Number of people with the title of Financial Specialist Senior:47
Maximum Salary$ 91,693.06
Average Salary$ 69,606.19
Minimum Salary$ 56,430.00

Title Results for Financial Specialist Senior 2012-13
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Lindner, Nancy MarieFinancial Specialist SeniorHuman Genetics Department$91,693.06$91,693.06
Wylie, Larry GFinancial Specialist SeniorSurgery Department$88,650.75$88,650.75
Kotlyar, Tatiana IFinancial Specialist SeniorSurgery Department$86,912.50$0.00
Patton, Sandra MFinancial Specialist SeniorA. Alfred Taubman CA&UP Adm$81,457.00$81,457.00
Stinnett, Steven JFinancial Specialist SeniorMolecular & Behav Neurosc Inst$80,006.10$80,006.10
Vance, Cynthia AFinancial Specialist SeniorMolecular & Behav Neurosc Inst$80,006.10$80,006.10
Urso, Ronald AlanFinancial Specialist SeniorUMH MiChart Project Support$79,976.93$0.00
Knight, Sandra MFinancial Specialist SeniorCW Mott Administration$77,428.25$0.00
Coltre, Craig GFinancial Specialist SeniorUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$75,354.69$0.00
Stevenson-Howard, Suzanne PFinancial Specialist SeniorComp Med and Bioinformatics$75,276.45$75,276.45
Brink, Carolyn AFinancial Specialist SeniorUMHS Pub Rel & Mrktg$75,190.00$0.00
Kreps, Erik KFinancial Specialist SeniorSRC-Administration$75,079.83$0.00
Sokol, KristiFinancial Specialist SeniorUMH Oper Rooms - Univ Hospital$74,312.50$0.00
Overholt, Diane MFinancial Specialist SeniorLSA Dean: Info. Technology$74,309.04$74,309.04
Matlega, Carol AnneFinancial Specialist SeniorUMH- HIM Administration$74,049.45$0.00
Pierce, Alison BauteFinancial Specialist SeniorUMH Social Work$73,519.71$0.00
Callahan, Stacy AnnFinancial Specialist SeniorSchool of Information$72,410.00$57,928.00
Jacobs, Michael AllenFinancial Specialist SeniorInternal Medicine Department$71,094.00$0.00
O'Jack, Loree BrennanFinancial Specialist SeniorPsych Substance Abuse$71,076.02$63,968.42
LaRue, Chad ThomasFinancial Specialist SeniorPediatric & Comm Diseases Dept$70,916.55$70,916.55
Nau, Melanie AFinancial Specialist SeniorInternal Medicine Department$70,040.17$0.00
Myers, Kimberly SFinancial Specialist SeniorMichigan Radio$69,347.73$0.00
Gorny, Paul JFinancial Specialist SeniorCoE Resource Planning & Mgmt$69,000.00$69,000.00
Kelch, Sue AnnFinancial Specialist SeniorKresge Hearing Research Inst$68,751.26$41,250.76
Reynolds, SamanthaFinancial Specialist SeniorFinance & Personnel$68,340.00$68,340.00
Yahya, AmineFinancial Specialist SeniorLSA Chemistry$67,500.00$67,500.00
Presdorf, John WilliamFinancial Specialist SeniorUMH MCIT Business Mgmt$66,912.31$0.00
Roberts, Deborah JFinancial Specialist SeniorOUD Finance & Administration$66,625.00$0.00
Danner, Donald GFinancial Specialist SeniorUMH Cardiology Admin$66,557.28$0.00
Hawkins, Kurt AFinancial Specialist SeniorInt Med-Cardiology$66,462.50$0.00
Hamlin, Linda JFinancial Specialist SeniorOffice of Technology Transfer$65,415.00$65,415.00
Keller, Susan RFinancial Specialist SeniorInt Med-Nephrology$64,277.34$13,819.63
Payne, Karen AFinancial Specialist SeniorSouth State St Business Office$64,232.47$64,232.47
Abdullah, FatimaFinancial Specialist SeniorSMTD University Productions$63,851.67$63,851.67
Drogs, Stacey SFinancial Specialist SeniorDermatology Department$63,376.60$0.00
Nelson, AmyFinancial Specialist SeniorUnions-Business Office$63,240.00$0.00
Richmon-Morton, Wenda JeanFinancial Specialist SeniorLSA Psychology$63,042.00$63,042.00
Hansen, Susan MarieFinancial Specialist SeniorInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$62,726.48$0.00
Czabaniuk, Larisa SFinancial Specialist SeniorOphthalmology & Visual Science$61,953.28$0.00
Garrett, Suzanne JFinancial Specialist SeniorLibrary Collect - CAS - ILL$61,200.00$61,200.00
Scott, Kimberly MFinancial Specialist SeniorInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$60,402.93$0.00
Caruso, Anna MariaFinancial Specialist SeniorLSA Psychology$60,000.00$60,000.00
Fricke, Christine SFinancial Specialist SeniorUMH TC Administration$59,962.50$0.00
Henry, Robin LFinancial Specialist SeniorInt Med-Rheumatology$59,148.05$0.00
Kemp, Rachel RFinancial Specialist SeniorInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$57,007.80$0.00
Sergent-Rogers, Cindy MFinancial Specialist SeniorMICHR - Operations$56,969.50$54,121.03
Temple, ShereeFinancial Specialist SeniorInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$56,430.00$0.00

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