Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer I:266
Maximun Salary$ 125,409.57
Average Salary$ 40,452.53
Mminimum Salary$ 28,300.00
Title Results for 2016-17
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Schaefer, JamesLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$43,438.58$10,859.68
Gladyshev, Sergey PavlovichLEO Lecturer IDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$41,901.32$17,451.90
Bhise, Vivek DLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Indust & Sys En$40,839.20$30,629.40
Talty, TimothyLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric & Comp$40,654.78$10,163.70
Wang, XiaofangLEO Lecturer IDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$39,766.34$19,883.17
Moore, David LenardLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$39,345.92$19,672.96
Wang, YupingLEO Lecturer IDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$38,606.14$12,865.50
Sturla, Francisco ALEO Lecturer IDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$38,482.34$9,620.59
Gladyshev, Sergey PavlovichLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric & Comp$38,410.04$22,412.26
Khalaf, FaisalLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Indust & Sys En$38,310.00$19,155.00
Wagner-Kotb, Amy LLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$37,797.48$9,449.44
Daniszewski, David GLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric & Comp$37,797.24$9,449.28
Sutton, Jeremy CraigLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$37,075.00$9,268.80
Derderian, HarryLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$36,506.40$9,126.64
Plavcan, Jill ELEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Indust & Sys En$36,196.70$18,098.35
Barnhart, Matthew PLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$35,887.78$8,972.00
Boone, Randy GeneLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric & Comp$35,813.44$8,953.36
Masrur, Md AbulLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric & Comp$35,119.14$8,779.79
Dunn, Janet SLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$34,272.40$17,136.24
Wu, Wen JLEO Lecturer IDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$34,272.40$8,568.10
Baugh, John PhillipLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$33,904.40$8,476.10
Bhutia, SuvenduLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Indust & Sys En$33,633.32$11,208.30
Muench, Paul LukeLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric & Comp$33,160.00$8,290.00
Nazarko, Nevrus PLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Acctg & Finance$33,160.00$8,290.00
Osowski, Gregory JamesLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$33,160.00$16,580.00
Kirby, Cynthia HLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$32,874.24$16,437.12
Garrett, Patrick WalterLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric & Comp$32,800.00$2,732.24
Mosallam, YoussefLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$32,313.02$8,078.32
Ismail, Iman AliLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$32,087.48$8,021.92
Charnesky, Eric ThomasLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$32,000.00$29,321.60
Rigato, Daniel TLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Acctg & Finance$32,000.00$8,000.00
Myftari, AgronLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$31,432.24$7,858.06
Comstock, KenineLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$31,432.08$7,858.08
McMillan, William JLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$31,431.88$7,858.00
Grace, Tammy ALEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Health & Human Serv$31,431.86$10,474.72
Zachary, Danielle FrancesLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$30,834.50$10,275.60
Hatley, William DavidLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$30,613.14$7,653.36
Khan, Shazia SaeedLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Health & Human Serv$30,613.14$8,418.61
Reynolds, Shawna LeeLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$30,613.08$15,306.56
Savu, Codruta ElenaLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$30,612.98$29,082.40
Marshall, Erik WLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$30,612.96$22,959.76
Darling, Jill LLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL Writing & Prgm Ctr$30,612.86$15,306.48
Angjeli, ArianaLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Math & Statistics$30,039.36$30,039.36
Harder, Kaitlyn MLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Health & Human Serv$30,039.36$7,509.84
Keyes, Daniel ChristopherLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$30,039.36$7,509.84
Silveri, PatriciaLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$30,039.36$7,509.84
Marley, Timothy RyanLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Math & Statistics$30,039.18$10,010.56
Holt, Katherine ALEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Math & Statistics$30,039.16$30,039.20
Mustafa, Margaret MLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Math & Statistics$30,039.14$30,039.20
Muscat, MarkLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$30,039.12$7,509.84
Andrijonas, MarijaLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$30,039.10$30,039.12
Mulder, Daniel GeraldLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$30,039.10$22,529.33
Scales, Pamela CLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$30,039.10$7,509.78
Kasparian, AniLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,599.42$0.00
Ellsworth, Justin BLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$29,598.52$7,399.68
Darling, Jill LLEO Lecturer IDbn-Literature Philosophy&Arts$29,525.04$7,381.26
Garrett, Emma IsadoraLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL College-Wide Programs$29,504.28$14,752.16
Devlin, Deirdre ConaillLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$29,349.16$22,011.87
Kennedy, Ian MasonLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL Writing & Prgm Ctr$29,349.16$22,011.92
Kinzel, AaronLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$29,349.16$14,674.64
Lapointe, JosephLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,349.16$7,337.36
O'Connell-Devlin, Jane KLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$29,349.16$29,349.20
Deward, Sarah LynnLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$29,349.06$14,674.56
Schaeffer, AliciaLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,349.06$29,349.12
Davey, Sarah CLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$29,349.04$16,875.76
Bieri, RebeccaLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$29,349.00$29,349.04
Degenaro, AnthonyLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,349.00$29,349.04
Dunphy, Sarah MargaretLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$29,349.00$7,337.28
Stojkovski, VelimirLEO Lecturer IDbn-Literature Philosophy&Arts$29,349.00$29,349.00
Vought, Lance KLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$29,349.00$14,674.56
Young, LatishaLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$29,349.00$12,964.92
Whitmore, AshleyLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$29,348.96$14,674.48
McAlpine, Lynley JaneLEO Lecturer IDbn-Literature Philosophy&Arts$28,300.16$7,075.04
Pacheco, Ryan MichaelLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.04$15,918.77
Abou Aleiwi, Bilal AliLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$26,885.04
Artman, Vincent MichaelLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,300.00$7,075.04
Assar-Nossoni, ZahraLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$14,150.00
Basheer, Rafil ALEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$14,150.00
Bradshaw, LisaLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$28,300.00$7,075.04
Dhakal, BadrinathLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$21,225.00
Durdin, Andrew FrancisLEO Lecturer IDbn-Literature Philosophy&Arts$28,300.00$14,150.00
Eisman, Eli BenchellLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$24,762.50
Farhat, Hussein ALEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$7,075.04
Harati, MohammadLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$21,225.04
Hrapkiewicz, Karen LeeLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$28,300.00$14,150.00
Mehdi, MariamLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$26,531.28
Ostertag, Lori AnneLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$28,300.00$9,409.76
Perry, Jacqueline SLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$15,918.72
Reda, AymanLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$28,300.00$14,150.00
Russo, Peggy AnnLEO Lecturer IDbn-Literature Philosophy&Arts$28,300.00$7,075.04
Sikarskie, Amanda GraceLEO Lecturer IDbn-Literature Philosophy&Arts$28,300.00$21,225.00
Sous, Tasneem AneesLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Math & Statistics$28,300.00$7,075.04
Steckloff, Jordan KennethLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$14,150.00
Troxell-Smith, Sandra MarieLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Psychology$28,300.00$7,075.04