Number of people with the title of Contract - Grant Specialist:118
Maximum Salary$ 78,922.87
Average Salary$ 61,483.94
Minimum Salary$ 46,230.00

Title Results for Contract - Grant Specialist 2018-19
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hubbard, RhondaContract - Grant SpecialistRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$78,922.87$3,946.14
Weston, Michele BushawContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$78,150.00$0.00
Henry, Robin LContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit-Ambulatory a$77,760.96$0.00
Goff, Robin NicoleContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$77,363.57$0.00
Goff, Robin NicoleContract - Grant SpecialistUMOR Off Rsrch-Spnsr Prjs-ORSP$77,363.00$0.00
Haney, Jeanne MContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$76,141.67$76,141.67
English, Anita MContract - Grant SpecialistObstetrics and Gynecology Dept$75,425.42$0.00
Goormastic, Jeanni MContract - Grant SpecialistDepartment of Radiology$75,145.71$0.00
Coffey, Jane DonovanContract - Grant SpecialistMolec - Integrative Physiology$73,020.08$47,463.05
Tune, Lea MContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$71,716.30$71,716.30
Nothaft, Diane CContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$71,584.80$71,584.80
Schork, Jude TContract - Grant SpecialistPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$71,142.88$0.00
Fleming, AlfredaContract - Grant SpecialistPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$71,000.00$0.00
Ryker, NikkiContract - Grant SpecialistPhysical Medicine - Rehab Dept$70,725.00$0.00
Branscum, Rhonda LContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$68,842.50$0.00
Bratton, SonyaContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$68,719.28$0.00
Quaine, Janet MContract - Grant SpecialistMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$68,162.50$68,162.50
Majors, M KathleenContract - Grant SpecialistAnesthesiology Department$67,896.00$0.00
Garwood, Tasha JContract - Grant SpecialistUrology$67,620.79$0.00
Dahlgren, AmeliaContract - Grant SpecialistRadiation Oncology - Ann Arbor$67,137.50$0.00
Cox, PatrickContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit -Heart Vessel$67,000.00$0.00
Shingledecker, Christine KContract - Grant SpecialistEpidemiology Department$66,788.00$66,788.00
Peters, Leah GContract - Grant SpecialistMolec - Integrative Physiology$66,674.48$53,339.58
Martin, Diane KayContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$66,625.00$0.00
Smentkowski, AndrewContract - Grant SpecialistCHRT$66,625.00$0.00
LeBouef, Laurie JContract - Grant SpecialistEmergency Medicine Research$66,390.31$0.00
Poole, Kristin MContract - Grant SpecialistPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$66,283.93$0.00
Petropoulos, Pamela PContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit -Heart Vessel$65,953.28$0.00
Taylor, Anna JContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$65,701.28$0.00
Saveski, VericaContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$65,559.00$0.00
Belcher, KellyContract - Grant SpecialistPhysical Medicine - Rehab Dept$65,332.96$0.00
Preston, PatriciaContract - Grant SpecialistCPS- Ctr for Political Studies$65,009.63$0.00
Miller, April NicoleContract - Grant SpecialistLife Sciences Institute-Admin$64,718.50$0.00
Vandermade, Gary AContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Nursing$64,645.73$64,645.73
Johnson, TemuulenContract - Grant SpecialistCtr fr Translational Pathology$64,575.00$0.00
Stewart, MaryContract - Grant SpecialistDepartment of Radiology$64,575.00$0.00
Gong, FeiContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$64,500.00$64,500.00
Maxwell, Lekisha MoniqueContract - Grant SpecialistPopulation Studies Center$64,500.00$0.00
Downey, BradContract - Grant SpecialistMICHR - Operations$64,449.00$0.00
Gorowski, Teresa LynnContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit -Behavior Fu$64,350.78$0.00
Gentz, Sandra KayContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Kraus$64,220.00$64,220.00
Burgdorf, LaFernaContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$64,088.13$0.00
Williams, Venece AContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Nursing$63,860.00$63,860.00
Livingston, CoryContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$63,654.00$63,654.00
Keene, Dawn HContract - Grant SpecialistBiostatistics Department$63,191.00$31,595.50
Farha, SamarContract - Grant SpecialistPsychiatry Admin-Central$63,037.50$15,759.38
Brisbois, JillContract - Grant SpecialistResearch - Clinical Trials$63,000.00$0.00
Sica, Susan LynnContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$62,400.00$0.00
Eyler, Mary LContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Nursing$62,000.00$62,000.00
Frost, Kassandra LynnContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Haven Hall$61,589.00$61,589.00
Kujawa, Lynn-Marie JoyceContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Nursing$61,500.00$61,500.00
Martin, JenniferContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Nursing$61,500.00$61,500.00
McCune, TrevinContract - Grant SpecialistInternal Medicine Department$61,222.42$0.00
Smith, RochelleContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$60,475.00$0.00
Henson-Jones, KhristineContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$60,354.74$60,354.74
Mitchell, XinyanContract - Grant SpecialistGrant Review and Analysis$60,298.00$0.00
Marshall, KaitlynContract - Grant SpecialistPediatric - Comm Diseases Dept$60,050.00$0.00
Alguire, Melinda AnnContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: East Hall$60,040.00$60,040.00
