.00
Brower, KellyLicensed Practical NurseUMH Int Med Clinic Nursing$57,850.00$0.00
DelVecchio, Sally AnnLicensed Practical NurseUMH Canton Health Center$57,849.00$0.00
Waggoner, Kathleen KayLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$57,848.16$0.00
Metoyer-Baker, GeraldineLicensed Practical NurseUMH Canton Health Center$57,847.43$0.00
Gallaway, LisaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Livonia Family Medicine$57,847.02$0.00
Ballarin, MelindaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Taubman Neurology$57,844.79$0.00
Hunter, RochelleLicensed Practical NurseUMH EAA Health Infusion Ctr$57,844.26$0.00
Parzuchowski, MaryLicensed Practical NurseUMH Northville Child and Women$57,841.88$0.00
Asbell, Terri ALicensed Practical NurseUMH Northville Core$57,841.35$0.00
Marder, VerlaineLicensed Practical NurseUMH Briarwood Fam Med - Prof$57,792.32$0.00
Otrambo, Aletha JLicensed Practical NurseUMH Briarwood Building 2$57,371.59$0.00
Sleeman, PatriciaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Saline Health Center$56,895.72$0.00
Mischloney, Donna JeanLicensed Practical NurseUMH Canton Health Center$56,755.44$0.00
Ferchau, Janice MLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$56,640.31$0.00
Steller, Kathleen JoyceLicensed Practical NurseCW OB/GYN Clinic Pro$56,630.98$0.00
Swetzig, Judith MarieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Brighton Health Center$56,614.73$0.00
Shields, Michelle LLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$56,501.46$0.00
Elliott, Debbie LynnLicensed Practical NurseUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$56,456.69$0.00
Young, Regina AnnLicensed Practical NurseUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$56,342.10$0.00
Clark, Teresa AnneLicensed Practical NurseUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$56,322.38$0.00
Rice, Cheri LLicensed Practical NurseUMH Briarwood Building 2$56,252.02$0.00
Mottram, Lynn ELicensed Practical NurseUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$56,066.63$0.00
Steinman, Sheryl LLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$55,950.79$0.00
Swoope, CherylLicensed Practical NurseUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$55,943.68$0.00
Duncan, Patricia AnnLicensed Practical NurseUMH Family Med at Dominos Farm$55,905.20$0.00
Thielan, Theresa ALicensed Practical NurseUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$55,845.61$0.00
Dennis, Diane MarieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Brighton Health Center$55,528.06$0.00
Whelan, LaurieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Dominos Allergy Clinic$54,950.43$0.00
Bishop, AnnetteLicensed Practical NurseUMH Northville Medical Proced$54,786.80$0.00
Garland, Shauntel SLicensed Practical NurseUMH West Ann Arbor Health Ctr$54,764.68$0.00
Maddux, CarissaLicensed Practical NurseUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$54,632.50$0.00
Myers, LindaLicensed Practical NurseUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$54,632.50$0.00
Gelso, JodiLicensed Practical NurseUMH EAA Health Infusion Ctr$54,589.96$0.00
Pipis, CallistiaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$54,449.41$0.00
Bausman, AnastasiaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Chelsea Health Center$54,366.00$0.00
Bross, TracyLicensed Practical NurseUMH EAA Health Infusion Ctr$54,080.00$0.00
Brant, SherryLicensed Practical NurseUMH Int Med Clinic Nursing$53,629.13$0.00
DeMars, MarkLicensed Practical NurseUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$53,501.21$0.00
Bryan, Marla DeliaLicensed Practical NurseUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$53,479.09$0.00
Schwartz, LucyLicensed Practical NurseUMH Canton Health Center$53,342.37$0.00
Tobian, Ann MarieLicensed Practical NurseUMH East Ann Arbor MPC$53,340.74$0.00
Friedrich, ShellyLicensed Practical NurseUMH BHA Specialty - Technical$53,300.00$0.00
Thatcher, LauraLicensed Practical NurseUMH Brighton Health Center$53,270.15$0.00
