Number of people with the title of EDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENT:65
Maximum Salary$ 100,942.40
Average Salary$ 94,349.12
Minimum Salary$ 64,521.60

Title Results for EDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENT 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Beatty, Stefanie DEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW Children's Emergency Svc$100,942.40$0.00
Berry-Bovia, Mary HEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Emergency Department$100,942.40$0.00
Bratschi, Kristine KayEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCentral Staffing Resource$100,942.40$0.00
Cardone, Sandra EEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW 8W - NICU$100,942.40$0.00
Cox, Marguerite AnnEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW 11W - Ped General Care$100,942.40$0.00
Davis, Michelle MEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW 10E - PICU$100,942.40$0.00
Easthope, Sarah LEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$100,942.40$0.00
Ferguson, Marion AliceEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Cardiovascular Center 4$100,942.40$0.00
Fraser, Erin JEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW Ped CRRT/TPE$100,942.40$0.00
Hobkirk, Charles DEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Cardiac Cath Lab Tech$100,942.40$0.00
Kalowick, Cary SuzanneEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Training and Education UH$100,942.40$0.00
Klink, Kimberly GuyorEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW Training & Education Mott$100,942.40$0.00
Lemorie, KristenEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH East Ann Arbor Oper Room$100,942.40$0.00
Martis, Karrie ChristineEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Professional Dev and Ed$100,942.40$0.00
Pund, Janet REDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH ACS Nursing Care$100,942.40$0.00
Roisen, Deborah MarieEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Amb Care Training$100,942.40$0.00
Russell, Jill CEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 4A Neuro-Neurosurg$100,942.40$0.00
Saxton, Ernest LarryEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Nursing 5D SICU$100,942.40$0.00
Schuster, Brian KEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Radiology UH$100,942.40$0.00
Smith, Margaret EEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Radiology UH$100,942.40$0.00
Spilak, Debra KayEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 8C General Surgery/Med$100,942.40$0.00
Sprague, Rexanne AEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Training and Education UH$100,942.40$0.00
Talley, Cheryl LEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCSR Ambulatory Care$100,942.40$0.00
VanSickle, Cheryl IEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Med Proc Unit - Tech$100,942.40$0.00
Willis, Diane MEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 5B1 Acute Care Medicine$100,942.40$0.00
Zebley, Denise MEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Nursing 5C Surgery$100,942.40$0.00
Bak, KristinaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH OB/GYN Repro Endo Prof$99,049.60$0.00
Brooks, Joann MarieEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$99,049.60$0.00
Coast, Constance REDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW 10W - PCTU$99,049.60$0.00
Crider-Tyler, Jana LEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Emergency Department$99,049.60$0.00
Czajkowski, Lisa LEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Acute Hemodial - Tech$99,049.60$0.00
Dziedzic, JennaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Nursing 7D Ccu$99,049.60$0.00
Falk, PamEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCVC5$99,049.60$0.00
Ford, ShellyEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTU of M Livonia Dialysis Center$99,049.60$0.00
Gubacz, TinaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCentral Staffing Resource$99,049.60$0.00
Hankin, CarrieEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTVVWH$99,049.60$0.00
Hutchinson, Tricia AnneEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Emergency Department$99,049.60$0.00
Karpinski, DarlaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Cancer Center Admin$99,049.60$0.00
Mazur, Maelouise MEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW-Ped BMT & HEM/ONC$99,049.60$0.00
McCabe, Kimberly AEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW 8W - NICU$99,049.60$0.00
McCann, Rebecca JEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Trauma Burn ICU$99,049.60$0.00
McVay, Sherl GEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Trauma Burn ICU$99,049.60$0.00
Read, Michelle REDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Nursing 5D SICU$99,049.60$0.00
Riddle, AmyEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Acute Hemodial - Tech$99,049.60$0.00
Skiff, AndreaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Chronic Hemodial - Tech$99,049.60$0.00
Spitler, AmyEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Infusion Cancer Center$99,049.60$0.00
Wilson, Danielle NicoleEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENT7B Nursing$99,049.60$0.00
Woloszyk, Taralee AEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW Ped Chronic Dialysis$99,049.60$0.00
Worley, Anthony JohnEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Cardiovascular Center 4$99,049.60$0.00
King, Elizabeth AlexisEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENT8D Progressive Care$92,081.60$0.00
Conley, PaulineEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTVascular Access Service Team$83,678.40$0.00
Ikerd, Christen LaneEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW 10W - PCTU$83,678.40$0.00
Mammel, Shawn RebeccaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW Adult BMT & Leukemia Clinic$83,678.40$0.00
Meeker, Laura ReneEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTCW 10E - PICU$83,678.40$0.00
Bowers, JillianEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH East Ann Arbor Oper Room$73,216.00$0.00
Calkins, AmandaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 7A-1$73,216.00$0.00
Yunker, CaseyEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH CPU - Central$73,216.00$0.00
Connick, JessicaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH - ECT Nursing Services$70,782.40$0.00
Harding, ChelseaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH Adult BMT/Transplant$70,782.40$0.00
Jordan, MelissaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 5A Ortho/Trauma$70,782.40$0.00
Vitins, IngaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 6B1 Internal Medicine$70,782.40$0.00
Sauve, LauraEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 8A3-Onc Acute Care$68,452.80$0.00
Schultz, RhondaEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENT8CAP$68,452.80$0.00
Bryant, PeterEDUC NURSE COORD - COMPETENTUMH 8B2 Gen Med-Telemetry$64,521.60$0.00

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