Number of people with the title of Executive Assistant Assoc Hlth:60
Maximum Salary$ 70,001.62
Average Salary$ 53,312.80
Minimum Salary$ 35,691.76

Title Results for Executive Assistant Assoc Hlth 2006-07
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Waligora, Christina SExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$70,001.62$0.00
Oberle, Mildred JExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthGeneral Surgery Section$67,984.28$0.00
Schulz, Kathleen LExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Operations$66,787.50$0.00
Dymond, Carolyn JExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthNeurology Department$66,249.82$36,437.40
Daniels, Elizabeth AExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$65,646.88$0.00
Hoeft, Joanne MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthSurgery Department$65,029.12$0.00
Demario, AnitaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthRadiology Department$64,183.60$32,091.80
Carnes, Vicki LynneExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOfc of Exec VP for Med Affairs$62,752.30$0.00
Juckno, Jane EExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$62,681.84$21,938.64
Pence, Judith AExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthPhysical Medicine - Rehab Dept$61,799.92$0.00
Beck, Cheryl DExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMichigan Health Corporation$61,594.00$0.00
Hall, Donna LExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthInternal Medicine Department$61,382.62$0.00
Kane, Patricia LExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthEmergency Medicine Admin$60,804.12$0.00
Hines, Susan MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthNeurosurgery$60,737.04$0.00
Heskett, Sandra RExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$59,875.92$0.00
Shields, Sharon AExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$59,812.74$0.00
Hankins, Phoebe TheresaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$59,046.00$0.00
Harrington, Denise MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$58,627.40$0.00
Bond, Melody MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Administration$58,163.30$0.00
Phillips, Shirley AnnExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$58,087.12$58,087.12
Bliss, Judith IExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Educat Svcs-Nursing$57,442.84$0.00
McKeever, Mary OliviaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Radiation Oncology$57,373.42$0.00
Jones, Kori LExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Support Services Admin$57,224.96$0.00
Straub, Ann MarieExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Nursing Administration$56,645.16$0.00
Zambo, Kathleen AExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Chief of Clinical Affairs$54,999.88$0.00
Thomas, PauletteExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$54,632.50$0.00
Longeway, Lori JExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthCell and Developmental Biology$54,589.86$40,942.40
Bieber, Blythe AExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthDepartment of Family Medicine$54,424.76$0.00
Couperthwaite, Ruth AnnExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$53,235.00$0.00
Saltz, Courtney AnnExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOphthalmology - Visual Science$53,044.94$0.00
McCain, Lynn AExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthPathology Department$52,018.98$0.00
Dunn, Lisa JExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH MCIT CIO Administration$52,000.00$0.00
Snyder, Marsha JExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMHS Human Resources$51,563.20$0.00
Meisenbach, EllenExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUniv of Mich Cancer Center$51,000.04$0.00
Collins, Karen SExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOrthopaedic Surgery$50,564.80$0.00
Martinez, Janet LynnExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Office of the COO$50,470.16$0.00
Truszkowski, Carol AnnExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical Education Admin$49,779.08$27,378.49
Fracala, Teresa JeanExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthLab Animal Medicine Unit$49,215.92$49,215.92
Bialecki, June PExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthBiological Chemistry Dept$48,884.68$48,884.68
Wilson, MaryAnn BremerExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Social Work$48,754.68$0.00
Grahl, Karen LynnExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthHuman Genetics Department$48,629.36$0.00
Piech, Peggy AnnExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOrthopaedic Surgery$47,946.86$14,384.06
Travis, Karen EExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOfc of Exec VP for Med Affairs$47,899.80$0.00
Mowry, Patricia EExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Administration$47,653.32$0.00
Hanner, Dagny EExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$46,987.72$0.00
Derry, Tammie LExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUrology Surgery$46,876.18$0.00
Busha, Linda KExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMolec - Integrative Physiology$46,546.50$4,654.65
Welshans, Robin LExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOfc of Exec VP for Med Affairs$46,349.42$0.00
Smith, Sheryl HansenExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMicrobiology and Immunology$46,257.90$46,257.90
Fielder, Susan MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH Amb Care Admin$46,117.50$0.00
Greene-Hutchings, ChristineExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH MCIT CIO Administration$46,098.00$0.00
Benko, Gloria DExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMI Nanotechnology Institute$45,674.98$11,418.75
Bopp, M LexieExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthHealth Svc General Operations$43,888.00$10,972.00
Roberson, Cheryl JExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMH QI - Corporate$43,734.08$0.00
Parker, FatimaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOtorhinolaryngology Department$41,641.60$0.00
Howard, Kristin DExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthPsychiatry Admin-Central$41,600.00$0.00
Clark, LisaExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthDermatology Department$41,199.86$0.00
Arnold, Natasha HExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthOfc of Exec VP for Med Affairs$40,863.16$0.00
Knoedler, Ruth EExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthPsych Substance Abuse$38,000.04$13,300.01
Collom, Lisa MExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthMedical School Administration$35,691.76$35,691.76

Lists of recent searches of
, Executive Assistant Assoc Hlth UMH Geriatrics Center
Ellayan, Dawud Secretary Senior UMH Nursing 7D Ccu
Garcia-Amaya, Lorenzo %director UMH Emergency Department
Roof, Patrick J Interpreter% comp med and bioinformatics
Harrison, Carolyn Museum Registrar Senior Lab Animal Medicine Unit
Barham, Nicola PROFESSOR LSA Mathematics
Haddad, Andrea CLINICAL LECTURER LSA statistics
Sabau Fernandez, Ana LEO Intermittent Lecturer dermatology department
Crumb Jr, Christopher Ian program manager %MICHR%
Nelson, Mark research area spec% inter HITS OCIO Administration