Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer IV:209
Maximum Salary$ 249,225.99
Average Salary$ 81,041.34
Minimum Salary$ 42,441.31

Title Results for LEO Lecturer IV 2016-17
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Lawlor, Andrew FLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$249,225.99$249,225.99
Meyers, Gerald CLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$248,878.46$186,658.85
Nagarajan, AnuradhaLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$221,338.88$184,430.63
Caproni, Paula JLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$216,044.92$162,033.69
Uhlmann, David MLEO Lecturer IVLaw School$208,280.00$166,624.00
Klemstine, Charles FLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$197,152.88$164,277.64
McGrath, Michael RobertLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$186,917.89$0.00
O'Day, Timothy WLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$186,741.07$46,685.27
Brown, Christina LLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$186,548.73$186,548.73
Middleton, Leonard MLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$157,228.14$157,228.14
Svaan, John EricLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$156,260.00$156,260.00
Montgomery, Susan MLEO Lecturer IVChemical Engineering Dept$151,951.64$151,951.64
Maccini, Sharon LynnLEO Lecturer IVG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$139,818.00$104,863.50
Chesney, David RLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$135,633.03$135,633.03
Everett, John GLEO Lecturer IVCivil & Environmental Engr$133,905.64$66,952.82
Brehob, Mark W BLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$131,913.27$131,913.27
Stribley, John MLEO Lecturer IVDivision of Anatomical Science$130,730.98$130,730.98
Dorf, Mary LouLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$129,257.12$129,257.12
Morgan, Laurie ALEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$127,190.57$127,190.57
Feldman, Tammy RLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$127,094.22$65,529.46
Stein, Tamara ALEO Lecturer IVDivision of Anatomical Science$126,963.15$103,157.56
Desimpelare, James MarkLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$124,267.61$113,922.34
Brzezinski, David WilliamLEO Lecturer IVDivision of Anatomical Science$120,854.16$120,854.16
Sullivan, Kelli ALEO Lecturer IVDivision of Anatomical Science$118,935.40$118,935.40
De Roo, Roger DeanLEO Lecturer IVCOE Climate & Space$116,351.00$61,666.03
Han-Markey, Theresa LLEO Lecturer IVNutritional Sciences$115,689.60$0.00
Schmedlen, Rachael HopeLEO Lecturer IVBiomedical Engineering$113,807.55$99,581.38
Birdyshaw, Deanna DLEO Lecturer IVSOE- Teacher Education$112,170.62$93,101.62
Kotzian, Nancy ALEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$110,046.98$110,046.98
Nabeshima, KentaroLEO Lecturer IVCell and Developmental Biology$109,942.52$32,982.76
Collings, Anthony CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Communication Studies$109,436.51$109,436.51
Gerson, JanetLEO Lecturer IVLSA Economics$108,680.24$36,217.69
Gunderson, Brenda KLEO Lecturer IVLSA Statistics$105,017.96$105,017.96
Smith, Timothy BLEO Lecturer IVAerospace Engineering$104,673.89$99,440.20
Nolta, Kathleen VLEO Lecturer IVLSA Chemistry$104,190.22$104,190.22
Williams, Jefferson PLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$100,444.46$100,444.46
Miller, JeromeLEO Lecturer IVLSA Psychology$99,748.19$49,874.10
Beleh, Mustapha ALEO Lecturer IVPHARMACY Medicinal Chemistry$99,661.00$99,661.00
de Wet, Jeffrey RouxLEO Lecturer IVComp Med and Bioinformatics$98,780.28$79,024.22
Umbriac, Michael MauriceLEO Lecturer IVMechanical Engineering$98,337.00$98,337.00
Garcia-Guzman, Luis ManuelLEO Lecturer IVIndustrial & Operations Engin$97,704.58$97,704.58
Larose, Peter GLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$96,996.55$48,498.28
Henry, YazierLEO Lecturer IVG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$96,771.20$96,771.20
Ringenberg, Jeffrey StuartLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$96,654.11$96,654.11
Marker, Joseph OwenLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$96,176.16$96,176.16
Wynarsky, George TLEO Lecturer IVMaterials Science & Engin.$92,366.18$92,366.18
Proulx, Chris DorianLEO Lecturer IVLSA Economics$92,000.00$92,000.00
Sedo, Stanley AnthonyLEO Lecturer IVLSA Economics$92,000.00$61,341.00
Robertson, Katrin OLEO Lecturer IVSOE- Teacher Education$91,397.00$60,779.01
Wilkins, Craig LawrenceLEO Lecturer IVColl of Arch & Urban Planning$90,055.39$90,055.39
Scott III, Julius SLEO Lecturer IVLSA History$89,120.62$44,560.31
Scott III, Julius SLEO Lecturer IVLSA DAAS$89,120.61$44,560.31
Vanderwill, William LLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$88,552.00$88,552.00
Rayher, Robert WLEO Lecturer IVLSA Screen Arts & Cultures$87,753.51$87,753.51
