Number of people with the title of LEO Lecturer I:313
Maximum Salary$ 93,165.53
Average Salary$ 43,400.32
Minimum Salary$ 27,300.00

Title Results for LEO Lecturer I 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hammond, Alan JLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$66,659.04$9,332.32
Demars, Sara ElizabethLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$66,658.52$5,999.28
Kenyon, LisaLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$66,643.88$6,997.68
Austin, Matthew LLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$64,708.80$4,529.68
Litos, Karen LynneLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$64,708.80$7,700.35
Quinton, Jonathan AlexanderLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$64,708.80$6,794.48
Ciacico, Mary JaneLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$64,260.00$8,996.40
Klug, KimberlyLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$63,240.00$6,640.24
Rucker, ErinLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$63,240.00$5,691.60
Stump, Lawrence RLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$63,240.00$31,620.00
Alonzo, BryanLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$62,000.00$8,680.00
Barnett, AlisonLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$62,000.00$4,340.00
Vasicek, Brian DLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$58,466.40$8,185.36
Roy, SharonLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$58,111.90$5,230.08
Carolan, JosephLEO Lecturer IFlint School of Management$57,120.00$14,280.00
Delzer, Mary FarrehiLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$56,000.00$3,920.00
Sabolish, Jeffrey JLEO Lecturer IFlint School of Management$53,850.12$26,925.12
LaChance, JennyLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$45,912.32$28,568.96
Stevens, Theresa MLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$44,733.94$17,893.60
Miller, Mark ELEO Lecturer IFlint Education$44,434.46$11,108.64
Talison, JoshaLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$44,434.46$11,108.64
Martin, Robert ALEO Lecturer IFlint Education$44,433.98$11,108.56
Hicks, Linda MLEO Lecturer IFlint Comp Science Eng and Ph$43,729.78$25,494.46
Krohn, AlanLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$43,151.74$28,771.42
Graham, EdwardLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$42,947.72$10,736.96
Nickel-White, Kasie MLEO Lecturer IFlint Social Work$42,433.96$10,608.56
Will, Denise CaudronLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$40,018.08$8,003.68
Dalton, Harold ELEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$38,902.80$5,183.84
Ashley, RyanLEO Lecturer IFlint Social Work$38,352.00$9,588.00
Sano, PhyllisLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$37,831.78$7,556.96
Dougherty, Cindy PLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$37,831.24$16,645.76
Tedrow, LisaLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$36,741.14$8,083.12
Wahl, KathleenLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$36,741.14$8,083.12
Erickson, Janetlynne StulbergLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$36,638.96$16,121.20
Harris-Diouf, Alishia RLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$36,638.82$14,655.60
Iyioke, Ike ValentineLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$36,000.00$9,000.00
Jones, Heather MarieLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$36,000.00$4,806.00
Panzlau, DavidLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$36,000.00$9,000.00
Sneed, RodlesciaLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$36,000.00$18,000.00
Welker, Marcella SueLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$36,000.00$4,800.00
Nemeth, James EdwardLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$35,589.84$4,742.40
Reigle, JoriLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$35,577.60$7,827.12
Sanders, DaleLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$34,491.68$8,622.96
Scribner, ElaineLEO Lecturer IFlint Nursing$34,000.00$7,480.00
Hachem, Houssein YLEO Lecturer IFlint Comp Science Eng and Ph$33,868.74$16,934.40
Mason, Jennifer LynneLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$32,723.37$8,180.88
Tarini, Laurence HenryLEO Lecturer IFlint Physics$32,466.94$32,466.94
Hess, Gerald ALEO Lecturer IFlint Art & Art History$32,328.06$16,164.08
Smith, Amanda LynnLEO Lecturer IFlint Psychology$32,150.24$16,075.12
Maitra, ShreemoyeeLEO Lecturer IFlint Economics$32,107.78$8,026.95
Leamy, Chrissandra MLEO Lecturer IFlint Social Work$31,790.06$7,947.52
Nottingham, Marsha ELEO Lecturer IFlint Comp Science Eng and Ph$31,777.98$7,944.56
Gauthier, MarciaLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$31,416.00$10,367.28
Beede, BrendonLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$31,227.68$7,806.96
Campbell, MatthewLEO Lecturer IFlint Mathematics$31,227.68$23,420.80
Ali, JehanLEO Lecturer IFlint Engineering$30,895.86$15,447.93
Barnhart, Phillip ALEO Lecturer IFlint Theatre and Dance$30,892.78$7,723.20
McGuire, RobinLEO Lecturer IFlint Comp Science Eng and Ph$30,864.18$12,870.40
Vannier, Christian NLEO Lecturer IFlint SocAnthropology & CJ$30,864.06$23,148.08
McIntosh, Bonnie ChristineLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$30,848.26$12,647.84
Boggs, BrianLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$30,329.90$7,582.48
