Number of people with the title of Business Systems Analyst Inter:127
Maximum Salary$ 94,500.00
Average Salary$ 66,187.18
Minimum Salary$ 48,000.00

Title Results for Business Systems Analyst Inter 2017-18
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Rice, DwayneBusiness Systems Analyst InterAlumni Association$94,500.00$0.00
Hamilton, John ABusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Clinical Lab Admin$86,865.76$0.00
Smith, BrianBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$86,212.75$0.00
Herndon, Mona LBusiness Systems Analyst InterOperational Support$83,652.27$0.00
Freeland, BethanyBusiness Systems Analyst InterCW Mott Administration$78,996.50$0.00
McCray, LaTorriBusiness Systems Analyst InterAthletics$78,794.69$0.00
Stoddard, Carolyn MBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Amb Care Admin$78,296.16$0.00
Sheng, Nan-ShengBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$76,671.92$0.00
Booker, Doreen DBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM InfraSvcs-EDEM$76,526.83$0.00
Kabisch, Denise JoanBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS SVM ITSM$76,260.77$0.00
Leonard, Paula MBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Applications 1$76,223.72$0.00
Copsey, Mary AnnBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$75,775.32$0.00
Brown, Charles VBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM InfraSvcs-EDEM$75,492.94$0.00
Dalgleish, Karen Ann-MillerBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM SvcDeskOps-T2$75,267.80$0.00
Allen, KeithBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM InfraSvcs-MiChart$75,000.00$0.00
Garrasi, MichelleBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Microbiol Pathology$74,973.96$0.00
Hewitt, SandraBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Research Program Mgmt$74,500.00$0.00
Tsou, Pei-FenBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Applications 2$74,081.88$0.00
DeMink, Scott LawrenceBusiness Systems Analyst InterBuilding Automation Systems$73,004.62$73,004.62
Dickey, LauraBusiness Systems Analyst InterORSP$72,846.00$72,846.00
Amici, SheriBusiness Systems Analyst InterHR Records & Info Services$72,741.00$72,741.00
Lundberg, JamesBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$72,539.65$0.00
Winnie, Synthia LBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Grand Central/HIM$72,403.40$0.00
Anderson, Kathy MariaBusiness Systems Analyst InterLogistics Administration$72,386.07$0.00
McSwain, RobertBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$72,226.61$0.00
Anderson, JamieBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Learning Management$72,150.00$0.00
Soltis, Stephen LBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Mlabs Program$72,009.02$0.00
Charmack, MaureenBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Contracts & Proc Admin$72,000.00$0.00
Machcinski, Alan JBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$71,992.79$0.00
Hardy, Christopher ABusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH- HIM Administration$71,785.00$0.00
Alpareanu, Eugen FBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Applications 2$71,369.33$0.00
Wallis, Jennifer ABusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS CISO Administration$70,922.13$0.00
Ziegler, JulieBusiness Systems Analyst InterQuality Analytics & Informatic$70,836.00$0.00
Mayman, Gillian GoldsmithBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$70,446.30$0.00
Orlowski, StevenBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM SvcDeskOps-T2$70,385.11$0.00
Weeks, CrystalBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$70,220.19$0.00
Behe, Scott TBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$70,147.36$0.00
Boblitt, PaulBusiness Systems Analyst InterDev Svcs & Strategic Solutions$70,074.00$0.00
Scharboneau, JoelBusiness Systems Analyst InterSchool of Nursing$70,040.00$70,040.00
Gisondo, GinoBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS OR Systems/Cupid$70,000.00$0.00
McCaffrey, DebraBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS LabRATS$70,000.00$0.00
Armstrong, AronBusiness Systems Analyst InterAlumni Association$69,932.00$0.00
Barden, AnthonyBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$69,890.45$0.00
Witkowski, DavidBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Clin Doc/OB/ED$69,764.02$0.00