Sipowska, Jadwiga TLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$87,597.33$43,798.67
Sipowska, Jadwiga TLEO Lecturer IVLSA Chemistry$87,597.31$43,798.66
Sarris, Terri LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Screen Arts & Cultures$87,292.63$87,292.63
Morrow, Andrea VLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$84,884.48$84,884.48
Peters, Frederick GLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$82,971.15$82,971.15
Johnson, Rodney CharLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$82,378.04$82,378.04
Claflin, Dennis RLEO Lecturer IVBiomedical Engineering$82,133.95$41,066.98
Khan, Pauline BaryLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$81,800.00$53,170.00
Myers, Jennifer TLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$80,873.15$80,873.15
Ellsworth, Scott ALEO Lecturer IVLSA DAAS$80,257.22$80,257.22
Gottfried, Amy CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Chemistry$79,614.50$79,614.50
Meisler, Richard ALEO Lecturer IVLSA American Culture$79,143.36$79,143.36
Sowers, Cynthia ALEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$78,744.91$39,372.46
Lopez-Cotin, Olga MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$78,656.80$78,656.80
Rust, Elizabeth McLaurineLEO Lecturer IVMolec & Integrative Physiology$78,612.50$78,612.50
Ammerlaan, Marcus CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$78,327.39$39,163.70
Ammerlaan, Marcus CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$78,327.39$39,163.70
Rubadeau, John WLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$78,272.26$78,272.26
Robertson, Leigh ALEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$78,152.00$78,152.00
Crabb, Susan KLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$77,736.00$77,736.00
Basten, Jay HLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Kinesiology$77,728.45$77,728.45
Morse, David LawrenceLEO Lecturer IVG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$77,533.00$77,533.00
Ross, Deborah PennellLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$77,341.57$77,341.57
Rastalsky, Hartmut MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$77,318.52$77,318.52
McNamara, Christopher ELEO Lecturer IVLSA Screen Arts & Cultures$77,111.51$77,111.51
Burnstein, James SLEO Lecturer IVLSA Screen Arts & Cultures$76,908.94$76,908.94
Haniff, Nesha ZLEO Lecturer IVLSA Women's Studies$76,174.53$25,137.60
Haniff, Nesha ZLEO Lecturer IVLSA DAAS$76,174.52$51,036.93
Peters-Golden, HollyLEO Lecturer IVLSA Anthropology$75,997.78$75,997.78
McCullough, Kit KLEO Lecturer IVColl of Arch & Urban Planning$75,837.93$75,837.93
Hecht, Warren JLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$74,672.19$74,672.19
Walsh, Martin WLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$74,558.46$74,558.46
Robinson, E IanLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sociology$74,488.37$18,622.09
Robinson, E IanLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$74,488.34$24,823.24
McGann, PjLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sociology$74,383.36$74,383.36
Shier, Janet HegmanLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$73,962.85$73,962.85
Burkam, David ThomasLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$73,933.37$73,933.37
Schulte-Nafeh, MarthaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Near Eastern Studies$73,778.21$0.00
Peterson, Stacy LLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$73,632.00$73,632.00
Greenspan, HenryLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$73,236.98$36,618.49
Ralph, Alexander LuriaLEO Lecturer IVG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$72,370.40$72,370.40
Schreier, Shelly Gail-ZeffLEO Lecturer IVLSA Psychology$71,580.13$71,580.13
Van Lent, Colleen ELEO Lecturer IVSchool of Information$71,530.00$71,530.00
Denver, SushamaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$71,211.01$71,211.01
Rodriguez, Maria ILEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$70,512.11$70,512.11
Balazovich, Kenneth JLEO Lecturer IVLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$70,504.38$70,504.38
Cole, Suzanne MLEO Lecturer IVNutritional Sciences$70,239.85$70,239.85
Wood, Laury JLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$70,161.11$70,161.11
Frye, David LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Anthropology$70,089.84$52,567.38
Carreon, FernandoLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$69,923.10$69,923.10
Gallego, OlgaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$69,879.64$69,879.64
Dueweke, Eric RLEO Lecturer IVUrban Planning$69,877.71$69,877.71
Gilpin, Dawn MLEO Lecturer IVColl of Arch & Urban Planning$69,618.19$69,618.19
Lind, Mary BLEO Lecturer IVCoE Technical Communications$69,045.80$69,045.80
Fishstrom, Jack AaronLEO Lecturer IVCoE Technical Communications$68,793.66$68,793.66
