Number of people with the title of DIR ACADEMIC PROGRAM:61
Maximum Salary$ 258,060.00
Average Salary$ 160,183.17
Minimum Salary$ 84,581.62

Title Results for DIR ACADEMIC PROGRAM 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Seiford, Lawrence MDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Undergraduate Education$258,060.00$25,806.00
Larson, Janet LouiseDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Nursing$258,000.00$129,000.00
Stephenson, Robert BrianDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Nursing$248,000.00$32,991.44
Markel, HowardDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMMedical School Administration$226,697.20$0.00
Carter-Su, ChristinDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMMI Diabetes Research Training$225,000.00$7,108.65
Koenig, Ronald JayDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMMedical School Administration$225,000.00$37,395.00
Grizzle, Jessy WDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Robotics Institute$223,000.00$72,475.00
Boyd, Iain DDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Research$215,373.00$107,686.50
Linderman, Jennifer JDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMADVANCE Program$210,916.00$158,187.00
Gallagher, Mary EDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Chinese Studies$206,235.00$51,558.75
Gere, Anne RugglesDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA Sweetland Writing Center$205,041.00$102,520.50
Franzese Jr, Robert JDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Prg Intl Comp Studies$196,468.00$49,117.00
Sarter, Nadine BarbaraDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Center for Ergonomics$196,000.00$39,200.00
Lombard, DavidDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCancer Biology Graduate Progrm$195,454.49$0.00
Jin, JionghuaDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Integrative Sys - Design$191,185.00$47,796.25
Linic, SuljoDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Integrative Sys - Design$188,150.00$47,037.50
Eber, Robert MDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMDENT Clinical Research Center$182,975.80$91,487.90
Zubrzycki, GenevieveDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Weiser Europe/Eurasia$182,000.00$91,000.00
Gilchrist, Brian EDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSpace Physics Research Lab$181,000.00$90,500.00
Moldwin, MarkDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Undergraduate Education$180,000.00$18,000.00
Lahann, JoergDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMBiointerfaces$178,500.00$89,250.00
Epureanu, BogdanDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Automotive Research Center$175,000.00$0.00
Slater, DanielDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Weiser Emerging Democr$174,270.00$87,135.00
Pozzi, Sara ADIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Assoc Dean Academic Affair$170,600.00$85,300.00
McCracken, Peggy SDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA Humanities Institute$168,300.00$0.00
Ridley, Aaron JamesDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Undergraduate Education$166,860.00$41,715.00
Elliott, WilliamDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Social Work$164,670.63$82,335.32
Skerlos, Steven JDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSocially Engaged Design$162,658.00$40,664.50
Kwak, NojinDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Nam Ctr Korean Studies$162,609.00$81,304.50
Lu, WeiDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMEngineering Research Centers$160,000.00$64,000.00
Meares, Henry ODIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSOE-Comm/Dev/Outrch$158,473.55$79,236.77
Hulbert, Gregory MDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Undergraduate Education$158,411.00$39,602.75
Terry Jr, Fred LewisDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Undergraduate Education$156,800.00$78,400.00
Lavaque-Manty, Mika TapaniDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA UG: Honors$154,358.00$77,179.00
Pipe, Kevin PatrickDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE AssocDean Graduate Educati$153,737.00$76,868.50
Freudenberg, James SDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Integrative Sys - Design$152,800.00$38,200.00
Marquis, EmmanuelleDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMMC2-Michigan Ctr for Materials$148,500.00$74,250.00
Abbott, Patricia ADIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Nursing$146,871.71$0.00
Tsutsui, KiyoteruDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Japanese Studies$140,000.00$35,000.00
Tsutsui, KiyoteruDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Human Rights Initiatve$140,000.00$35,000.00
Wakefield, Gregory HDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Undergraduate Education$137,570.00$13,757.00
Tell, CarolDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA UG: Lloyd Hall Scholars$136,338.00$68,169.00
Finelli, Cynthia JDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCOE-Graduate Fellowships$135,700.00$33,925.00
Nalliah, RomeshDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMDENT Clinic Operations$133,900.00$0.00
Smith, Ellen M LavoieDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Nursing$130,186.92$65,093.46
Wentzloff, David DDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Ctr for Entrepreneurship$128,750.00$25,750.00
Richards-Schuster, Katherine EDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Social Work$124,041.47$37,212.44
Olsen, Laura JDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMMRADS$123,262.00$61,631.00
Babayan, KathrynDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Armenian Studies$118,950.00$0.00
Hiltz, Barbara StacyDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Social Work$116,819.72$58,409.86
Coetzee, Andries WDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: African Studies Center$115,432.00$28,858.00
Glover, William JDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: S. Asian Studies$109,599.00$27,399.75
Mallette, KarlaDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Islamic Studies Prog$107,819.00$26,954.75
Pardee, Michelle LorraineDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Nursing$106,805.46$26,701.37
Jenckes, Katharine MillerDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: Latin Amer - Carib St$99,000.00$24,750.00
Hass, Kristin AnnDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA MI Humanities Collab.$96,820.00$48,410.00
Grijalva, RobertDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of MusicTheatre-Dance$95,757.89$90,970.00
Rosemberg, Marie-Anne SanonDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Nursing$95,499.54$23,874.89
Khan, Pauline BaryDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMCoE Technical Communications$94,400.00$33,040.00
Ali, Samer MDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: ME - N. African St$91,966.64$22,991.66
Castro, Christi-AnneDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMLSA II: SE Asian Studies$84,581.62$21,145.41

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