Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer IV:26
Maximun Salary$ 97,382.17
Average Salary$ 66,380.82
Mminimum Salary$ 49,400.70
Title Results for 2016-17
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Miranda, Maria MercedesLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Acctg & Finance$97,382.17$97,382.17
Baker, Susan KLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Acctg & Finance$92,094.43$92,094.43
Samfilippo, Chris MartinLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$91,358.09$91,358.09
Blenman, Martha RowlandLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Acctg & Finance$86,944.12$86,944.12
Hartge, Timothy DLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$86,944.12$86,944.12
Urbaczewski, Lise JoanneLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$86,602.26$86,602.26
Vlachos, George CLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Acctg & Finance$83,613.21$83,613.21
Holowicki, GeraldLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$83,612.49$83,612.49
Miller, Donald RLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$70,224.81$70,224.81
Matzke, David CLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$65,220.68$65,220.68
Allen, Angela JLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$64,050.73$64,050.73
Hetrick, James MichaelLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$62,564.44$62,564.44
Stewart, Ogie GLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$61,355.22$61,355.22
Vecchiola, CarlaLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Social Sciences$60,632.88$7,579.11
Dika, Rifaat ALEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$57,550.13$57,550.13
Nesmith, Judy MLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$57,401.05$57,401.05
Saillant, Jean MLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$55,989.95$55,989.95
Al-Qaisi, Samia MLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$54,917.30$54,917.30
Skrbina, David FrankLEO Lecturer IVDbn-Literature Philosophy&Arts$54,064.69$54,064.69
Hartshorn, Patricia ALEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$51,846.10$51,846.10
Macany, Montaha JLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Math & Statistics$51,435.28$51,435.28
Kursman, Nancy SLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Social Sciences$51,271.57$51,271.57
Bazzi, Judith ALEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$50,191.05$50,191.05
Mannion, Jerilyn GailLEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$49,833.20$49,833.20
Perez, Marissa HonoraLEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$49,400.70$49,400.70
Petrak, Samantha ALEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$49,400.70$49,400.70