Arakelian, Irina MLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$67,816.88$67,816.88
Malley, Brian EdwardLEO Lecturer IVLSA Psychology$67,789.65$67,789.65
Kennedy, Michael JLEO Lecturer IVColl of Arch & Urban Planning$67,657.54$67,657.54
Kessenich, Paul CameronLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$67,504.63$67,504.63
Donahue, Kelli JeanLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Kinesiology$67,110.51$67,110.51
O'Dowd, Patricia TLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$67,098.25$67,098.25
Kubena, Angela KarenLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$66,998.14$66,998.14
Taylor, G KeithLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$66,940.01$33,470.01
Hildinger, Elizabeth SLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$66,813.04$66,813.04
Soter, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$66,787.54$22,039.89
Kurdziel, Josephine PLEO Lecturer IVLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$66,027.11$66,027.11
Hoeffner, James HLEO Lecturer IVLSA Psychology$65,578.71$65,578.71
Soter, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$65,496.20$43,882.46
Mendeloff, KatherineLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$64,494.56$64,494.56
Federhofer, Karl-GeorgLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$64,190.39$64,190.39
Sulewski, Robert MichaelLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$64,092.72$64,092.72
Cole, Mary MLEO Lecturer IVSMTD Department of Dance$63,776.44$63,776.44
Walton, Susan PrattLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$63,377.49$31,688.75
Walton, Susan PrattLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$63,377.49$15,844.38
Goertz, Karein KLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$63,225.03$63,225.03
Alfano, Kenneth MLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$63,065.22$50,452.18
Fowler, Robin RevetteLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$63,051.69$63,051.69
Zahn, Walburga AnnaLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$63,051.69$63,051.69
Dyer, Judy ALEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$62,994.11$62,994.11
Hildinger, ErikLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$62,621.41$62,621.41
Kumpf, Eric PLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$62,564.24$62,564.24
Oka, MayumiLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$62,441.84$62,441.84
Northrop, Mary JLEO Lecturer IVCoE Technical Communications$62,337.49$62,337.49
Sheffield, Stephanie ALEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$62,335.34$62,335.34
Casper, Christian FredrickLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$62,277.63$62,277.63
Wisniewski, Elaine ChristineLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$61,995.54$61,995.54
Knuth, Aric DavidLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$61,667.92$61,667.92
Butler-Borruat, Dominique MLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$61,322.82$61,322.82
Berwanger, Paula DLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$61,155.42$61,155.42
Bowden, Thomas EdwinLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$61,026.45$61,026.45
Brandolino, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$60,982.07$20,124.09
Walker, James CodyLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$60,982.07$60,982.07
Brandolino, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sweetland Writing Center$60,982.05$40,857.98
Dorantes, Maria De LourdesLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$60,705.98$60,705.98
Pollard, Dennis DLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$60,530.73$60,530.73
Feak, Christine A BeerLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$60,495.62$60,495.62
Rogovyk, SvitlanaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Slavic Languages & Lit.$60,397.40$60,397.40
Berlin, NettaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$60,077.46$60,077.46
Thomas, Laura CLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$60,049.05$60,049.05
Meyer, Kathleen ELEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$59,689.75$59,689.75
Eidietis, LauraLEO Lecturer IVLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$59,678.58$59,678.58
Ali, Syed EkhteyarLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$59,663.04$59,663.04
Lofton, Shylynn NLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$59,641.62$59,641.62
D'Anieri, Philip JamesLEO Lecturer IVUrban Planning$59,278.16$29,639.08
Young, Lisa CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Anthropology$59,051.48$39,372.58
Imber, Brenda ProuserLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$59,034.80$59,034.80
D'Anieri, Philip JamesLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Environment$58,409.86$29,204.93
Manis, Raechelle LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sweetland Writing Center$58,030.14$58,030.14
