Number of people with the title of Clinical Nursing Director-Unit:57
Maximum Salary$ 141,776.80
Average Salary$ 127,480.35
Minimum Salary$ 112,073.00

Title Results for Clinical Nursing Director-Unit 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Baird-Cox, KellyClinical Nursing Director-UnitCW Chilren & ED Admin$141,776.80$0.00
Adamczyk, MaryannClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Medical Admin$141,776.71$0.00
Ames, KarenClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$141,770.24$0.00
Kovacevich, Debra SClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc$141,662.58$0.00
Landis, Denise AClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Survival Flight$140,765.48$0.00
Blackwood, DawnClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Medical Admin$140,089.03$0.00
Bitner, DeannaClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$140,088.92$0.00
Portice, Lynda CClinical Nursing Director-UnitCW Oper Room - Mott$140,086.22$0.00
Papke, Lorelei FClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$140,081.66$0.00
MacPherson, DruClinical Nursing Director-UnitCW Nursing Peds/Perinatal$138,697.34$0.00
Myers, Noreen CClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Post Anes Care Unit - UH$138,129.26$0.00
Kraft, Michael FrancisClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Medical Admin$138,032.17$0.00
Grondin, Louise MaryClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing CVC Admin$137,598.43$0.00
Fernamberg, MichelleClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$135,932.58$0.00
Derheim, Michele KayClinical Nursing Director-UnitCW Nursing Peds/Perinatal$134,623.10$0.00
Lewan, Kathleen MarieClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$134,618.83$0.00
Lane, SarahClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$134,617.56$0.00
Pelham, Lori KayClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$134,614.74$0.00
Dudley, ErikaClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH TC Administration$132,933.92$0.00
Adamowski, Therese TaggartClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing CVC Admin$132,610.00$0.00
Kendrick, CathyClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Medical Admin$130,662.84$0.00
Pagac, GretchenClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH East Ann Arbor Surg Admin$129,705.19$0.00
Lagrou, Daniel JClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$129,654.77$0.00
Bergmooser, GinaClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH - TC - Transplant Clinic$129,045.91$0.00
George, Carol AnnClinical Nursing Director-UnitUH-Operating Rooms KEC$128,855.14$0.00
Chabot, LoriClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$128,733.38$0.00
Fairchild, Jon WClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Adult ED Admin$128,406.75$0.00
Lund, Robin DClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Medical Admin$128,111.60$0.00
Bremer, ReneeClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Care Mgt Admin$126,872.27$0.00
Hughes, Mark Richard KennedyClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$126,865.13$0.00
Williams, YolineClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$125,642.00$0.00
Eby, Sharyn GraingerClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$125,636.44$0.00
Eastman, DeborahClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$125,636.42$0.00
Diponio, JoyClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Acute Hemodial - Tech$124,995.28$0.00
Blake, Lisa RobynClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Chronic Hemodial - Tech$123,159.58$0.00
Rosenberg, Colleen MarieClinical Nursing Director-UnitCW Nursing Peds/Perinatal$123,155.53$0.00
Poe, Korey RayClinical Nursing Director-UnitCW Nursing Peds/Perinatal$122,186.00$0.00
Sauers, Wendy SClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Radiology UH$122,150.25$0.00
Swirple, John MartinClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Medical Admin$121,940.79$0.00
Anuszkiewicz, Shelli KornakClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$121,936.08$0.00
Bachman, MicheleClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH East Ann Arbor Surg Admin$120,734.14$0.00
Allen, Amy MarieClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$120,607.08$0.00
Gawne, Kelly RoseClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$119,541.87$0.00
Burke, RobertClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing CVC Admin$119,535.46$0.00
Brake, MichelleClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$118,608.10$0.00
Phillips, Carrie MClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$118,356.90$0.00
Smyth, Denise EClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$118,355.71$0.00
Nairn, Karen KayClinical Nursing Director-UnitHealth Svc Clinic Operations$118,272.00$0.00
Davis, Leah ElaineClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$117,153.77$0.00
Gray, CrystalClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Surgical Admin$115,470.10$0.00
Speck, NicoleClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH RAHS Pathways to Success$115,097.20$0.00
Middleton, IwanciaClinical Nursing Director-UnitU of M Livonia Dialysis Center$114,933.00$0.00
Figueroa, NicoleClinical Nursing Director-UnitCW Nursing Peds/Perinatal$114,871.79$0.00
Syring, JesseClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH ACS Nursing Care$113,736.48$0.00
Brant, AmyClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Nursing Medical Admin$112,850.03$0.00
Merritt, Norma SoniaClinical Nursing Director-UnitUMH Radiology UH$112,326.24$0.00
Boice, TaraClinical Nursing Director-UnitCW Nursing Peds/Perinatal$112,073.00$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Clinical Nursing Director-Unit %CEE%
Fermin, Damian E NP GENERAL MEDICAL TIER 2 UMH East Ann Arbor RAD
Robinson, Adam business manager UMH Nursing Amb Care Admin
Bagwell, Mary+E Patient Services ROSS SCH Erb Institute
Voss, D Ann Estimate Coordinator Risk Management
VOSS, D Career Services Coordinator athletics
Gray, Angela Admin Asst Assoc Healthcare LSA Communication Studies
McQueen, Nathan Legal Secretary Senior neuro%
Hanosh, Firuzan Haseki Health Information Svcs Dir Office of the General Counsel
robinson, executive Flint School of Management
Stahle, Christine Susanne Chief Design Engineer School of Information