Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer IV:209
Maximum Salary$ 249,225.99
Average Salary$ 81,041.34
Minimum Salary$ 42,441.31

Title Results for LEO Lecturer IV 2016-17
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Lawlor, Andrew FLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$249,225.99$249,225.99
Meyers, Gerald CLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$248,878.46$186,658.85
Nagarajan, AnuradhaLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$221,338.88$184,430.63
Caproni, Paula JLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$216,044.92$162,033.69
Uhlmann, David MLEO Lecturer IVLaw School$208,280.00$166,624.00
Klemstine, Charles FLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$197,152.88$164,277.64
McGrath, Michael RobertLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$186,917.89$0.00
O'Day, Timothy WLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$186,741.07$46,685.27
Brown, Christina LLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$186,548.73$186,548.73
Middleton, Leonard MLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$157,228.14$157,228.14
Svaan, John EricLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$156,260.00$156,260.00
Montgomery, Susan MLEO Lecturer IVChemical Engineering Dept$151,951.64$151,951.64
Maccini, Sharon LynnLEO Lecturer IVG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$139,818.00$104,863.50
Chesney, David RLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$135,633.03$135,633.03
Everett, John GLEO Lecturer IVCivil & Environmental Engr$133,905.64$66,952.82
Brehob, Mark W BLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$131,913.27$131,913.27
Stribley, John MLEO Lecturer IVDivision of Anatomical Science$130,730.98$130,730.98
Dorf, Mary LouLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$129,257.12$129,257.12
Morgan, Laurie ALEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$127,190.57$127,190.57
Feldman, Tammy RLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$127,094.22$65,529.46
Stein, Tamara ALEO Lecturer IVDivision of Anatomical Science$126,963.15$103,157.56
Desimpelare, James MarkLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$124,267.61$113,922.34
Brzezinski, David WilliamLEO Lecturer IVDivision of Anatomical Science$120,854.16$120,854.16
Sullivan, Kelli ALEO Lecturer IVDivision of Anatomical Science$118,935.40$118,935.40
De Roo, Roger DeanLEO Lecturer IVCOE Climate & Space$116,351.00$61,666.03
Han-Markey, Theresa LLEO Lecturer IVNutritional Sciences$115,689.60$0.00
Schmedlen, Rachael HopeLEO Lecturer IVBiomedical Engineering$113,807.55$99,581.38
Birdyshaw, Deanna DLEO Lecturer IVSOE- Teacher Education$112,170.62$93,101.62
Kotzian, Nancy ALEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$110,046.98$110,046.98
Nabeshima, KentaroLEO Lecturer IVCell and Developmental Biology$109,942.52$32,982.76
Collings, Anthony CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Communication Studies$109,436.51$109,436.51
Gerson, JanetLEO Lecturer IVLSA Economics$108,680.24$36,217.69
Gunderson, Brenda KLEO Lecturer IVLSA Statistics$105,017.96$105,017.96
Smith, Timothy BLEO Lecturer IVAerospace Engineering$104,673.89$99,440.20
Nolta, Kathleen VLEO Lecturer IVLSA Chemistry$104,190.22$104,190.22
Williams, Jefferson PLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$100,444.46$100,444.46
Miller, JeromeLEO Lecturer IVLSA Psychology$99,748.19$49,874.10
Beleh, Mustapha ALEO Lecturer IVPHARMACY Medicinal Chemistry$99,661.00$99,661.00
de Wet, Jeffrey RouxLEO Lecturer IVComp Med and Bioinformatics$98,780.28$79,024.22
Umbriac, Michael MauriceLEO Lecturer IVMechanical Engineering$98,337.00$98,337.00
Garcia-Guzman, Luis ManuelLEO Lecturer IVIndustrial & Operations Engin$97,704.58$97,704.58
Larose, Peter GLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$96,996.55$48,498.28
Henry, YazierLEO Lecturer IVG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$96,771.20$96,771.20
Ringenberg, Jeffrey StuartLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$96,654.11$96,654.11
Marker, Joseph OwenLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$96,176.16$96,176.16
Wynarsky, George TLEO Lecturer IVMaterials Science & Engin.$92,366.18$92,366.18
Proulx, Chris DorianLEO Lecturer IVLSA Economics$92,000.00$92,000.00
Sedo, Stanley AnthonyLEO Lecturer IVLSA Economics$92,000.00$61,341.00
Robertson, Katrin OLEO Lecturer IVSOE- Teacher Education$91,397.00$60,779.01
Wilkins, Craig LawrenceLEO Lecturer IVColl of Arch & Urban Planning$90,055.39$90,055.39
Scott III, Julius SLEO Lecturer IVLSA History$89,120.62$44,560.31
Scott III, Julius SLEO Lecturer IVLSA DAAS$89,120.61$44,560.31
Vanderwill, William LLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$88,552.00$88,552.00
Rayher, Robert WLEO Lecturer IVLSA Screen Arts & Cultures$87,753.51$87,753.51
