Number of people with the title of Business Systems Analyst Sr:145
Maximum Salary$ 133,837.90
Average Salary$ 84,860.15
Minimum Salary$ 51,732.36

Title Results for Business Systems Analyst Sr 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Foote, JaneBusiness Systems Analyst SrQuality Data Management$133,837.90$0.00
Wilson, KathleenBusiness Systems Analyst SrAthletics$133,712.21$0.00
Eckstein, Barbara LBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Learning Management$113,125.56$0.00
Kodali, Venkateswar RBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$105,106.84$0.00
Hinkle, Darrel MBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS AOM InfraSvcs-Intrfc$105,098.82$0.00
Geo-Thomas, Annie TBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Research Program Mgmt$105,079.68$0.00
Chopko, Robert FBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Grand Central/HIM$104,895.20$0.00
Almendras, Sean Patrick BBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Orders/Radiant$104,479.34$0.00
Richardson, Jeffrey ABusiness Systems Analyst SrCoE-IT/CAEN$104,450.00$104,450.00
Lauerman, Elaine KBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SvM Advocacy$100,847.99$0.00
Facchini, Barbara KayBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$100,181.02$0.00
Talwar, Paul SinghBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 2$99,127.94$0.00
Misiak, Jody RBusiness Systems Analyst SrRackham ITS$98,882.65$98,882.65
Stout, James MBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 2$98,522.61$0.00
Greene, Thomas PBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS AOM InfraSvcs-Intrfc$97,869.04$0.00
Kostishak, MichelleBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$97,517.24$0.00
Jokinen, Michael TBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS AOM InfraSvcs-Intrfc$95,140.39$0.00
Petronio, DianeBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$94,340.77$0.00
Panczak, Timothy DavidBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$93,992.78$0.00
Fields, LorettaBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 1$93,966.86$0.00
Zimdars, Barbara KatrinBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Grand Central/HIM$93,925.66$0.00
Rose, MichaelBusiness Systems Analyst SrInt Med-Nephrology$93,600.00$0.00
Webster, Monica RBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM PIM$92,716.33$0.00
Ibach, Benjamin DBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS AOM InfraSvcs-MiChart$92,686.71$0.00
Werner, Kevin PaulBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Shared Human Resources$92,455.00$0.00
Mull, Gary SBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS AOM InfraSvcs-MiChart$92,377.61$0.00
Nelson, ShawnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 1$92,309.15$0.00
Howell, David AlanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 2$92,252.09$0.00
Kenyon, JamesBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS LabRATS$92,250.00$0.00
Bauer, Joe FBusiness Systems Analyst SrLSA Dean: Info. Technology$92,115.00$92,115.00
Miller III, Ulrick RayBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$92,103.90$0.00
Lupton, RogerBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Clin Doc/OB/ED$92,070.38$0.00
Jennings, KathleenBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS MiChart Research$90,926.34$0.00
Brooks, Stephanie ABusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Clin Doc/OB/ED$90,741.52$0.00
Lee, HenryBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Anes - CAS Support$90,068.45$0.00
Futch, JanetBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$89,639.33$0.00
Stephan, SusanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$89,636.39$0.00
Wallen, Sally LBusiness Systems Analyst SrFinOps Payroll Office$89,573.34$89,573.34
Seiler, MelindaBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Orders/Radiant$89,564.03$0.00
Nabozny, Jill CBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$89,297.20$0.00
Wu, Shih-WenBusiness Systems Analyst SrRackham ITS$89,274.78$89,274.78
Oakman, AngelaBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Cadence & Clin Security$89,085.31$0.00
Dull, MatthewBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$88,707.57$0.00
Cabrera, ClaireBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$88,706.00$0.00
Cotter, Mary KayBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 2$88,679.46$0.00
Glenn, Earl GBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$88,348.94$0.00
Good, James DBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Rad IT Services$88,227.61$0.00
