Number of people with the title of HOUSE OFFICER I:914
Maximum Salary$ 69,996.00
Average Salary$ 61,890.85
Minimum Salary$ 57,147.00

Title Results for HOUSE OFFICER I 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Agrawal, Ritika RajkumarHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. OMFS$57,147.00$0.00
Akoto, AlexanderHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Orthopaedics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Al Mansi, NoorHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Dentistry UM$57,147.00$0.00
Albright, Joseph WesleyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Alch, ChristianHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Alencastro Puls, HenriqueHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Allison, MichelleHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Anderson, KathrynHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Dentistry UM$57,147.00$0.00
Andres, KristinHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Med/Ped$57,147.00$0.00
Anker, BryanHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Antoku, DerekHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Archibald, JenniferHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Dentistry UM$57,147.00$0.00
Bailoor, KunalHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Balch, Jeremy AndrewHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Banfield, MollyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Barbat, Justin BrianHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Barrett, EmilyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Baughman, DouglasHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Becker, DirkHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Bickett-Hickok, RuthHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Biddle, Kassia MarieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Bolig, Thomas ChristopherHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Bonner, SidraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Boton, Noah HowardHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Bouwhuis, AndreaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Breeden, MadisonHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Brown, AndrewHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Buchinger, JulianHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Bundy, Jacob JosephHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Bunke, Carissa MichelleHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Burns, LukeHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. ObGyn Core$57,147.00$0.00
Carle, TrevorHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Cartwright, Kaitlyn JoHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Chen, WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Chou, Christopher YenanHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Cummings, TimothyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Daly, Maeve ElizabethHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Dentistry VA$57,147.00$0.00
Davis, MalloryHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Dembek, DennisHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Dias, MichaelHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
DiRenzo, Kyle VincentHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Dentistry UM$57,147.00$0.00
Dymm, BraydonHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Ebrahim, AmalHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. OMFS$57,147.00$0.00
Epler, KatharineHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Med/Ped$57,147.00$0.00
Erinc, AbigailHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Faiver, LauraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Falvello, VirginiaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Fang, JiayunHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pathology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Fayson, ShannonHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Otolaryngology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Felley, LauraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Feroze, RafeyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Fisher, JacquelineHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Fretz, EmilyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Friedman, Amy LaurenHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Fuster, FranciscoHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Orthopaedics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Gagnet, PaulHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Orthopaedics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Gallego Suarez, CeciliaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Gattari, Theresa BiondoHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Ghasem, ParsaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Gibbs, JeffreyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Grace, KelseyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Greco, John AnthonyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Gregerson, Spencer CameronHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Griffith, Max ColinHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Groskaufmanis, LaurenHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Grotberg, John ChristianHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Gutgsell, OliviaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Gutierrez-Lanz, EfrainHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pathology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Habbouche, JoeHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Hall, AshleyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Hazzard, Jessica RHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Dentistry VA$57,147.00$0.00
Hechtman, Rachel KramerHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Herbert, LoganHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Hoffman, JessicaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Med/Ped$57,147.00$0.00
Holleran, EvanHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Holste, KatherineHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Neurosurgery$57,147.00$0.00
Howard Green, Jordan DominiqueHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Orthopaedics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Humrichouser, AmyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Hyder, SyedHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Jarrett, ElizabethHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Johnson, AndrewHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Johnson, KyleHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Johnson, Lars JohannHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Johnson, LucyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Dentistry VA$57,147.00$0.00
Joseph, Paul RichardHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Kafity, NathanHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Kahok, YasmineHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Kalata, Stanley MatthewHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Kantor, TaylorHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Thoracic Surg Core$57,147.00$0.00
Kelley, JustinHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pathology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Kendall, AndreaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Kent, MadelineHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Ketcham, ScottHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Kline, ChristopherHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Klobucher, TylerHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Kokkinos, Erika YannaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Kroll-Wheeler, LaurenHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pathology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Kropp, Erin MarieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Kulczycki, JohnHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Lagina, MadelineHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Lane, MeganHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Plastic Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Lange, Allison BethHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
LaPree, KoryHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Larson, JosephHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. OMFS$57,147.00$0.00
Le, DustinHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Lee, HsinHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. ObGyn Core$57,147.00$0.00
Lenhan, BlairHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Med/Ped$57,147.00$0.00
Leuenberger, LauraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Leventhal, Kara GraceHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Liu, NataliaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pathology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Lorrain, Gregory AndrewHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Lozier, Ann MarieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. ObGyn Core$57,147.00$0.00