Sipowska, Jadwiga TLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$87,597.33$43,798.67
Sipowska, Jadwiga TLEO Lecturer IVLSA Chemistry$87,597.31$43,798.66
Sarris, Terri LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Screen Arts & Cultures$87,292.63$87,292.63
Morrow, Andrea VLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$84,884.48$84,884.48
Peters, Frederick GLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$82,971.15$82,971.15
Johnson, Rodney CharLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$82,378.04$82,378.04
Claflin, Dennis RLEO Lecturer IVBiomedical Engineering$82,133.95$41,066.98
Khan, Pauline BaryLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$81,800.00$53,170.00
Myers, Jennifer TLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$80,873.15$80,873.15
Ellsworth, Scott ALEO Lecturer IVLSA DAAS$80,257.22$80,257.22
Gottfried, Amy CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Chemistry$79,614.50$79,614.50
Meisler, Richard ALEO Lecturer IVLSA American Culture$79,143.36$79,143.36
Sowers, Cynthia ALEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$78,744.91$39,372.46
Lopez-Cotin, Olga MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$78,656.80$78,656.80
Rust, Elizabeth McLaurineLEO Lecturer IVMolec & Integrative Physiology$78,612.50$78,612.50
Ammerlaan, Marcus CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$78,327.39$39,163.70
Ammerlaan, Marcus CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$78,327.39$39,163.70
Rubadeau, John WLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$78,272.26$78,272.26
Robertson, Leigh ALEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$78,152.00$78,152.00
Crabb, Susan KLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$77,736.00$77,736.00
Basten, Jay HLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Kinesiology$77,728.45$77,728.45
Morse, David LawrenceLEO Lecturer IVG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$77,533.00$77,533.00
Ross, Deborah PennellLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$77,341.57$77,341.57
Rastalsky, Hartmut MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$77,318.52$77,318.52
McNamara, Christopher ELEO Lecturer IVLSA Screen Arts & Cultures$77,111.51$77,111.51
Burnstein, James SLEO Lecturer IVLSA Screen Arts & Cultures$76,908.94$76,908.94
Haniff, Nesha ZLEO Lecturer IVLSA Women's Studies$76,174.53$25,137.60
Haniff, Nesha ZLEO Lecturer IVLSA DAAS$76,174.52$51,036.93
Peters-Golden, HollyLEO Lecturer IVLSA Anthropology$75,997.78$75,997.78
McCullough, Kit KLEO Lecturer IVColl of Arch & Urban Planning$75,837.93$75,837.93
Hecht, Warren JLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$74,672.19$74,672.19
Walsh, Martin WLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$74,558.46$74,558.46
Robinson, E IanLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sociology$74,488.37$18,622.09
Robinson, E IanLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$74,488.34$24,823.24
McGann, PjLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sociology$74,383.36$74,383.36
Shier, Janet HegmanLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$73,962.85$73,962.85
Burkam, David ThomasLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$73,933.37$73,933.37
Schulte-Nafeh, MarthaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Near Eastern Studies$73,778.21$0.00
Peterson, Stacy LLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$73,632.00$73,632.00
Greenspan, HenryLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$73,236.98$36,618.49
Ralph, Alexander LuriaLEO Lecturer IVG. Ford Sc Pub Pol$72,370.40$72,370.40
Schreier, Shelly Gail-ZeffLEO Lecturer IVLSA Psychology$71,580.13$71,580.13
Van Lent, Colleen ELEO Lecturer IVSchool of Information$71,530.00$71,530.00
Denver, SushamaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$71,211.01$71,211.01
Rodriguez, Maria ILEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$70,512.11$70,512.11
Balazovich, Kenneth JLEO Lecturer IVLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$70,504.38$70,504.38
Cole, Suzanne MLEO Lecturer IVNutritional Sciences$70,239.85$70,239.85
Wood, Laury JLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$70,161.11$70,161.11
Frye, David LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Anthropology$70,089.84$52,567.38
Carreon, FernandoLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$69,923.10$69,923.10
Gallego, OlgaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$69,879.64$69,879.64
Dueweke, Eric RLEO Lecturer IVUrban Planning$69,877.71$69,877.71
Gilpin, Dawn MLEO Lecturer IVColl of Arch & Urban Planning$69,618.19$69,618.19
Lind, Mary BLEO Lecturer IVCoE Technical Communications$69,045.80$69,045.80
Fishstrom, Jack AaronLEO Lecturer IVCoE Technical Communications$68,793.66$68,793.66
Arakelian, Irina MLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$67,816.88$67,816.88