Wlosinski, Brian RobBusiness Systems Analyst SrLSA Dean: Advancement$88,131.00$88,131.00
Jordan, Steven EBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$88,089.66$0.00
Karia, Kirtida MBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM ITSM$88,069.96$0.00
Stoner, RondaBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$87,874.80$0.00
Vargo, SharonBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 1$87,874.80$0.00
Allison, BrianBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$87,741.28$0.00
Wright, AmandaBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$87,125.00$0.00
Barber, Elizabeth AnneBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$87,054.79$0.00
Schneider, Michael EBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Building Utilities$86,991.75$0.00
Kermani, MarzbanBusiness Systems Analyst SrDev Svcs & Strategic Solutions$86,688.00$0.00
Dronamraju, UshaBusiness Systems Analyst SrDENT Informatics$86,528.36$86,528.36
Weiss, KevinBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Cadence & Clin Security$86,321.99$0.00
Sweeny, AnnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Grand Central/HIM$86,125.56$0.00
Sessink, CynthiaBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$86,100.00$0.00
Leutheuser, Lisa AnnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Learning Management$86,000.00$0.00
Dewyer, Terri LBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Amb Care Admin$85,742.04$0.00
Wasim, AhmedBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$85,731.51$0.00
Bhatnagar, SumitBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 2$85,616.50$0.00
Gaunt, ChristineBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$85,517.58$0.00
Gangappa, KokilaBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Orders/Radiant$85,367.99$0.00
Burns, Roger ShermanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM PIM$85,000.00$0.00
Muta, BilalBusiness Systems Analyst SrAlumni Association$85,000.00$0.00
Phillips, MarieBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Orders/Radiant$85,000.00$0.00
Doshi, AalapBusiness Systems Analyst SrMICHR - Operations$84,870.00$0.00
Maidlow, SarahBusiness Systems Analyst SrMICHR - Operations$84,870.00$0.00
Bragg, BrittanyBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$84,582.81$0.00
Wendt, Emma Flo OrnsteinBusiness Systems Analyst SrAlumni Association$84,537.00$0.00
Kuchibhatla, MahathyBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$84,128.62$0.00
Nadgir, Shilpa SBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Home Health/Transplant$84,003.95$0.00
Bourn, Mark EBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 2$83,948.04$0.00
Weimer, Eric WBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM PIM$83,930.00$0.00
Francis, Tracy LynnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Grand Central/HIM$83,845.00$0.00
Yoneta, MayumiBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Software Delivery$83,705.87$0.00
Hodapp, Lauren AnthonyBusiness Systems Analyst SrQuality Analytics & Informatic$83,628.38$0.00
Porter, SusanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 1$83,500.00$0.00
Abbey, Jeana EBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Data Warehousing$83,489.48$0.00
Applewhite, Angela DeniseBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$83,025.00$0.00
Costello, William CBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Data Warehousing$82,613.43$0.00
Willett, Dawn MichelleBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$82,485.11$0.00
Richards, MarieBusiness Systems Analyst SrROSS SCH Information Technolog$81,689.30$81,689.30
Henshaw, Wendy JBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$80,932.36$0.00
Brown, Dawn GodzakBusiness Systems Analyst SrMICHR - Operations$80,766.80$0.00
Saranu, MadhaviBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Grand Central/HIM$80,745.69$0.00
Wierzbicki, PollyBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Grand Central/HIM$80,358.62$0.00
Wheaton, Molly EBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$80,073.10$0.00
Quintero, EileenBusiness Systems Analyst SrDENT Informatics$80,040.09$0.00
Croy, JamieBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Learning Management$80,000.00$0.00
Henyard, Ryan AlexanderBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Education Informatics$80,000.00$0.00
Grzeskowiak II, Anthony MarkBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Orders/Radiant$79,741.29$0.00