Iiams, KarenLicensed Practical NurseUMH Peds Cardiology-Lansing$52,999.96$0.00
Freeman, Mary TheresaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$52,828.10$0.00
Maddux, Janette LynnLicensed Practical NurseUMH Anes Back & Pain Ctr$52,678.52$0.00
Groen, LeanneLicensed Practical NurseUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$52,575.22$0.00
Tennyson, BrianLicensed Practical NurseUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$52,557.53$0.00
Li, XuanLicensed Practical NurseCW Path O/P Phlebotomy$52,529.28$0.00
Riblett, Babette LouiseLicensed Practical NurseUMH Canton Health Center$52,481.79$0.00
Poole, MaryLicensed Practical NurseHealth Svc Clinic Operations$52,317.98$0.00
Holbrook, LouLicensed Practical NurseUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$52,163.11$0.00
Wolyniak, Lynne MLicensed Practical NurseUMH Oto Liv Clin - Tech$52,035.10$0.00
Dobbs-Hensley, Cherri AnnLicensed Practical NurseUMH 4A Neuro-Neurosurg$52,003.74$0.00
Korir, AmandaLicensed Practical NurseWAA-PP Allergy$51,542.40$0.00
Mabry, Alecia CLicensed Practical NurseUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$51,515.78$0.00
Schilz-Feitel, BethanyLicensed Practical NurseUMH Allergy Reichert Clinic$51,428.10$0.00
Hein, Crystal MarieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$51,280.22$0.00
Thues-Easley, VeronicaLicensed Practical NurseHealth Svc Clinic Operations$50,974.00$0.00
Moore, Deborah ALicensed Practical NurseCW OB/GYN Clinic Pro$50,903.63$0.00
Klein, AngelaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Clark Road Rheumatology$50,774.88$0.00
Porter, GlendaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$50,774.88$0.00
Trotter, Angela KLicensed Practical NurseUMH Gen Surg Clinic - Tech$50,587.83$0.00
Ray, BryanLicensed Practical NurseUMH Urology Clinic - Tech$50,000.08$0.00
Schoenherr, Candace MarieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Oto Liv Clin - Tech$49,973.78$0.00
Bailey, ValerieLicensed Practical NurseWAA-PP Internal Medicine$49,333.68$0.00
Noble, DawnLicensed Practical NurseUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$49,278.52$0.00
Rutherford, PorcheaLicensed Practical NurseWAA-PP Multi. Specialty$49,036.00$0.00
Sorensen, TheresaLicensed Practical NurseUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$49,036.00$0.00
Stines, SamanthaLicensed Practical NurseUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$49,036.00$0.00
Grech, Kara JoelleLicensed Practical NurseUMH Brighton Health Center$48,919.27$0.00
Cleary, JacquelineLicensed Practical NurseUMH Anes Back & Pain Ctr$48,918.22$0.00
Crank, TraciLicensed Practical NurseUMH Gen Med Taubman 3B Pro$48,842.04$0.00
Hedges, LauraLicensed Practical NurseUMH Canton Health Center$48,798.82$0.00
Wright, Jaclyn KristineLicensed Practical NurseUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$48,622.86$0.00
Darwin, ChristinaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Briarwood Building 2$48,557.34$0.00
Biundo, BridgetLicensed Practical NurseUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$48,513.66$0.00
Lewan, Karen LLicensed Practical NurseUMH Photochem/Psoriasis Svcs$48,427.49$0.00
Smith, ChristieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Path O/P Phlebotomy$48,080.60$0.00
Ware, AshleyLicensed Practical NurseUMH CVM Disease Management$48,076.60$0.00
Spry, MerrileeLicensed Practical NurseUMH Northville Adult Clinic$47,999.90$0.00
Hoskins, DariciaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Northville Adult Clinic$47,965.10$0.00
Lassila, MargaretLicensed Practical NurseUMH Employee Health Svc$47,889.34$0.00
Manoogian, JillLicensed Practical NurseCW Path O/P Phlebotomy$47,839.98$0.00
Gabrielli, BonnieLicensed Practical NurseUMH CVM Disease Management$46,904.00$0.00
Wilson, DyonnaLicensed Practical NurseUMH East AnnArborHealth Center$46,904.00$0.00
Gligoroff, Joanna MLicensed Practical NurseUMH Allergy Reichert Clinic$46,714.68$0.00
Evans, AngelLicensed Practical NurseUMH Nursing 6A$46,219.10$0.00