Malley, Brian EdwardLEO Lecturer IVLSA Psychology$67,789.65$67,789.65
Kennedy, Michael JLEO Lecturer IVColl of Arch & Urban Planning$67,657.54$67,657.54
Kessenich, Paul CameronLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$67,504.63$67,504.63
Donahue, Kelli JeanLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Kinesiology$67,110.51$67,110.51
O'Dowd, Patricia TLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$67,098.25$67,098.25
Kubena, Angela KarenLEO Lecturer IVLSA Mathematics$66,998.14$66,998.14
Taylor, G KeithLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$66,940.01$33,470.01
Hildinger, Elizabeth SLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$66,813.04$66,813.04
Soter, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$66,787.54$22,039.89
Kurdziel, Josephine PLEO Lecturer IVLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$66,027.11$66,027.11
Hoeffner, James HLEO Lecturer IVLSA Psychology$65,578.71$65,578.71
Soter, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$65,496.20$43,882.46
Mendeloff, KatherineLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$64,494.56$64,494.56
Federhofer, Karl-GeorgLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$64,190.39$64,190.39
Sulewski, Robert MichaelLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$64,092.72$64,092.72
Cole, Mary MLEO Lecturer IVSMTD Department of Dance$63,776.44$63,776.44
Walton, Susan PrattLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$63,377.49$31,688.75
Walton, Susan PrattLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$63,377.49$15,844.38
Goertz, Karein KLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$63,225.03$63,225.03
Alfano, Kenneth MLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$63,065.22$50,452.18
Fowler, Robin RevetteLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$63,051.69$63,051.69
Zahn, Walburga AnnaLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$63,051.69$63,051.69
Dyer, Judy ALEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$62,994.11$62,994.11
Hildinger, ErikLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$62,621.41$62,621.41
Kumpf, Eric PLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$62,564.24$62,564.24
Oka, MayumiLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$62,441.84$62,441.84
Northrop, Mary JLEO Lecturer IVCoE Technical Communications$62,337.49$62,337.49
Sheffield, Stephanie ALEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$62,335.34$62,335.34
Casper, Christian FredrickLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$62,277.63$62,277.63
Wisniewski, Elaine ChristineLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$61,995.54$61,995.54
Knuth, Aric DavidLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$61,667.92$61,667.92
Butler-Borruat, Dominique MLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$61,322.82$61,322.82
Berwanger, Paula DLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$61,155.42$61,155.42
Bowden, Thomas EdwinLEO Lecturer IVCoE Undergraduate Education$61,026.45$61,026.45
Brandolino, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$60,982.07$20,124.09
Walker, James CodyLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$60,982.07$60,982.07
Brandolino, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sweetland Writing Center$60,982.05$40,857.98
Dorantes, Maria De LourdesLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$60,705.98$60,705.98
Pollard, Dennis DLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$60,530.73$60,530.73
Feak, Christine A BeerLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$60,495.62$60,495.62
Rogovyk, SvitlanaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Slavic Languages & Lit.$60,397.40$60,397.40
Berlin, NettaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$60,077.46$60,077.46
Thomas, Laura CLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$60,049.05$60,049.05
Meyer, Kathleen ELEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$59,689.75$59,689.75
Eidietis, LauraLEO Lecturer IVLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$59,678.58$59,678.58
Ali, Syed EkhteyarLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$59,663.04$59,663.04
Lofton, Shylynn NLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$59,641.62$59,641.62
D'Anieri, Philip JamesLEO Lecturer IVUrban Planning$59,278.16$29,639.08
Young, Lisa CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Anthropology$59,051.48$39,372.58
Imber, Brenda ProuserLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$59,034.80$59,034.80
D'Anieri, Philip JamesLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Environment$58,409.86$29,204.93
Manis, Raechelle LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sweetland Writing Center$58,030.14$58,030.14
Viers, Yannick ALEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$58,023.47$58,023.47