Lozon Jr, Timothy AndrewHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Madison, KerryHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Mahmood, Syed Mohammad JafarHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Malhotra, DevvratHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Mamer, LaurenHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Marcano, Juan CarloHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. OMFS$57,147.00$0.00
Marchetti, Kathryn AnnHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Markwardt, JohnHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Mathur, KunalHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Mathur, ShagunHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Maurer, StephenHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
McDonald-Hyman, CameronHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
McKissic, Devin AnneHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Meixner, Kaitlin AnneHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Miller, AlexandraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Miller, TimothyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pathology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Millis, MichaelHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Miranian, DanielHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. ObGyn Core$57,147.00$0.00
Mitchell, MeghanHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Morffi, DayarisHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Muscatelli, StefanoHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Orthopaedics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Navarrete, RobertoHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Nelson, SarahHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Ngo, SandraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Nydes, MaraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
O'Brien, KathleenHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. ObGyn Core$57,147.00$0.00
O'Callaghan, Thomas NeilHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Med/Ped$57,147.00$0.00
Owyang, Stephanie YHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Pang, BrandonHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Pantzlaff, EddieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. OMFS$57,147.00$0.00
Peddireddy, Nithin SaiHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Otolaryngology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Perez, CatherineHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pathology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Perry, WilliamHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pathology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Phan-Huy, AnneHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Phillips, Kristine AHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Dentistry UM$57,147.00$0.00
Piche, JessicaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Piche, Joshua DavidHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Orthopaedics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Pliakas, Maria ChrisaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Pokrandt, PaulHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Poling, PatriciaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Porath, Jonathan DouglasHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Powell, Chloe' AlexandraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Vascular Surg Core$57,147.00$0.00
Primeau, Galina GaginHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Plastic Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Pritz, BenjaminHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Rafferty, MelissaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Remington, AustinHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Plastic Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Risko, Katherine MarieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Rodgers, LilyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Med/Ped$57,147.00$0.00
Rompca, AnnemarieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Rotter, ZacharyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Rushmer, TimothyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Sahloul, EmanHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Sajid, MehwishHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Saleh, SaraHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Neurosurgery$57,147.00$0.00
Santiago, JavierHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Satishchandran, AbhishekHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Schmitzberger, FlorianHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Schultz, MeganHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Thoracic Surg Core$57,147.00$0.00
Scott, EleniHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Scott, Ethan ThomasHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Scott, JamesHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Scruggs, Elizabeth AnneHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Med/Ped$57,147.00$0.00
Sebastian Kettinger, Nadia ThereseHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Sengupta, ShayanHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Sharp, MeredithHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Shen, MaryHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Sherif, RamiHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Plastic Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Shnayder, MichelleHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Surgery Core$57,147.00$0.00
Sill, Jordan ScottHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Singh, ShivaniHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Sliwicki, AlexanderHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Sloan-Heggen, ChristinaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Spagna, SydneyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Spielbauer, KatieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Otolaryngology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Stevenson, Alyssa MarieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Stringer, SamanthaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Emergency Medicine Core$57,147.00$0.00
Stropp, Lisa MovillaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Stropp, Travis JamesHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Tacon, Irina KhuranaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Tamarelli, Carrie MargueriteHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Tarun, SamikshaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Thipparthi, MonicaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Thompson, Aleah MarieHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Thompson, Stephen BrianHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Tipper, Nathan RayHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Family Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Tollemar, ViktorHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Orthopaedics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Uttal, SarahHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Van Ham, RaymondHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Vanomen, Sheri NoelaniHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Wang, YilunHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Warwick, RebeccaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Watson, MeganHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Weiss, Jonathan MartinHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Wester, AlexanderHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
White, GenevaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Williams, TimothyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Anesthesiology$57,147.00$0.00
Wilson, JennaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Orthopaedics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Wood, Cameron ChampionHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Woodrick, Janice ScarletHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Med/Ped$57,147.00$0.00
Wu, AmyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Pediatrics Core$57,147.00$0.00
Wygant, Jennifer SusanHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00
Yagi, Brian FumioHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Yalamanchi, PratyushaHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Otolaryngology Core$57,147.00$0.00
Yim, EunjiHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Internal Medicine$57,147.00$0.00
Yost, Samuel KelleyHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. ObGyn Core$57,147.00$0.00
Zakeri, MahdiHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. OMFS$57,147.00$0.00
Zimmer, ThomasHOUSE OFFICER IH.O. Psychiatry Core$57,147.00$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
Durham, Brian HOUSE OFFICER I Performance Improvement Admin
, Human Resources Manager UMHS Financial Srvcs
Hyatt, David Research Area Specialist Inter Shared Services Center - HR
Typaldos, Carolina General Accounting Sr Manager Shared Services Center - FIN
Craig, Patricia Business Manager LSA Finance: Haven Hall
Burke, Debra Business Administrator Assoc LSA Dean: Shared Svc-Dennison
Oescher , Laura Operations Manager Dennison Business Office
Schmidt, Nicki Accounts Payable Manager LSA UG: Environment
Milliken, Riva J AP/Receivable Mgr Accounts Payable
Price, Katherine Auditor Senior SL Office of Human Resources
Ji, Yewei Research Area Specialist Sr Shared Services Center