Gutting, Andrew AllanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS OR Systems/Cupid$79,555.91$0.00
Bruce, Lori JoBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS MiChart Research$79,374.42$0.00
Moran, James BBusiness Systems Analyst SrMerit Network$79,254.62$0.00
Bacarella, Christine ReneeBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Cadence & Clin Security$79,251.50$0.00
Mara, MarianneBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$79,168.88$0.00
McCarter, Casey DBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 2$79,020.95$0.00
Kosla, MartinBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$78,925.00$0.00
Reddy, MohanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM Dept Services$78,839.53$0.00
Kaiser, CraigBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Path MLabs Division$78,796.88$0.00
Chalfant, Christina HelenBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Rad IT Services$78,787.47$0.00
Carbary, Caralon ABusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$78,671.37$0.00
Burger, KarenBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$78,555.61$0.00
Murphy, SharonBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Data Warehousing$78,270.00$0.00
Votruba, Mary MBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$78,016.71$0.00
Plotts, ElizabethBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Reporting$77,900.00$0.00
Beene-Harris, RosalynBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS HIE & Interoperability$77,766.24$0.00
Partridge, Tracey LeeBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 1$77,393.04$0.00
Davis, Sandra JBusiness Systems Analyst SrOMSE Curriculum Srvs General$77,002.23$0.00
Hu, ZhuBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Cadence & Clin Security$76,944.06$0.00
Oswald, AllisonBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$76,875.00$0.00
McCrory, Anne TheresaBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Financial Srvcs$76,459.24$0.00
Merkle, RichardBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS LabRATS$76,000.00$0.00
Penar, SherylBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Clin Doc/OB/ED$75,694.54$0.00
Bengel, ShawnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SVM ITSM$75,000.00$0.00
Therrien, DecemberBusiness Systems Analyst SrCoE Office of Advancement$75,000.00$75,000.00
Todorov, HeatherBusiness Systems Analyst SrMerit Network$74,698.63$0.00
Kotzabassi, Stratos ChristopherBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS SvM Advocacy$74,484.76$0.00
Sobeck, ChristopherBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$74,460.00$0.00
Piert, Jan LBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Rad IT Services$73,631.07$0.00
Faeth, Sarah RBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$73,603.39$0.00
LaVasseur, Kristen NadineBusiness Systems Analyst SrClinical Research Billing Unit$73,424.68$0.00
Miller, Jessie MonicaBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Building Utilities$73,000.00$0.00
Mills, Sarah LynnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Revenue Cycle$72,985.11$0.00
Carew, ThereseBusiness Systems Analyst SrMerit Network$72,975.94$0.00
Neely, Tamara ABusiness Systems Analyst SrHR Records & Info Services$72,430.00$36,215.00
Matuszkiewicz, JasonBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Med Use Technology$72,296.55$0.00
Vershum, Sue ABusiness Systems Analyst SrAthletics$72,237.05$0.00
Painter, Philip NBusiness Systems Analyst SrRegistrar's Office$71,925.00$71,925.00
Lainesse, PatriciaBusiness Systems Analyst SrOffice of Financial Aid$71,587.50$71,587.50
Russell, Elizabeth MarieBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Med Use Technology$71,136.64$0.00
Yohn, Stephanie LBusiness Systems Analyst SrHR Records & Info Services$70,843.00$0.00
Schaefer, Theodore GBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMHS Development - Events$70,177.00$0.00
Benedetti, Frank JBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS Applications 2$69,057.28$0.00
Rising, JohnBusiness Systems Analyst SrOffice of New Student Programs$68,328.75$25,623.29
Robson, AdrianBusiness Systems Analyst SrOffice of Financial Aid$68,328.75$68,328.75
Esch, JenniferBusiness Systems Analyst SrUMH Amb Care Admin$67,811.44$0.00
Shepardson, NathanielBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITO$65,595.39$0.00
Lobenherz, ChristopherBusiness Systems Analyst SrOffice of Financial Aid$64,732.50$64,732.50
Montague, MelissaBusiness Systems Analyst SrAthletics$51,732.36$0.00

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