Makin, Alina UdalchenkoLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$56,951.14$18,793.88
Makin, Alina UdalchenkoLEO Lecturer IVLSA Slavic Languages & Lit.$56,951.11$38,157.25
Gonzalez, Raquel NLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$56,775.60$56,775.60
Rohlck, Theresa NLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$56,676.06$56,676.06
Weizman, PaulaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Near Eastern Studies$56,579.42$56,579.42
Collier, Katherine ALEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$56,472.60$56,472.60
Hilberry, Ann MLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$56,431.45$56,431.45
Westwalewicz, Piotr AntoniLEO Lecturer IVLSA Slavic Languages & Lit.$56,329.01$45,063.21
Chamberlin, Jeremiah MichaelLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$56,116.44$56,116.44
Carpenter, Lynn LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$55,857.10$7,261.44
Carpenter, Lynn LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Ecology & Evolutionary Bio$55,857.09$37,424.26
Mpesha, NyamburaLEO Lecturer IVLSA DAAS$55,832.77$55,832.77
Eriksson, Johanna UlrikaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$55,680.25$55,680.25
Nichols, DanaLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language & Lit.$55,280.00$18,242.40
Nichols, DanaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Sweetland Writing Center$55,280.00$37,037.60
Goodenough, Elizabeth NLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$54,863.55$27,431.78
Espinoza-Pino, Cristhian CarloLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$54,768.26$54,768.26
Kirschenmann, Mark StevenLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$54,736.79$27,368.40
Gabaron, Sabine GLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$54,626.19$54,626.19
Primorac, KristinaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$54,495.83$54,495.83
Margomenou, DespinaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$54,467.74$54,467.74
Rosenberg, IlanLEO Lecturer IVLSA Near Eastern Studies$53,996.12$53,996.12
Noverr, Andrew MLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$53,838.90$53,838.90
Criso, Rachael ALEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$53,746.28$17,910.95
Marwil, Jonathan LLEO Lecturer IVLSA History$53,406.96$53,406.96
Agustini, FnuLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$53,161.14$53,161.14
Mills, AndrewLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$53,161.14$53,161.14
Berg, Anne KristinaLEO Lecturer IVLSA History$53,146.20$53,146.20
Orecchio, Michelle RLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$53,127.45$53,127.45
Ervamaa, Katri MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$52,924.19$52,924.19
Bogart, Pamela Susan HickamLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language Institute$52,916.09$52,916.09
Lawsin, Emily PLEO Lecturer IVLSA American Culture$52,809.44$8,792.77
Lawsin, Emily PLEO Lecturer IVLSA Women's Studies$52,809.44$17,611.95
Willette, Thomas ChauncyLEO Lecturer IVLSA History of Art$52,313.94$34,880.32
Herold, Kirsten FoghLEO Lecturer IVHlth Behavior & Hlth Ed Dept$51,988.44$41,590.75
Steiff, Julie AnnLEO Lecturer IVUrban Planning$50,388.69$27,713.78
Ricotta, Charles JamesLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$50,297.12$0.00
De Los Santos Plata, Juan CLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$50,217.20$50,217.20
Sullivan, Lorrel LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$49,392.11$49,392.11
Cheng, Amy I-LinLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$49,250.00$49,250.00
Kirschenmann, Mark StevenLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$49,178.05$24,589.03
Willette, Thomas ChauncyLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$48,980.29$16,322.69
Petty, Judith VerlaLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Music Theatre&Dance$47,741.34$44,399.45
Chivens, Thomas HLEO Lecturer IVLSA Anthropology$47,617.92$23,808.96
Duvall, Jason DavidLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Environment$47,249.80$47,249.80
Rodriguez Mojica, AmaryllisLEO Lecturer IVLSA Romance Languages & Lit.$42,441.31$42,441.31

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, LEO Lecturer IV LSA Classical Studies
Freeman, Maria Lolita It plan% LSA Psychology
Freeman, Lauren Ann HR generalist UMH Pod C Nephrology Tech
Freeman, Latoya Auditor Senior %Nutritional%Sciences%
Freeman, Latina T Laboratory Supervisor ITS SS Service Center
Freeman, Kimberly Ann App Programmer/Analyst Inter AEC%A%E%O%M%ENGR
Freeman, Kendra Ann Laboratory/Classroom Svcs Mgr UMH 6B1
Freeman, Jeremiah Reuben Continuing Education Director Office of the General Counsel
Freeland, Adam animal att Epidemiology Department
Freedman, Brianna Leigh clinical subjects associate UMH H.O. Core Thoracic Surg
Fredricks, Jill Reg% nur% Computational Medicine and Bio