Number of people with the title of Contract - Grant Specialist:100
Maximum Salary$ 94,842.65
Average Salary$ 53,865.43
Minimum Salary$ 41,100.00

Title Results for Contract - Grant Specialist 2011-12
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Cole, Jeffery LContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Gastroenterology$94,842.65$0.00
Creque, Denise MContract - Grant SpecialistUMTRI-Administration / Library$86,770.00$86,770.00
Gay, Tamara AContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-General Medicine$71,540.00$0.00
Nielsen, Jamie LContract - Grant SpecialistITCS-Merit Network$70,000.00$0.00
Gauss, Donna LContract - Grant SpecialistNeurosurgery$68,935.52$0.00
Malec, Mary AContract - Grant SpecialistMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$65,048.28$0.00
Hathaway, Anne EContract - Grant SpecialistPsychiatry Admin-Central$64,561.79$64,561.79
Hopper, Mary DContract - Grant SpecialistSRO Financial Group$64,261.16$0.00
Ryker, NikkiContract - Grant SpecialistRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$64,260.00$54,621.00
Mulkey, Donna LContract - Grant SpecialistCenter for Human Growth - Dev$64,225.00$64,225.00
Luckett, Trina LanellContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$63,904.29$0.00
English, Anita MContract - Grant SpecialistUMTRI-Administration / Library$62,420.00$11,859.80
Hubbard, RhondaContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-General Medicine$62,393.10$0.00
Ketola, Zonda ReneeContract - Grant SpecialistUMTRI-Administration / Library$62,065.00$55,858.50
Tietjen, Barbara LContract - Grant SpecialistA. Alfred Taubman CA-UP Adm$61,546.00$61,546.00
Zide, Mary ElizabethContract - Grant SpecialistObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$61,511.60$0.00
Settles, Judy LContract - Grant SpecialistUMTRI-Administration / Library$60,945.00$60,945.00
Banka, DiannaContract - Grant SpecialistCtr fr Translational Pathology$60,770.00$0.00
Schon, Melissa LynnContract - Grant SpecialistObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$60,737.04$0.00
Malayang, Jill MarieContract - Grant SpecialistMich Inst for Clin - Hlth Resr$60,569.19$0.00
Losee, Robin NContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$60,455.84$0.00
Bianchi, DeniseContract - Grant SpecialistBiostatistics Department$60,359.00$60,359.00
Eveswell, Jana MarieContract - Grant SpecialistPsych Substance Abuse$59,676.38$59,676.38
Cramer, Marilyn MarieContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Cardiology$59,483.43$0.00
Sturtz, Karen MContract - Grant SpecialistPsychiatry Admin-Central$59,267.11$59,267.11
Cramer, Janelle PContract - Grant SpecialistSRO Financial Group$59,111.42$0.00
Wankel, Sandra JContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Cardiology$57,283.20$0.00
Brooks, Amy BContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$57,240.05$0.00
Eddy, Marie ChristineContract - Grant SpecialistUrology Surgery$57,228.92$57,228.92
Phillips, BrendaContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-General Medicine$57,064.20$28,532.10
Wagner, Susan PContract - Grant SpecialistInternal Medicine Department$57,042.40$0.00
Branscum, Rhonda LContract - Grant SpecialistPsychiatry Admin-Central$56,732.40$56,732.40
Martinez, Laura LContract - Grant SpecialistPsychiatry Admin-Central$56,238.62$5,623.86
Wang, YanContract - Grant SpecialistMechanical Engineering$55,598.00$55,598.00
Crary, KathrynContract - Grant SpecialistSch of Nat Resources - Environ$55,325.00$55,325.00
Cartwright, Patricia AnneContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Education$55,319.00$22,127.60
Tropiano, Elizabeth MContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Kinesiology$54,637.73$54,637.73
Majors, M KathleenContract - Grant SpecialistBiostatistics Department$54,026.00$0.00
Downey, BradContract - Grant SpecialistMich Inst for Clin - Hlth Resr$54,000.00$27,000.00
Hyde, Sara AContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$53,911.23$53,911.23
Lewis, Tameka FContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$53,717.42$0.00
Quaine, Janet MContract - Grant SpecialistMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$53,267.99$53,267.99
Dickelman, James RContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$53,253.06$53,253.06
Yong, Li LeeContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Astronomy$53,252.00$53,252.00
Wood, Katherine MContract - Grant SpecialistEnvironmental Health Sciences$53,040.00$47,736.00
Clendenin, Lori AnneContract - Grant SpecialistNeurology Department$53,000.00$53,000.00
Hardy, SandraContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Cardiology$52,876.80$0.00
Andaya, Tessie TContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$52,719.94$0.00
Knoedler, Ruth EContract - Grant SpecialistAnesthesiology Department$52,530.00$0.00
Robb, Janice KContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$52,271.74$0.00
Roosen, Mary MContract - Grant SpecialistDENT Cont-Grant Shared Service$52,265.85$52,265.85
Sloan, JanetContract - Grant SpecialistDENT Cont-Grant Shared Service$52,265.78$41,812.62
Swanson, Doris JContract - Grant SpecialistNaval Arch - Marine Dept$52,205.00$52,205.00
