Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer II:102
Maximum Salary$ 70,000.00
Average Salary$ 34,602.79
Minimum Salary$ 28,691.15

Title Results for LEO Lecturer II 2008-09
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Weed, Stanley ELEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Fine and App$44,469.80$44,469.80
Vlisides, Nicholas ALEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg and Finance$42,500.50$10,625.12
Steiner, Thomas GLEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Computer and Info$39,712.68$9,928.16
Radzilowski, Thaddeus CasmirLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$38,436.84$9,609.20
Lynn, MarjorieLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$37,800.93$28,350.70
McMillan, LianaLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$37,800.93$25,203.76
Meitzler, Allen HLEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Electric and Comp$36,427.65$9,106.88
Sheth, Susan LLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$35,417.09$35,417.09
Steffka, Mark ALEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Electric and Comp$33,551.61$8,387.92
Kaufman, Herbert JLEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Electric and Comp$33,551.60$26,841.28
Williams, Edward JLEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgmt-Mgmt Studies$33,280.00$33,280.00
Shelly, Cara LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$31,983.20$23,987.40
Halloran, Bonnie BLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology and Anthropol$31,974.67$3,996.80
Buczkowski, Paul JLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$31,974.17$15,987.09
Carter, MarykayLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$31,974.17$31,974.17
Edwards, Sheryl LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$31,974.17$23,980.63
Fletcher, Debra LLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$31,974.17$31,974.17
Hogan, Carol LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$31,974.17$31,974.17
Kernisky, Ivan FLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$31,974.17$15,987.12
Meyers, Charlene MLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$31,974.17$15,987.12
Rapp, Linda LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Foreign Languages$31,974.17$31,974.17
Stewart, GraceLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$31,974.17$15,987.09
Rapp, Linda LLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$31,974.00$0.00
Beidoun, Nasser ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$31,973.00$21,317.99
Birkhill, William RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Psychology$31,973.00$15,986.48
Bonfiglio, Mario ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$31,973.00$21,318.00
Bray, Hugh DLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Psychology$31,973.00$15,986.48
Gaughan, Joseph PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology and Anthropol$31,973.00$15,986.48
Igo, Jeffrey PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$31,973.00$26,641.52
Loosle, David GLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$31,973.00$21,318.00
McNeece, William ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology and Anthropol$31,973.00$15,986.50
Quabili, Masudur RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$31,973.00$31,972.96
White, Elmer ELEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg and Finance$31,749.64$5,294.24
Simari, Anthony PLEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg and Finance$31,710.40$23,782.80
Koyluoglu, S DoganLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$31,097.04$7,774.24
Assenmacher, Jerome ELEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg and Finance$30,845.96$7,711.52
Roberts, Brian ScottLEO Lecturer IIDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy and Arts$30,499.64$6,709.44
Trotzke, Margaret ALEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$30,499.64$22,874.72
Paul, Cynthia PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$30,499.04$22,874.32
Waknine, DavidLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$30,499.04$26,686.64
Bazzi, Judith ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$30,497.28$30,497.28
Mahr, Christopher LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$30,497.27$17,787.53
Sunstein, Paul WLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$30,480.98$7,620.24
Fisk, AlanLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$30,047.16$7,511.79
Fleming, Carl NolanLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$30,047.16$11,267.68
LaPalm, James RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$30,047.16$15,023.60
Bauer, Jennifer ChristineLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$30,037.24$26,522.88
Turfe, Atallah AlieLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$30,028.79$27,528.88
Nissen, James CLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Fine and App$29,957.78$22,468.32
Ayouby, Kenneth KLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,957.74$27,463.76
Nelson, Jack ELEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$29,956.75$18,722.96
Nelson, Eric WilliamLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$29,956.68$7,489.20
Barkey, Madeleine JLEO Lecturer IIDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy and Arts$29,945.09$14,074.16
Castile, Kevin KLEO Lecturer IIDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy and Arts$29,945.09$6,587.92
Culling, Richard ELEO Lecturer IIDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy and Arts$29,945.09$21,552.98
Daniels, Dennis RichardLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,945.09$22,458.80
Farhat, Ahmad HLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$29,945.09$13,100.96
Fomin, Elizabeth JLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,945.09$29,945.12
Gell, Mary MLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,945.09$29,945.12
Makki, Nazih MLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,945.09$22,458.80
Meyer, Nancy RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$29,945.09$29,945.09
Miller, Marilyn SLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,945.09$22,458.80
Sobiechowski, David LeonardLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$29,945.09$22,458.80
Skrbina, David FrankLEO Lecturer IIDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy and Arts$29,945.07$22,458.80
Brooks, Lee WarnerLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,945.00$14,972.56
Macany, Montaha JLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$29,944.54$29,944.54
Young, Jason DLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Psychology$29,944.21$22,458.16
Lewis, John HowardLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$29,943.36$29,943.36
Shernoff, Neil WLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology and Anthropol$29,943.25$22,457.44
Archer, Diane PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology and Anthropol$29,943.16$14,971.60
Roundtree, Deborah ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Psychology$29,942.79$7,485.70
Lamerato, Lois EleanoLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology and Anthropol$29,942.76$7,485.69
Wauldron, Barry MLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$29,942.69$14,971.36
Walters, Claudia KLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$29,942.18$14,971.09
Hartshorn, Patricia ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$29,900.51$29,900.48
Geary, Judith MLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$29,514.24$26,061.04
Johnson, Kenneth LLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$29,514.24$17,214.18
Singleton, Steven PLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$29,514.24$9,828.24
Spence, Nancy MuzbeckLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$29,514.24$22,135.68
Carrier, Robert JLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$29,500.85$8,599.52
Sears, Richard BLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$29,500.85$14,750.40
Worden, Charles HLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$29,500.85$4,425.13
Foy, Thomas ALEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,440.00$22,080.00
Shelly, MichaelLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math and Statistics$29,439.98$17,170.88
Handelman, Anita FLEO Lecturer IIDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,113.29$14,556.64
Wright, V AndrewLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,805.56$21,604.16
Ostrom, Terry RLEO Lecturer IIDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$28,691.15$14,952.39

Lists of recent searches of
, LEO Lecturer II UMH Nsg 9C
Trantowski, Roxi Denise professor Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Scarrott, Deborah Lee Billing Clerk Senior Recreational Sports Dept
Burton, Lisa M Clin Info Analyst Staff Spec Anesthesiology Department
Ward, Elizabeth Cashiering Associate Supr LSA II: Japanese Studies
Skib, Michael Patient Registration Spec Lead %infor%
Ryan, Kimberly Annette Clerk Senior Healthcare Lab Animal Medicine Unit
Moore, David A Project Senior Manager College of Pharmacy
skib, social worker bsw UMHS Devel. - Corp and Fnd Rel
Kalbarczyk, Danielle M Documentation Specialist Sr UMHS Development - Cancer/DCI
moran, John Call/CustSvc Trf/Sch Asst Inte Int Med-General Medicine