Bergeron, PatriciaContract - Grant SpecialistMary H Weiser Food Allergy Ctr$60,000.00$0.00
Blackmore, StephanieContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Kraus$59,815.00$59,815.00
Swanberg, Elaine ChristineContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$59,800.10$59,800.10
Earwood, RebeccaContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit -Behavior Fu$59,696.00$0.00
Tomaszewski, ChristieContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$59,662.89$59,662.89
Diehl, Michelle MContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$59,259.20$47,407.36
Laich, PrentissContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$59,094.67$59,094.67
Krause, Dawn ReneeContract - Grant SpecialistPhysical Medicine - Rehab Dept$59,021.91$0.00
Marks-Wilt, LydiaContract - Grant SpecialistOtorhinolaryngology Department$58,988.75$29,494.38
Dieter, MichelleContract - Grant SpecialistUMTRI - Administration$58,951.00$58,951.00
Hudson, MichaelContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$58,940.00$58,940.00
Frizzell, Nicole MarieContract - Grant SpecialistPsychiatry Admin-Central$58,620.31$35,172.19
Taylor, Kathleen CContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$58,567.50$0.00
Burghardt, CorinnaContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: CBBO$58,500.00$58,500.00
Szakal, JessicaContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Kraus$58,480.00$58,480.00
Lingle, AmyContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: East Hall$58,470.00$58,470.00
Solarek, LindaContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: East Hall$58,425.00$58,425.00
Briggs, SarahContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Kraus$58,400.00$58,400.00
Altizer, WilliamContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$58,320.00$58,320.00
Seagraves, AaronContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$58,320.00$58,320.00
Love, TonyaContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Modern Languages$58,250.00$58,250.00
Murray, BethContract - Grant SpecialistInternal Medicine Department$58,195.00$0.00
Hou, Ellen FContract - Grant SpecialistMaterials Science - Engin.$58,054.00$58,054.00
Thomas, AnnmarieContract - Grant SpecialistMolec - Integrative Physiology$58,000.00$58,000.00
Owens, Kristina MContract - Grant SpecialistSRC-Quantitative Methods$57,958.24$0.00
Dedinsky, RachelContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: CBBO$57,750.00$57,750.00
McIntosh, AmandaContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: CBBO$57,745.00$57,745.00
Lukyanchuk, MarinaContract - Grant SpecialistSchool of Kinesiology$57,540.00$57,540.00
Brieger, JulieContract - Grant SpecialistSRC-Life Course Development$57,500.00$0.00
Federer, JerriContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit-Childrens-CCT$57,400.00$0.00
Glorioso, MichelleContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit-Childrens-CCT$57,400.00$0.00
Vignoe, SusanContract - Grant SpecialistEmergency Medicine Research$57,400.00$0.00
Webster, AnnetteContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: West Hall$57,234.50$57,234.50
Bausman, CourtneyContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: West Hall$57,000.00$57,000.00
Lentz, MeaganContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: CBBO$57,000.00$57,000.00
Singh, TabitaContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Dean: Finance$57,000.00$57,000.00
Bethke, Ekaterina SContract - Grant SpecialistLife Sciences Institute-Admin$56,921.47$0.00
French, AmberContract - Grant SpecialistNuclear Eng - Radiological Sci$56,513.00$33,907.80
Cranson, ZacharyContract - Grant SpecialistLSA Dean: Finance$56,500.00$56,500.00
Feldkamp, Michele RenaeContract - Grant SpecialistCOE EECS - ECE Division$56,300.00$53,485.00
Thompson, DavidContract - Grant SpecialistSponsored Programs$56,160.00$56,160.00
Steffes, LisaContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit-Ambulatory a$56,000.00$0.00
Swatek, Mary EvaContract - Grant SpecialistFinance-Sponsored Programs$56,000.00$56,000.00
Riggs, JanetContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$55,080.00$0.00
Yunk, JasonContract - Grant SpecialistMolec - Integrative Physiology$54,837.50$54,837.50
Reinke, JamieContract - Grant SpecialistMechanical Engineering$54,458.00$54,458.00
Henderson, Jacquelyn ElaineContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit-Ambulatory a$54,325.00$0.00
Murdock, RyanContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$53,843.25$0.00
Farmer, AmberContract - Grant SpecialistClin Trials Unit-Ambulatory a$53,004.03$0.00
Bolz, StephanieContract - Grant SpecialistSRC-Survey Methodology$53,000.00$0.00
Brouwer, DianeContract - Grant SpecialistMechanical Engineering$52,454.00$52,454.00
O'Connell, JenniferContract - Grant SpecialistSurgery Department$52,356.60$0.00
Clark, EvanContract - Grant SpecialistROSS SCH Research Support$51,000.00$51,000.00
Guttman, Dennis CalvinContract - Grant SpecialistCOE EECS - ECE Division$50,960.00$45,864.00
Adkins, Tracey LaurannContract - Grant SpecialistIndustrial - Operations Engin$50,851.00$50,851.00
Rohn, Tabitha LContract - Grant SpecialistCivil - Environmental Engr$50,440.00$50,440.00
Kuhn, KathleenContract - Grant SpecialistMaterials Science - Engin.$50,269.00$50,269.00
Zucal, JoshuaContract - Grant SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$49,000.00$49,000.00
Ponchart, HuiminContract - Grant SpecialistAerospace Engineering$47,265.00$47,265.00
Lang, TimothyContract - Grant SpecialistCOE EECS - ECE Division$46,230.00$43,918.50

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