Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer IV:33
Maximum Salary$ 103,563.51
Average Salary$ 71,743.44
Minimum Salary$ 52,645.41

Title Results for LEO Lecturer IV 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Miranda, Maria MercedesLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Acctg - Finance$103,563.51$103,563.51
Baker, Susan KLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Acctg - Finance$97,940.12$97,940.12
Samfilippo, Chris MartinLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$97,157.04$97,157.04
Holowicki, GeraldLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$95,000.00$95,000.00
Hartge, Timothy DLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$93,589.94$93,589.94
Urbaczewski, Lise JoanneLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$92,440.33$92,440.33
Vlachos, George CLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Acctg - Finance$90,171.61$90,171.61
Smrt, DianaLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$86,461.96$86,461.96
Keyes, PatrickLEO Lecturer IVDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$82,681.81$82,681.81
Miller, Donald RLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$82,681.55$82,681.55
Wraight, Jamie LLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Social Sciences$75,527.08$75,527.08
Stewart, Ogie GLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$72,645.88$72,645.88
Vecchiola, CarlaLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Social Sciences$71,638.50$17,909.63
Hetrick, James MichaelLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$69,841.37$69,841.37
Nesmith, Judy MLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$69,473.08$69,473.08
Saillant, Jean MLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$68,019.65$68,019.65
Dika, Rifaat ALEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$67,805.14$67,805.14
Bazzi, Judith ALEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$64,660.15$64,660.15
Hartshorn, Patricia ALEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$63,751.48$63,751.48
Macany, Montaha JLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$63,314.81$63,314.81
Skrbina, David FrankLEO Lecturer IVDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy-Arts$62,436.63$62,436.63
Walters, Claudia KLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Social Sciences$61,601.55$61,601.55
Pappas, Geraldine AnnLEO Lecturer IVDbn International Affairs$61,248.69$61,248.69
Al-Qaisi, Samia MLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$61,064.82$61,064.82
Kursman, Nancy SLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Social Sciences$60,909.72$60,909.72
Edwards, Sheryl LLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Social Sciences$59,641.08$59,641.08
Petrak, Samantha ALEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$58,982.72$58,982.72
Potvin, PhilipLEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$57,749.55$57,749.55
La Commare, Katherine SpencerLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$57,142.87$57,142.87
Mannion, Jerilyn GailLEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$55,828.20$55,828.20
Phillips, Benjamin ALEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$55,160.49$55,160.49
Calzada-Orihuela, SofiaLEO Lecturer IVDbn-Language Culture Communctn$54,756.84$54,756.84
Stasser, Jay PLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$52,645.41$52,645.41

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, LEO Lecturer IV College of Lit Science and Arts
Capstick, Pamela C Benefits Administrator Assoc UMH Pm-R Emg
Montgomery, Susan M WOMENS GYMNASTICS COACH AEC%Architecture%Engineering
Montgomery, John Athletics Operations Asst Dir College of Lit Science - Arts
Montgomery, Douglas IT HITS EI Network - Comm Arch
Plocki, Beverly Jean Eeg tech School of Nursing
Montalva, Roen Gift Acknowledge/Process Mgr DENT Community - Outreach Prog
Monson, Lynn ASST BASKETBALL COACH %global%
Mondisa, Joi-Lynn Network Architect Senior ROSS SCH Information Technolog
Momoh, Adeyiza HEAD HOCKEY COACH Coll of Arch and Urban Planning
Rademacher, Robert K Database Analyst/Programmer H.O. Radiology NucMed Fellows