Number of people with the title of HR G%:110
Maximum Salary$ 112,750.00
Average Salary$ 70,370.04
Minimum Salary$ 44,505.10

Title Results for HR G% 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Berry-Hung, RimaHR Generalist LeadDbn Human Res - Affirm Action$112,750.00$112,750.00
Liska, Karen RHR Generalist LeadEECS - CSE Division$106,667.00$106,667.00
Bantom, Rita YoungHR Generalist SeniorISR-Human Resources$98,000.00$0.00
Smith, Marlene RHR Generalist SeniorISR-Human Resources$98,000.00$0.00
Truckey, Amy JoHR Generalist LeadSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$97,137.50$97,137.50
Carter-Ranno, Amy AnneHR Generalist LeadFacilities - Operations - HR$95,790.00$95,790.00
Boblitt, Kathleen JHR Generalist LeadCoE Resource Planning - Mgmt$95,119.00$95,119.00
Vespaziani, Laura KHR Generalist LeadMechanical Engineering$93,497.00$93,497.00
Gray, Jody LindHR Generalist LeadEpidemiology Department$92,335.00$60,017.75
Procter-Wicks, Karyn MicheleHR Generalist LeadLSA Dean: Human Resources$91,000.00$91,000.00
Burger, Lori CHR Generalist LeadFlint Human Resources$90,388.30$90,388.30
Erskine, Deborah JHR Generalist LeadLSA Dean: Human Resources$90,000.00$90,000.00
Ross, RoxanneHR Generalist LeadFinance Human Resources Office$89,772.80$89,772.80
Conlin, Maureen EHR Generalist IntermediateISR-Human Resources$87,121.52$0.00
Adlhoch, JulieHR Generalist SeniorISR-Human Resources$87,000.00$0.00
Ranella, Kalli MarieHR Generalist LeadITS Human Resources$86,700.00$86,700.00
Schrader, Richard LHR Generalist SeniorLibrary Deans Office - HR$86,497.71$86,497.71
Atkins, JerriHR Generalist SeniorLSA Dean: Human Resources$86,000.00$86,000.00
Shorter, PamalaHR Generalist SeniorROSS SCH Human Resources$85,708.32$85,708.32
Mull, Thomas MHR Generalist SeniorRackham Business Operations$85,590.33$85,590.33
Prieur, Michael EHR Generalist SeniorMerit Network$85,548.04$0.00
Salomon, SarahHR Generalist LeadOUD Talent Management$85,146.00$0.00
Bedy, KarenHR Generalist SeniorROSS SCH Human Resources$85,123.43$85,123.43
Skrzypek, Heidi MarieHR Generalist SeniorSchool of Information$84,568.00$84,568.00
Stalmack, Jennifer SHR Generalist SeniorLSA Dean: Human Resources$84,150.00$84,150.00
Rhoades, AnneHR Generalist SeniorCOE EECS - ECE Division$84,000.00$79,800.00
Curry, SharonHR Generalist SeniorFacilities - Operations - HR$83,172.50$83,172.50
Creech, Scott RHR Generalist SeniorStamps School of Art - Design$82,442.71$82,442.71
Hall, Sherry LynnHR Generalist IntermediateCoE Assoc Dean Academic Affair$82,243.00$82,243.00
Matthew, Kari AHR Generalist SeniorSchool of Nursing$81,954.53$81,954.53
Graton, GretchenHR Generalist SeniorROSS SCH Human Resources$81,203.01$81,203.01
Aldrich-Reed, Shelli JHR Generalist SeniorSL Office of Human Resources$79,277.85$0.00
Phinisee, HelenHR Generalist SeniorFlint Human Resources$78,560.19$78,560.19
Usman, AtaulHR Generalist SeniorLibrary Deans Office - HR$77,661.00$77,661.00
Wolfe, D'ShaundraHR Generalist SeniorLibrary Deans Office - HR$77,423.03$77,423.03
Mainor, Norma RHR Generalist SeniorDbn Human Res - Inst Equity$77,332.51$77,332.51
Zynda, JosephHR Generalist SeniorLibrary Deans Office - HR$76,228.99$76,228.99
Weil, Joshua ScottHR Generalist SeniorDENT HR Shared Service$74,693.43$74,693.43
Copeland, LisaHR Generalist SeniorDbn Human Res - Inst Equity$74,463.95$74,463.95