Rabun, PhyllisContract - Grant SpecialistMechanical Engineering$51,869.00$51,869.00
Beebe, Kathleen O'ConnorContract - Grant SpecialistMechanical Engineering$51,729.00$51,729.00
Richardson, ShariContract - Grant SpecialistMechanical Engineering$51,500.00$51,500.00
Preston, PatriciaContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Sociology$51,255.00$51,255.00
Bowens, CharlotteContract - Grant SpecialistSch of Nat Resources - Environ$51,250.00$51,250.00
Berg, BrandiContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Earth - Environmental Sci.$51,000.00$51,000.00
Turner, CoreyContract - Grant SpecialistHealth Management and Policy$50,730.00$50,730.00
Powell, Susan EContract - Grant SpecialistMechanical Engineering$50,674.00$50,674.00
Freundl, Patty SContract - Grant SpecialistMechanical Engineering$50,457.00$50,457.00
Witfoth, Deborah KContract - Grant SpecialistEpidemiology Department$50,400.00$50,400.00
Rork, Kristianne MContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$50,289.00$50,289.00
Vaughan, Dawn MarieContract - Grant SpecialistBiomedical Engineering$50,000.00$42,500.00
Brooks, CherolynContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Ecology - Evolutionary Bio$49,835.00$49,835.00
Avram, Ramona BellaContract - Grant SpecialistPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$49,368.91$49,368.91
Wells, Tina MarieContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Physics$48,914.00$48,914.00
Angelopoulos, Kimberly KayContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Dean: Shared Services$48,865.00$48,865.00
Talbot, Elizabeth EContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Rheumatology$48,685.85$0.00
Watson, Donna MContract - Grant SpecialistNeurology Department$48,302.99$48,302.99
Gorowski, Teresa LynnContract - Grant SpecialistEpidemiology Department$48,275.00$48,275.00
Madias, Heidi MContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Physics$48,265.00$48,265.00
Novak, ZacharyContract - Grant SpecialistInternal Medicine Department$48,246.00$0.00
Brown, Todd JeffreyContract - Grant SpecialistDENT Cont-Grant Shared Service$47,662.50$47,662.50
Fiolek, Diane McHarrisContract - Grant SpecialistDermatology Department$47,572.08$0.00
Orzechowski, JoannaContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Molecular Med-Genetics$47,532.00$0.00
Hou, Ellen FContract - Grant SpecialistInt Med-Nephrology$47,300.00$0.00
Bacus, Connie LContract - Grant SpecialistChemical Engineering Dept$47,277.00$47,277.00
Hustoles, Therese Diane JakubowskiContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Psychology$47,198.00$47,198.00
Thebaud, AlexandraContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Physics$47,050.00$47,050.00
Wang, LipingContract - Grant SpecialistLife Sciences Institute-Admin$46,785.69$0.00
Conklin, Kimberly KeiferContract - Grant SpecialistNaval Arch - Marine Dept$46,700.00$35,025.00
Hibbard, Barbara JeanContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Physics$46,520.00$46,520.00
Mejia, Kimberly AContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$46,359.00$46,359.00
Stevens, Dean EContract - Grant SpecialistSRO Financial Group$46,180.20$0.00
Korsal, Yaowaluk PContract - Grant SpecialistUniv of Mich Cancer Center$45,949.05$0.00
Kujawa, Lynn-Marie JoyceContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Psychology$45,500.00$45,500.00
Mattison, Charles RobertContract - Grant SpecialistCOE EECS - CSE Division$45,426.00$45,426.00
Myers, Karen DContract - Grant SpecialistDermatology Department$45,048.58$0.00
Buageila, Aneesa AhmedContract - Grant SpecialistSRC-Hrs$45,000.00$0.00
Alexa, Karen CContract - Grant SpecialistCOE EECS - CSE Division$44,587.00$44,587.00
Johnson, Debra LContract - Grant SpecialistMaterials Science - Engin.$44,497.00$44,497.00
Whittaker-Smith, Claire LContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$43,967.50$0.00
Huskey, Gary WContract - Grant SpecialistCOE EECS - ECE Division$43,350.00$43,350.00
Vandermeer, PeterContract - Grant SpecialistCivil - Environmental Engr$43,100.00$10,007.82
Filyo, ChristosContract - Grant SpecialistMaterials Science - Engin.$43,000.00$43,000.00
Frizzell, Nicole MarieContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$42,000.00$42,000.00
Tison, GraceContract - Grant SpecialistCOE EECS - CSE Division$42,000.00$42,000.00
Lagua, Patrick YContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Social Work$41,100.00$41,100.00

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, Business Systems Analyst% %%%%%%%%%%
Silverstein, Eric Contract - Grant Specialist %Clinical%Research%Billing%Unit%
Gimson, Kathleen Joyce Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth UMH Anesthesia CRNA - UH
Lynn, Amy LEO Adjunct Lecturer LSA English Language - Lit.
Dye, Keith Anthony Development Officer Associate Lsa chemistry
Kretzler, Matthias administrative fellow CW Ped Chronic Dialysis
Higgins, Peter Doyle CHIEF OF STAFF LSA Physics
Khan, Dawn R REG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC) UMH - TC - Transplant Clinic
McKee, Michael Matthew Medical Assistant Senior it%
Prall, Cristina Associate Lab Animal Medicine Unit
King, Cincerie Anne Admin Asst Inter Healthcare %HITO%