Number of people with the title of CLIENT SERVICES ASST:56
Maximum Salary$ 44,454.28
Average Salary$ 30,777.06
Minimum Salary$ 25,119.90

Title Results for CLIENT SERVICES ASST 2004-05
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hicks, Nancy ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Rehab Technology Svcs$44,454.28$0.00
Patton, Michael JCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$39,110.50$0.00
Schroeder, Kristeen MCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$38,900.16$0.00
Trobaugh, Edie DCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Clinical Lab Admin$37,498.76$0.00
Buczek, Vicki ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$37,296.48$0.00
Gransden, Lu-AnnCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$36,498.54$0.00
Hampton, Candace ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$36,070.84$0.00
Sauls, Jenny LCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$35,895.60$0.00
White, Denise ICLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Mlabs Program$35,759.10$0.00
Hodge, Elizabeth SCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$34,943.48$0.00
Jackson III, Harold G CCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$34,907.34$0.00
Gregg, Hugh SCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Mlabs Program$34,788.00$0.00
Deskins, Rebecca JCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$34,493.42$0.00
Schultz, Janice ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$34,187.40$0.00
Barnes, Delsie BCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Psych Cdr$34,175.44$0.00
Fenske, Nancy AnnCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$33,987.46$0.00
Frank, Deborah MCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Mlabs Program$33,944.82$0.00
McCarter, Diane MCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$33,776.60$0.00
Mahncke, Karen GCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$32,638.84$0.00
Kleine, Tobi KCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$32,411.86$0.00
Burr, Karen AlayneCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$32,316.18$0.00
Mercurio, Laurie ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$32,136.26$0.00
Kracko, Sandi KCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Mlabs Program$32,117.80$0.00
Read-Zufelt, Dawn CCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$31,794.10$0.00
Bedoun, Deborah RCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$30,806.88$0.00
Welton, Sheri LCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Mlabs Program$30,659.46$0.00
Kelly, Chanin LCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Mlabs Program$30,625.14$0.00
Coates, Ivano SCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$30,222.66$0.00
Badour, Brenda MCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$30,213.04$0.00
Thomas, Teresa ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Psych Cdr$30,001.14$0.00
Stanislovaitis, Leesa ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Mlabs Program$29,565.12$0.00
Stoll, Tracy LynneCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$29,046.16$0.00
Gerlofs, Tracy LynCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH PR-MC/Interactive Mktg$28,999.88$0.00
Vigo, Michele ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Mlabs Program$28,610.40$0.00
Mears, Walter CCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$28,578.42$0.00
Cross, Jennifer LCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Ophthalmic Photography$28,473.64$0.00
Popiolek, Shannon LeeCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$28,280.98$0.00
Rice, Richard AlanCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH H.O. Ophthalmology$27,810.12$0.00
Casab, Candice MCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$26,999.96$0.00
Fricke, Christine SCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Psych Intake - Schedule$26,789.88$0.00
Stann, Shelley TCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Psych Intake - Schedule$26,414.44$0.00
Jan, Teresa PCLIENT SERVICES ASSTAthletics$26,382.20$0.00
Stout, Rachel SCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$26,250.38$0.00
Rosengarten, Donna JCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Rehab Technology Svcs$25,999.22$0.00
Calzadillas, Danielle JCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$25,873.38$0.00
Cavasos, Linda LCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Rehab Technology Svcs$25,873.38$0.00
Dottery, Veronica LCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$25,873.38$0.00
Dull, EricaCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$25,873.38$0.00
Kisselburg, CynthiaCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$25,873.38$0.00
Lee, Sara ElizabethCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Rehab Technology Svcs$25,873.38$0.00
Saims, Jason EdwardCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Med Equip Operating$25,873.38$0.00
Barath, Dennis AlbertCLIENT SERVICES ASSTAthletics$25,814.88$0.00
Smith, Leroy ECLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Rehab Technology Svcs$25,747.80$0.00
Deptula, Anne ElizabethCLIENT SERVICES ASSTAthletics$25,667.72$0.00
Radant, Marilyn ACLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Rehab Technology Svcs$25,218.96$0.00
Stratos, Erin CCLIENT SERVICES ASSTUMH Rehab Technology Svcs$25,119.90$0.00

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