Eisenbeis, Helen TinaLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$30,200.32$22,499.28
Stallings, LaRhondaLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$30,193.32$7,548.40
Lobban, Matthew DLEO Lecturer IFlint Mathematics$30,127.18$10,032.35
Jordan, Kisma RachelLEO Lecturer IFlint Music$30,063.48$4,810.16
Rankin, Janee TyusLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$29,902.82$7,475.76
Fedio, Theresa BlackLEO Lecturer IFlint Foreign Language$29,795.80$2,473.12
Hammond, Don JamesLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$29,741.90$7,435.48
Toth, Steven RLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept of Chem/Biochem$29,647.40$29,647.44
Hossain, Mohammad Karar-mahmudLEO Lecturer IFlint Comp Science Eng and Ph$29,580.00$9,850.14
Steckloff, Jordan KennethLEO Lecturer IFlint Physics$29,500.00$24,603.00
Shewalter, Amber LucretiaLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$29,378.62$7,344.72
Tinholt, WinonaLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$29,365.56$9,786.08
Jagos, Mark SLEO Lecturer IFlint Social Work$29,356.58$14,678.29
Smith, Amanda LynnLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth Sci$29,356.50$4,990.64
Boomer, Mary MargaretLEO Lecturer IFlint Mathematics$29,335.32$9,768.72
Delcore, Alecia CharlotteLEO Lecturer IFlint Mathematics$29,335.26$22,001.52
Collings, Amy StellaLEO Lecturer IFlint Social Work$29,266.04$19,513.20
Grigg, NancyLEO Lecturer IFlint Social Work$29,265.78$21,949.36
Kalfayan, RaenaLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$29,265.72$19,512.92
Grinnell, LindaLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$29,261.76$7,315.44
Atkinson, Scott MichaelLEO Lecturer IFlint English$29,261.44$29,261.44
Baxter, Anita MLEO Lecturer IFlint Biology$29,261.44$29,261.44
Johnson, Linda MariaLEO Lecturer IFlint Art & Art History$29,261.44$21,946.08
Pratt, AmandaLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$29,261.44$9,751.44
Saunders, TimLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$29,261.44$9,751.44
Yambrick, NicoleLEO Lecturer IFlint Biology$29,261.44$29,261.44
Neiswender, KurtLEO Lecturer IFlint Geo Planning & Environ$29,127.12$7,281.78
George, Joseph DLEO Lecturer IFlint Computer Science$29,000.00$7,250.00
Thick, Matthew RLEO Lecturer IFlint History$28,815.24$21,611.44
Emmons, Shane KLEO Lecturer IFlint Comp Science Eng and Ph$28,607.34$7,151.84
Muir, Julieanne MaeLEO Lecturer IFlint Social Work$28,607.00$7,151.76
Piert, Joyce HLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$28,607.00$26,218.32
Wray, JenniferLEO Lecturer IFlint Women & Gender Studies$28,607.00$7,151.76
Sela, YaelLEO Lecturer IFlint Psychology$28,606.92$9,526.16
Ayyagari, VijayadityaLEO Lecturer IFlint Computer Science$28,560.00$7,140.00
Marttila, Sherri LeeLEO Lecturer IFlint Music$28,560.00$13,708.80
Nossoni, ZahraLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept of Chem/Biochem$28,500.00$28,500.00
Tarasev, MichaelLEO Lecturer IFlint Dept of Chem/Biochem$28,500.00$7,125.00
Robertson, Brian HLEO Lecturer IFlint Mathematics$28,300.00$7,074.96
Merrill, Wade ThomasLEO Lecturer IFlint History$28,050.16$14,025.12
Girdwood, JohnLEO Lecturer IFlint SocAnthropology & CJ$28,000.00$7,000.00
Zagor, GenadiLEO Lecturer IFlint Music$28,000.00$2,240.00
McDowell, Melvin CharlesLEO Lecturer IFlint Social Work$27,846.16$20,884.64
Linden, DavidLEO Lecturer IFlint English$27,846.00$27,846.00
Oberly Gray, KathleenLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$27,846.00$6,961.50
Petrak, Rachel KLEO Lecturer IFlint SocAnthropology & CJ$27,846.00$13,923.04
White, TanyaLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$27,846.00$16,241.18
Zawilinski, MelojeaneLEO Lecturer IFlint English$27,846.00$6,961.52
Jendry, AllisonLEO Lecturer IFlint SocAnthropology & CJ$27,845.84$6,961.52
Daoud, ShawilLEO Lecturer IFlint Mathematics$27,300.00$15,915.84
Derbin, Edward TimothyLEO Lecturer IFlint Economics$27,300.00$20,475.00
Deschamps, Paul JosephLEO Lecturer IFlint Education$27,300.00$13,650.00
Edwards, JuliaLEO Lecturer IFlint Music$27,300.00$1,092.00
Gralewski, Timothy GeraldLEO Lecturer IFlint Art & Art History$27,300.00$13,650.00
Gromak, James ALEO Lecturer IFlint Philosophy$27,300.00$6,824.96
Heddy, Autumn GraceLEO Lecturer IFlint Art & Art History$27,300.00$6,824.96
Hibbard, Shannan LeeLEO Lecturer IFlint Music$27,300.00$13,650.00
Lorentz II, KevinLEO Lecturer IFlint Political Science$27,300.00$6,824.96
Nester, AndrewLEO Lecturer IFlint Teaching Assistance$27,300.00$6,824.96
Thayer, Shaun LeeLEO Lecturer IFlint Mathematics$27,300.00$9,090.88
Zintsmaster, Gabriela MicheloniLEO Lecturer IFlint Foreign Language$27,300.00$9,090.88

Lists of recent searches of
, LEO Lecturer I Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
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Kaplish, Neeraj CHAIR UMTRI-Human Factors
Rohl, Jennifer M Technical Trainer HITS AOM InfraSvcs-Platfm
Patterson, Elissa+H Admin Specialist inter Health chemical engineering dept
Takayama, Shuichi Registered Dietitian Nutrition UMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital
Rogers, Kathleen student career counselor UMH Laundry Production
Bell, Julia Inpatient Unit Clerk chrt
Roe, Patricia K % director Graduate School-IDPS
Rodziewicz, David A Audiologist OSCR
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