Monson, MeghanBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$69,700.00$0.00
Snyder, Kelly MarieBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Clin Doc/OB/ED$69,700.00$0.00
Ervin, Sabrina MariaBusiness Systems Analyst InterHealth Svc General Operations$69,566.81$0.00
Boyd, CarynBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Adult ED Admin$69,399.75$0.00
Macy, JennieBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$69,172.13$0.00
Shah, HiralBusiness Systems Analyst InterAlumni Association$68,957.00$0.00
Modelski, LisaBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Orders/Radiant$68,700.53$0.00
Paschal, Paula EBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Med Use Technology$68,044.39$0.00
Martin, Anna-Maria BettyBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Clin Doc/OB/ED$67,960.78$0.00
Moore, Ira EdwinBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$67,844.11$1,696.10
Black, PhilipBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS OR Systems/Cupid$67,737.48$0.00
Smith, Aaron BBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Microbiol Pathology$67,368.14$0.00
Worman, Kimberly AnnBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Cadence & Clin Security$67,128.76$0.00
Barnard, TerryBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM InfraSvcs-MiChart$67,125.71$0.00
Borowicz, Lisa AnnBusiness Systems Analyst InterLogistics Administration$66,645.59$0.00
Finch, TimothyBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Clin Doc/OB/ED$66,625.00$0.00
Ray, Kenneth CBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$66,625.00$0.00
Winfrey, JohnBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$66,625.00$0.00
Jacksi, Nazdar MBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Med Use Technology$66,350.41$0.00
Hodder, RachaelBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS SVM Software Delivery$66,300.00$0.00
Clive, MelissaBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS OR Systems/Cupid$66,000.00$0.00
Matouka, MicheleBusiness Systems Analyst InterROSS SCH Information Technolog$65,920.00$65,920.00
Roocroft, PaulBusiness Systems Analyst InterOUA Systems and Research$65,760.00$65,760.00
Bryant, JessicaBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS OR Systems/Cupid$65,600.00$0.00
Brandon, Deborah NaomiBusiness Systems Analyst InterRackham ITS$65,472.79$65,472.79
Rombach, Nancy OBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Orders/Radiant$65,314.28$0.00
Stromlund, Jennifer DBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Home Health/Transplant$64,958.91$0.00
Hanback, Yvonne MBusiness Systems Analyst InterLogistics Administration$64,747.17$0.00
Knapp, Alison PereidaBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Development - Events$64,728.00$0.00
Potvin, Georgina MetsovasBusiness Systems Analyst InterFinOps Payroll Office$64,621.54$64,621.54
Licata, MarcBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Grand Central/HIM$64,434.89$0.00
Shipman, Barbara MBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Revenue Cycle$64,228.85$0.00
Lane, Adam GerardBusiness Systems Analyst InterLSA Dean: Info. Technology$63,850.00$63,850.00
Howe, Kathleen SusanBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$63,846.45$0.00
Halkides, HeatherBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Ambulatory & Portal Apps$63,726.39$0.00
Heim, Maureen PBusiness Systems Analyst InterOUA Systems and Research$63,705.00$63,705.00
Sneeringer, SavannaBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Research Program Mgmt$63,594.20$0.00
Akers, Jill CBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Grand Central/HIM$63,343.05$0.00
Przykucki, AnneBusiness Systems Analyst InterClinical Research Billing Unit$63,246.00$0.00
Coffey, Samantha LandonBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Orders/Radiant$63,087.86$0.00
Jensen, KatrienBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$63,000.00$0.00
Eskesen, StephenBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$62,614.71$0.00
Munson, Kori LBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Contracts & Proc Admin$62,478.00$0.00
Blanchard, Michael ScottBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Operating Rooms - CVC$62,289.44$0.00
Varney, ChelseaBusiness Systems Analyst InterAlumni Association$62,100.00$0.00