Haines, KeriLicensed Practical NurseMICHR - Rsrch Innovation(MCRU)$46,192.18$0.00
Wilson, JenniferLicensed Practical NurseUMH Radiology UH$46,154.83$0.00
Waggoner, AmandaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Northville Adult Clinic$45,918.22$0.00
Kidd, AshleyLicensed Practical NurseMedEQUIP$45,801.60$0.00
Gentry, JosieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Maize Cancer Center$45,701.24$0.00
Beaman, LaraLicensed Practical NurseUMH Dexter Family Phys$45,554.18$0.00
Zarate, TamarLicensed Practical NurseUMH Dermatology-Tech$45,454.81$0.00
Rodriguez, TalishaLicensed Practical NurseUMH South Main Ortho/Surg Tech$45,273.55$0.00
Tsai, Allison FayeLicensed Practical NurseUMH East Ann Arbor MPC$45,240.00$0.00
Kusak, VanessaLicensed Practical NurseBmg Primary Care$45,052.36$0.00
Hill, FelishaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Dominos Allergy Clinic$44,861.81$0.00
Bruton, Sherica Lashawan-AdairLicensed Practical NurseUMH MEND at Domino's Farms$44,661.40$0.00
Shelley, Lauren MarieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Brighton Health Center$44,457.40$0.00
Spady, Annette ChiantiLicensed Practical NurseUMH Nursing 6A$44,200.00$0.00
Bergquist, SamanthaLicensed Practical NurseWAA-PP Internal Medicine$43,984.98$0.00
Halstead, CherylLicensed Practical NurseUMH East Ann Arbor MPC$43,891.88$0.00
Cox, ElissaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Nursing 6A$43,769.96$0.00
Emerson, RussellLicensed Practical NurseCSR Ambulatory Care$43,769.43$0.00
Dyer, KristeleLicensed Practical NurseUMH Photochem/Psoriasis Svcs$43,744.10$0.00
Santiago, JenniferLicensed Practical NurseUMH Canton Health Center$43,524.23$0.00
Kamrad, LisaLicensed Practical NurseUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$43,506.58$0.00
Frye, AliciaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Ypsilanti Health Center$43,454.58$0.00
Bell, KimberlyLicensed Practical NurseCSR Ambulatory Care$43,333.97$0.00
DeCant, MeghanneLicensed Practical NurseUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$43,010.70$0.00
Bowen, TraceyLicensed Practical NurseUMH Anti-Coagulation$42,848.00$0.00
Hunt, SarahLicensed Practical NurseUMH Saline Health Center$42,848.00$0.00
Allera, JIllianLicensed Practical NurseUMH Photochem/Psoriasis Svcs$42,687.84$0.00
Coon, Danielle JudityLicensed Practical NurseUMH Dermatology-Tech$42,687.84$0.00
Ejelonu, ElmaLicensed Practical NurseUMH DF Wound Care Clinic$42,550.19$0.00
Hindman, JenniferLicensed Practical NurseUMH Canton Health Center$42,548.06$0.00
Porter, HelenLicensed Practical NurseUMH Photochem/Psoriasis Svcs$42,154.24$0.00
Constantini, VictoriaLicensed Practical NurseUMH 5B1 Acute Care Medicine$42,021.05$0.00
Kitts, JessicaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Derm Taubman Facility$41,999.88$0.00
Reno, RicketaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$41,857.02$0.00
Horner, KellieLicensed Practical NurseBmg Primary Care$41,851.16$0.00
Webb Jones, SheenaLicensed Practical NurseWAA-PP Multi. Specialty$41,728.18$0.00
Shinabarger, AmandaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Dermatology-Tech$41,501.65$0.00
Pauwels, SummerLicensed Practical NurseMICHR - Rsrch Innovation(MCRU)$41,345.52$0.00
Perry, ShelbyLicensed Practical NurseUMH Derm Taubman Facility$41,288.00$0.00
Bita, DamarisLicensed Practical NurseUMH Nursing 6A$41,232.88$0.00
Pfeiler, RobinLicensed Practical NurseUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$41,041.00$0.00
Skrobot, JessicaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Oto Liv Clin - Tech$40,835.08$0.00
Wheeker, MelissaLicensed Practical NurseUMH Derm Taubman Facility$39,999.96$0.00
Stanfill, KacieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Anti-Coagulation$39,728.00$0.00
Sauro, AmberLicensed Practical NurseUrology Liv Clin- Tech$39,442.00$0.00
Pollard-Rahaming, KellieLicensed Practical NurseUMH Taubman Neurology$38,489.88$0.00

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