Patterson, Erik THR Generalist LeadDiv of Pub Safety - Security$74,398.59$0.00
Czarniecki, Sally AHR Generalist SeniorFinance Human Resources Office$74,272.29$74,272.29
Hunter-DuPree, NedineHR Generalist SeniorITS Human Resources$73,500.00$73,500.00
Szmigiel, Kenneth JHR Generalist IntermediateSRO-Data Collection Operations$73,122.64$0.00
Rieger, Jennifer JoyceHR Generalist IntermediateBiomedical Engineering$71,800.00$71,800.00
Gregurich, CarolynHR Generalist SeniorSchool of Information$71,390.00$71,390.00
Heumann, LynnHR Generalist SeniorOUD Talent Management$70,862.50$0.00
Oliver, Delmere AlishaHR Generalist SeniorUMHS Shared Human Resources$70,388.26$0.00
Ciesielski, HilaryHR Generalist IntermediateFacilities - Operations - HR$69,870.26$69,870.26
Weber, Dara CHR Generalist SeniorUMHS Shared Human Resources$69,797.81$0.00
Quine, Cynthia SueHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$69,540.21$0.00
Briegel, Patrice MarieHR Generalist SeniorSL Office of Human Resources$69,345.00$0.00
Dressler, Jodie MasonHR Generalist SeniorCollege of Pharmacy$69,255.00$69,255.00
Norman, BillieHR Generalist SeniorUMHS Shared Human Resources$68,956.88$0.00
Payne, Cynthia MHR Generalist IntermediateMichigan Radio$68,956.88$0.00
Lindsey, KevinHR Generalist SeniorUMHS Shared Human Resources$68,675.00$0.00
Martin, TaneshaHR Generalist SeniorUMHS Shared Human Resources$68,457.19$0.00
Ajam, MinaHR Generalist IntermediateSL Office of Human Resources$66,240.00$0.00
Koepp, Leigh AHR Generalist IntermediateLife Sciences Institute-Admin$66,032.27$0.00
Winters, StevenHR Generalist IntermediateNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$66,010.00$66,010.00
Fietz, Lori KHR Generalist IntermediateROSS SCH Human Resources$65,615.38$65,615.38
Bell, MiaHR Generalist IntermediateSEAS General Operations$65,245.35$65,245.35
Wisniewski, Carolyn SHR Generalist AssociateUMHS Shared Human Resources$64,583.98$0.00
Duckworth, RaShanHR Generalist IntermediateVPEM Administration$63,984.60$63,984.60
Galloway, Shante LeonaHR Generalist IntermediateDENT HR Shared Service$63,134.46$63,134.46
Schester, Kelly LynnHR Generalist IntermediateDbn Human Res - Inst Equity$62,730.00$62,730.00
Brandy, ShardeHR Generalist IntermediateSL Office of Human Resources$62,100.00$0.00
Lange, Jade LHR Generalist IntermediateSchool of Nursing$61,850.47$61,850.47
Mauney, JessicaHR Generalist IntermediateSchool of Nursing$61,850.47$61,850.47
Stewart, Luann MarieHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$61,523.66$0.00
Bullard, Linda LHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$61,261.92$0.00
Rice, AmyHR Generalist AssociateLSA Dean: Human Resources$60,630.00$60,630.00
Thornsberry, Michelle CombsHR Generalist IntermediateHealth Svc General Operations$60,082.10$0.00
Long, Rachel KHR Generalist IntermediateCOE Climate - Space$59,663.00$59,663.00
Hurley, Dolores DHR Generalist IntermediateFlint Human Resources$59,586.03$59,586.03
Jones, JessicaHR Generalist IntermediateAerospace Engineering$59,576.00$59,576.00
Perhne, YvonneHR Generalist AssociateLSA Dean: Human Resources$59,500.00$59,500.00
Guarino, KatharineHR Generalist AssociateLSA Dean: Human Resources$59,412.00$59,412.00
Luttrell, Rebecca AHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$59,409.00$0.00
Dunham, AprilHR Generalist IntermediateCoE Integrative Sys - Design$59,000.00$29,500.00
