Number of people with the title of HOUSE OFFICER II:465
Maximum Salary$ 63,278.00
Average Salary$ 61,788.21
Minimum Salary$ 60,292.00

Title Results for HOUSE OFFICER II 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Adetoye, MercyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Aekka, ApoorvaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Allen, AnneHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Amarasinghe, Hira RashidHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Anderson, Maia Sul HeeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Anderson, Sara HindsHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. OMFS$60,292.00$0.00
Andino, Juan JoseHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Urology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Ashur, Carmel SHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Austin, Mark HowardHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Balgord, Sarah MarieHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Baruch, Jeremy MeirHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Becker, Christopher JHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurology$60,292.00$0.00
Beech, Andrew JHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. OMFS$60,292.00$0.00
Bell, SarahHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. ObGyn Core$60,292.00$0.00
Boyd, AnneHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Bradt, Ashley RebeccaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pathology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Branach, Casey StewartHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology IR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Brehany, JamesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Bridges, LauraHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. PM-R Core$60,292.00$0.00
Broome, TaylorHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Med/Ped$60,292.00$0.00
Brown, CharlesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Bryant, JohnHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Butt, BilalHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orthopaedics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Chain, Krista GudraisHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pathology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Chang, WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Cheemalavagu, ShashankHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Chen, Olivia MeiHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Chen, WeihanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Christine, Paul JohnHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Cipri, Leah AnneHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Coffman, Alexa NoelHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Compton, JeffreyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Correa, LaurenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Cottrell, ChristopherHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Court, Christopher WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Cousins, MatthewHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiation Oncology$60,292.00$0.00
Crear, Jara AlexaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Ophthalmology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Dassanayake, Maya THOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Davis, Genevieve ClaireHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Dettling, Samuel DrewHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Diaz, Rosemarie BHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
DuBois, Byron GabrielHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology IR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Ebott, JasmineHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. ObGyn Core$60,292.00$0.00
Ellsperman, SusanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Otolaryngology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Eton, EmilyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Ophthalmology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Eton, RyanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Fagan, Christopher RyanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Farlow, JaniceHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Otolaryngology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Finch, Shea AlexanderHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Fraley, LukeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Gabison, JonathanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Galantowicz, MaartenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology DR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Ganesh Kumar, NishantHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Plastic Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Garcia, Stefan CarlosHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orthopaedics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Goncalves, Kristen DanielleHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Gossett, TimothyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orthopaedics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Griesinger, LauraHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pathology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Groody, KirstenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Gunsaulus, MeganHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Hage, Lori ToniHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Haidar, DavidHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Haller, BlakeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Halsted, ChelseaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Halter, StevenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Han, HenryHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Harlan, Emily AnneHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Harris, Alexander Dale PalmerHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Hart, SarahHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Plastic Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Hatfield, Elizabeth RaeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orofacial Pain$60,292.00$0.00
Hawkins, SpencerHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Hespe, Geoffrey EckersonHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Plastic Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Heston, AmeliaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurology$60,292.00$0.00
Heward, ShaunHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. OMFS$60,292.00$0.00
Hewett, Nicole KristineHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Hicks, Michael JHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology DR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Himedan, MaiHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurology$60,292.00$0.00
Hines, Cisley CHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pathology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Hoch, Victoria CHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Hoeger, ChristopherHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Howard, Ryan AbramHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Huarng, Michael ChengHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Huerta, TomasHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Hunt, Elizabeth LeaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Hur, MichaelHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Inman, Erin ReneHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. ObGyn Core$60,292.00$0.00
Iuppa, AaronHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Jaworski, ElizabethHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiation Oncology$60,292.00$0.00
Jibrel, Fatima MohamedHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. ObGyn Core$60,292.00$0.00
Juntila, Olivia CatherineHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Khan, MohammadHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Killeen, Olivia JoyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Ophthalmology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Koduri, SravanthiHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurosurgery$60,292.00$0.00
Korovaichuk, SophiaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Korycinski, Steven ThomasHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Krasity, Maxwell PhilipHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Krishnan, JayHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Kropf, CharlesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Kumar, IshaniHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Kunkler, Bryan StevenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Larabell, PatrickHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Latorre, Johan EliasHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. PM-R Core$60,292.00$0.00
Lautenbach, Daniel JamesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Leavitt, Adam RossHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Leopold, Kay EileenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Leung, StephenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Lewis, ChristopherHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Lin, ElizabethHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Lin, EricHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Linscheid, Stephanie IngeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Lussiez, Alisha DianeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Mack, Jacob AndrewHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Magnone, GeorgeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Makhni, SonyaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Martin, KaylaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurology$60,292.00$0.00
Maxey, JordanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
McAree, DanielHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
McElreath, Kristen AllyseHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
McHugh, MichaelHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orthopaedics Core$60,292.00$0.00
