Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer II:99
Maximum Salary$ 63,654.00
Average Salary$ 31,781.51
Minimum Salary$ 27,460.34

Title Results for LEO Lecturer II 2007-08
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Weed, Stanley ELEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Fine - App$42,759.42$42,759.42
Vlisides, Nicholas ALEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg - Finance$40,865.87$10,216.47
Mollien, Jerry WLEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg - Finance$35,417.09$4,427.14
Meitzler, Allen HLEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Electric - Comp$35,026.59$8,756.65
Lynn, MarjorieLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$34,054.89$34,054.89
McMillan, LianaLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Foreign Languages$34,054.89$22,706.10
Sheth, Susan LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$34,054.89$34,054.89
Steffka, Mark ALEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Electric - Comp$32,261.16$8,065.29
Kaufman, Herbert JLEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Electric - Comp$32,261.15$12,904.46
Hunt, Marshall JLEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg - Finance$30,586.81$7,646.70
Koyluoglu, S DoganLEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Indust - Sys En$30,417.83$15,208.92
Koyluoglu, S DoganLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$29,901.00$7,475.25
Assenmacher, Jerome ELEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg - Finance$29,659.58$7,414.90
Williams, Edward JLEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgmt-Mgmt Studies$29,371.02$22,028.27
Roberts, Brian ScottLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Fine - App$29,326.58$7,331.64
Trotzke, Margaret ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Foreign Languages$29,326.58$21,994.93
Waknine, DavidLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$29,326.57$23,754.56
Paul, Cynthia PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$29,326.00$14,663.00
Bazzi, Judith ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$29,324.31$14,662.16
Mahr, Christopher LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$29,324.30$17,103.40
Fisk, AlanLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,891.50$14,445.75
Fleming, Carl NolanLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$28,891.50$8,956.37
LaPalm, James RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$28,891.50$12,712.26
Shelly, Cara LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,813.69$14,406.85
Ayouby, Kenneth KLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Foreign Languages$28,805.56$26,645.14
Buczkowski, Paul JLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,805.56$14,402.78
Carter, MarykayLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,805.56$28,805.56
Edwards, Sheryl LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,805.56$21,604.17
Fletcher, Debra LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,805.56$28,805.56
Hogan, Carol LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,805.56$21,604.17
Kernisky, Ivan FLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,805.56$14,402.78
Meyers, Charlene MLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,805.56$14,402.78
Nissen, James CLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Fine - App$28,805.56$14,402.78
Rapp, Linda LLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Foreign Languages$28,805.56$28,805.56
Stewart, GraceLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,805.56$21,604.17
Wright, V AndrewLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,805.56$14,402.78
Beidoun, Nasser ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,804.50$9,599.10
Birkhill, William RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Psychology$28,804.50$21,603.38
Bonfiglio, Mario ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,804.50$19,205.40
Bray, Hugh DLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Psychology$28,804.50$14,402.25
Cash, Donna ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,804.50$19,205.40
Gaughan, Joseph PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$28,804.50$21,603.38
Igo, Jeffrey PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,804.50$24,001.35
Loosle, David GLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,804.50$19,205.40
McNeece, William ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$28,804.50$14,402.25
Nelson, Eric WilliamLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,804.50$7,201.13
Nelson, Jack ELEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$28,804.50$7,201.13
Quabili, Masudur RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,804.50$28,804.50
White, Elmer ELEO Lecturer IIDbn Sch of Mgt-Acctg - Finance$28,804.50$10,175.19
Halloran, Bonnie BLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$28,804.48$7,201.12
Barkey, Madeleine JLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Fine - App$28,793.36$7,198.34
Bedell, David DeanLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,793.36$21,595.02
Brooks, Lee WarnerLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,793.36$21,595.02
Castile, Kevin KLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Fine - App$28,793.36$7,198.34
Culling, Richard ELEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Fine - App$28,793.36$14,396.68
Daniels, Dennis RichardLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,793.36$21,595.02
Farhat, Ahmad HLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$28,793.36$12,669.08
Fomin, Elizabeth JLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,793.36$14,396.68
Gell, Mary MLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Foreign Languages$28,793.36$19,197.97
Harden, April DeniseLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,793.36$21,595.02
Kelly, Julia MLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$28,793.36$23,322.62
Makki, Nazih MLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,793.36$28,793.36
Meyer, Nancy RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$28,793.36$23,322.62
Miller, Marilyn SLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,793.36$21,595.02
Skrbina, David FrankLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$28,793.36$14,396.68
Sobiechowski, David LeonardLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,793.36$7,198.34
Zeiler, Walter JLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,793.36$14,396.68
Shamoon, Montaha JLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,792.83$28,792.83
Young, Jason DLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Psychology$28,792.51$21,594.38
Lewis, John HowardLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$28,791.69$26,394.78
Archer, Diane PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$28,791.14$14,395.57
Roundtree, Deborah ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Psychology$28,791.14$14,395.57
Shernoff, Neil WLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$28,791.13$21,593.35
Lamerato, Lois EleanoLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$28,791.12$7,197.78
Wauldron, Barry MLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,791.05$21,593.29
Walters, Claudia KLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,790.56$14,395.28
Hartshorn, Patricia ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Natural Sciences$28,750.49$22,712.89
Geary, Judith MLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$28,379.08$19,865.36
Johnson, Kenneth LLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$28,379.08$9,450.23
Singleton, Steven PLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$28,379.08$9,450.24
Spence, Nancy MuzbeckLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$28,379.08$7,094.77
Carrier, Robert JLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$28,366.20$9,006.27
Sears, Richard BLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$28,366.20$7,091.55
Worden, Charles HLEO Lecturer IIDbn School of Education$28,366.20$9,077.18
Handelman, Anita FLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Humanities-Letters$27,993.55$13,996.78
Ostrom, Terry RLEO Lecturer IIDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$27,587.64$24,953.02
Faitel, Terri DLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$27,460.34$4,575.58

Lists of recent searches of
, LEO Lecturer II Univ Parking Svcs-Medical Camp
Swanson, Joseph %mAnager% Pediatrics-Genetics
Walton, Kendall+L Admin Manager Sr Healthcare LSA Physics
Chenevert, Thomas+L %Lecturer% F&O _ Sustainability
Wartley, Ashley Physician Asst General Surg T2 %CW%Social%Work%Care%Mgt%
Meyers, Kathleen Anesthesia Technician ORSP
Falvey, Catherine %analyst associate% Int Med-Pulm./Critical Care
Wasylyshyn, George+Rostyslaw %tech% Building Services
McKeown, Scott+Connell Cashier Associate %UMH%Northville%Pathology%
McGranahan, Robert+Lewis Info %UMH%Nursing%6C%Pulmonary%
Li, Zi SR ASSOC DEAN % engineering