Durante, MichelleHR Generalist IntermediateSL Office of Human Resources$59,000.00$0.00
Durr, JenniferHR Generalist AssociateLSA Dean: Human Resources$59,000.00$59,000.00
Howe, Jaime AngelaHR Generalist AssociateLSA Dean: Human Resources$58,440.00$58,440.00
Foster, ErinHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$58,348.13$0.00
Clark, KatherineHR Generalist AssociateLSA Dean: Human Resources$58,146.00$58,146.00
Bhakta, JayshriHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$58,100.00$0.00
Davison, Chelsea AnnHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$58,100.00$0.00
Sroka, Tina PicanoHR Generalist AssociateIndustrial - Operations Engin$57,868.00$57,868.00
Gibson, CarolHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$57,772.61$0.00
Branch, Tawana DeniseHR Generalist IntermediateFlint Human Resources$57,011.93$57,011.93
Moffett, RobertHR Generalist AssociateAthletics$56,887.74$0.00
Rittinger, Katelyn DHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$56,733.75$0.00
Sorace, MarcHR Generalist AssociateLSA Dean: Human Resources$56,639.00$56,639.00
Cranford, Leona RenaeHR Generalist IntermediateSch of Public Hlth-Dean's Ofc$56,513.00$56,513.00
Babula, RebeccaHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$56,375.00$0.00
Crosby, JenniferHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$56,375.00$0.00
Landis, Nicole AnneHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$56,375.00$0.00
Janus-Posh, Kathryn MarieHR Generalist AssociateDENT HR Shared Service$55,370.51$44,296.41
Miller, AshleyHR Generalist AssociateSchool of Kinesiology$54,656.22$54,656.22
Chiado, Patricia MaryHR Generalist AssociateLSA Dean: Human Resources$54,577.00$54,577.00
Daly, Chelsey JoHR Generalist AssociateROSS SCH Human Resources$54,499.25$54,499.25
Bye, SuzanneHR Generalist IntermediateFlint Human Resources$54,000.00$21,600.00
Lawrence, ClarissaHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$53,844.53$0.00
Hornbacker, MichelleHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$53,812.50$0.00
Bennett, CarlaHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$53,187.89$0.00
Reinhardt, KristinaHR Generalist AssociateUMHS Shared Human Resources$52,982.87$0.00
Lara-Toth, JenniferHR Generalist AssociateITS Human Resources$52,768.00$19,788.00
Pierce, JulieHR Generalist IntermediateUMHS Shared Human Resources$52,500.00$0.00
Lucas, TonjaHR Generalist IntermediateFlint Human Resources$52,469.13$52,469.13
Hunter, HeatherHR Generalist AssociateBotanical Gardens - Arboretum$51,970.68$51,970.68
Beebe, JoelHR Generalist AssociateSL Office of Human Resources$44,505.10$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, HR G% UMH East Aahc Gen Ped - Prof
Quinn, Martha Kay Financial Director LSA UG: Hlth. Science Scholars
Stoker, Tammy A chief operating PHARMACY Pharmaceutical Sci
Katofiasc, Thomas J Billing% HITS SVM Service Ops Support
Barry, Elizabeth M Res UMH Surg/Necropsy Path
Slayton, Michelle L Business Systems Analyst Lead LSA Asian Languages - Cultures
Fawley, Max A Administrative Dir Healthcare Shared Services Center - HR
Derrick, Altorian L Anesthesia Tech LSA UG: Curriculum Support
White, April REGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL A %enrollment%
Thurman, Jennifer Marie cardiology UMH 6A
Eshelman, Jennifer General Head Nurse ROSS SCH Doctoral Programs