McLaughlin, Sara KoenigHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
McNeish, Brendan LeeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. PM-R Core$60,292.00$0.00
Meibeyer, Zane GregoryHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Meikle, SarinaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Meister, DanielHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Melvin, WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Middlebrook, EmilyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology DR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Miller, HelenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Milligan, IanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Nakamura, MioHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Nayak, Luke JonathanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Nayak, Rachel RaeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Nguyen, Andrew MHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurology$60,292.00$0.00
Orr, JordanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. PM-R Core$60,292.00$0.00
Owczarczyk, Anna BeataHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pathology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Panning, Katherine AnnHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Patel, Vandan DilipHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orthopaedics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Peng, Diane ChungtineHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Peres-da-Silva, Ashwin BernardoHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Perrault, JosephHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Peters, Kelsey JeanetteHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurology$60,292.00$0.00
Pienta, Michael JamesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Thoracic Surg Core$60,292.00$0.00
Pieper, Joel RobertHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. PM-R Core$60,292.00$0.00
Pieper, JustinHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Pirnie, StephanHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. PM-R Core$60,292.00$0.00
Plaska, Andrew WilsonHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Popli, Tanav AnandHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurology$60,292.00$0.00
Poudyal, ShirishHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Qureshi, SanaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Ophthalmology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Raglow, ZoeHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Med/Ped$60,292.00$0.00
Ramirez, MarkHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Ravid, Katherine OliviaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Risch, ZacharyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Robator, Caitlin EstesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Roberts, ChristinaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Robitaille, Joseph Christophe IsaacHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Roe, Garrett ThomasHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Rojas, CarinHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Ophthalmology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Rose, David BHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Runzheimer, AricHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Ryan, KaitlynHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Salada, Cullen MichaelHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Saleh, JamalHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology DR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Samalik, JoannHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Sanderson, Ryan WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Santoro, Rachel RoseHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Schaeffer, WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Schaffer, Nathaniel ElliotHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orthopaedics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Schaffer-White, ArielleHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Med/Ped$60,292.00$0.00
Schehlein, EmilyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Ophthalmology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Schoenheit, TaylorHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology DR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Schrock, Lauren ElizabethHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Schuh, AaronHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Scicluna, Victoria MahHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Seewald, LauraHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Senapati, UpasanaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. ObGyn Core$60,292.00$0.00
Sevco, TylerHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology DR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Sharma, SriganeshHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Shea, Anne BlairHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurology$60,292.00$0.00
Sheffield, Virginia MorrisHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Shepard, ZacharyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Sheth, MansiHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Shewmake, Allison CatherineHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Shilling, BrittanyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Siemer, ChristopherHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Singh, Sean RanjitHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Sjoquist, DanielHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orthopaedics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Smith, DavidHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology DR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Smith, Erica MitchellHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Med/Ped$60,292.00$0.00
Snarskis, ConnorHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Sola, Michael AnthonyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Soper, Nathaniel StevenHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Spellman, KevinHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Spensley, CourtneyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Srnka, Charlotte MarjorieHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Stoddard Lyndsey, Marie AlexiaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Dermatology$60,292.00$0.00
Strong, AmyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Plastic Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
Strong, Michael JamesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Neurosurgery$60,292.00$0.00
Sturza, Marisa LynnHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. ObGyn Core$60,292.00$0.00
Sylvester, MichaelHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Otolaryngology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Takiar, RadhikaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Tam, ChristopherHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Urology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Taylor, Alexander StuartHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pathology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Tobin, DavidHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Tournade, Christopher DavidHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology DR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Tran, DuyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Psychiatry Core$60,292.00$0.00
Tran, JohnnyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Tsuchida, Ryan EllisHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$60,292.00$0.00
Valbuena, ValeriaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Surgery Core$60,292.00$0.00
VanderVennen, MarielleHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Vasilottos, NektariosHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Vincent, JeremyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Walker, ColtonHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Urology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Wang, AmyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Med/Ped$60,292.00$0.00
Wang, RobertHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Urology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Warrier, GovindHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Warrier, RebeccaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Weick, Jack WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Orthopaedics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Weinberg, JamesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
West, CarolineHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Wiersma, Kailyn Elise MeekhofHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Williams, Ellen BradyHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Wilson, KyleHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Radiology IR Core$60,292.00$0.00
Wilson, Steven JamesHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Med/Ped$60,292.00$0.00
Wozniak, Lauren May-BondHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Pediatrics Core$60,292.00$0.00
Wu, AnnieHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Ophthalmology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Wytiaz, Victoria AnnHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Med/Ped$60,292.00$0.00
Xie, YanjunHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Otolaryngology Core$60,292.00$0.00
Yoon, StellaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Yost, OliviaHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Family Medicine$60,292.00$0.00
Young, Bree AnnHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Thoracic Surg Core$60,292.00$0.00
Zakutansky, Stephani KristinHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Med/Ped$60,292.00$0.00
Zeer, ValerieHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Anesthesiology$60,292.00$0.00
Zheng, TingHOUSE OFFICER IIH.O. Internal Medicine$60,292.00$0.00

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