Viers, Yannick ALEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$58,023.47$58,023.47
Makin, Alina UdalchenkoLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$56,951.14$18,793.88
Makin, Alina UdalchenkoLEO Lecturer IVLSA Slavic Languages & Lit.$56,951.11$38,157.25
Gonzalez, Raquel NLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$56,775.60$56,775.60
Rohlck, Theresa NLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$56,676.06$56,676.06
Weizman, PaulaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Near Eastern Studies$56,579.42$56,579.42
Collier, Katherine ALEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$56,472.60$56,472.60
Hilberry, Ann MLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$56,431.45$56,431.45
Westwalewicz, Piotr AntoniLEO Lecturer IVLSA Slavic Languages & Lit.$56,329.01$45,063.21
Chamberlin, Jeremiah MichaelLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$56,116.44$56,116.44
Carpenter, Lynn LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$55,857.10$7,261.44
Carpenter, Lynn LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$55,857.09$37,424.26
Mpesha, NyamburaLEO Lecturer IVLSA DAAS$55,832.77$55,832.77
Eriksson, Johanna UlrikaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$55,680.25$55,680.25
Nichols, DanaLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$55,280.00$18,242.40
Nichols, DanaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sweetland Writing Center$55,280.00$37,037.60
Goodenough, Elizabeth NLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$54,863.55$27,431.78
Espinoza-Pino, Cristhian CarloLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$54,768.26$54,768.26
Kirschenmann, Mark StevenLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$54,736.79$27,368.40
Gabaron, Sabine GLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$54,626.19$54,626.19
Primorac, KristinaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$54,495.83$54,495.83
Margomenou, DespinaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$54,467.74$54,467.74
Rosenberg, IlanLEO Lecturer IVLSA Near Eastern Studies$53,996.12$53,996.12
Noverr, Andrew MLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$53,838.90$53,838.90
Criso, Rachael ALEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$53,746.28$17,910.95
Marwil, Jonathan LLEO Lecturer IVLSA History$53,406.96$53,406.96
Agustini, FnuLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$53,161.14$53,161.14
Mills, AndrewLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$53,161.14$53,161.14
Berg, Anne KristinaLEO Lecturer IVLSA History$53,146.20$53,146.20
Orecchio, Michelle RLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$53,127.45$53,127.45
Ervamaa, Katri MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$52,924.19$52,924.19
Bogart, Pamela Susan HickamLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$52,916.09$52,916.09
Lawsin, Emily PLEO Lecturer IVLSA American Culture$52,809.44$8,792.77
Lawsin, Emily PLEO Lecturer IVLSA Women's Studies$52,809.44$17,611.95
Willette, Thomas ChauncyLEO Lecturer IVLSA History of Art$52,313.94$34,880.32
Herold, Kirsten FoghLEO Lecturer IVHlth Behavior & Hlth Ed Dept$51,988.44$41,590.75
Steiff, Julie AnnLEO Lecturer IVUrban Planning$50,388.69$27,713.78
Ricotta, Charles JamesLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$50,297.12$0.00
De Los Santos Plata, Juan CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$50,217.20$50,217.20
Sullivan, Lorrel LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$49,392.11$49,392.11
Cheng, Amy I-LinLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$49,250.00$49,250.00
Kirschenmann, Mark StevenLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$49,178.05$24,589.03
Willette, Thomas ChauncyLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$48,980.29$16,322.69
Petty, Judith VerlaLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$47,741.34$44,399.45
Chivens, Thomas HLEO Lecturer IVLSA Anthropology$47,617.92$23,808.96
Duvall, Jason DavidLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Environment$47,249.80$47,249.80
Rodriguez Mojica, AmaryllisLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$42,441.31$42,441.31

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, LEO Lecturer IV LSA Classical Studies
Berwanger, Paula D Methods/Prcd Anlst LSA Psychology
Butler-Borruat, Dominique M It plan% SOE - CEDER
Knuth, Aric David HOUSE OFFICER VII Law School
Wisniewski, Elaine Christine App Sys Analyst/Programmer Ld Flint school of management
Casper, Christian Fredrick HR generalist LSA Comparative Literature
Sheffield, Stephanie A financial senior manager %cardiology%
Northrop, Mary J Investment Risk Mgmt Director off of Rsch Compliance Review
Oka, Mayumi Auditor Senior LSA Mathematics
Hildinger, Erik ASST PROFESSOR %tech
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