Kirshman, JennyBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$62,000.00$0.00
Hawk, Andrea LeighBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$61,889.21$0.00
Alam, Mohammed RashedulBusiness Systems Analyst InterHousing-Information$61,800.00$0.00
Trenary, MatthewBusiness Systems Analyst InterOUA Systems and Research$61,650.00$61,650.00
Vladaj, JulianaBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Educ & Training Admin$61,250.00$0.00
Henderson, AlexanderBusiness Systems Analyst InterLSA Dean: Advancement$61,200.00$61,200.00
Vaughan-Shaw, Atisha IstvanBusiness Systems Analyst InterCoE Deans Initiatives$61,000.00$61,000.00
Smith, ColeBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$60,757.90$0.00
Olson, Barbara JeanBusiness Systems Analyst InterFinOps Payroll Office$60,736.00$60,736.00
Collins, Nicole EvetteBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Home Health/Transplant$60,044.84$0.00
Roach, LovidaBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Learning Management$60,000.00$0.00
Theisen, AubreyBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS SvM Advocacy$60,000.00$0.00
Berg, Eric ThomasBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Revenue Cycle$59,991.10$0.00
MacFadden, RyanBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$59,739.56$0.00
Walter, BrianBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Cadence & Clin Security$58,973.62$0.00
Goulding, Audrey JeanBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Michigan Data Collaborati$58,679.70$0.00
Mulkiten, DanielBusiness Systems Analyst InterLSA Dean: Advancement$58,475.00$58,475.00
Lee, Jaquetta InettaBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Med Use Technology$58,402.45$0.00
Temple, BrentBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Pathol Lab Data Unit$56,975.13$0.00
Frodyma, Amanda PaigeBusiness Systems Analyst InterDev Svcs & Strategic Solutions$56,513.00$0.00
Dietrich, CarlynBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Rad IT Services$56,375.00$0.00
Miller Jr, Gerald DuaneBusiness Systems Analyst InterLogistics Administration$56,190.19$0.00
Klink, Jennifer LynnBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)$56,174.33$0.00
Haab, AdamBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Contracts & Proc Admin$55,620.00$0.00
Dole, Colleen SusanneBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM InfraSvcs-EDEM$55,452.50$0.00
Sims, JefferyBusiness Systems Analyst InterDev Svcs & Strategic Solutions$55,451.00$0.00
Lozon, AlexanderBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS Grand Central/HIM$55,350.00$0.00
Abraham, Emily RaeBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Amb Care Admin$55,231.36$0.00
Kumaraguru, PonnarasiBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Amb Care Admin$55,231.36$0.00
Brooks, JeffrieBusiness Systems Analyst InterOffice of Financial Aid$54,971.25$54,971.25
Flowers, MauriceBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Contracts & Proc Admin$54,694.00$0.00
Hagler, Ashley KristineBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMH Amb Care Admin$54,694.00$0.00
Barnes, AmandaBusiness Systems Analyst InterRegistrar's Office$54,075.00$54,075.00
Dornan, KyleBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS Development - Operations$53,500.00$0.00
Baker, ScottBusiness Systems Analyst InterMichigan Radio$53,430.00$0.00
Harrington, RobertBusiness Systems Analyst InterSchool of MusicTheatre&Dance$50,806.25$50,806.25
Taylor, Marissa NicoleBusiness Systems Analyst InterSchool of Information$50,000.00$50,000.00
Davidson, JacquelynBusiness Systems Analyst InterLSA Opportunity Hub$48,000.00$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
Van Hyfte, Laura Business Systems Analyst Inter Law school
, Admissions Associate Dir Unit Flint SocAnthropology - CJ
Barry, Patrick James chaplain HITS RAAC Research Tech Svcs
Choisy, Erik Stewardship Officer Senior HITS COA Grand Central/HIM
Roan, Kelly Lee Student Affairs Associate Dir Dermatology Department
VanDyke, Kolby End User Computing Spec Sr Ross School of Business
Campbell, Elizabeth Anne Medical Assistant %counseling%
Hernandez, Viviana Academic Program Manager %%%
Dallas, Chris ASST PROFESSOR UMH Building Utilities
Macey, Melanie %consultant% Flint political science
Birchok, Student Affairs Program Mgr CW - Pharmacy