Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer I:252
Maximum Salary$ 103,563.51
Average Salary$ 48,771.53
Minimum Salary$ 38,000.00

Title Results for LEO Lecturer I 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Kocher, Austin ChristopherLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Criminal Justice$56,600.00$28,300.00
Talty, TimothyLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric - Comp$48,624.88$12,156.24
Spoiden, Stephane JLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL College-Wide Programs$48,000.00$12,000.00
Sturla, Francisco ALEO Lecturer IDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$41,222.60$10,305.68
Khalaf, FaisalLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Indust - Sys En$41,037.90$20,518.96
Myftari, AgronLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$41,000.00$10,250.00
Kasravi, KasLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Indust - Sys En$39,104.00$9,776.00
Watson, James AllenLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$38,855.40$9,713.92
Alaudi, MagidahLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$38,000.00$14,250.00
Almomani, RaedLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Computer - Info$38,000.00$19,000.00
Barada, Reem MLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$12,665.36
Baugh, John PhillipLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Computer - Info$38,000.00$31,663.50
Bieri, RebeccaLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$38,000.00$30,875.04
Bossio, Robert ELEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$38,000.00
Capuano, AngelaLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$38,000.00$19,000.00
Charnesky, Eric ThomasLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Computer - Info$38,000.00$12,666.40
Dates, Brian GLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$38,000.00$9,500.00
Davey, Sarah CLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$38,000.00$35,530.00
Degenaro, AnthonyLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$28,500.00
DeNicolo, MartinLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$38,000.00$9,500.00
Deward, Sarah LynnLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$38,000.00$28,500.00
Dhakal, BadrinathLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$38,000.00
Dunn, Janet SLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology - Anthropol$38,000.00$19,000.00
Dunne, Joseph MarsdenLEO Lecturer IDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy-Arts$38,000.00$38,000.00
Ellsworth, Justin BLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$38,000.00$9,500.00
Farhat, Hussein ALEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$19,000.00
Fawaz, NicholasLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$12,665.36
Figg, Travis MatthewLEO Lecturer IDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy-Arts$38,000.00$19,000.00
Filias, PeterLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$38,000.00$19,000.00
Gavell, Susan TheresaLEO Lecturer IDbn Writing Center$38,000.00$19,000.00
Hanus, Nancy AnnLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$9,500.00
Harati, MohammadLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$35,625.00
Harb, Farah SLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$38,000.00$6,336.56
Harder, Kaitlyn MLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Health - Human Serv$38,000.00$9,500.00
Harris, Aurora EsperanzaLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$19,000.00
Harris, Aurora EsperanzaLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL College-Wide Programs$38,000.00$9,500.00
Jouney, JamesLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$38,000.00$9,500.00
Keesling, Amy LynnLEO Lecturer IDbn Writing Center$38,000.00$28,500.00
Kennedy, Ian MasonLEO Lecturer IDbn Writing Center$38,000.00$38,000.00
Keyes, Daniel ChristopherLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$38,000.00$9,500.00
Khan, Shazia SaeedLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Health - Human Serv$38,000.00$11,400.00
Kinzel, AaronLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Criminal Justice$38,000.00$28,500.00
Masrur, Md AbulLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric - Comp$38,000.00$9,500.00
Matzke, Drew ALEO Lecturer IDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy-Arts$38,000.00$38,000.00
Mehdi, MariamLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$36,100.00
Mihas, EpamenondasLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$38,000.00$28,500.00
Mouawad-Azzi, ChristineLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$12,663.44
Muench, Paul LukeLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric - Comp$38,000.00$9,500.00
Muscat, MarkLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$38,000.00$9,500.00
Nazarko, Nevrus PLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Acctg - Finance$38,000.00$9,500.00
Nesbitt, Sarah MarieLEO Lecturer IDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy-Arts$38,000.00$17,860.00
Noakes, WilliamLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Mgmt Studies$38,000.00$19,000.00
Noble, NicoleLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$38,000.00$16,720.00
O'Connell-Devlin, Jane KLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$38,000.00$38,000.00
ODonnell, Tina GikasLEO Lecturer IDbn International Affairs$38,000.00$25,336.48
Osowski, Gregory JamesLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Criminal Justice$38,000.00$19,000.00
Pacheco, Ryan MichaelLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$38,000.00
Paik, Amy SLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$2,375.00
Perry, Jacqueline SLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$19,000.00
Rigato, Daniel TLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Bus-Acctg - Finance$38,000.00$9,500.00
Roberts III, WalterLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$9,500.00
Rollinger, Susan FLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$38,000.00$8,170.00
Sanchez Perez, Luis AlejandroLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Electric - Comp$38,000.00$25,336.56
Scales, Pamela CLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Social Sciences$38,000.00$9,500.00
Semrau, Kassandra CherylLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Biological Sciences$38,000.00$38,000.00
Serri, Paul JosephLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$38,000.00$16,625.04
Shaper, Karen LLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$19,000.00
Shine, Daniel EdwardLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$9,500.00
Smith, SaraLEO Lecturer IDbn Writing Center$38,000.00$9,500.00
Sous, Tasneem AneesLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$38,000.00$34,836.56
Sprague, Jason MLEO Lecturer IDbn-LiteraturePhilosophy-Arts$38,000.00$19,000.00
Stimpson, Jing HeLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$14,563.52
Wang, XiaofangLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Math - Statistics$38,000.00$12,663.52
Whitmore, AshleyLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$38,000.00
Wielechowski, BenjaminLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$9,500.00
Wu, Wen JLEO Lecturer IDbn Coll of Eng-Mechanical Eng$38,000.00$9,500.00
Young, LatishaLEO Lecturer IDbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONS$38,000.00$31,036.50
Zuk, ShelbyLEO Lecturer IDbn-Language Culture Communctn$38,000.00$9,500.00

Lists of recent searches of
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, Project Associate Manager UMHS Financial Srvcs
Brown, Scott Chef FinOps Payroll Office
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Williams, Diana L Mechanical Eng Staff Spec UMH CVC-5
Brown, LaVerne Admin Specialist Inter Health Law Clinical Activity
Brown, Kelly security officer UMH Anes. Acute Pain Nsg - UH
Crum, Ellen Administrative Specialist Flint Fac Op-Material Svcs
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Cruikshank, Jill CUSTODIAN II CTO- Administration